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Sasha the Baby Pokemon trainer part 2

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story or give

comments or suggestions or would like to commission for new stories please send an email to


            Sasha woke the next morning with her diapers soaked but also something else was in her camp ground, it was a pidgey! Pidgey is a small bird pokemon that lives in the forest. Without thinking Sasha stood up as quickly as possible diapers hanging heavily around her hips. She grabbed Pikachu’s pokeball and brought him out. Pikachu emerged from the pokeball and paralyzed the pidgey with thunderwave. Sasha threw a pokeball at the pidgey which after a few seconds was caught inside the pokeball.

            “I caught a pidgey!” Sasha cheered after a few seconds of celebrating she realized she was naked save for her soaked diapers and pacifier. She covered her large breasts and lied down to change her diaper. “Caught a pokemon before my morning diaper change not many people can say they did that.” Sasha paused and was embarrassed for a moment and thought to herself shes probably the only trainer in the world starting out at age eighteen and still needing to wear diapers. Sasha removed her wet diapers and threw them away and wiped herself clean again taping her diaper on without putting any lotion or baby powder on. She didn’t see it but there was already a bit of irritation on her thighs and near her pussy Sasha was starting to get a diaper rash. Sasha then put on her top and skirt for the day and set out towards Boulder town. Walking along she finally reached Boulder town, the first thing she did was go and heal her pokemon with the pokemon center. She stayed at the pokemon center for a few hours and drank her last bottle of breast milk and she was down to her last diaper. She considered going back to Mommy but she didn’t want to fail and always be an infant. This was her chance to prove herself and maybe when she got back Mommy would try helping her get potty trained again.

            After she got her pokemon healed she went straight to the boulder city gym. Entering the gym she was greeted by the leader of the boulder city gym leader. Looking around the gym everything was child like, not anything like the tough gym she had been expecting, there were baby blocks, toys, diaper changing stations. Sasha had been told it used to be a rock type pokemon gym and this was drastically different.

            “Hello there trainer my name is Sydney and I’m the boulder city gym leader.” Sydney said flipping her hair, she was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair curves and a great ass that were complimented by her shorts. “This gym is the baby pokemon gym the first of eight different gyms along the way, are you ready for a challenge?”

            “Yes and my name is Sasha,” she said shifting nervously in her diapers. She had already wet herself from anxiety on the way over. “How does the battle work?” Sasha asked.

            “Well it will be a one on one match, if you win you get the baby pokemon badge from me, if you lose though since this is the baby pokemon gym,” Sydney pointed at the diaper changing table. “You get put back in diapers like a baby.”

            Sasha blushed and pulled her skirt down a little. Sydney not realizing the irony was confused. “What’s so funny?” She asked.

            Sasha turned bright red and lifted up her skirt showing Sydney her puffy wet diapers. “Well well well, let’s see if you win a badge or you win a diaper change then Baby Sasha.” Sydney said sending out her Pichu, the baby version of Pikachu. Sasha responded by sending out her charmander. After just two fire attacks charmander beat Pichu. Sasha squealed with excitement having won her first gym battle. Sydney approached her and pinned a badge to the front of her skirt it was a badge in the shape of a diaper for defeating the baby pokemon gym leader. Sasha was so excited she hugged Sydney.

            “Good job kid, if you head north out of town you’ll eventually get to mount moon and that will take you straight to the next gym in Cerulean city.” Sydney said before Sasha said her goodbyes and left.

            Sasha was walking on air until she sat down in the pokemon center and messed her diaper. Sasha checked her bag, she had no more formula or milk left and she was wearing her last diaper. Sasha knew she couldn’t make it without help from her Mommy. She sat there crying until Nurse Joy approached her.

            Joy sat down beside her and held her tight shushing her. Joy helped her up and led her into the back of the pokemon center into a nursery, complete with crib changing table and everything a baby could need. “Professor Redwood said I would be seeing you soon Sasha and asked me to take care of you, my name is Nurse Joy. You can stay here tonight and I’ll make sure you leave tomorrow morning with a fresh diaper and plenty of supplies until you get to the next pokemon center. How’s that sound sweetie?” Joy asked changing Sasha’s messy diaper.

            “You mean I can go to any pokemon center and stay in the nursery and get more diapers and milk?” Sasha asked excitedly.

            “Of course and there will always be a nurse there to look after you sweetie.” Joy said setting the freshly diapered Sasha into the cot. “Oh that reminds me Professor Redwood wanted me to give you this.”

            Joy handed a small box to Sasha and left the room to let her sleep. Sasha opened the box and inside was a bottle, a note and a vibrator. The note read:

“Dear Baby Sasha enclosed is a bottle of my breast milk and a vibrator for you to remember me by, I spoke with all the nurse joy’s and they would be happy to look after a big baby girl like you. I’ll be seeing you sooner than you think, love Serena.”

            Sasha smiled and felt warm inside and Serena said love Serena Sasha was elated. Sasha slipped the vibrator into her diaper and turned it on. She drank the warm bottle of Serena’s delicious milk and soon was fast asleep.

To be continued…

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