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Sasha the Baby Pokemon trainer part 1

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story or give

comments or suggestions for new stories please send an email to


Sasha woke up early to the sound of her alarm clock. She was an incredibly

beautiful girl with beautiful breasts and a gorgeous body, but you wouldn't be

able to tell around her hips because a thick disposable diaper hung heavily

around her hips. Sasha never learned to be potty trained so her mother gave up

and kept her as her big baby since she was six. She excitedly got out of bed and

started to get ready for the day when her mommy walked into the room.

"Morning sweetie, all ready to go on your Pokemon adventure?" She asked sweetly.


"Mommy I was ready 8 years ago when I turned ten but you said I couldn't go."

Sasha complained because she couldn't go with her friends.


"We'll your friends were potty trained by then and you still aren't now, so your

lucky I'm letting my baby go in the first place." Sasha's mother said setting

her daughter down on the changing table for a fresh diaper. Sasha was very emotionally immature and often cried like a toddler and threw tantrums if she didn’t get her way. She had always wanted baby food or to breastfeed Sasha’s Mommy was worried about sending her out on her own.  "Do you remember how I taught you to change your own diaper so you won't need mommy?"


"Yes mommy," Sasha said groaning that she still had to wear diapers let alone

wet and mess them. Sasha's pussy was cleaned with baby wipes and gently powdered

before a fresh diaper was taped onto her. Clean and diapered mommy dressed Sasha

in a nice blouse and a skirt that was a few inches short of her knees, covering

her diapers just enough unless she bent over.


"Ok sweetie you are ready for your adventure I left your baby bag and your back

pack by the door. Give me a kiss goodbye." Mommy said  kissing Sasha on the

forehead. Sasha quickly grabbed her things and walked toward Professor Redwoods'

lab for her first Pokemon.


Sasha rang the door bell and quickly Professor Serena Redwood answered the door.

“Oh little Sasha! Your mommy told me to look out for you please come inside.” Serena said ushering her inside and closing the door. Sasha blushed at being called little since she was eight years older than most trainers starting out. “Unfortunately you’re a little late sweetie I only have one pokemon left for you.”


“What only one left!” Sasha whined and started to tear up. “Which one is it?” she asked tears running down her cheeks.


“Charmander the fire pokemon.” Professor Redwood said smiling.

Suddenly Sasha stopped crying and her face lit up. “Charmander!” she exclaimed happily grabbing her pokeball with her new pokemon inside. “It’s just the one I wanted I’m so happy!”


“Your welcome Sasha,” Serena said patting Sasha’s diapered butt. Sasha blushed again. She couldn’t wait to go catch pokemon and fight her first gym battle. Sasha stood there smiling and then hugged Professor Redwood. “Before you go I’ll give you some pokeballs to catch wild pokemon and some supplies. Also your Mommy asked me to make sure you got a diaper change.” Professor Redwood said slipping her hand into Sasha’s diaper, it was already wet and could use a change. Sasha turned bright red she only had her Mommy ever give her a diaper change. Sasha was nervous and it didn’t help that she thought Serena was beautiful and had a crush on her. Serena lifted up Sasha as easily as a child and laid her on the floor, from Sasha’s baby bag Serena got a fresh diaper, wipes, lotion and powder. Serena removed Sasha’s soaking wet diaper and threw it away and put the fresh diaper underneath her. Sasha was so embarrassed to have her diaper changed by a stranger even if it was a beautiful one. Sasha unconsciously slipped her thumb into her mouth and suckled.


Serena gently cleaned Sasha’s pussy and then to Sasha surprise began gently rubbing her finger tips on Sasha’s lips. Sasha gasped thumb still her mouth and moaned softly. Serena kept stimulating Sasha and took out one of her breasts, Sasha’s first instinct was to remove her thumb and suckle. Sasha suckled on Serena’s nipple which to her surprise Sasha was soon drinking Serena’s breast milk. Sasha gasped and groaned while drinking from Serena’s breast. After a few more seconds Sasha came and gasped. She relaxed in Serena’s arms and after a few more minutes switched to the other breast. Once Sasha was full Serena wiped the milk dripping off her chin and powdered her thighs and ass. Serena gently rubbed in some lotion to her diaper area. Once she was ready Serena taped on two thick disposable diapers.


Sasha stood up slightly weak kneed and she had to waddle a little from the thickness between her legs. “Thank you for everything Professor Redwood. I should get going into the Viridian forest soon so I can make it to Boulder town.”


“Ok sweetie good luck, I’ll see you soon!” Serena said showing Sasha out and pointing her towards Boulder town.


Sasha waddled down the road into the Viridian forest and was soon deep inside. It wasn’t long before Sasha encountered her first wild pokemon. From out of the brush a Pikachu popped out and stopped in front of her they locked eyes and reacting quickly Sasha grabbed a pokeball from her side and threw it at Pikachu. The pokemon slipped into the ball and landed on the ground it shook gently a few times until it clicked closed and Pikachu was caught. Sasha grabbed her pokeball with her Pikachu inside and started to tear up from being so happy.


“I caught my first pokemon!” Sasha exclaimed excitedly. But her joy was soon brought to a sudden end when she felt the back side of her diaper become hot and sag. She had messed herself in her excitement. Suddenly very sad from missing her mommy and not being able to cry until she got her diaper change Sasha plopped down in the grass with her diaper making a squish sound. “I guess I should change myself.” Sasha said uneasily.


Sasha removed all the necessary supplies and even got one of her bottles out from her bag. Mommy had packed her a weeks worth of bottles of breast milk and lots of formula. Suckling her bottle she removed her messy diaper and threw it away in the camp ground trash can and put a fresh diaper underneath her butt. She grabbed her wipes she knew that was first and wiped herself clean. After wiping herself she taped her new diapers on and didn’t realize she forgot the baby powder and lotion, she didn’t pay enough attention to her Mommy but she would soon find out what happens when you don’t use baby powder or lotion. Diapers on tight she finished her milk and rolled out her sleep bag. Tucked into her sleeping bag she began sucking her thumb and she started to cry a bit missing her Mommy, she began to worry. Was she ready for a pokemon journey if she was still in diapers?


To be Continued…

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