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             " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                                " CHAPTER VII "


                              By BooBooBritches


            I was way past embarrassment as I saw the three ladies smiling at me and wrinklin their noses, and I knew, this day was just starting, but first things first, my primary objective now, was trying to get out of this restaurant with the least amount of attention towards me as possible.  I finally finished up my sippy cup and just as I sat it down, Kelly checked it to make sure I had drank it all.  Satisfied that I had finished all my apple juice, Kelly grabbed another baby wipe from the Pampers container and wiped my face, and then hands, as Sarah and the waitress watched. 


             Both Kelly and Sarah got out of the booth, then Sarah motioned for me to slide out of the booth towards her, as I did, the mess in my diaper seemed like it was smearing all over my entire bottom, my butt cheeks and squishing up into my crotch area, and as I slid out, it even oozed up the back of my diaper and I could only hope, it wasn't visible on the back of my shirt, and only now, had I wished they would have at least put a onesie on me, it could not only help hide any possible visible leaks, but it would also have definitely helped keep my diaper from drooping and sagging, which I was sure it would do, once I started walking out of the restaurant.


               As I stood up, and almost as if reading my mind, the waitress, who I now figured out was Kelly's mother, gave me a really serious maternal look, walked behind me, patted my bottom and said, "Just what I suspected, someone was busy making stinky pants, YUCK, I can sure see why Saundra keeps him in diapers still, he doesn't even care where he is when he makes muddy in his lil diapey, or who might be watching, and sniffing", as all three ladies laugh and nod their heads in agreement.


                I quickly look around to see who might be listening in on this conversation and notice a couple older ladies sitting a couple booths away, smiling at me and I realize, they've probably heard every word of not only what was said, but also saw when Kellys mother patted my bottom. 


                 Sarah took my hand and started walking us towards the door, right past where the two older ladies were sitting,  Kelly and her mother followed us, and when they passed the two older ladies, I heard all of them giggle, probably because of something Kelly or her mother did behind me I'm sure.  When we got to the register, Sarah stopped for just a quick minute, long enough to tell Kelly, louder then I would have liked to hear, " If you want to go ahead and pay the bill, I'll take this lil stinker out to the van and get him set up in the back so we can get his stinky diaper changed, no need for us to be driving to the mall and having to be smelling a poopy diaper all the way", Kelly just laughed at Sarah's comment and quickly agreed telling Sarah she'd be out in a heartbeat, but laughed and said, but don't wait for me to get started.


                  As Sarah walked me to the van, it must have been quite a sight for the two older ladies who were watching out the window, what with Sarah holding my hand and me waddling, trying to keep up with her, my diaper drooping and sagging almost to my knees.  I probably did look like a toddler being led by his mommy or babysitter to get his diaper and droopy pants changed.


                   Sarah opened the back of the van, re-adjusted the plastic changing pad that she had put back there earlier, covered it with a blue baby print baby blanket, then patted it, motioning for me to hop up there and lay down.  At least we were parked, backed up to the  building and I knew no one could see what was happening, unless of course they came around to the back of the van, so I was somewhat relieved about that, but when I hopped up into the back of the van, trying to move as carefully as I could, Sarah told me to scoot back, and then in the blink of an eye, she grabbed my sweats, yanked them down to my knees and pushed me back so I was laying down with my messy diapered bottom facing her, and my legs dangling outside the back of the van.


                    Sarah gave my diapered bottom a pat and said, "Well at least the triple diaper worked, you're wet but not soaked (and as she carefully inserted her thumb and lifted the diaper near the inside of my thigh with her forefinger, she peeked inside, then quickly let go of the diaper), OH MY GOD BOO, THAT IS NASTY, WHEW BABY BOY, YOU ARE MESSY".


                     Right when Sarah took the baby wipes out of my diaper bag, along with two more of my extra thick night diapers, Kelly walked up, laughed and said, "Dang Girl, you ain't got him changed yet".  Sarah quickly replied, "Are you friggin kidding me, have you got any idea how messy his diaper is", as Kelly laughed and said, "OH YEA, I could smell him when I came around the side of the van, so I think we had best get his stinky butt changed before we start to draw an audience".


                     That comment immediately got my attention and I tried to look around as best as I could, considering I was flat on my back, wearing nothing but a very messy, stinky diaper and couldn't see much of anything, other then Kelly and Sarah looking down at me and wrinkling their nose.....................................



         " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                                  " CHAPTER VIII "


                               By BooBooBritches


                Kelly, after seeing and smelling how stinky and messy I was, told Sarah to just go ahead and take my sweat pants all the way off (Sarah had only pulled them down to just below my knees).  After Sarah pulled them off, then handed them to Kelly, Kelly immediately started feeling the inside and the seat of the pants, then leaned over to me and patted the bottom of my diaper, gently, but firmly enough I could feel the mess I had made squish and smear even more on my bottom.  After Kelly acknowledged that the bottom of my diaper was more wet then it was damp, she told Sarah that they would have to go ahead and put my other sweat pants on me when they took me to the mall, and that since they still wasn't going to use plastic pants that maybe they should just go ahead and put a onesie on over my triple thick diapers they were planning on pinning on me, just to help hold my diapers in place so they wouldn't droop or sag in case I wet or made another poopy mess while they were at the mall.


                 Sarah just laughed and told Kelly, "Dang girl, this big baby wets and messes his diapers like a newborn or an infant, and needs to be checked and changed every 1 to 2 hours ", both girls just laughed in agreement.  Sarah told Kelly that they had best get me changed before the smell attracted a Haz-Mat Unit and Kelly nodded her head and laughed.  Just as Sarah was unpinning my diaper, I thought I heard voices and they seemed to be getting closer.  Kelly was going thru one of my two diaper bags and getting out three of my super thick night diapers, she then got the other bag and pulled out one of my onesies and my other pair of sweat-pants, and to my shock, they were the baby blue ones that I wore at home occasionally.


                   I knew (from past experience), that if they put those sweat-pants on me, and I wet my diapers enough that it absorbed through all three layers of diaper, there was no doubt that the wet spots would first show up at the thighs of my legs, definitely in the back and possibly in the front, due to the onesie, and if I was wet enough, the wet spots would eventually show up anywhere in the area of my wet diapers that had enough pressure against it, especially my bottom and especially if I sat down for any length of time.


                    As I lay there pondering what could possibly happen to me at the mall, To my utter surprize, I heard two ladies chatting with Kelly and one of them came around to the back of the van, just in  time to see Sarah pulling my diaper back, and as she peeked in, she said, "EEEW Boo, that is yuck-yuck, c'mon you little stinker, let's get you changed", and if that wasn't enough to embarrass me, the one lady (they turned out to be the two ladies who were watching us intently from Denny's as we walked out and walked thru the parking lot), looked down at me, smiled, wrinkled her nose and said, "OH DEAR, I just hated when my kids were babies and made those really messy diapers, they were always so yucky to change and just like your big baby, they always seemed to make the most messiest and smelliest diapers at the most  inopportune times", by this time the other lady had come around to the back of the van and stood on the opposite side of Kelly and the other lady, and all four, after hearing her statement, agreed by nodding their heads, wrinkling their noses, in unison, and laughing.


                     Sarah, acting as if it was no big deal that she was changing my diaper in front of other ladies, continued to pull my diaper down, slowly, wiping the mess from my crotch area towards my bottom with the edges of the diaper as she went, and when she got most of the mess wiped off my crotch area, she told me to lift my bottom, and to my surprize and humiliation, Kelly grabbed both of my legs, at the ankles, and lifted my bottom into the air, just like she would when changing a baby, and told Sarah to go ahead and finish wiping my bottom.  When Sarah finished wiping my bottom with the rest of the diaper that wasn't messy yet, she pulled the diaper out from under me and started looking around, as if hunting for something, then to my embarrassment, she asked one of the ladies that had witnessed most of my embarrassing diaper change, if she could get her the baby wipes out of my diaper bag. 


                      While the stranger looked through my diaper bag, she not only got out the baby wipes, but also handed Sarah the baby powder and the Desitin Diaper Rash ointment, explaining to Sarah that my bottom looked a tad bit red and suggested she might want to put some of the Desitin on me.  Sarah thanked her as she grabbed the baby wipes and finished wiping off my diaper area, starting with my bottom, then as Kelly let go of my ankles, Sarah finished up wiping my crotch area.  Sarah then grabbed the triple thick diapers they had folded to fit me, asked Kelly to lift my bottom once again, then slid the diapers under me, and while my legs were still up in the air, Sarah grabbed the Desitin and applied it to my bottom, covering every inch, then spread baby powder on both my bottom and the diaper, Kelly then let my bottom down to rest on top of the soft, cushiony diapers, and Sarah finished applying the Desitin ointment all over my crotch area, penis and inner thighs, and just before she pulled the thick diaper up between my legs, she gave me a liberal dusting of baby powder all over my crotch area and the diaper.  Feeling I was well dusted and protected from diaper rash, Sarah pulled the thick diaper up over my crotch, causing my legs to spread apart due to the thickness, and as she pinned each side on securely, one of the ladies said, " It's sure nice to see mommies using cloth diapers again, I cloth diapered all my babies and had no problems at all with changing and washing messy diapers, and OH MY DEAR, I just love those cute little diaper pins, they are absolutely adorable ".


                      Sarah then sat me up and asked Kelly to hand her my onesie, after pulling it over my head, she pushed me back down and quickly yanked the back of the onesie, pulling it up between my legs and snapping it in place, upon seeing this one of the ladies said, " OH MY GOD, where-ever did you find a onesie that would fit him, that is just soooooo precious, you girls should be proud of yourselves, not only caring for such a big baby but also finding him clothes that are so infantile and making him look just like a real baby( and as she leaned over me and blew raspberries on my tummy), OH MY GOD, I COULD JUST EAT YOU UP YOU LITTLE CUTIE-PATOOTIE".


                       After my onesie was secured, Kelly held up my baby blue sweat-pants and motioned for me to stick my legs in them, as I did, Kelly pulled them up as far as she could, then stood me up and finished pulling them the rest of the way up, making sure she got them over my triple thick diapers and onesie, satisfied with her work and the way I was now dressed, she gave me a little pat on the bottom and indicated for me to hold Sarah's hand.  When Sarah told Kelly she'd help her clean everything up, she looked at one of the ladies and said, "Would you mind", as she motioned for me to take the ladies hand, and as the lady took my hand, Sarah told her, "Thank you, I just didn't want him wandering off while we were getting everything cleaned up from his yucky diaper change", the lady quickly replied, "Oh I know just what you're talking about, one minute they're standing next to you and the next minute you see their lil diapey bottoms headed in the other direction", and as she said this, she looked at me, smiled and gave my now cushioned bottom a little love pat.


                       I stood there holding this strangers hand as we all watched Kelly putting my messy diaper into the Dirty Didee's Bag, then after putting my sweat pants into a different plastic bag, Kelly looked at me and said, "YUCKY, your diapeys sure are stinky, I don't envy Saundra or Andrea when they open your Dirty Didee Bag", all four ladies laughed.  When Sarah and Kelly had finished putting everything away, cleaning up and wiping down the plastic changing pad, they opened the side door of the van, and Kelly helped me in, positioning me in my over-sized car seat, then pulling the strap up between my legs and securing me snuggly in.  When the two ladies saw the over-sized car-seat, they were both totally flabber-ghasted and said, "WOW, YOU TWO ARE SIMPLY AMAZING, does he have his own high-chair and crib also", and when Kelly answered YES, both ladies smiled and said, as they wrinkled their nose, "WELL NO WONDER THE LITTLE GUY DOES SUCH A GOOD JOB MAKING MESSY DIAPEYS, HIMS JUST A WITTLE BABY AND HIMS DON'T KNOW NO BETTER", all four ladies laughed and all I could do was sit there, embarrassed and humiliated and turning redder by the minute.


                      As the two ladies said their good-byes and nice meeting you to Kelly and Sarah, I watched one of the ladies write something down and hand it to Kelly and Kelly told her she'd make sure to give it to Saundra, the lady smiled, then snuck another quick peek at me and my padded crotch area bulging out from the straps of the car-seat.  Once both Kelly and Sarah were in the van, Kelly told Sarah that the one lady gave her a phone number to give to Saundra and to call her if she ever needed an emergency babysitter, Sarah just laughed and said, dang, this little guy has more volunteer babysitters then any other baby I've ever known  and how even Kelly's mother said she'd babysit him if it was an emergency and they couldn't find anyone else, and how Megan and Amber still need to get their time babysitting him since they won a couple of the bets with Saundra too.


                    Upon hearing this, since Kelly and Sarah were talking about me as if I wasn't even there, the same they would do with any other baby, I just thought to myself, when I talked with Saundra and Andrea about my fantasy, I had no idea there would be so many other girls involved, and then I thought, what am I thinking, I wanted to be treated exactly like a baby and Saundra was going to make sure I got my wish and my fantasy and see to it that I would be treated just like any other baby she looked after, and I knew, this would prove to be a long 10 days to two weeks, as I felt a trickle of pee dribble into my thickly padded diaper................................................

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