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Sin and Punishment

by KinkyBinky420


"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith."  -Matthew 21:22


Adam sat alongside his parents and older sister while the pastor droned on with the Sunday church service.  His mouth would say the rehearsed lines and his body would stand or sit according to the practiced protocol, but his mind was always adrift.  He stared blankly ahead while he went through these motions and let his mind wander.  His mother and father didn't seem to mind.  They were satisfied just to see him act interested.


While it was true that his thoughts were of all sorts of varieties, he found himself time and again coming back to one thing.  He imagined what it must be like to be one of the children that get to spend church in the nursery.  Thinking about it even gave him a bit of an erection in his tight fitting slacks.  It was a good thing he could always keep the service book open on his lap to cover his little secret.  He couldn't help but wonder what it might feel like to wear one of those diapers they had in there or to be placed gently inside one of the cribs.  What fun he thought it would be to play around in there.  He lamented that he would probably never get an opportunity to do so because how would he ever be alone in church?  The pastor would eventually ask everyone to silently pray with him for the usual things:  peace among nations, safety for soldiers stationed abroad, food for hungry people, healing for sick people.  Adam hardly paid attention and instead prayed that he might get to fulfill his fantasy someday.  He didn't much believe in the power of prayer, but he figured it couldn't hurt.


When church finally let out, Adam's family made their way down the aisle and out into the parking lot.  Once inside the car his mom reminded him that he needed to go to youth group in the evening.  Adam generally disliked going, but compared to some other obligations his parents imposed on him at church, youth group was relatively pleasant.  He had a few semi-close friends that went and there were even a few cute girls that he liked.  Besides, they usually didn't do much anyway besides read from the bible a bit and eat snacks. 


Later that night, after the youth leader had finished with their lesson, he announced that the next activity would just be a fun game.  The game was called Sardines.  He explained that it was a little bit like hide and seek.  One person was chosen to run off and hide somewhere and everyone else was tasked with splitting up and searching for that person.  Once the person was found the other person was supposed to hide next to them and pack themselves in tight to the space, hence the name.  The game would continue until there was one person left who would then become the first one to hide in the next game.  While the youth leader was describing the rules, Adam heard one key bit of information.  They would be allowed to go off on their own in the church unsupervised.  In fact, the youth leader wasn't even going to play!  Adam got excited at the possibility and knew the first place he would "look". 


Adam's friend J.J. was chosen to hide and Adam lagged behind while the others went in different directions to find him.  It did not take long before Adam had a clear path to the nursery.  His heart raced as his hand gripped the doorknob.  Fortunately this room was not locked and after double checking that no one was watching him, he slipped inside silently.  He turned on the lights and took a quick survey of the small room.  J.J. was not hiding in here, much to Adam's delight. 


The cement blocks of this room were painted pastel yellow and there were colorful images of butterflies and flowers painted as well.  Toys were kept in a chest along the wall next to a push chair and a rocking horse.  Opposite of that was a changing station and it was freshly stocked with a modest supply of diapers.  He wanted to hold one in his hands just to feel the material against his fingertips.  As he reached into the package his fingers trembled with anticipation.  The delicate smell of baby powder tickled his nose gently.  The scent was pleasing to Adam and he began tearing at the package with greater ferocity.  He pulled the diaper out and beheld it's softness.  It had a cute design on it with teddy bears, binkies and rattles.  Once again, he grew hard in his boxer shorts.  He badly wanted to trade out his bland boxer shorts for one of these diapers, but the diaper he held was much too small to ever fit on him. 


There were other packages of diapers at the changing table and Adam thought it might be useful to check them out.  Perhaps there would be a bigger size that might fit or almost fit.  After taking inventory of the different diapers, Adam took the biggest size he saw and opened the package.  It was labeled as a size 7 and upon holding it up, Adam thought he might just barely be able to fit into it.  He was notoriously skinny after all.  Normally this served to make him feel inadequate next to his male peers and their athletic bodies, but for once it seemed to be a blessing. 


Before he proceeded, Adam cracked the door just a little bit and peeked his head out.  He looked in all directions for anyone coming and he saw no one.  Nervously, Adam walked away from the door and back into the nursery.  He reached for the zipper on his pants and began to slide them off his legs.  Tossing them aside, he quickly pulled off his boxers.  He moved quicker now as the he got more excited for what he was about to do. 


He opened the diaper up and began to place it between his legs.  He struggled to get the tapes around his bony hips, but he was just able to fasten it.  The tapes strained against the oversized wearer but they held on even while Adam took a few steps to try it out.  It certainly didn't help that he was as hard as he'd ever been in his life!  His penis poked a tiny bit out the top of the diaper and he had to resist the temptation to jerk off right then and there.


It occurred to Adam that he should probably put his pants back on and meet up with the others.  If he was gone too long they might get suspicious.  He reached for his pants and stepped into them.  Just as he got his left foot into his jeans, he saw the door knob twisting and began to panic.  He tried to move as fast as possible to cover up his secret.  The door opened swiftly and Adam looked up for just a moment.  While he was momentarily distracted, he accidentally stepped on his pant leg and tripped over himself.  He fell face first on the carpet with his jeans half way up his legs and leaving his diaper on full display.  At that moment, Adam wished he could do anything to avoid looking up into the eyes of whoever had found him.


He scrambled to his feet and pulled his pants up the rest of the way as he looked away.  Jenna was the girl he had a crush on and she was also the one who was standing in front of him.  She was smiling a kind of knowing, sadistic grin.  When Adam looked down to zip his zipper she made a swift move to grab his hand with one hand and use her other hand to pull his pants back down. 


"What in the world do you think you're doing?"  she asked rhetorically.


"I…I…ummm…well…"  he stammered helplessly.


"This must be super embarrassing for you!"  she teased him.  "How would you like it if I told everyone what you're doing in here?" 


"They wouldn't believe you, you haven't got any proof!"  Adam exclaimed.


"Oh don't I?  Did you forget that these doors have small windows on them?  Before I came in and scared you to death, I snapped a few choice photographs on my camera phone.  I wouldn't want to forget this!  It's a good thing you're wearing a diaper too, because I think you almost pissed yourself when you saw me standing over you!"


Her words hit him like knives.  He was totally caught.  There was nothing he could do now except plead with her to show mercy. 


"Jenna, please, don't do this!  You don't have to tell anyone.  I'll stop it.  I'll never do it again.  I promise!"


Jenna smiled at him and looked him up and down slowly.  She deliberately savored the moment and watched his face turn brighter shades of red.  She giggled for a a second and then spoke again. 


"Do you think I'm mad about this?  Who said I want you to stop?  No, I think it would be much more fun to play around with this more.  You see, I can do anything I want now.  I won't tell your secret if you just do as I say.  You might even like it, even if you'd never admit it!"


"What does that mean?  What do you want me to do?"  Adam replied in a shaking voice. 


"Next time we have youth group, I'm going to bring a diaper that fits you a little better.  That way your pathetic little wiener won't be sticking out the top.  Instead, it'll be trapped inside a diaper that fits all the way around you.  I want you to wear and use the diaper like a real baby!  Is that understood little boy?"  she said with a smirk.  "And don't worry, when you use your diaper all you have to do is tell Miss Jenna and I'll be happy to change you into a new one!  This will be our little secret!" 


"Is that all?"  Adam whined.


"For now sweetie, for now…"  she let her voice trail off as she grinned a mischievous grin.  "Now put your pants on and lets go back to the group.  It's almost time to go home anyway.  You better do as I say next week or I'll show everyone how pretty you look in your diaper!"



Adam's mind was racing when his mother came to pick him up that evening.  He wondered just what he had gotten into and what consequences Jenna would inflict upon him.  Even hours after it had happened, he still felt anxious and afraid.  Getting to sleep that night would prove to a most daunting task. 


As the week wore on, Adam was able to distract himself from this incident a little with his school work and extra curricular activities.  Sunday arrived again and once more Adam's family went to church to prove their devotion.  While his family entered the front doors and began to hang up their coats, Adam spotted Jenna across the hall and she noticed him as well.  She had a sly smirk on her face as she turned away and walked toward the sanctuary.  Adam was completely unable to pay attention in church.  He constantly glanced over nervously, but she was happily immersed in her service book and her singing. 


Finally, the service ended and Adam's family began to walk down the aisle towards the doors.  Jenna approached from behind and asked loudly if he would be coming to youth group tonight.  His mom was apt to forget to make him go sometimes, but now that Jenna had reminded her he was doomed.  His mom spoke up for him and said that of course he would be coming.  Jenna smiled and said she was glad. 


Adam's parents had to speak with the pastor for a few minutes about something and Jenna seized upon this opportunity to pull Adam aside for a brief private moment. 


"Tonight will be lots of fun for you, I promise!  Don't worry about a thing!  All you have to do is bring your cute self."


Adam smiled back weakly and remained quiet.  He could not think of anything to say.  He wanted so badly to have a smart retort, but his words failed him.  As he turned to walk away, Jenna lightly smacked him on the seat of his pants and giggled. 


Jenna was all atwitter with excitement at her impending plans for the evening.  She knew well how Adam liked her and she loved to tease horny boys and make them obey her.  Seeing Adam in that embarrassing situation gave her the golden opportunity she needed.  Now she would exploit his shame and have a good laugh at his expense.  Something about seeing him so vulnerable had really turned her on and Jenna was the kind of girl that couldn't ignore something like that. 


In order to carry out her scheme, Jenna needed to acquire a few things.  She came up with a list of items that included:  pacifiers, diapers in Adam's size, and baby bottles.  Jenna headed out to a few stores to find what she needed.  The drug store had some medical grade diapers that would be adequate and she found the other things at the dollar store.  The cashier gave her a funny look when she checked out with the package of adult diapers, but Jenna was unshaken.  Instead she simply smiled and paid for her purchase.  As she walked away she had herself a private giggle at the moment.  She decided to stop at Wal-Mart and wander around for a bit when she was returning home.  Perhaps there would be something else worth buying that she hadn't thought of.  As she made her way up and down the aisles, examining the items on the shelves, it occurred to her that she might need an advantage over him if she was to really control him.  He was by no means a strong boy, but he was still capable of putting up more of a fight than she would like.  She was wondering what she might get to help with this problem when she came across some pet supplies.  Jenna spotted the assortment of dog collars and leashes and thought that would be perfect.  She could easily attach that around his neck and command him as she pleased.  Snatching a baby blue colored collar and a black leather leash, she headed for the checkout.


As was customary, Adam had delayed his homework until Sunday and his parents insisted that he get it done before youth group.  Adam did not want to though.  Instead he wanted to play his video games for a little while to distract him from the torment he would have to endure later.  When his parents sent him up to his bedroom to get to work, he rushed to complete his assignment.  His work was hasty, but he didn't care.  He knew this work would be good enough for the consistently low standards of the high school curriculum.  His parents would scold him later when they saw his less than excellent work, but for now he could tell them he was finished and they would be satisfied.


As the afternoon wore on, Adam found it difficult to enjoy his games.  They were simply not enough to distract him and he kept thinking about the foolish mistake he had made of ever sneaking into the nursery in the first place.  He felt completely ashamed that he could never have a "normal" relationship with Jenna.  There was certainly no chance of that happening now.  Life needed a reset button, but he did not have one.


Adam heard his mom calling him from outside his door.  It was time to go and there was no avoiding it.  Adam emerged from his room with a blank expression on his face.  His mom took notice and commented,


"You know you'd probably have a better time at youth group if you worked a little harder on that attitude!" 


"Yes mom, I know." came his common reply.


"You know Adam, I think that Jenna might like you a little bit.  She is always asking me if you'll be at youth group.  Maybe you should ask her out?"


His mother's words stung him with the irony of the situation.  If only she had any idea.  Instead, Adam simply nodded and reached for his shoelaces.  They climbed into the car and she drove him the short distance to church in silence. 


Jenna decided to dress up for the occasion a little bit.  She selected a knee length dress from her wardrobe that was a pale lime green with white polka dots.  It matched a pair of earrings she owned that were in the shape of tiny green apples.  Her long brown hair hung down to her breasts and she stood in front of the mirror making small adjustments to her appearance.  When she finally felt contended, it was just about time to leave.  She said a passing good bye to her mother and left out the front door.  Jenna finally felt a little bit of nerves herself as she drove to her destination.  She knew well that she was eager to go through with this, but the logistics of actually doing it made her feel anxious. 


For Adam, the group's lesson was not enough of a distraction either.  Jenna chose to sit next to him and Adam did his very best to act casual and not key anyone in to anything.  At opportune moments, when no one could see, Jenna would give Adam a little poke in the side or squeeze his thighs.  He did not appreciate the harassment, but he was afraid to bring any attention to the situation.  After a final closing prayer, it was once again time for the group to have some fun.  Jenna was quick to offer up a suggestion for the group.


"Last week we all had so much fun playing sardines in the church!  Can we do that again?" Jenna suggested.


To Adam's dismay, the group was in agreement and the decision was made.  Adam tried to volunteer to be "it" first, so that he would have to escape Jenna, if only temporarily.  Before he could make his claim though, another boy had taken the initiative.  There would be no way out for Adam now.


When the others began to spread apart, Jenna grabbed Adam's hand and led him towards the nursery.  Adam tried to pull away, but Jenna's grip was surprisingly strong and Adam was unable to free himself.  Jenna opened the door to the nursery and pulled Adam inside.  She closed the door and told him to relax.  Without saying a word, Jenna moved to take Adam's shirt off.  Adam pushed her off, more out of reflex than anything.  That was a mistake.  Jenna took exception to this aggressiveness and swiftly grabbed for his wrists.  With a firm hold on his wrists he was helpless to push her away.  She began to twist his arms and Adam felt a harsh pain in his wrists. 


"Now.  I'm going to get your obedience little one.  The only option you have left is how I'm going to get it.  Do I need to show you how I can really hurt you or will you be a good little boy and play along nicely?"  Jenna whispered menacingly into his ear.


Adam continued to grunt and struggle feebly.  Jenna's hold on him strengthened as she twisted his joints more.  Finally Adam begged her to stop. 


"Ok, ok, fine!  I'll be good!  Just let me go, please!  Ow!  I'll do what you say!  Stop it!"


She allowed his arms to relax again, but she maintained a hold on his right wrist. 


"There, that's better little man.  Miss Jenna doesn't have to be mean if you just have a better attitude mister!"  she said in a condescending tone. 


Adam hated that.  It was just like his mother would talk to him.  He didn't need anyone telling him to change his attitude.  It was everyone else's attitude that was in need of a change as far as he was concerned.


Adam remained still as he accepted his fate.  Jenna reached into her bag and pulled out the biggest diaper Adam had ever seen.  He could not stand to look at it for long and turned away in shame.  He thought to himself how he should be enjoying this, but he could not help but feel extremely humiliated. 


"Take your clothes off and lie down"  Jenna commanded. 


With only a slight hesitation and a deep breath, Adam closed his eyes and stripped himself of his clothes and what felt like the last of dignity.  He could feel himself becoming covered in a wave of embarrassment as he tentatively removed his underwear.  Now totally exposed, his penis lay limp as a wet noodle.  Jenna remarked that it was pity to see such a nice looking penis be wasted on a weak little baby boy. 


"You're not man enough for that thing you've got there!  You ought to let someone else have it that can actually use it you little wimp."


Jenna put a firm hand to his chest and pushed him slowly until he began to lie down.  Adam closed his eyes and turned his head away.  Jenna spread his legs open and told him to raise his butt.  With even less hesitation now, Adam lifted his bony bottom up in the air.  The crinkle and rustle of the diaper sounded loud in Adam's ears.  It drowned out his thoughts and he could not be distracted from his awful predicament. 


With a steady hand, Jenna slid the diaper underneath him.  Adam felt it's softness and could not help but become slightly aroused.  Jenna opened a bottle of baby powder and with a puff, Adam was momentarily reminded of his childhood.  As Jenna expertly positioned the diaper on his waist and taped the sides, she warned him to not get too excited or he would pee straight up and make a mess.  The thought of using the diaper had hardly occurred to Adam.  It was bad enough to be made to wear it, but she couldn't really make him use it could she?  Jenna took her time finishing the task as she ran her hands in all over the diaper several times, ensuring Adam would stay hard in his diaper. 


"All right!  You look so cute in your big diaper!"   Jenna said as she finished.  Jenna quickly snapped a few pictures on her camera phone as she pinned him down with one hand.  From her bag, she next produced two baby bottles filled with ordinary water.


"Tonight, I'll make your task an easy one.  All you have to do is drink both of these bottles in my presence.  Then we can leave and go back to the game.  You must wear your diaper until you go to bed tonight.  I expect you to use it and if you don't there will be a punishment for you.  I have brought along a disposable camera for you to take with you.  You must take a picture of your used diaper and have the camera developed before I see you again next week."  Jenna commanded with authority.   


Adam started to protest, but stopped himself short of his first words.  He knew he had no bullets in the metaphorical chamber and must submit to Jenna's bizarre and violating request.  He simply nodded meekly and reached for the first bottle. 


His mouth confirmed what his eyes perceived.  The bottles were just water and that wasn't so terrible.  Adam tried to focus on the task and just get this over with.  Jenna just stared with a silly grin and watched him struggle to work the nipple properly.  Jenna's grin was merely a poker face for an even bigger, gaping, sadistic grin on the inside.  She had put a secret ingredient in each one of the bottles.  In one was a laxative that is completely masked in water and in the other a similar diuretic medicine.  Adam had no idea of course and would be feeling the effects of it later at home.  The very thought of him in such a situation excited her greatly.  Her own loins began to feel warm and aroused.


Adam finished drinking the bottles with relative ease after a few minutes struggling.  Jenna pulled him up off the ground and beheld him for just a moment--taking a mental picture.


On his feet, Adam could not bear to look up at Jenna.  He stared at the carpet in utter shame. 


"Look at me boy!" Jenna said with a calm intensity.


Biting his lip and turning red in the face, Adam lifted his head to look Jenna in the eye. 


"Put your pants on." she ordered as she pointed to them on the floor.


Adam moved to grab his pants and he heard his diaper crinkle with every movement.  The sound made it impossible for him to forget his humiliation.  He got his pants up his legs, but when he had to pull them up over his diaper he struggled to close the button.  After a few tries, he was able to get his pants closed.  The fit was very tight though and Adam was sure his diaper would be noticeable now.  He caught a glimpse of himself when Jenna held up a pocket mirror for him to see.  He saw his diaper bulging noticeably in the seat and front of his pants.  The bulk between his legs caused him to walk with a little bit of a waddle.


Jenna giggled at Adam as he saw his reflection.  She pointed to his shirt next and did not say anything.  Adam knew her message anyway and obeyed.  He pulled his shirt on over his head and thankfully it's larger size offered him a little more coverage on his waist. 


Jenna picked up the boxer shorts that remained on the ground.  She laughed again and declared "I'll take these with me.  You certainly won't be needing them!"  Grabbing her other supplies, Jenna walked out of the room leaving Adam alone in the nursery.


Adam remained in the nursery for a few moments in shock before it occurred to him he ought to get back to the game and figure out what to do about the new problems that were really only beginning.  It sickened him to his stomach as he heard a rumble echo from his lower belly.  He felt a pressure in his bowels, but clenched his asshole tight.  He was adamant that he could resist using the diaper.  Still, he worried that at some point, his will power might not be enough. 


Adam carefully opened the door to the nursery and looked in all directions quickly to see if anyone was around.  He did not see anyone, and made his way down the hallway and away from Jenna.  She walked in the opposite direction and was out of sight.  Adam was able to make it through the rest of the evening without incident.  He felt confident that no one had noticed his diaper, but he could not be sure.  He was constantly feeling anxious that someone might discover it.  His mom was there to pick him up afterwards and Adam did not have much to say when she asked him how things went.  Instead he remained focused on his predicament.  The drugs he had consumed were beginning to take effect and Adam squirmed a little in his seat, trying hard to stifle any noise his diaper made.  Thankfully, the car ride was not long.  Adam escaped into his room and was left alone for the night.  He decided to try taking his mind off his situation and turn on the TV.  It was not long before Adam was again fidgeting to get comfortable and control his bladder.  The feeling was stronger and would certainly not go away.  Pride was still holding out against the humiliation of wetting himself, but as the minutes passed Adam became more resigned to his fate.  Then just as his show went to commercial Adam felt his bladder begin to empty.  He hardly even felt it release.  His diaper filled and swelled rapidly while Adam could hardly believe he had lost the fight so easily.  He began to wonder if the water he drank was more than he first thought, but he could not be sure.  Adam reached down and felt the front of his diaper.  It was heavy with his pee and when he rubbed it the odor was released and he caught a strong whiff of the smell.  It repulsed him to think of what he had just done.  He stood up from his chair and thought to take a picture of his shame.  He heard a gurgling sound from his bowels when he got to his feet and without any real resistance, Adam began to poop himself.  It came out slowly at first, but once his sphincter opened there was no closing it until everything was voided.  He closed his eyes because he could not bear to see this happening.  The poop filled his diaper and felt slimy against his skin.  The mess spread up the backside of the now sagging diaper and clung to his penis and balls.  Every movement he made squished the mess around a little more.  With a significant waddle, he went to move to pick up his camera again.  When he reached for it, he accidentally knocked it onto the floor.  Bending to pick it up pressed the diaper tighter against him and Adam felt his face flush a little as his entire mess spread itself again..  The fumes emanating from his diaper were ferocious and overpowering.  It was enough to make Adam acutely aware that at any moment one of his family members could walk in and discover him in this embarrassing predicament.  He moved quicker now and just wanted to complete his task and be done.  The hard part was over, he thought.  Taking pictures was not an easy task for him, but he got his pictures without getting caught.  Adam carefully pulled on a pair of pants, being as precise as possible to not press against his diaper.  When he buttoned them, they pulled tight and squished his diaper just enough to remind him it was still there.  He had his hand on the doorknob and approached the door cautiously to determine if anyone was outside his door.  As he pressed his ear to the door, a warm gush of pee released into his heavily soiled diaper.  Once again, Adam hardly could even clench his muscles to control it.  He became determined to get out of this diaper and end this torture. 


There was no sound outside his door.  Thankfully the bathroom was adjacent to his room and he could slip in quickly and quietly, at least as much as possible with a heavy sagging diaper around his waist.  He opened the door and entered the bathroom still feeling a strong combination of feelings of humiliation, fear, and arousal.  His adrenaline was up a little even with the door clicking locked behind him.  Adam began consciously breathing out of his mouth in anticipation of the smell that was sure to envelop him in a moment.  He unbuttoned his pants and had to step very carefully out of them so as to minimize spreading and contacting the horrid mess still hugging his hips.  Using one hand, Adam pulled apart the first tape.  His other hand now covered his nose tightly.  He reached for the second tape on the other side and undid it as well.  Without thinking, he took off the bottom tape on one leg.  Immediately when he did this, the diaper slid down his leg, spilling the filth on his leg and onto the bathroom rug. 


Adam couldn't believe it.  How could he have been so careless? 


He had to act fast and he could not afford any more mistakes.  The last tape was undone and he haphazardly balled it up.  He set it in the corner and concentrated on the mess on his pelvis and thighs.  He grabbed for a handful of toilet paper and much to his dismay, noticed anew that there was in fact only three sheets of toilet paper remaining.  A sense of defeat set in.  Adam had no chance now.  His parents' bedroom guarded the stairs to get downstairs where more toilet paper would be.  He knew they were watching television in their room with the door wide open.  There was no way Adam could escape this.  Adam decided the only thing he could do is leave the mess, put something, anything on to cover himself and walk casually downstairs to get more.  He could only pray that he did not catch the ire of his parents.  If they discovered the mess in the bathroom or on his person, there would be no possible way to explain himself without completely exposing himself. 


He approached the door and checked to hear noise.  The coast was clear and he stepped into his room once more.  Adam settled on a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts, figuring they would be easiest to keep off his skin and easiest to clean.  The smell coming from Adam's crotch was strong and Adam worried about his parents detecting it.  He did not have anything to conceal that and was forced to take his chances.  With each step, Adam felt his blood pumping in the tips of his toes and fingertips.  He made his way down the hall and continued towards the stairs, not breaking stride and not making eye contact.  His parents said nothing and his heart lightened just slightly. 


Once downstairs, he grabbed a spare roll from the main bathroom.  He hesitated a moment and thought he might appreciate having some better cleaning supplies for the stains in the rug. 


"How would he get them upstairs without his parents noticing though?" he wondered.


An idea struck him suddenly and he headed out toward the kitchen.  From under the sink, he found stain remover for carpet and picked it up.  Then he went into the adjacent laundry room and spotted exactly what he was hoping to see.  His laundry basket full of clean clothes his mom had folded. 


"What a good thing that I put off putting those away", he thought. 


He reached for some cleaning rags behind the door on a shelf and placed them strategically in the basket along with the toilet paper and carpet cleaner.  Using the clothes in the basket, he made sure to cover all the items from plain sight. 


When he walked out of the laundry room with his load, his mom was entering the kitchen. 


"Oh, thank you Adam for taking those with you.  You know I wish you would just grab them the first time you see them in there!", she nagged.


"Sure thing mom.", Adam replied.


Adam knew now that he would only have to make it past his dad still upstairs before he might be home free.  He ascended the stairs and made it to the last step feeling better about his chances with every one.  He looked up to see if his dad was paying attention, but it did not matter because he certainly paid attention when Adam tripped clumsily on the last stair and tumbled to the floor in front of his dad.  The clothes in the basket had fallen out and the cleaner and rags were revealed in the pile. 


"Careful son." he politely scolded  "Why do you have the carpet cleaner hidden in your laundry basket?" 


"I, umm, I have made a little mess in the bathroom is all, but I'm going to clean it up right now." , Adam stammered.


"You made a mess?  Is it on the carpet?  Those carpets are brand new Adam, maybe I should help you.  I can show you a technique."  His dad proclaimed.


"Oh that's all right dad, you don't have to do that.  Keep watching your show.", Adam pleaded.


"No, I don't want you smearing the mess like you've done before.  You need to learn to do it right.", his dad countered.


Adam's heart sunk.  There was nothing to do now.  His dad was going to see the horrible mess in the bathroom and let him have it.  It would not be a restful night.


Adam lagged behind his dad as he walked to what felt like his death sentence.  His eyes remained fixated on the floor, unable to look upon the scene that was unfolding before him.  His dad approached the door and recoiled at the smell emanating from behind the door.


"Dang son!  What kind of mess did you make in there?", his dad demanded.


Before Adam could offer a response, his dad opened the door.  There on the carpet was the dirty diaper sitting next to the pile of poop that had spilled out onto the carpet. 


"What the hell is this all about?!", his dad shouted.


Adam considered telling his Dad about Jenna's part in this, but he decided against it.  His dad would probably not believe him anyway and Jenna would surely deny it.  She was also the type of person that would torment him more if she knew he tried to tell on her.  So instead, he elected to lie to his dad. 


"I…I just wanted to try it.  I don't know why.  I just did.  I can't explain it." , Adam stammered.


"Unbelievable!  I thought I raised you better than this!  You're gonna clean this with my instructions and then you will go straight to your room.  You can forget about any video game playing or weekend plans you had because you're grounded for the foreseeable future.", his dad announced.


While Adam was cleaning and scrubbing the carpet, his mom came into the bathroom. 


"What is going on in here you two--oh!  Adam did you make this mess?  Why were you wearing a diaper?", his mom asked.


"Yes son, remind me again what you said was your reason for wearing a diaper in the first place?", his dad jabbed.


"I just thought it might be fun.  I'm sorry.  I don't want to talk about it.", Adam mumbled.


"Where did you get this diaper from?  Do you have more?", his mom pried.


Adam couldn't take it anymore, he decided to hell with it and confessed.


"Jenna made me do it!"


"From church?!", his mom interrupted.




"Why on Earth would she do that?", his mother asked with a tone that clearly wasn't buying his story.


"She caught me in the church nursery, messing around with some...things…", Adam trailed off.


"She took pictures of me umm…well…wearing one of the baby diapers in there.", Adam's face was bright red and his whole body burned with the greatest humiliation he had yet known. 


"If I didn't do what she wanted she would expose me!  She made me wear it and use it!" 


"Hold on!  Adam why the hell did you want to wear a baby diaper from the church nursery?!  Is this some kind of sick perversion you've got?  Forget it.  I don't want to hear any more about this tonight.  Your mother and I have a lot to talk about.  Throw those rags in a garbage bag and toss them out.  Then you can clean yourself and go to bed.  Is that understood young man?"


"Yes sir…", Adam mumbled.


"What was that?!"


"Yes sir.", Adam spoke up.


Adam stared blankly at the tiled wall in the shower and let the water bounce off of him.  He hardly moved and could only replay over and over again the sequence of events that led him to this situation.  He was so thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated that he didn't want to look his parents in the eye ever again.  How could he ever expect to live this down? he wondered.


Finally Adam finished his shower and slinked off to bed.  He had no notion that he would able to sleep, but he knew his parents would be checking to see that he went to bed.  He climbed under the sheets and looked out his window.  The more he tossed and turned and thought about the nights events, the more Adam became upset with himself for allowing this to happen.  Tears formed in his eyes and dripped softly onto his pillow.  Eventually he drifted off to sleep and was not thinking about his problems, if only for a little while.


The next day was Monday and Adam had to go to school.  When he woke up though, his parents told him that he would not be going to school today. 


"Adam, we are very concerned about this behavior and we do not want you to continue it.  We have called and arranged for you to meet with Pastor Thomas in his office today.  He will be working with you to help you overcome your perverted desires."


"What?!  You can't be serious!  I can't believe you told him!", Adam protested.


"We think it is for the best and that's final Adam."


Adam stared blankly out the window in the passenger seat of his Mom's car.  She was driving him to church for what was sure to be a miserable encounter with Pastor Thomas.  All Adam could think about was how foolish and careless he had been.  He wanted to get out of this any way possible, but nothing came to him.


The ride seemed to take much longer than usual and his mom insisted on talking to him further. 


"Your father and I just want to help you son.  We know how smart you are and we think that this might be a sign of something more troubling.  You have to understand, we aren't trying to embarrass you about this."


Adam did not offer a response and instead kept his biting comments to himself.  If they didn't want to him embarrass him then they had already failed.  How could he ever look Pastor Thomas or his own dad in the eye ever again? 


When at last the car pulled up in front of the church office, Adam's mom told him goodbye and that she would pick him up after he called her and was finished.  The door shut and Adam stood still for a moment, listening to his mom drive away.  He contemplated walking away.  He didn't know where he'd go, but facing this meeting seemed like the worst thing he could do.  Deep down though he knew that things would only worsen for him if he did not go inside.


With a heavy sigh, Adam walked up to the door and knocked.  Within moments, Pastor Thomas appeared and had a smile on his face as he opened the door for Adam to enter. 


The room had an odd smell to it.  The office was built out of an old house and it smelled musty.  Pastor Thomas led Adam over towards his desk and motioned for him to sit down in a chair. 


Pastor Thomas was new to their congregation  and Adam didn't know much about him.  He had a younger looking face than the other pastors Adam had met, but it was a face that still looked very serious.  Although he was smiling now, it was not hard for Adam to imagine what he would look like if he were to become angry. 


"Adam, your parents told me what you have done.  I must say, I'm surprised to hear about this from someone like you, but they expressed how much they care about you and how much they just want to help you.  I'm here to do that.  Whatever happens in here is between you and I.  I've helped people with all sorts of unique problems before and I would like to see you change this behavior for your own well being.  Would you like to tell me your side of this story before we begin?  What exactly happened?"


Of course Adam did not want to talk about what had happened.  He sat in silence for a moment, before starting to retell and relive what felt like the last moments of his life.  He felt the heat of Pastor Thomas' eyes looking at him and Adam could hardly look up from the floor while he spoke.


"I went into the nursery the other night when we were all playing sardines.  I wasn't hiding though, I wanted to just be in there."


"Why did you want to go in there?" asked Pastor Thomas.


"I…I…guess I just, I dunno, wanted to see the diapers.  I wanted to hold them and feel them.  They just make me…curious I suppose."


"Then what happened?"


"I made sure no one was around first and then I pulled one of the diapers out of the package.  It was the biggest size in there.  As soon as I beheld it, I wanted to try it on.  So I checked again to see if I had privacy and I thought I did.  I pulled my pants down and tried taping it on."


"Did it fit?" Pastor Thomas interrupted.


"Well, sort of, I mean I got it on and I got the tapes to attach, but it was a tight fit." 


"Did you like it?  How did you feel after you put it on?"


Adam's face turned red again.  He did not want to confess that he had never been more turned on his life. 


"It felt pretty good…soft and stuff…" Adam mumbled.


"Pretty good?  Just pretty good Adam?  All that excitement and risk and it only felt pretty good?  If that's true, then how come you were compelled to put on another diaper later?"  Pastor Thomas pressed.


"Jenna…she came in while I was, err…distracted.  She told me she had taken pictures on her phone and that she would tell everyone my secret if I didn't do what she told me to."


"What did she tell you to do?"


"She told me that next time she would bring a big diaper for me to wear, one that fits me.  She wanted me to use it and humiliate me!  When we were done with the lesson and got to play sardines again Jenna led me back to the nursery.  She was very forceful and was able to overpower me.  I didn't want to get hurt, so I submitted to her."


"You put the diaper on?"


"No, she had me pinned down and put it on for me.  Then she took more pictures and made me drink from a baby bottle.  It was just water I think.  She gave me a disposable camera and told me I had to take pictures after I used it before I took it off.  She threatened to tell on me if I didn't!"


"Yes, that would be terrible wouldn't it?  I'm sure that made you pretty upset.  What would you tell Jenna right now if you could?"


"I'd tell her that I just want her to leave me alone.  I want this to go away.  I'd tell her that I won't ever tell anyone about this."


Just then, from down the hall Adam heard footsteps coming closer and saw the door to the office opening.  He turned to see who was interrupting them and nearly fell out of his chair when he saw that it was Jenna!


"Hello little boy!  Is that really all you'd say?  You don't have anything mean to say to someone that has put you through such humiliation?"  Jenna taunted him.


"Wh…I…but…" Adam could not find the words in his shock.


"I was listening the whole time to your little confession Adam!  I can't believe you forgot to tell Pastor Thomas about your throbbing erection the whole time!  You see, the thing is, as soon as I caught you in the nursery, I told Pastor Thomas all about it.  This has all been set up for you.  Pastor Thomas and I have a little secret ourselves.  We've been having a fiery relationship for some time now.  He and I share the same sadistic tendencies and when I revealed this little gem to him, he knew exactly what to do with you."


Adam stared in absolute disbelief.  He could not take all this in and felt like he might faint. 


"What does that mean exactly?"  Adam hesitated to ask.


"It means that we're going to make you keep being our humiliated, submissive baby for as long as we please.  If you don't obey us, everyone will find out and you will never live it down.  When you leave here today, Pastor Thomas will inform your parents that you have a serious problem and need to seek regular counseling help from him as often as he demands.  Your parents will not know what goes on here.  We know how much you like this and if you're good, who knows, maybe we'll even be nice to you once in a while."


"We'll see about that."  Pastor Thomas chimed in.  "He's got to prove that he can be obedient first before we can reward him.  So, with all that said, there's just one thing left to do.  You need to be punished for your transgressions.  Take his pants off Jenna."


Jenna yanked Adam out of his chair by his wrist and commanded him to stand still.  Afraid to move, Adam remained stiff as a statue.  Jenna unzipped his pants and pulled them off his legs.  His blue boy briefs were all that covered him and Pastor Thomas reached forward to play with the waistband.


While he ran his fingers along the front and back of his underpants, Pastor Thomas asked softly, "Tell me boy, what is it that you must be punished for?"


Adam stared down and mumbled about stealing diapers and thinking dirty thoughts. 


"Yes, you were very wrong to do those things.  Now you must suffer for it.  Bend over my lap now." he whispered into his ear.


Adam positioned himself and laid across the Pastor's thighs, his bottom facing up.  Pastor Thomas pulled the briefs down to Adam's ankles and began to caress his smooth ass cheeks.  Then without warning, Adam felt the stinging smack of his hand against his cheek.  The force of impact startled Adam and instinctively he moved to away. 


"Oh looks like he's gonna be a squirmer."  Jenna mocked.  "Should I hold his ankles for you?" 


"Yes I think that would help him to hold still better."


Pastor Thomas used his free hand to press against Adam's back pinning him down tighter. 


Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  One after another and in quick rhythm Pastor Thomas spanked Adam's ass for several minutes.  Adam's cheeks were glowing red from the pain and his face was flushed as well.  He was holding back tears and screams, trying to maintain some pride. 


"He's sure taking this well.  He's not even crying or whining!"  Jenna remarked.


"We'll see how long that can last."  Pastor Thomas chuckled.


Smack!  Smack!  Smack!  The pastor was really not holding anything back now and Adam was losing his grip.  He could not take it any longer.  His face erupted in tears and screams and he begged his captors to stop. 


That was it.  The spanking stopped and Pastor Thomas went back to caressing his now very sore bottom. 


"There, there, it's all right baby.  You're ok."


Adam sobbed onto the pastor's leg and waited for to be set free.  He felt like he could not move himself.  A sense of complete defeat overcame him and he wanted to curl up on the floor for a while.


"Jenna would you take this baby to the nursery?  I think he needs a nap now."


"Of course I will!  It's nice that no one is using it during the week when there's no church!"  Jenna said eagerly.


Jenna helped Adam to put his pants back on and led him by the hand out the door and across the street to the church where the nursery was.


Adam sniffled occasionally, but he remained silent as Jenna led the way. 


The door to the nursery was unlocked and Jenna pushed the door open. 


The image of the room ordinarily brought Adam happiness and excitement, but now he looked at the walls and furnishings with a sense of dread.


"How had his fantasy gone so wrong?"  he wondered.


Jenna told him to lay down on the floor.  She reached into her bag and pulled out another diaper.  Adam was through putting up resistance and just lay limp as Jenna once again undressed him and fastened the diaper around his waist.  Picking him up off the floor, Jenna told Adam to climb into the crib.  He obeyed without a sound and found it awkward to hoist his legs over the rails with the thick diaper on.  He clumsily fell onto the mattress and curled up against the pillow.  Jenna reached for a blanket and pulled it up over his body.


"Sweet dreams little one."


With that, she turned out the lights and walked out of the room, locking the door behind her.


While Adam lay sleeping securely in the crib, Jenna went back to see what Pastor Thomas would like next.  She made her way to the church office and opened his door without knocking. 


"Has Adam been put down for a nap then?"  Pastor Thomas asked her.


"Yes sir, he was very cooperative.  Breaking him might be easier than we expected."


"Excellent, then we'll proceed as planned.  Wake him up in a few hours and be sure to let him know what a good boy he has been."


"Certainly.  What shall we do in the meantime while the baby sleeps?"  Jenna wondered.


"I've got real work to do around here.  I know you must be wet and excited from all this, but I can't stop to do anything about that right now.  Close your eyes, I've got an idea for you."  Pastor Thomas commanded.


Jenna obediently closed her eyes and anticipated what he had in mind.  His mind was so twisted that she could only guess as to what he might want to do with her. 


Pastor Thomas opened a drawer and pulled out a small bit of rope.  He pulled Jenna's wrists together and expertly tied them together. 


"Keep your eyes closed!"  Pastor Thomas teased.


Next he reached forward to pull her panties down underneath her dress.  The frilly red panties fell softly to the floor around her ankles and he ordered her to step out of them.  Pastor Thomas probed a finger in her and felt the tender wetness of her labia. 


Suddenly, the Pastor stopped and removed his finger.


"Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest." 


Jenna awkwardly kneeled down with her hands unable to help her and carefully rolled back so that her knees were almost touching her wrists.  Pastor Thomas used another rope to tie around her ankles and then to her wrists.  Jenna was now helplessly trapped.  Pastor Thomas pulled out another toy from his drawer, a Hitachi wand.  Plugging it in and placing it directly on Jenna's clitoris, he wrapped duct tape around it and secured it to the ropes.  He turned it on left Jenna to feel it's pleasureful vibration. 


"There you go!  All set.  Now I can get some work done."  Pastor Thomas exclaimed.


He turned around in his chair and got back to work crafting his sermon for this Sunday's church service.  Behind him Jenna moaned and squirmed in torturous pleasure.  After several minutes, Pastor Thomas got up to go to the restroom and chuckled at the sight of the puddle that had formed underneath Jenna's shapely bottom. 


"Just a few more minutes sweetie."  he said as he left the room. 


Jenna couldn't take it any more.  Her body was exhausted from the wand's power and wanted a break desperately, but she wanted so badly to please her Master that she remained as quiet as she could, enduring his treatment. 


When finally Pastor Thomas came back in to the office, he leaned down close to Jenna and whispered in her ear.


"How do you feel my little pet?  You like that?  You want me to stop?  You're a dirty slut and I love it. 


He stood up and continued to watch as Jenna increasingly looked more uncomfortable in her predicament.  He just smiled a wide smile stared into her eyes.  Finally, he decided she could be set free again and that she had endured enough.  He released her from the ropes and commanded her to clean the toy up with her tongue.  Obediently Jenna licked the wand clean.  When he was satisfied with her effort, he handed her a wet wipe to complete the job.  Pastor Thomas then instructed her to find a rag and some carpet cleaner to scrub out the substantial stain of sex imbedded in the carpet now.  As she busied herself with this, Pastor Thomas turned around in his chair and went back to work typing his sermon. 


Jenna scrubbed tirelessly at the mess she made and was very content to do so.  She loved the way Pastor Thomas would treat her and was happy to clean up a mess such as this.  Looking up, she enjoyed the view she had from the floor as Pastor Thomas payed her no mind while he typed away.  She felt so wonderfully submissive and controlled by him and seeing the physical contrast between their positions in the room solidified that in her mind.  When she finished, she sat beside him quietly and watched him finish his work.  Her mind wandered and she thought of a few things they might do together with their new baby boy toy.  She was filled with naughty ideas and couldn't wait to tell her Master about them and to carry them out with him.


At last, Pastor Thomas was finished with his work and he told Jenna it was time to wake up the baby.  Together, they walked out of the office and towards the nursery.


When they arrived, Pastor Thomas opened the door slowly and quietly.  Adam was not disturbed by their entrance and they approached the crib carefully.  The small size of the crib did not allow Adam to stretch his legs and as such he was forced to sleep curled up on his side.  Pastor Thomas remarked to Jenna how cute he looked in this position and what a good boy he was going to be for them.  Before moving to wake him, Pastor Thomas had another idea.


He ordered Jenna on her knees and to begin sucking his cock.  She quickly unzipped his pants and did not have to take his underwear off because he did not wear any.  Taking his cock in and out, Jenna worked diligently to stimulate her Master.  Before long, she felt his cock growing rock hard in her mouth.  Using her hands, she worked him quite efficiently and it was not long before Pastor Thomas was ready to release.  He ordered her to stop and to wake the baby up now.  Jenna got up and shook Adam awake.  As soon as Pastor Thomas saw his eyelids open, he told Adam to get down on the floor on his hands and knees.  Adam hesitated for a moment and Jenna grabbed him by the wrist to force him into position.  She pulled him out of the crib and pushed him to the ground.  Pastor Thomas continued stroking his cock and once Adam was positioned, he straddled him backwards.  Adam felt the Pastor's balls and taint rubbing against his upper back while the Pastor continued jerking his member.  Then quite suddenly, the Pastor's movements became sharper and grabbed Adam's diapered ass and pulled it up to meet his throbbing cock.  The back of the diaper opened up nicely as Adam's back arched and Pastor Thomas shot his hot sticky load into the back of the diaper.  Jenna watched delightedly as her Master finished using their boy like the slut he was.


After a few minutes passed for the Pastor to catch his breath, he announced that he to pee.


"Stand up boy!  Hands against the wall!", he commanded.


Adam was still feeling pretty gross after what had just happened, but he had given up fighting back long ago.  He got up and leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. 


"Now hold still."


Once again, Adam felt the tip of the Pastor's cock against his backside and he felt it being pushed into the back of his diaper.  The Pastor began peeing a heavy stream of pee that soaked up in the padding of the thick diaper.  Adam tried not to think about what was happening, but he couldn't.  The nastiness of it was getting to him and he started to realize that it had been some time since he had peed.  Somehow, the Pastor's disgusting act had made Adam feel a strong urge to pee too.  He tried to hold it, knowing he might get some unwanted attention for losing control at this moment.  Pastor Thomas finished and gave Adam a firm swat on the ass to press the mess against him and rub it in a little bit.  When the Pastor stepped away, Adam began to squirm a little, trying to fight the urge to pee.  Jenna was quick to notice this though. 


"Aww, little baby has to go pee pee too?"  she chastised him.


Then without warning, Pastor Thomas gave Adam a punch to the stomach that took his breath away.  Adam collapsed to the floor and all at once his bladder released, completely filling his already wet diaper.  As Adam struggled to catch his breath, he began to cry. 


"I think our little baby needs a fresh diaper."  Pastor Thomas said.


"Change him into a new one Jenna and send him on his way.  He's due to be taken home soon anyway." 


"Yes Sir!"


Pastor Thomas exited the nursery and Jenna went over to Adam who was still lying on the floor sobbing. 


"There there, little one.  It's ok.  Daddy can be mean sometimes, but he loves you too.  If you can learn to be good for him, I'm sure he'll be nicer.  Do you want me to change you out of that wet diaper sweetie?"  Jenna consoled.


"Yea…ok…"  Adam mumbled weakly.


Jenna rolled him over onto his back and undid the tapes on his diaper.  She pulled the wet diaper out from under him and remarked at how heavy it was with pee.  She reached into her bag and pulled out wipes, powder and a fresh diaper.  With the efficiency of an experienced mother, she wiped him down and kissed him on the belly.  Next she rubbed powder all around his crotch and upper thighs and wiped her hands on his chest to make the smell linger on him.  She lifted his legs off the floor by the ankles and slid the diaper underneath his bottom.  After she brought him back down, she taped up the sides of the diaper nice and tight and gave a pat on his crotch to signal she was finished.  She reached out her hand and told him to come up.  Adam grabbed her hand as she helped him to his feet. 


"From now on, when I change your diaper little boy, I want you to give me a kiss.  I want you to say 'thank you Miss Jenna for changing me' and kiss me on the cheek." 


Adam was a little embarrassed by the request, but he obeyed.


"Thank you Miss Jenna for changing me."


"Now, I want you to go call your Mom and tell her to pick you up." 


Adam called his Mom and said that he was finished for the day and ready to come home.  Adam hung up the phone and began to put his clothes back on.  Jenna told him that he needed to keep this diaper on all night and that he could only take it off to shower in the morning before coming back to see them tomorrow.  Jenna and Adam walked back to the office where his Mom would be expecting him and he waited alone outside the Pastor's office.  When his Mom arrived she parked the car and approached the front door.  Adam opened the door and met her. 


"Get in the car Adam.  I'll be out in a few minutes.  I would like to talk to Pastor Thomas about your progress today."


"Yes Mom."  Adam slinked over to the car, with only a slight waddle in his gait.


Adam sat down in the passenger seat and looked blankly through the windshield wondering just how things had gotten to be so absurdly out of control.  He felt like there was nothing he could do about any of this and that he was completely trapped.  Tomorrow would surely be another eventful day he thought.





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