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The Baby Patch part one


Joy walked from her desk into the conference room next door. Her friend Mari was waiting on her so they could go to lunch together. Joy was a beautiful red head with large breasts and a nice ass.


"It's about time," Mari complained tired of waiting arms folded in front of her double D's.


"Sorry I got held up lets go." Joy said as they both left the office.

Little did Joy know that Mari was just waiting for the right chance to put her plan into action. All she had to do was wait until she exposed her stomach or back.


They sat down at the restaurant and got their drinks while making small talk. Mari was shaking with anticipation to put her plan into action. Finally opportunity presented itself and she purposefully spilled her drink on Joy's shirt.


"Oh god Joy I'm so sorry lets go to the bathroom and get you cleaned up."


"It's not a big deal lets just see how much I can get out before it stains."

The women went into the bathroom and Mari helped Joy take off her shirt. This was the opportunity Mari was waiting for, before Joy noticed she reached into her pocket and pressed her hand against Joys lower stomach. When she removed her hand there was a patch the size of a silver dollar with a diaper on it.


"Mari, what the hell?" Joy remarked trying to remove the sticker from her stomach. It was no use it wasn't coming off.


"Well Joy that sticker won't come off for at least a month." Mari said smiling. "The longer it stays on the more infantile you will become. You will become very thirsty It will become harder to keep from having accidents, unpotty training your bladder, your talking will become more childlike until you can only talk in baby talk. You will soon forget how to walk and crawling like a baby will be your only option. You will soon crave things like breast milk and baby food. "

Joy was stunned but she refused to believe her she thought Mari was playing a practical joke on her. Brushing it off the women returned to work.


Joy sat at her desk trying to concentrate on her work. She focused on filing her paperwork. After a few minutes she didn't notice until she needed to type something she had been sucking her thumb. Joy gasped and just thought it was all In her head. She took a sip of water from the water bottle on her desk. As soon as she set the bottle down she had to use the bathroom very urgently. She never had to pee so badly in her life. She rushed to the bathroom and barely got her skirt and panties around her ankles before she was peeing. Finished she got up and quickly returned to her desk. Joy sat down and was very thirsty. Joy quickly drank the rest of her water and no sooner than she finished did she feel pressure in her bladder. Just as she was about to rush to the bathroom again Mari showed up and stopped her.


"So how's my baby girl feeling." Mari said lifting Joy's shirt to see the diaper patch adding insult to injury.


"I'm fine Mari thanks for asking." Joy said beginning to squirm in her chair. She crossed her legs to hold back the urge to pee.


"Are you sure about that? Mari asked leaning over Joy's desk her cleavage right in front of Joy's face.

Joy couldn't respond she was transfixed on Mari's breasts she suddenly wanted to suckle on them so badly she felt so hungry for milk. Joys lack of concentration on her bladder caused her to have an accident. Pee gushed out of her onto her skirt her desk and the floor. Mari's plan was going perfectly.


"Uh oh looks like someone had an accident." Mari said unable to stop smiling.

Joy was frozen she hadn't wet herself in years but for some reason it felt so right. She wondered if it was the patch that conjured these feelings or herself.


"This isn't good Mari I have a presentation due in a few hours and I can't go home." Joy said realizing the desperation of the situation, she was unable to help herself and completely dependent on Maris mercy.


" I guess I can help you but you have to be my baby anything I say you have to do otherwise I won't help you is that understood?" Mari said breasts still hanging in front of Joy.


"Yes I understand." Joy replied.


"You mean yes mommy." Mari returned.


"Yes mommy." Joy said defeated.


"Good, now come with me to the bathroom and we will get you all cleaned up." Mari said bringing a dripping wet Joy in tow.

Mari walked Joy Into the stall and had her sit up on the baby changing table. She removed her skirt and panties and threw them away.


"Hey I need those." Joy protested. Mari simply gave her a look with a raised eyebrow and Joy realized how ridiculous that sounded coming from a woman who just wet herself and was lying on a changing table with warm pee still running down her long legs. Mari then took off her shirt and bra revealing her large breasts and placed her nipple on Joy's lips. Instinctively Joy latched on and began to suckle she had never taste anything so incredible in her life all Joy wanted now was more of Mari's milk. After several minutes of feeding Mari put her bra back on. Joy begged for more, milk running down her face and onto her chest desperate for more breast milk.

Mari took out her purse and removed several things she would need. First she cleaned Joy's legs and pussy with a baby wipe and then added a generous amount of baby powder. Joy then had to lift her legs to have a very puffy diaper placed under her ass. Mari then expertly taped the diaper on snugly and hand Joy stand.

Joy climbed off the table and realized her walking was becoming more awkward and more of a baby's waddle the patch was going to have her only crawling on her hands and knees soon.

Satisfied with her diaper change Mari slipped a skirt over Joy's diaper that just barely reached the bottom of the diaper. Mari then walked the even more infantile Joy back to her desk.


"I'll come check on you in an hour or so, try to keep your diaper on." Mari joked. "In the mean time you are not allowed to drink this until I get back or you will be punished." Mari took a baby bottle out of her purse filled with her own breast milk and set it in front of Joy and walked away.

Joy was so thirsty already she picked up the bottle, it was warm, and put It to her lips. She couldn't help but suckle on it, it was worth being punished to her. Little did Joy know her diaper was already wet and her training was underway.


To be continued...

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