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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                By BooBooBritches


                              " CHAPTER V "


         I laid there, just kind of listening to all the laughter and chatter coming from the living room, wondering if they really were playing for what Kelly said they were playing for, little did I know, the stakes they were playing for were much more higher and I would soon find out that I would be the subject, and recipient of their bets?  I'm not sure when I drifted off back to sleep, but do remember the feeling of that soft ooziness filling up the back of my already damp diaper prior to falling back asleep, perhaps Saundra was correct, not only did a wet or poopy diaper not bother me, I actually enjoyed the feeling of both!!


          I vaguely remember Saundra shaking me softly to wake me up, telling me to lift my bottom because I needed my diaper changed because I was messy and stinky, I just smiled up at her and saw her nose twitch a bit as I started to drift back off to sleep, Saundra told me to stay awake and help her then I could go back sleepy-bye.  I felt her wiping my bottom and groin area with the clean part of the cloth diaper, then a quick wipe down with a baby wipe and she pinned a fresh diaper on me telling me she wasn't putting plastic pants on me because I was getting a little bit red on my bottom.  I raised up as she placed two folded towels down on my side of the bed, for extra padding and absorbancy, once she was satisfied, she told me to lay back down and go back to sleep, I fell back to sleep almost immediately.


           When I woke, I realized that not only had I wet my diaper in my sleep, but I had also messed it, which totally surprised me, I hadn't done this since I was a baby, to my knowledge.  I just laid there, noticing the railings were up on both sides of my makeshift crib, listening for any sounds or voices.   Coming from the next room, I could faintly hear Saundra and Andrea talking, and then, there was a knock on the door.  I thought I heard Kelly and a different voice I wasn't familiar with, when I heard all of them laughing, the door to my room opened up and Saundra, Andrea, Kelly and a new girl, whom they called Sarah, all came into the room.


             Kelly was the first one to acknowledge me as she lowered the rails down on my side of my crib, then set on the edge of the bed, looked at me, and smiled as she said, Baby Boo, we need to get your diaper changed, and get you dressed and fed, we have a big day planned for you and we need to get going.  I wasn't sure what exactly it was she was talking about and Saundra must have noticed my confusion, as she lowered the rail on the other side, sat down and explained to me, "Boo Honey, we all got a little bit carried away last night with our bets and Kelly sort of won the rights to you for the entire day, so she and Sarah decided to take you shopping at the mall and to the park for a little picnic later on.  Now Boo, both Kelly and Sarah know that you HAVE to be kept in diapers, AT ALL TIMES, so Andrea and I are going to pack a diaper bag for you, and both Andrea and I have agreed, as a part of the bet, we cannot only not go with you, but we can't interfere with Kelly and her care for you in any way, but she has also agreed that she and Sarah will not do any public diaper changes on you, although, they can't guarantee that you will not be humiliated or embarrassed at any given time, based on the situation and who's present".


             Kelly pulls my blanket off, noticing immediately that I'm not wearing any plastic pants over my very obvious wet and messy diaper and she says, "EWWW YUCKY BABY, HIMS GOTS A POOPIE DIAPEY FOR HIMS AUNTIE KELLY, YES HIMS DOES, HIMS GOTS STINKY PANTS", and as Kelly is ranting on about the condition of my diaper, I look at Saundra just as she's showing Andrea a little blue bottle and laughing, only then do I realize why I pooped my diaper last night in my sleep, the bottle Saundra is holding up is a suppository bottle, I recognized it from past experiences and I knew, Saundra knew Kelly was coming over to change my diaper this morning and she was going to guarantee that I had a little surprize for Kelly in my diaper, what I didn't know, was that the spiked formula of diuretics, laxatives and Infants Good Start was pretty much going to guarantee at least 8 to 10 wet diapers a day and 5 to 6 messy diapers a day, the suppository was just a little guarantee for Kelly.


               Kelly expertly got me cleaned up and got a fresh diaper on me, but stopped and asked Saundra if she wanted me wearing plastic pants while we were out.  Saundra was watching for my expression when she answered Kelly with an emphatic NO, she didn't want me getting a bad diaper rash so she'd prefer Kelly just double diaper me as opposed to putting plastic pants on me.  To my surprise, Kelly did her one up and said, "Well, since we're going to be walking around the mall, and we definitely don't want to see a wet tush, I'm going to just go ahead and triple diaper him, at least he'll be more less likely to wet all the way through to his pants".


                I knew right away that this was going to be a very long day for me, not only did I have to worry about my pants getting wet and showing, but without plastic pants, if I messed my diapers, I would be much easier to being smelled quicker, not too mention, a triple diaper, regardless of what pants or sweats I was wearing, it would be very obvious that I was wearing diapers, and I would definitely have a bubble butt, not unlike what a toddler would look like with tight pants on.  Once Kelly finished up triple diapering me, she grabbed a pair of black sweat pants Saundra was holding and pulled them up over my legs, telling me to stand up as she pulled them the rest of the way up, squeezing to get them over my well padded bottom.  Kelly took my hand and walked me into the kitchen where Andrea was already fixing breakfast, after Kelly got me secured in my highchair, she told Sarah to go ahead and feed me and she would go help Saundra pack a diaper bag for me.


                Andrea brought over a baby bottle and instructed Sarah to feed it to me, stating that she would fix me another for after breakfast and then would also pack me four more for my diaper bag, informing her that two would have apple juice and two would have baby formula, Sarah immediately stuck the baby bottle in my mouth and held it while Andrea finished making breakfast.  When I finished my baba, as Sarah jokingly put it, Andrea brought over a plastic baby plate with cut up pancakes smothered in butter and syrup and told Sarah, to go ahead and feed me herself so I wouldn't make a big sticky mess all over myself. 


                Meanwhile, back in the nursery, Saundra and Kelly were laughing and giggling as they packed my diaper bag, Saundra told Kelly she was sticking in two plastic bags, one for wet didee's and the other for stinky didee's, and she would also toss in a plastic trash bag for any of my clothes that might get wet or messy.  Then Saundra told Kelly she only had two pair of clean sweat pants for me, one was black and would definitely HIDE any wet diapers I might have, and the other was baby blue, and these would definitely SHOW every wet diaper I had, Kelly laughed and said she would take the baby blue sweats and explain to me later that these were the only pair that were clean.  Saundra also packed a couple of infantile looking t-shirts for me, and then told Kelly, here are a couple of his onesies, just in case you're somewhere sort of semi-private and you don't want him to wet or soil his only pair of sweat pants, that she could just go ahead and put a onesie on me, and that it wouldn't totally cover up my diaper, but it would at least give me something to wear rather then just toddling around in a bubble butt diaper, both ladies laughed.


                Saundra then grabbed another diaper bag, this one must have been the diaper bag Andrea used for Kimmie and Jessica because just like mine, it was bulky and had the word D I A P E R S in big stencils on the side, but this one, unlike my blue one, was pink.  Saundra grabbed about 8 of my extra thick, cloth night diapers and shoved them in the bag, along with some baby powder, baby wipes, Desitin and a couple extra diaper pins.  There we go, this should be enough for you to take care of any problems that might arise with Baby Boo today, we'll go ahead and stick his prepared baby bottles and some baby food in the other diaper bag, that way, this diaper bag can be used for clean diapers and his lil dirty didees only.


                  Sarah finished feeding me my pancakes and Andrea gave her another baba to feed me, while I was nursing the baba, Saundra and Kelly came into the kitchen and sat down, Andrea excused herself and said she needed to get her babys up, changed and ready for the day, Kelly offered to help and they both disappeared into Andrea's room.  Saundra sat next to me, smiled and said, well Baby Boo, looks like you have a very big day in front of you, Mommy packed you lots of extra didee's so you just go ahead and use your diapers, just like the little baby we all know you are.  Sarah giggled a little bit at that remark and said, you do realize now Baby Boo, your Auntie Sarah is more then likely going to be helping Kelly, or I will even be changing your wet, yucky lil diapeys all day today, and if you're a good little baby boy, Auntie Sarah will show you how she blows lil raspberries on babys tummy, both Sarah and Saundra laughed, as I felt my diaper getting warmer in the crotch area, not wet enough to soak through to my sweat pants, but definitely enough for me to feel a damp bottom.


                  Just as I was finishing up my second bottle of formula, Andrea and Kelly came back into the kitchen, each with a baby, I watched as they each sat the baby they were carrying in a highchair and brought them their breakfast of pancakes, cut up the same way mine were.  What I did notice, was, neither of them were given a pre-breakfast bottle like I was, I figured it had something to do with my size and that I needed more nutrition then they did, little did I know that my formula was spiked with diuretics and laxatives to make sure I had no control over my potty habits, just like a baby, and just like a baby, the ladies would never know when I was going to be wetting or messing my diapers, so it would be just as much a surprise to them as it would be to me, with one slight exception, I doubt they would be as humiliated or embarrassed as I would be when the un-for-seen  event occurred.


                    Kelly unlocked my highchair and helped me down and on to my feet, stopping for just a second to do a quick peek down the back of my diaper, and then sticking two fingers in the front, stating, I wasn't stinky yet but my diaper was a little bit damp, but that might just be from sweating, with the sweat pants on and all, at either rate, she was convinced I wasn't in need of a change and asked Sarah if she was ready to get going, Sarah gleefully said YES and Saundra gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, a pat on my bottom and told me to be a good baby and have fun with Nanny Kelly and Auntie Sarah today, Andrea also patted my bottom, gave me a kiss on the cheek, smiled and said, You make sure you let Nanny Kelly know if you have a dirty diapey and you need changed, everyone laughed.


                      Saundra walked us out to Kelly's minivan with Kelly holding my hand all the way.  when she opened the back door to her van, I was surprised to see an over-sized car-seat strapped in, as Kelly helped me up into the car-seat, Sarah loaded both of my diaper bags in the back of the van, and I watched her as she also spread out what looked to be like a plastic changing pad in the back of the van, a changing pad that looked to be much bigger then a babys.  Kelly pulled the strap up between my legs, squishing my diapered bottom and securing it tightly to the car-seat.  Once I was all buckled in, Sarah jumped in the front and they both waved to Saundra, who was standing there in the drive-way waving back at them, and me, and at that moment, I knew what it felt like when your mommy left you at the sitters for the very first time, a horrible, very sad feeling of abandonment. 


                        Once my mind was back focused on Kelly and Sarah, I heard both of them agree that they were hungry so they were going to Denny's for some breakfast, and I knew, this was to be my first test, away form the security of home, in public, wearing a very obvious extra thick diaper, and I could only hope and pray, I would make it thru breakfast at Denny's without wetting my diaper any more then what I had already done, or even worse, messing my diaper while we all sat in a crowded restaurant................................................


to be continued, and Mommy Saundra says hi to everyone in DD.


" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                               " CHAPTER VI "


          Sitting inside a busy restaurant, fully diapered to the max, is not exactly how I would have pictured myself a couple days ago, and with two very good looking girls to boot, literally strangers to me.  I knew I was a little bit wet but I was not feeling any urgency in my bladder or bowels, at least not yet, and as I sat there looking around, I was interrupted by the waitress, an older lady, but definitely pretty, and as she asked me what I would like to order,  Kelly immediately told her to bring me a big stack of pancakes and then asked the waitress if she could get me some milk in a sippy cup she was showing her.  The waitress acting a little surprized, took the cup and said, sure, just as Kelly explained to her that I was a just a little fella and could not handle a glass or a cup too well just yet, the waitress smiled at me, took the cup and told us she'd be right back with our order and my milk.


           As much as I was embarrassed, and both Kelly and Sarah knowing it, Sarah looked at me and said, it could be worse you know, we could have asked for a highchair and tied a bib on you, and I knew, right then and there, this would prove to be a most memorable day in my life as a baby.  The waitress brought my sippy cup of milk over along with coffee and orange juice for both Kelly and Sarah and the waitress made it a point of making sure she personally handed me my sippy cup as she smiled.  I had only taken a few sips, feeling quite conscientious about people watching me but when I looked around, I noticed no one was paying attention to me at all.


            It wasn't too long when the waitress brought over our food, both girls ordered the Denny's Skillets and Kelly immediately started cutting up my pancakes in to smaller bites, then she literally saturated them with maple syrup, handing me a spoon, rather then a fork, and told me to eat up because we weren't leaving until I ate everything on my plate.  I wondered to myself if she was aware that I had already eaten pancakes plus had two baby bottles of formula, and I thought that Sarah would mention it to her since she helped feed me breakfast already, but Sarah didn't say a word as she started eating her breakfast.  I wasn't sure I could get all of this down, my tummy was already feeling full from my earlier breakfast, no more then perhaps an hour ago.


             I was just sort of pushing the pancakes around with my spoon and not eating when Kelly once again reminded me that we were not going anywhere until I cleaned my plate and finished my milk, and I knew that if I procrastinated much longer, there was little chance of me getting out of the restaurant with just a damp or clean diaper, my bodily functions would surely fail me before long.  I kept stalling, not feeling the least bit hungry, and all of a sudden, Kelly grabbed my sippy cup, handed it to me and told me, if I didn't drink it all this very minute, she was going to ask the waitress to put the rest of my milk in a baby bottle.  This definitely got my attention right away as I took the sippy cup, and mistakenly drank it all, very quickly, Kelly then handed me my spoon and told me to start eating, as she held her hand up to get the attention of the waitress.  When the waitress came over, Kelly handed her my empty sippy cup and told her that I must really be thirsty because I almost guzzled that milk down, then asked her if she could maybe put some apple juice in there for me, the waitress looked at me, then towards my lap and crotch, smiled and said, sure, anything for the little fella.


               The last thing I felt I needed was apple juice, knowing how it worked on me, and I'm sure Saundra told Kelly what apple juice did to my system, but I still had another problem, I was totally full from the earlier breakfast, bottles of formula and that sippy cup of milk.  Kelly must have been reading my mind as she took my spoon away from me and told me, " If you don't start eating your pancakes immediately, I'm going to put a bib on you and feed you myself ", just like the threat of the baby bottle, this also got my attention immediately and I gestured back to Kelly to give me my spoon back so I could start eating.  After a couple of bites of the now, sticky, mushed up pancakes, the waitress returned with my sippy cup of apple juice, explaining to Kelly that she personally washed out my cup so it would be clean for the juice, Kelly thanked her and watched as the waitress smilingly placed my sippy cup in front of me so I could reach it.


                 Kelly and Sarah had both finished their breakfast and as they were sipping their coffee, they chatted about what their plans were for the day, every once in awhile looking over to see how I was progressing with my pancakes, I hadn't even tried the apple juice yet, I had enough problems with the pancakes and was hoping they would let me take my sippy cup of juice with me when we were finished.  I resolved myself to finish up the sticky, mess that was my breakfast and as I was eating, almost half way done, I felt a slight rumble in my tummy and knew I had best finish eating as fast as I can if I wanted to avoid a messy diaper here in the restaurant.  Kelly and Sarah must have heard my tummy growling because they both looked at me as I started eating faster and I think they both knew what I was trying to avoid as they bot smiled, simultaneously.


                 In my attempt to avoid messing my diaper plus trying to get down all my food, I had completely forgotten about my bladder, until I felt a familiar warmness flowing down my crotch and spreading through-out my bottom, and all I could do, was hope my triple thick diapers concealed the wetness, fully aware that I was not wearing any type of protection over my diapers such as plastic or rubber pants, but then again, I knew, that if I didn't finish my breakfast, within the next ten to fifteen minutes, a wet diaper would be the least of my worries.  Kelly must have sensed something or maybe I just had that potty face look, either way, she immediately stuck her hand in the front of my sweats and diaper and knew right away from the warm wetness feeling that I had just wet my diaper.  After she pulled her hand out of the front of my pants (Thank God we were sitting in a booth, her on the outside and me on the inside), Kelly grabbed a baby wipe out of a small Pampers Baby Wipes package she had in her purse, wiped her hands off, then left the package sitting there in the of the middle of the table.


                   Kelly smiled at me then turned to Sarah and said, "I think our big baby just wet his lil diapey, and I noticed, the waitress was standing right beside our table, with the coffee pot, smiling and looking at me, and I knew, she heard every word Kelly had just said.  The waitress asked Kelly if she and Sarah wanted a refill on their coffee and both girls said yes, as Kelly explained to the waitress that I was not eating very fast and she might have to finish by feeding me, the waitress laughed and said, "I know what you mean, babies always seem to take their time, especially when you're in a hurry", all three ladies laughed.  Kelly thanked the waitress for the coffee and quickly replied, "Well I hope he doesn't take too much longer, he's got a wet diaper and needs changed", the waitress just smiled, wrinkled her nose and said, "I sure don't envy you, I'm glad I'm all done with changing diapers, Thank God my diaper days are over".


                    I stuck another spoonful into my mouth and my tummy growled even more, and I knew the waitress heard it, along with Kelly and Sarah, as I kept my head down and concentrated on my food so I wouldn't have to look in to the face of the waitress.  Kelly jokingly told Sarah, "WOW, you might have to run out and get his diaper bag, at the rate he's going, we're going to have to change his stinky lil butt in the ladies room", both Kelly and Sarah laughed, unfortunately, I didn't find it amusing and I didn't know Kelly was joking, I thought she was serious, so I ate even faster.  Kelly and Sarah kept chatting and the waitress made numerous trips to our table to see if we needed anything, including re-filling Kelly and Sarah's coffee cups, and once, she even checked my sippy cup and commented, I hadn't even touched it yet, and I noticed the little grin from Kelly.  


                     I finally finished up the last bite of the mushy pancakes and before I even sat my spoon down, Kelly grabbed it from me and scooped up a couple more spoonfuls of syrup and fed them to me.  She then grabbed the baby wipes and started washing my hands, and then my face, just as the waitress came over, and while Kelly was cleaning me up, the waitress said, "Those little ones sure manage to get sticky and yucky, no matter what they eat", and all three ladies laughed, and then, to my shock and embarrassment, my tummy let out, what seemed to be, a non-stop rumble and I knew, I might not make it to the door, let alone to the car.  The waitress just stood there, with a smirk on her face, and she said, "OH DEAR, I know what that rumbling tummy is a sign of, someone's fixin to make stinky pants", and I felt, a small amount of poop oozing into my diaper, and I could only hope, I could hold the rest until we got out of the restaurant, all three ladies just wrinkled their noses as a response to the comment made by the waitress.


                      As the waitress cleared the dirty dishes away from our table, I started to get a feeling of relief thinking that we would soon be leaving and I might actually make it our before making a full blown mess in my diaper, little did I realize how wrong I was.  Kelly picked up my sippy cup, handed it to me and said, "You're not finished with breakfast yet baby boy, you still need to drink the apple juice YOUR NANA BROUGHT YOU", and as Kelly handed me the sippy cup and held it up to my mouth, motioning for me to hold it myself, the waitress came back over and Kelly said, "THANKS MOM, IT WAS A GREAT BREAKFAST, AND YOU GOT TO MEET SAUNDRA'S BIG BABY BOY, BOOBOO!!!!!  Soooooooooo, are we still meeting at the mall this afternoon, we are, awesome, SEE YOU THEN MOM", and as I attempted to drink my apple juice, as fast as I possibly could, I felt a little bit more of the messiness ooze into my diaper, as I squeezed my legs together to try and slow down the mushiness, now filling up the back of my diaper, my bladder released again causing the wetness and the mess to create a squishy, sticky, messy feeling all over my bottom, and I immediately thought about the messy, sticky pancakes I had just eaten, and thought about the comparison and similarity of the two, and I looked up, just in time, to see the waitress, Kelly, and Sarah, all wrinkling their noses..........................................  


to be continued.     



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