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"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"


      By BooBooBritches


        Chapter 19



         I saw the lady who had been behind us at the checkout line, the one that commented she could smell a messy diaper, this was Amber's mother, Becky, as I lay there, She looked down at me, smiled and said "YOU GIRLS DON'T MIND IF I CHANGE HIM DO YOU, THIS LITTLE STINKER'S GOT A REALLY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD DIAPER AND HE STINKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


         Both Amber and Ashley started giggling as Becky slowly pulled my sweats down, checking the insides of them to make sure there wasn't a mess anywhere, she folded them and handed them to Amber, she then told me to lift my butt as she slowly pulled my plastic pants down to my ankles, and with a quick glance and wiping her hand across the inside of the plastic pants, she left them at my ankles as she said, "Well, these aren't too bad and are just barely damp, we can re-use these at least for one more diaper", as she patted the bottom of my double thick diaper, I saw her nose twitch a little bit and heard her tell Amber and Ashley, "He's really not that wet, hims just has a lil damp bottom, butttttttt, this big baby has definitely got one, really, yucky, stinky diaper, WHEW BABY", all 3 women laughed and wrinkled their noses simultaneously!


          I couldn't help but notice an almost satisfying smile on her face as she un-pinned my diaper, bringing it down slowly, wiping me from front to back carefully, as if not wanting to miss even the littlest of spots, and as if communicating with her mind, she looks towards Amber and without saying a word, Amber smiles and hands her the baby wipes from the shelf, Becky slowly and methodically wipes my entire diaper area with the baby wipes, ignoring my increasing excitement as my penis starts getting harder, then without warning, her finger flicks my penis with a quickness and before I know what is happening, my penis goes limp, as if surrendering to a more powerful force.  Surprised, I lay there as Ashley hands her a clean diaper and the baby powder, she slaps the inside of my thigh, gently, but firmly and tells me to lift, as I do, I feel the soft, thick diaper get pus hed under my bottom, when she tells me ok, I lower my butt on to the thick diaper, Becky quickly, but expertly powders my diaper area and pulls the thick diaper up between my legs, slightly forcing my legs apart, as she expertly pins both sides.  She starts to pull my plastic pants up, but when she gets them up near my knees, she stops, then says, "I think we're gonna let you go without your lil plastic panties baby boy, your bottom was looking a little bit red there and I sure don't want you getting an icky ole didee rash", as she pulls my plastic pants all the way off, handing them to Amber and telling her to put them in the dirty didee bag.


            Not that I needed another bottle, of anything, but before I knew it, the sides of my crib were being pulled up and locked into place and another baby bottle of formula was being stuck in my mouth with a firm warning from Ashley, "Remember last time, if you don't drink your baba all gone, we'll wheel your crib out by the desk near the window and feed it to you, just like a little baby", I quickly started nursing the baby bottle as Ashley patted my bottom and said, "GOOD BABY"


             It must have been about an hour and a half later, I wasn't sure because after drinking the baby bottle, I must have fallen asleep, but I heard Kim and Beth talking with Amber and Becky, and from what I could tell and what I thought I was hearing, it was starting to make sense to me why Becky was so adept at changing diapers, on adults.  Becky was telling Kim and Beth that she and Amber had to take care of her late husband and both had become quite good at changing diapers and taking care of diapered dependant adults, Becky went on to say that after her husband passed away, she became a volunteer (apparently she had hit a multi-million dollar jackpot on a slot machine and her and Amber were basically set for life), at a nursing home, where she felt there was a need for volunteers who had no qualms about helping the elderly and needy, in and including changing diapers a s needed.  Amber who also had no problems with diaper duty, preferred her charges to be a bit younger, thus explaining why she was not only working in the nursery, but one of Kim's top managers. 


              As I lay there I was vaguely aware of my diaper becoming damp, it was almost as if I didn't even know, or realize I was wetting or messing my diapers anymore.  I looked up as Ashley walked over to my crib, looking down at me, she just smiled, then hollered out, "HEY YOU ALL, THE BABY's AWAKE!!!"   


               Within minutes, it seemed everyone poured into the room where I lay in my oversized crib.  Beth came over and looked down at me, smiling as she slowly lowered the crib side, then sat next to me, Kim was standing next to Beth, holding a wide awake Cassidy, Amber and Ashley standing towards the bottom of my crib, and last but certainly not least, Elly came in with Becky, both laughing and looking at me.  Beth looked at me, smiled, and said, "Baby Boy, we seem to have a little problem here (as she patted the baby blue crib sheet I was laying on), it appears you have a wet diaper (motioning towards the spreading wet spot under my bottom, highlighted by the pastel baby blue sheet), now Baby Boy, the problem is, the formula we're feeding you is causing you to wet and mess your diapers way more then we anticipated, not that that's a bad thing, I mean, y ou're just doing what babys do and that's what we wanted you to do, so you could experience what it's really like to be a baby".


               "Our problem is, we have a lot of running around to do yet, getting everything ready for tomorrows bar-b-que, and as much as we would love to take you with us, there are certain limitations that arise when we take you with us, for instance, you are in need of being changed at least every one to two hours, just like a newborn or an infant, the problem is, we don't have access to facilities that allow us to change you that often, unlike a baby, and Becky mentioned that you were starting to get a little red on your bottom, which means, we need to change you as soon as possible after you wet or make a poopy diaper so you don't get a diaper rash".


                 "Well Baby Boy, we think we found an answer to our little problem, at least for the next 6 hours or so, while we're getting all of our shopping and running around done, Becky has agreed to take you to work with her, she called her Head Nurse and explained her situation, stating that you were one of her girlfriends brother and she explained how you were slow and still in need of diapers and constant care and how she agreed to babysit you today, her Head Nurse said she didn't see any problem with you coming with her and that they could keep you restrained in a wheel-chair, and if you needed to rest, they had a empty adult crib available for you".


                    As Beth was explaining all of this to me, my head was spinning, I mean, this meant that more people would be seeing me in diapers and Becky would be changing me at least 2 to 3 more times, if not more.  As I was caught in a daydream of what was happening to me, Beth patted my bottom and said, "Looks like I best get someone in some dry britches, my Baby Boy's got a wet diapey".   Beth quickly changed my wet diaper while Becky was packing extra diapers (left there from when I was there before), in my diaper bag, as Beth was pulling my sweats up over my plastic pants and fresh diaper, Becky said, "Oh, this will work out just fine at the nursing home (holding up one of my onesies), we'll dress him in this and then use a blanket to cover him up when he's in the wheelchair, that way, it'll be much easier to do a quick peek or a fing er check under the blanket to see if he's wet or messy, whether he's in the wheelchair or the crib".


                     Beth, Kim and Elly all gave me good-bye kisses and told me to be a good baby for Aunt Becky as Becky took me by the hand, and as we stood in the doorway, she looked back at Beth and said, "Don't worry, I'll take real good care of your Baby Boy and I'll drop him off at Kims house about 8 tonight, OH, and BETH, DON'T WORRY ABOUT HIS DIAPER RASH, I'LL CHECK AND CHANGE HIM EVERY HALF HOUR TO AN HOUR, AND IF I CAN'T CHECK OR CHANGE HIM, THERE ARE ABOUT 6 OR 7 NURSES AIDES THAT CAN HELP, THEY HAVE NO PROBLEMS CHANGING YUCKY, STINKY DIAPERS, EVEN ON BIG BABY's LIKE BABY ROB"


                      I LOOKED BACK JUST IN TIME TO SEE BETH WINK AT ME, AS HER AND KIM SMILED AND WRINKLED THEIR NOSES...................................



"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"


            Chapter 20



            As we got out to Beckys car, she told me she didn't have a car seat so she was going to buckle me into the back seat, she sat my diaper bag on the backseat next to me and after getting me buckled in she laughingly said, " O-K Baby Boy, Let's go bye-bye with Auntie Becky"


             I don't think it took more then thirty minutes to get to the nursing home, but the bottle I had at the nursery had already done its' foul work.  Beth had changed my wet diaper just prior to leaving with Becky, unfortunately, my diaper was now messy, not too bad from what I could tell, but bad enough to possibly be noticed by a keen nose and definitely messy enough to be noticed by a good old fashioned diaper check.  I was trying to roughly figure out in my head how many wet and/or messy diapers I was going through a day and as near as I could tell, based on me wetting and/or messing my diaper every hour or so, I figured I was being changed approximately 12 to 15 times a day, remembering back, I recall that being the equivalent to what a newborn or an infant averaged, WOW, Guess I Was Getting What I Asked For!


              Becky came over to my side, after grabbing my diaper bag from the other side first, she unsnapped my seat belt and helped me out of the car, I wasn't sure but could have swore I saw her nose twitch, just a tad.  With my diaper bag strapped over her left shoulder and her holding my left hand with her right hand, we walked thru the front doors of the nursing home.  I saw numerous residents sitting to my left in what looked like an open tv room, and to my right was what appeared to be the dining area, all the tables were clean and set up with napkins and silverware ready for the next serving, there were about 4 or 5 nurses aides and what looked like some kitchen staff sitting at a couple of the tables sipping coffee and soft drinks.


               Walking towards what looked like an administration office, we were met by a very sophisticated looking lady dressed in a very proper looking ladies suit.  Becky greeted her with a hi and then bent down and faced me as if she was talking to a toddler and said, "Dani, This is Baby Robbie, Robbie, can you say hi to Miss Danielle Jackson,  Baby Boy, you can call her Miss Dani".  Miss Dani slightly knelt down and held my hand with one of her hands over the other, as if she was meeting a toddler.  As she stood back up, I thought I saw her nose twitch a little bit, but then, figured it might be my imagination just as I thought it was when Becky got me out of the car.  Miss Dani told Becky she had set up room 4 for me with a crib and explained that it was between the nurses station and the office so it would be easier for her or one of the aides to keep tabs on me and check me as often as needed, Becky told Miss Dani that she would like to check on me or at least have me checked hourly, explaining to her that I had a very red bottom and was getting a diaper rash, and she wanted to make sure I didn't lay or sit around in a wet or dirty diaper for very long, Miss Dani agreed thoroughly expressing her concern over my diaper rash and assured Becky that she had already talked with the nurses and aides and they all agreed to help when and where as needed, Miss Dani also told Becky she would get her a tube of Desitin or Balmex if she didn't have any in my diaper bag.


                 Miss Dani then motioned for both of us to follow her and as we were departing the entrance area Miss Dani waved for two of the nurses aides who were sitting down to follow us.  We walked past the admin. office and down a brightly lit hallway towards what looked like a nurses station, about half way down, we walked into a room, I noticed the number on the door was 4, the room was brightly lit and sat up with a dresser, a tv, a lounge chair and an oversized adult crib, complete with drop sides and what appeared to be a pastel pink colored nursery print crib sheet covering the water-proof mattress, as we walked in Miss Dani said, "I hope the crib sheet is ok, we wasn't sure what he would prefer and considering his limited mentality based on what you told me, we felt the drab looking grayish sheet covers we normally use would be too de pressing", Becky immediately responded and said, "NO, by all means, these are just darling and it's basically the same as Baby Robbies used to at home, well, other then the pink, most of his nursery gear and layette is more baby blue", both miss Dani and Becky laughed, as did the 2 nurses aides that followed us into the room.


                   Miss Dani immediately introduced the two nurses aides as Sharon and Teri and told Becky that it was Sharon who brought the crib sheets from her home, pointing to a stack of 3 more on the dresser, all pinkish in color, and also noted that it would be primarily Sharon and Teri helping to watch me and check on me if Becky couldn't get to it.  Miss Dani then whispered something into Beckys ear and Becky nodded in agreement, almost immediately, Miss Dani then turned towards Sharon and Teri and said, "Girls, Becky and I have some paperwork we need to attend to so I would greatly appreciate it if you two could get Robbie ready to take to the tv room before supper, his diaper bag's right there on the chair and if I'm not mistaken, I think Becky said he was wearing plastic pants (Becky nodded in agreement), if you girls can get him undressed and get his plastic pants off, and if he needs changed, change him.  Robbie has the onset of a nasty diaper rash so Teri, you can follow me to my office so I can give you some diaper rash creme and Sharon can start undressing him so he'll be ready to change if he needs it by time Teri gets back with the creme, and if you can girls, please don't put his plastic pants back on him, just dress him in a diaper and one of his onesies, that will help the rash clear up quicker plus it'll be easier for all of us to do diaper checks as needed"


                    Sharon wasted no time helping me to get up on the crib and as I sat there with my feet dangling over the side, she gently pushed me back, then yanked on my sweats pulling them down to my ankles with ease.  She then stuck her fingers in my plastic pants on each side and carefully pulled them down, indicating for me to lift my butt a bit with her hand as she felt a little resistance from the plastic pants.  Once the plastic pants were down to my ankles with my sweat pants, I couldn't help but notice Sharon as she wrinkled her nose and almost as quickly I heard Miss Dani say, "I thought he smelled a little ripe when I first met him but just like I would any other baby, I gave him the benefit of the doubt until I could verify it", Miss Dani, Becky, Teri and Sharon all laughed and Teri said, "Sharon, if you wait f or me I'll hurry and get that diaper rash creme and get back as fast as I can to help you change him, you can get everything set up and ready", Sharon agreed and replied, "Ok, I'll wait, but if I'm going to get everything set up to change him I'm gonna have to put him all the way in the crib and pull the sides up, wouldn't want him to fall out and go boom-boom", Sharon quickly pulled my sweats and plastic pants off, swung my legs around so they would be inside the crib, pulled the drop side up so it locked in place, then gave me a little pat on my messy bottom and peeked inside my diaper at the thigh and said, "EEEEW YUCKY, HIMS JUST A LIL STINKER, YES HIMS IS"


                     Sharon went about getting my things out of my diaper bag, a clean diaper, baby wipes and a onesie, Teri was back within a couple of minutes and went into the bathroom, I heard running water and automatically started wetting my diaper, Teri came out of the bathroom holding a wet wash cloth telling Sharon they would be needing this as she waved it in the air, Sharon laughed and said, "OH YEA, we will definitely be needing that, baby wipes alone are not going to clean up this mess"


                       Both girls approached the crib and as Sharon was releasing the locked drop side she saw the wet spot spreading and getting bigger under my bottom, she laughed and said, "WELL, It's a good thing we didn't change this little stinker yet, look at him, wetting that diaper like a lil champion", Sharon felt the bottom of my diaper and quickly pulled her hand back as she said, "YUCK, Let's get your bottom changed Baby Boy, You're soaking wet and you stink"


                        Sharon and Teri showed their expertise as they quickly changed my diaper, using the diaper itself to wipe away the biggest part of the mess, then using the warm, wet wash cloth and finally finishing up with a couple fresh smelling baby wipes, ignoring the extreme erection I had through-out the entire diaper change, as Teri rubs the diaper rash creme all over my bottom and groin area, then sprinkles a small amount of corn starch baby powder on the inside of the diaper, and as she pulls the soft, cloth diaper up between my legs, they both remarked and giggled at the blue teddy bear diaper pins used to pin my diapers up, then Teri grabbed the onesie and said, "OH MY GOD, Sharon, look at this (as she held the onesie up for Sharon to see revealing the same style Blue Teddy Bear appliqu e on my onesie that was on my diaper pins), This is just too cute, They dress him exactly like they would a baby", Sharon quickly replied, "WELL DUH Teri, after changing that dirty diaper we just changed, how else would you dress him", both girls just laughed as Teri pulled the onesie over my shoulders, then gently pushed me back down, bringing the rear flap of the onesie up under my butt and snapping it to the front flap proficiently.


                          Becky gets back into the room shortly after the girls are done dressing me, pushing a wheelchair, she tells the girls that they can take me down to the tv room so I can watch some tv with the other residents before everyone eats dinner, Sharon tells Teri to go ahead and do her rounds and she'll take me to the tv room, Becky gives me a little peck on the cheek telling me what a good baby boy I was, then yells to Teri to wait up, she was going to help her with her rounds, as soon as they changed the wet crib sheet for a clean one.  Sharon covers me with a blanket then pushes me to the tv room, parking my wheelchair (applying the brakes), near the back row of lounge chairs so she can watch me from the dining room where she goes back and sits down with some other aides, every once in awh ile I hear laughter and giggling coming from Sharon and the aides as they all look over at me.


                           Approximately 45 minutes to an hour later, after Sharon and the other aides have done numerous checks on the residents and me, in the tv room, getting them drinks and responding to their needs, Miss Dani walks up to me, kneels down and asks me how I'm doing, then without any notice or hesitation, she sticks her hand beneath my blanket, lifting it slightly, then sticks two fingers into my onesie and diaper feeling for any signs of wetness, she then leans forward and sniffs under the blanket indiscretely, then looks back towards Sharon and the other aides and announces more loudly then I would have liked, "He's being a real good baby, he's not wet and he doesn't smell like he has any poopies yet", Sharon and the rest of the aides all laughed and Sharon told Miss Dani sh e had just checked me 5 minutes before.


                            Becky and Teri came back about 10 minutes later and after Becky checked my diaper, finding it still dry and clean, walked over with Teri and sat down, Sharon and another aide stood up and headed out of the dining room area, Sharon stopped by me and told me, "Be back to check on you in a little while Baby Boy, got to go do my rounds (wrinkling her nose she says), you're not the only one around here that makes poopy diapers", then walks off with the other aide, both laughing. 


                            I see Becky get up and leave the dining area, returning within a couple of minutes with one of my baby bottles, but I notice the bottle is empty.  Becky walks over to the kitchen and talks to one of the girls that work in the kitchen, then hands her the baby bottle, a few minutes later the girl returns with what now looks like a full baby bottle.  Becky and Teri walk over to me and Becky tells me that since we're not eating supper for another hour and a half, she's going to put me back in my crib so I can take the bottle without the other residents watching.  Teri pushes my wheelchair to my room with Becky close behind her, as Becky helps me up into the crib and on to another clean, pink, crib sheet, she checks my diaper to see if I'm wet or messy, announcing to Teri that I didn't need changed yet, Teri sticks my baby bottle in my mouth and I notice right away, this wasn't the special formula I had grown accustom to but it was going to be just as bad, as far as making me mess my diaper, it was apple juice and this stuff worked on me as fast, if not faster then a laxative, A LITTLE SECRET, I HAD THOUGHT I KEPT FROM BETH?       

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