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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                            By BooBooBritches


                                " CHAPTER III "


         I just laid there, still a bit awed by all that was happening to me and almost excited that they were willing to treat me like Andreas 2 little ones, Jessica the two year old and Kimmie, the newborn, 3 months old, and although I have to admit, I was a little bit discerned about so many other people seeing me in a diaper and even possibly taking part in, "MY INFANT CARE", that sure sounded weird, but at the same time, sounded incredible.


          Andreas voice brought me out of my daydreaming reverie when I heard her say, "We need to get supper ready baby boy, you just lay there, watch t-v and be a good baby, we'll change your damp lil diapey after supper (as she gave my damp bottom a little love pat).  Saundra came over to me and stuck another bottle in my mouth and told me to be a good baby and drink it all down, then giggled and asked me if I wanted her to hold my baba for me, when I didn't respond, Saundra said, "Well I guess that means yes", as she sat down next to me, and propped my bottle in my mouth with her forearm, while she sat there, watching t-v and patting my diapered bottom.


           I was almost drifting to sleep when I heard the doorbell ring, Dave yelled out that he would get it since Andrea was busy fixing supper, Kelly was still getting dressed and Saundra was still feeding me my bottle.  I heard Dave talking with what sounded like a bunch of girls, but ended up being just Kellys two friends, Amber and Megan.  When all 3 walked in to the living room, the first thing Amber and Megan noticed was me, laying on a blanket, in the middle of the floor, wearing a very visibly and obvious wet diaper (the cloth diaper had shadowed and discolored at my crotch and bottom where it was wet) and Saundra hand feeding me with a baby bottle.  The first thing they both did was awww and smile at me, then Amber, as if completely ignoring my wet diaper said, WOW Saundra, isn't he too old to still be using a bottle, everybody in the living room busted out laughing.


           I myself found it to be a bit humorous, her being more concerned that I was still drinking from a bottle then the fact I was laying there in a wet diaper, had I known how much that baby bottle was going to affect me over the next 10 days, I might also have agreed with her that I shouldn't be drinking from a baby bottle.  What I didn't know was Andrea had talked with a pharmacist friend of hers at work and was told what the fastest, strongest and longest working laxative was on the market, without a prescription, other then just outright inserting a suppository up my bottom.  Andrea and Saundra had been adding that laxative to my bottles, along with a long lasting diuretic, the diuretic obviously working on my system much faster then the laxatives, but then again, Saundra and Andrea were looking at the bigger picture, they wanted to put me in a position that regardless of where we were or who was around, over the next 10 days, if I had to go number two, it would be in my diaper and beyond any control I would have to stop it.


           Fortunately, my current embarrassing situation would be only being seen in a wet diaper and not a messy diaper, plus, I would be avoiding the embarrassment of having my diaper changed in front of Amber and Megan, what I did not know was that this would only be a temporary reprieve when it came to Amber and Megan.  When Kelly and Andrea came back into the living room to find out what everyone was laughing about, and Dave told them, they both started laughing and giggling to.  Kelly then, to my surprise, knelt down beside me, kissed my cheek, patted my damp diapered bottom and said, " You be a sweet baby and maybe when Nanny Kelly gets back home, you can show me how you play Choo Choo in your little yucky diapeys, the same way your mommy Saundra told me you like to do ", While everyone in the room started laughing, this made me turn red immediately, I thought that this was only something that Saundra and I knew about, I was completely unaware that she had even mentioned my choo choo game to anyone else.


            I guess maybe I should explain my version of playing Choo Choo when I'm diapered, and I'm not sure if you have, but has anyone ever seen an infant or a toddler when they're scootin across the floor on their bottom, well, playing Choo Choo is the same thing for me, except when I scoot across the floor in my diaper, my diapers are always messy and yucky, and yes, I know this makes for a messier clean-up and diaper change because you're squishing and spreading the poop all over your bottom, up the front of your crotch, and sometimes, even up your back (this is where wearing a onesie comes in handy, helps contain the mess a little bit better), but is still very visible and showy on the back of your onesie, especially if it seeps up the back of your diaper, and can ooze out the diaper at the thighs, but, oooooooh that feeling of squishing around in a messy diaper without a care in the world, YIKES, TOTALLY MESMERIZING.


            Now, to be totally truthful, playing Choo Choo was definitely meant to be something private, for me, when I was alone, that way, the mess I made was totally my responsibility to deal with, smell and clean up, and I had never played Choo Choo with anyone else before, nor was I looking forward to doing it now, especially in front of strangers, or even Saundra and Andrea for all that goes. 


            There was no doubt in my mind, by the way Amber and Megan were looking at Kelly, that they were going to be wanting to hear what exactly Choo Choo was and how was it played, although I'm sure they were both thinking it had to do with something involved with me being spoon fed like a baby, WOW, little did they know how far off they were, they were thinking head and should have been thinking bottom!  As the three were headed out the door, Amber turned back, gave me a little wink, then told Saundra, "You know Saundra, we're gonna have to set up a little play-date with all the babies, maybe we can call it a Choo Choo Play-Date", Saundra quickly agreed as she, Amber and Andrea all giggled.


               Once the girls had gone, Andrea announced that supper was ready, Saundra took the near empty bottle out of my mouth, felt the bottom of my diaper to see if it had gotten any wetter, then carefully, lifted the diaper up at the inside of the thigh and peeked in to see if I had a dirty diaper, satisfied that I was still just a little bit damp and not messy, she helped me to my feet and held my hand as we walked into the kitchen.  Now I need to tell you a little something about Dave, it seems he's a bit of a tinkerer, he likes fixing things and making all kinds of thing-a-ma-jigs, what-cha-ma-call-its and doo-dads, so when I walked into the dining room, I wasn't surprised to see two high chairs, sitting side by side, one obviously for Jessica and the other one, somewhat larger, for me.  Both highchairs had safety straps, slide-on trays, and both were decorated in a colorful, infantile print. 


               To my surprise, when Saundra helped me up on to the highchair, my feet were actually suspended in the air and I was unable to touch the floor, exactly what a real baby would experience, Dave came over to help Saundra and show her how the safety strap worked, as he pulled the center of the strap up between my legs, the two sides both came in and snapped to the center strap at my tummy, just above my crotch, the snugness of the strap actually squished my diaper up tighter and was giving me a slight wedgie.  Satisfied that I was securely strapped in, both Dave and Saundra sat down, Saundra to my right, as Andrea was strapping Jessica into her highchair, to my left, Andrea tied a cute Mickey Mouse bib around Jessicas neck, then handed an identical, but larger bib to Saundra to tie around my neck.  Both bibs had those little pocket food catchers in the front and were made of a vinyl material.  My bib actually felt comfortable tied around my neck and came down to the top of my tummy, making it more then a sufficient bib for a baby my size.  


               Andrea set a plastic, 3 insert dish, in front of both Jessica and myself, along with a sippy cup of apple juice for both of us.  The 3 insert dish had chicken fingers, with catsup, green beans and what looked like some type of fruit slices, either apple or pears.  I looked around for a fork, then looked at Saundra, she must have known what I was looking for because she motioned towards Jessica and when I looked at Jessica, I saw she was eating with just her fingers, getting catsup everywhere, and I knew, they all meant for me to do the same and eat with my fingers also.  The chicken fingers were not a problem as I dipped them in to the catsup, even though ranch dressing would have been better, but I didn't want to debate my first baby meal in their home, knowing that if Jessica was being fed like this, then shall so I.  Eating the beans and fruit slices proved to be a little bit more messier then were the chicken fingers.  As I ate the green beans, chicken fingers and finished up with my fruit slices, i was looking for somewhere to wipe my fingers, failing to find anything, I started to use my shirt when Saundra said, "No No Baby, you're getting your shirt all yucky, she then quickly wiped my hands off with a baby wipe, asked Andrea for some more fruit and green beans, then asked Andrea if she had any baby spoons she could use explaining to Andrea and Dave that maybe I wasn't quite ready to eat by myself yet and she was going to just go ahead and spoon feed me like she would have to any other infant, the fact that Jessica was getting just as messy didn't matter as much since she wasn't attempting to wipe her hands on her clothes.  I thought to myself, how ironic, getting showed up on how to properly eat with your fingers by a two year old?


                 When Saundra had finished feeding me, she handed me my sippy cup of juice and asked, smilingly, "Do you think you can handle a sippy cup Baby Boo or should I put your juice in your lil baba"?  Both Dave and Andrea laughed and Andrea said, "Let him try the sippy cup, it's important that he drinks all of his apple juice down, it's a special mix, just for him", as she winks at Saundra.  I got a funny feeling that Andrea had added something to my apple juice, but continued to drink from the sippy cup as Saundra sat next to me praising me for being such a big boy, for some strange reason, sitting there in a highchair, drinking from a sippy cup with a Mickey Mouse bib tied around my neck and wearing a wet diaper, I wasn't exactly feeling like a BIG BOY.


                  It wasn't long, I started getting another feeling in my tummy, except, this feeling was more physical then mental, and in as much as I wanted to hurry and finish my sippy cup of juice, Saundra was monitoring how much I drank and kept taking the sippy cup down from my mouth, telling me to not be in such a hurry.  It wasn't long before I realized what that feeling in my tummy was, not only was my tummy rumbling and growling, but I felt myself starting to get unbelievable cramps and I knew, I wouldn't be getting out of this highchair before I totally messed my diaper.  What I didn't realize was, that beneath the tray of the highchair, just like a regular highchair, the bottom and crotch area of my diaper was in plain sight for anyone and everyone to see.  Before I was finished with my sippy cup, Andrea asked Saundra if she could go check on Kimmie while Dave cleaned up Jessica, but just before Dave left, Andrea had him pull my highchair away from the table and face it in her direction so she could keep an eye on me while she was doing the supper dishes and I was finishing my sippy cup.


                 With just Andrea and myself in the dining room, it was relatively quiet, almost to the point where you could hear a diaper pin drop, and that's when it happened, my tummy let out a little rumble and without any possibility of having a chance to stop it or control it, I let loose a muffled fart and before I knew it, my diaper was filling up, uncontrollably, and I could feel the snugness of the safety strap restricting and re-directing the mess that was quickly oozing from my bottom into the soft, damp folds of the cloth diaper, as the mess oozed up the back, the crotch and seat of my diaper, I felt a slight bit of moisture near the inside of each of my thighs and I knew this mess had literally spread everywhere in my diaper.


                I'm not sure what it was that made Andrea turn around from the sink, and look in my direction, could she have already smelled my dirty diaper, I wondered, but she just looked at me and smiled, I had no idea that she had a very visual sight of the shape and condition of my diaper from where she was standing.  Saundra came back into the dining room and Andrea called her over to where she was standing in the kitchen by the sink.  She quietly whispered something into Saundras ear and then, both her and Saundra looked in my direction and it was then that I noticed, there eyes were not meeting my eyes, but in fact, they were looking more down towards my waist, and I knew, they didn't have to smell my dirty diaper, they could actually see it.


                Saundra walked over to me and asked me if I was done with my sippy cup, as she quickly checked it and said, "C'mon Baby Boo, you need to finish your juice and drink it all gone". 


                Saundra then walked over to Andrea and said more then loud enough for me to hear, "As soon as Boo finishes his sippy cup, did you want to help me change him, as she wrinkled her nose, HE HAS GOT ONE LOADED DIAPER AND SHOOO-WEEEE, THAT BIG BOY IS GONNA HAVE ONE RIPE DIAPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                            By BooBooBritches


                                 " CHAPTER IV "


               While I was finishing my apple juice, Saundra was taking the tray off my highchair and started un-doing the safety strap that held me firmly in place.    I noticed her nose twitch a bit as she bent down to undo the safety strap, she then took my sippy cup from me, checking it to make sure the juice was all gone, once satisfied that the cup was empty, she untied the bib that was around my neck, came to the front of the highchair, and without any warning, scooted me off the front of the chair, causing the remaining mess that wasn't squished by the safety strap of the highchair, to spread throughout the diaper and partially up the back of my bottom, creating a yucky stickiness that covered my entire diaper area, literally.


                Saundra smiled at Andrea and said, " I really don't think we need to do a diaper check on this little fella ( as she wrinkled her nose in a highly over exagerrated manner ), I could smell him from across the room and the seat of his diaper is definitely not the color it started out to be ", causing both ladies to laugh.  Andrea immediately came over to me, bent me down towards her and while I was bent over, I felt her hands pull carefully on the back of my diaper and I knew right away what she was doing, then I heard her say, " Can never be too sure about these things, this is how I check Jessica's diapers when she stinks and I don't think BooBoo should be any different, oh yea, by the way, you are soooooo right Saundra,  WHEW, HE IS RIPE "


                Andrea took it upon herself to go ahead and take my hand and walk me back in to the nursery, telling me to just stand there and not move as she spread out the changing pad, by this time Saundra was in the room with us and asked Andrea if she would prefer she changed me, Andrea told her no way, she's been waiting for this moment for almost three years of teasing me online and now there was no way she wasn't going to change my poopy diaper.  Andrea then looked at me, smiled, and said " PLANT IT MISTER KRINKLE PANTS, ASSUME THE POSITION ", and I remembered that this is what she always used to tell me online she would say to me if we ever met, whether I was wearing diapers or not.


                I carefully sat on the edge of the bed and the baby blanket covering the changing pad when Andrea tells me to lay back, as I do I could feel the mess shifting in my diaper and slowly creeping up my back.  Saundra handed Andrea one of my extra thick night diapers, the baby powder and my Mickey Mouse onesie as Andrea started to unpin one side of my diaper.  Once that side was unpinned, she folded the corner of the diaper back a bit and peeked in, and just as quickly, she scrunched up her nose and said, " Oh My God Saundra, he is covered in poop, it's everywhere, YUCK, this is just as bad as one of Jessica's night diapers first thing in the morning, SHOO-EEE, THIS IS STINKY ( as she looks at me ), hims just a tinky lil baby, yes him is, c'mon Mister Krinkle Pants, let Auntie Andrea take care of your big booboo, yucky-yuck-yuck Baby Boo, you stink".


                Andrea quickly unpins the other side of my diaper, then with a quick and resolved expertise, she wipes the excess mess from my bottom with the corner of the diaper, then telling me to lift my bottom, she slowly pulls out the messy diaper, wiping as much of the mess with it that she can.   She hands the dirty diaper to Saundra who folds it and places it in the diaper pail next to the crib, then Andrea tells me to grab my knees and lift my legs, as I do, she starts wiping me down with a wet wash cloth, wiping my bottom, and up my back, before I can let go of my knees, Andrea quickly re-wipes my bottom and back with a baby wipe, telling me to keep hold of my knees for just another minute, when she's convinced she has me thoroughly clean, she pats my thigh and tells me to put my bottom back down, she then finishes wiping my crotch and penis with a baby wipe, taking extra time to wipe my penis, which is getting harder by the second. 


                She swats my bottom and tells me to raise, and when I do, she slides the extra thick, cloth night diaper under me, but as I lay down on the padding that will encase me for the rest of the night, Andrea grabs another baby wipe and slowly, but methodically starts wiping my penis, in an up and down motion, as she tells Saundra, " There's no way we're going to get his night diaper on tight with that little totem pole sticking up like that ", as she kept the up and down motion going with the baby wipe, Saundra said, " Wow girl, who you telling, he gets so excited whenever he gets his diaper changed, it's gonna be an absolute riot watching Kelly and her friends baby-sit and change him ".   I can't even remember everything Saundra and Andrea were talking about as Andrea kept wiping my penis with the baby wipe, I was so engulfed and mesmerized by the sensations I was feeling, mix that with the feel of the thick cloth diaper I was laying on and the fresh scent of baby powder in the air and before I knew it, I was exploding into Andreas hands and the baby wipe, as she held the baby wipe firmly around my penis.  I must have moaned because Andrea looked at me and said, " AWWW, did hims enjoy that, yes him did, c'mon now Baby Boo, let's get your lil diapey on so you can get ready to go nitey-nite, you've had a very busy day, yes you have ".


                Andrea slowly pulls the thick diaper up between my legs, causing my legs to spread, and as she's pinning the diaper on, she asks Saundra, " Did you want to keep him in plastic pants tonight, just to make sure you don't get soaked if he wets a lot ", Saundra replies, " Yes, I'm going to put his Winnie The Pooh diaper cover on him, it's cloth on the outside but plastic lined, to hopefully prevent any leaks during the night, and just maybe, we can both get a good nights rest".  As soon as Andrea finishes pinning up my diaper, Saundra hands her the diaper cover, Andrea shakes it out, then sticks both my feet in and slowly pulls it up over my legs telling me to lift my butt so she can pull it all the way up over my diaper, once the diaper cover is pulled on securely, Andrea checks it out at the waist and the legs, making sure it is covering up the cloth diaper entirely, when she's satisfied it's on securely, she pulls the Mickey Mouse onesie over my head, then down in the front, then she pushes me back and tells me to lift up, when I do, she pulls the back of the onesie between my legs and to the front, then snaps it in place and with a quick pat to my bottom, she says, " There ya go Stinky, Yer all set for the night and you even smell better ", as both her and Saundra laugh.


                 Andrea then helps me to my feet and Saundra grabs the baby blanket I was laying on and throws it in the baby hamper, then wipes the plastic changing pad off with a baby wipe, after she's finished and the changing pad is put away, she leads me to the opposite side of the bed and pulls back the covers, patting the bed and telling me to hop in.  When I sit on the edge of the bed, I hear the unmistakable sound of a plastic sheet crinkling, Saundra tells me to get my legs up and when I do, she pulls the covers up over me and then, to my surprise, she raises a railing ( which I didn't even know was there ), on my side of the bed, explaining to me that she didn't want her little Baby Boo falling out of the bed at night and since she would be sleeping on my other side, she would be there to make sure I stayed safe throughout the night, I also realized, that with the railing on one side and Saundra on the other, there would be no way I could get out of bed during the night without waking Saundra, even if I wanted to.


                 Andrea left the room, and soon, came back with Jessica, announcing to Saundra that Kimmie was already asleep in her little basinette in her and Daves room, and that it was also time for Jessica to go night-night.  I listened and watched as Andrea changed Jessica's diaper and got her ready for bed, she was dressed in a diaper and a cute little Minnie Mouse sleeper that zipped up the inside of both legs, I just sighed to myself thinking how I longed for a sleeper like that, less the Minnie Mouse of course.  I hadn't noticed Saundra had left the room, but sure did notice when she came back in, she had two baby bottles, one for Jessica and the other for me.  She gave Andrea, Jessica's bottle then came over to me and sat down on her side of the bed, as she handed me my baby bottle she said, " Here's your baba Baby Boo, you be a good baby and drink this all down ( she had created another mix of Infants Good Start formula, a diuretic and a laxative ), as I started nursing the bottle, I thought to myself, this didn't taste half bad, maybe I was getting used to baby formula, little did I know just how yucky baby formula could taste, especially if I had to nurse an entire bottle of what Andrea fed Kimmie or Megan fed her one year old.


                 Saundra leaned over towards me and gave me a little kiss on my forehead and as she gave my bottom a little pat, she said, " Nitey-Nite Baby Boo, Mommy will see you in the morning ", then she stood up, and to my surprise again, she raised the railing on her side of the bed making it look like I was sleeping in a crib now.  Andrea came over to my side of the bed, bent down and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and then with a firm pat to my bottom, said, " You sleep good Mister Krinkle Pants and Auntie Andrea will see your stinky lil butt in the morning ", as both ladies headed out the door, Andrea turned off the main light and I noticed that there was a soft, baby blue nightlight that sort of gave the room an infant nursery type glow and I realized, well duh, I'm in a nursery, a baby nursery, and I am,  one of the babys.


                 I'm not sure how long it was until I drifted off to sleep, but I do remember waking up with an urgency in my bladder, and then remembered where I was and what I was wearing, as I started to just release my bladder, slowly, I could feel the wetness being absorbed by my thick diaper as it slowly spread down my crotch and covered my bottom, I reached for my baby bottle and discovered there was just a small amount of formula left, but at least, there was enough to quench my thirst.  As I laid there wetting my diaper, I could hear the faint chatter and laughter of people coming from the living room, i couldn't make out what they were talking about so I figured I'd just go back to sleep, knowing that the railings were put up to keep me in my little bed for the night.


                  I must have been sleeping for a couple hours when I heard people talking, right next to my bed, and it sounded like Kelly and her friends.  As I laid there with my eyes closed, just listening, to my shock, I felt my covers being pulled down, and then I felt someone sticking their fingers into my onesie and plastic pants and feeling my diaper, and then I thought I heard Kelly say, he's got a wet diaper but he should be ok until morning and he doesn't smell stinky, every baby sleeps in wet diapers, and I heard a number of people laugh as if to agree with Kelly, then I distinctively heard Saundra say, " He doesn't mind sleeping, or even toddling around in wet diapers, or even poopy diapers for all that matters, so yes Kelly, he'll be fine until tomorrow when he gets changed, and speaking about changing his poopy butt, let's get back to our card game, remember, who ever wins the first 10 hands gets to pick one of us to wake Baby Boo in the morning, feed him his morning baba, and then, change his poopy, wet diaper while talking baby talk to him, just as you would any other baby, does everyone agree, good, Andrea, Kelly, Amber, Megan, LET'S PLAY CARDS........................

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