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Sasha the Baby Pokemon trainer part 3


Sasha awoke the next morning while nurse Joy was already half way through

changing her soaked and messy diapers.


"Morning little Sasha. Oh my little baby you have a diaper rash starting I'll do

what I can to make it better but make sure you use lotion and baby powder I

packed you." Nurse Joy said wiping her and gently powdering her pussy. Sasha

blushed and resented being called little. Sasha's diapers were taped on and and

nurse Joy took her off the changing table. "Now little girl," Sasha blushed

again. "I've packed a few things in your diaper bag, plenty of diapers, wipes

bottles etc." Joy said helping her gather her things and get Sasha dressed.


"Thanks for everything Nurse Joy, which way to Mt moon pass?" Sasha asked

diapers crinkling as she walked to the door.


"West from here, one more thing sweetie," Nurse Joy said handing Sasha a few

pokeballs. With that nurse Joy kissed little Sasha on the forehead and pat her

diapered butt as she left the Pokemon center.


Sasha was on her way to the mountain pass, walking in her diapers was normally

something Sasha enjoyed but now her diaper rash was starting to make her legs

and pussy hurt. Sasha groaned and stopped to put a pacifier in her mouth

suckling it trying to forget the pain. Sasha walked for a few miles she could

see the mountain getting closer.


Sasha stopped for a moment to take a break she hiked up her skirt and saw her

diapers were very wet. "I really should change my diaper before I go into the

pass." She said to herself. Sasha laid down a changing mat in a clearing by the

road and took out her supplies. Sasha carefully removed her diaper nurse Joy put

her in and tossed it. Sasha taking baby wipes out she carefully cleaned her

pussy and let her fingers slip into her pussy. Sasha groaned and moaned from

rubbing herself after a minute or so Sasha's moaning grew louder until she heard

someone shout.


"Is someone there?" A voice called out. Sasha tried to stop but it felt too good

she came right after she heard the voice and gasped. Trying to hurry Sasha

grabbed a diaper out of her bag and taped it on as fast as she could and hurried

off. What Sasha didn't realize in her hurry she left behind the one thing she

would need the most her diaper bag. Sasha was in such a rush not to get caught

she didn't have time to even grab her skirt. She was running naked from the

waist down except for her diaper and only wearing a tank top from the waist up.


After running without looking back for what seemed like a half hour when she

came to her senses she was at the entrance to mt moon. When her head cleared

Sasha looked down at herself and realized what she had forgotten. "Oh no, I

can't go back now I can't be seen in just my diapers, I'll have to make it to

the Pokemon center as fast as I can."


Sasha walked inside Mt moon with a shiver down her spine she was so scared she

had an accident and was startled by the sound filling her diaper up made. She

follows the marked trail in near darkness for hours until she stopped seeing

signs marking the path.


"Oh no I'm lost!" She cried she collapsed to the floor with a squish from her

wet diapers. "What am I going to do, I only have the diaper I'm wearing I have

only one bottle of formula left and I don't have a skirt!" Sasha whined.


To be continued...


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