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Is Ana 22 going on 2 part 5

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this story or would like to suggest a story or comment or commission a story please send an email to


            Ana stood naked just having had her skirt ripped off Nicole’s slightest touch of Ana’s pussy caused her to orgasm and before she could take a few steps let alone get to the bathroom had an accident. Nikki stood there staring at her friend speechless. Ana started crying and sank to the floor into her own puddle of pee. Nicole calmly stood up while many onlookers saw her give Ana a pacifier and help her to her feet.

            “I’m sorry everyone, she’s just a baby after all.” Nicole said loud enough for everyone to hear and carried the wet crying nearly naked Ana back to the restroom and clean her up.

            “Did you learn your lesson little one?” Nicole asked knowing full well the answer.

            “Yes, I’m sorry.” Ana apologized now starting to become a more infantile trained baby for Nicole.

            Nicole said nothing more and took out a pacifier and gave it to Ana to suckle on. Nicole powdered her and took a vibrator placing it in her pussy and taped up the diaper. The slight hum made by the vibrator on its highest setting could be easily heard. She stood Ana up but her knees wobbled from the vibrator in her pussy and she couldn’t walk. Nicole instructed her to wait right there while she got a stroller.

            Nicole returned and placed the freshly diapered Ana inside and off they went. Nicole took them to the other side of the mall that had the movie theater and Ana tried to ask muffled through her pacifier if they were going to see a movie.

            “Yes we are Baby Ana.” Nicole said rolling her up to the ticket booth. She purchased two tickets for a childrens movie and they went inside.

            “Can I have popcorn please!” Baby Ana begged Nicole from her stroller.

            “No Baby Ana you know your much too young, you can have some formula when we get inside.” Ana said taking them into the theater. Ana groaned a squirmed slightly from the stimulation to her pussy. Her diapers crinkled loudly as she was lifted out of the stroller into the movie seat. Nicole sat next to her and gave Ana her bottle of formula even though Ana pouted and wanted popcorn she drank it like a good girl.

            Half way through the movie Ana’s diaper was starting to leak and she was starting to get upset. She started to cry softly but soon it began to intensify. Nicole hushed her and pressed her hand against the front of Ana’s diaper causing it to leak down her legs and the increase in stimulation she came again. But she still kept crying and Nicole couldn’t take it anymore. She dragged Ana out by the hand and took her to the bench outside the theater doors and pulled her diaper down and spanked until Ana wet herself even more and kept crying.

            “You will be a good girl and be quiet the rest of the movie then you will get a diaper change do you understand Baby Ana?” Nicole said calmy pulling Ana’s soaked diapers back up.

            "Yes.” Was all Ana could say through her tears and they sat back down in the theater and watched the rest of the movie in silence


To be continued…

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