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Sasha the Baby Pokemon trainer part 4


Sasha had been lost for almost an entire day she felt like she was going in circles in the dark. She had already finished her last bottle and her diapers were very dirty and starting to drip and leak. Sasha was feeling awful especially since her diaper rash was getting worse. 


It seemed everything had taken a turn for the worst when Sasha spotted a clefairy in the diaper the rare winged fairy Pokemon. Sasha welcomed the distraction from her worries. Sasha sent out charmander and had it battle the wild clefairy until it was weak enough to be caught. She threw her pokeball and prayed for it to be caught. The pokeball jiggled a few times until it locked with a click. 


"I got a clefairy!" Sasha exclaimed jumping up and down excited. Before she called back charmander she noticed him start to glow. In a blind of flashing light charmander evolved into charmeleon with a breath of fire. "Oh my gosh my first evolved Pokemon!" Her excitement soon ended though when her diaper tapes ripped and her dirty wet diaper fell off her hips leaving her naked and messy from the waste down. "Oh no now I'm diaper less and messy! What am I going to do?" She asked herself Sasha was so scared and worried she had an accident right where she was standing. The sound of dripping liquid on rock followed the feeling of warm liquid running down her long legs into her shoes and into a puddle on the ground. 


Sasha couldn't take it anymore she was overwhelmed she fell to the ground in her puddle and cried "I want my mommy!" She cried loudly. 


"Sasha?" A voice called out in the dark. It sounded familiar when the voice grew loser it was professor Serena Redwood.


"Serena!" Sasha exclaimed relieved to see the professor, but also very embarrassed since she was sitting in a pool of her own urine and mess without a diaper crying about wanting her mommy.


"Oh poor baby girl what happened?" Serena asked seeing Sasha nearly naked, very messy and bawling about missing her mommy. 


"I was playing with myself and changing my diaper in the woods." Sasha said blushing but someone was there and I got scared and ran off without my diaper bag and skirt and I got lost and I'm out of supplies and I need help!" Sasha begged.


"It's ok baby girl I'll do what I can for you until we get to Cerulean city." Serena said drying Sasha's tears, " I don't have any supplies on me to clean you up or diaper you sweetie but is baby hungry?" Serena asks removing her large breasts from her top presenting the nipple to Sasha's lips. Sasha nodded her head and began to suckle milk from Serena's breasts. Sasha calmed down considerably even though she was naked and still very messy she felt at peace. After switching nipples and Serena wiped the breast milk from Sasha's face and Serena decided to try to make her feel better.


Since Sasha was naked without her diapers Serena began gently rubbing Sasha's pussy. "Oh my baby you have a bad diaper rash," Serena commented while Sasha moaned and writhed. Sasha gasped and breathed in and out heavily.


“Serena I can’t hold it in I’m sorry!” Sasha squealed while her warm pee gushed out of her pussy onto Serena’s hand.


“Shh it’s ok sweetie babies can’t control their bladders.” Serena says watching Sasha wet herself and her hand. Finally after several minutes of stimulation Sasha came with a gasp leaving her naked in Serena’s arms in a puddle of her pee, cum completely breathless.


“I know I don’t have any formula or baby food sweetie, but I have some adult food if you can manage.” Serena said offering Sasha the food.


“I’ll try Professor, but I have never eaten solid food before just baby food and formula or mommy’s milk” Sasha returned concerned on how her infantile stomach would handle it. She decided she was too hungry and ate anyways and they both went to sleep.


After a night of rest in each others arms Serena lead the naked Sasha out of the cave but not before Sasha had another messy accident in the cave. “I’m so sorry Professor, I never thought I would want to be in a diaper again so badly until now, and that food didn’t agree with my stomach, I feel like such a baby…” Sasha said shamed and wishing for a clean diaper change.


“Don’t worry baby Sasha, the exit is just up ahead and the pokemon center is right outside. We’ll take you inside and get you a nice bottle and fresh diaper how does that sound?”

“Great thanks Serena.” Sasha said as they walked out of the exit and into the pokemon center. A very naked and still messy Sasha with Serena walk up to Nurse Joy.


“This must be Sasha, poor baby what happened to you?” Nurse Joy asked. Sasha was about to answer but she stopped because she heard the sound of running water and she looked at the puddle under her feet. Sasha started to cry as she got led by Nurse joy to the nursery for a fresh diaper, a bottle and a nap.


To be continued…


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