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"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"


              < Chapter 21 >


          By BooBooBritches


                  I must have fallen asleep while nursing the baby bottle of apple juice because when I opened my eyes, Becky was standing over my crib looking down on me as I lay there.  I then heard what sounded like Sharon as she approached the crib with one of my diapers and a onesie in her hand.  Just as she got to the crib, Becky let the railing down and proceded to unsnap my onesie, telling me to sit up while she pulled the wet onesie over my head, then gently pushing me back down.


Becky:   He's only wet, not even soaked, just sort of damp, but I guess we had best change his diaper, wouldn't want his rash getting any nastier, Sharon just giggled and agreed with Becky.  As Becky undid the diaper pins, I noticed she stuck them between her lips, she must have seen me watching her and she just looked at me and wrinkled her nose and winked, she pulled the wet diaper from beneath me and handed it to Sharon who quickly placed it in a plastic bag labeled "Wet Didees", I mused and thought to myself, I wonder if they have a bag labeled "Dirty Didees" too?


                  Becky expertly re-pinned the new diaper on me and pulled another onesie over my head, giving me a gentle swat on my bottom, indicating I should lift up, as I did, Becky pulled the rear flap of the onesie under my butt and snapped it to the front of the onesie.  When she turned around to get the wheelchair, Sharon gave me a little pat to my bottom and then helped me out of the crib and into the wheelchair, she then turned around and stripped the wet baby sheet off of the crib mattress and quickly replaced it with an even more infantile looking crib sheet.


                   When we arrived at the dining room, Sharon placed my chair right next to the table all the aides had been sitting at earlier ( there were 2 aides sitting there I had not met yet ).  I heard Becky say to the 2 aides, "Hey girls, this is Robbie and he's gonna be spending some time with us today, Robbie, this is Samantha and Sarah, can you say HI" .  Samantha and Sarah just smiled and both said hi to me in unison as Becky asked the aides if they could watch me for a bit, both girls giggled and answered yes.


                     As I sat there semi-listening to the girls chat, I got an all too familiar rumbling in my tummy and I knew the inevitable and probably the very embarrassing incident was about to happen, right here, in front of these two strange girls.  I could only hope, knowing I would defiitely be making a dirty diaper very quickly, that it would come out smoothly and quietly and just maybe, just maybe, I could escape the humiliation that I was looking at, but unfortunately, this was not to be.  Before I could even begin to gather my thoughts, my backside erupted with an enourmous, and very embarrassing sound.  My diaper muffled some of the sound but between the rumbling in my tummy and the rumbling & tootin in my diaper, there was no doubt in these girls minds as to exatly what I was doing.


                       I tried to act as nonchalantly as possible trying to make as if nothing happened but as I looked out of the corner of my eye, Samantha, the aide sitting to my right was wrinkling her nose and waving her hand in front of her face.  Sarah told Samantha to watch me for a sec while she ran and found Becky, Samantha just nodded her head quietly and whispered "hurry".


                        When Sarah located Becky, she found her chatting with Miss Dani, Sarah told Becky what had happened and if there was anything they could do to help her.  Miss Dani spoke up immediately and asked Sarah, " I know you and Samantha are new here, have both of you been cleared and checked off on diaper changing?"  Sarah answered no, they had not been checked off in that area, up until now they had only been assisting in feeding the clients, making beds and helping with the bathing.  Miss Dani asked Sarah, "Do you and Sam think you're ready to try and change diapers, and if so, did you want to test out on Robbie, I know he's probably got a pretty messy diaper from what you explained, but it would be good to get a really bad diaper out of the way right from the get go, so are you and Sam game?"


                          Very good, Becky and I will accompany you back down to the dining room and you can let Sam know what you 2 will be doing, if that's agreeable to you?

When the threesome got back to the dining room, Sam was sitting there talking baby talk to Robbie, she immediately stopped when she saw Miss Dani, Becky and Sarah, she was afraid she might be in trouble for talking to Robbie like he was nothing more then a baby.  Becky assured her that it was no problem, as a matter of fact, that was how he was talked to at home and he seemed to like it, everyone jsut laughed as Sam wiped her brow and said, "Whew"


                             Sarah then told Sam what Miss Dani and her had talked about and Sam immediately agreed to this diaper changing test, even tho she knew that it was going to be one, very, nasty, stinky diaper, just then, I felt another rumble and yet another wave of soft poop filled my diaper as I tooted and rumbled some more, this caused the mess in my diaper to spread up the front over my groin area and up the back, encasing my entire bottom and groin area in a sticky, yucky mess, Miss Dani said, "OH MY, Maybe we shoud wait a bit until this lil stinker finishes" as everyone sat down and Miss Dani motioned for the cafeteria girl to bring them all something to drink.


                              When the cafeteria girl brought everyone their drinks, as she sat Beckys drink between Becky and myself, she wrinkled her nose and said, "Well Now, someone sure smells like he's got stinky pants", everyone laughed as Miss Dani explained to her that they were all waiting for me to finish filling my britches before they took me back to my room to change me, the cafeteria girl just looked at me, wrinkled her nose and pinched my cheek and said, "When you get your stinky pants changed you lil cutie, you come back and visit me and I'll fix you another baba"


                               I learned later that the cafeteria girls name was Candy, and I'm here to tell you, she was a little cutie and just as sweet as candy, she worked the cafeteria because she couldn't handle bathing the clients and changing diapers all day, I thought and laughed to myself, wow, finally I found someone who doesn't want to change my diaper.


                                After everyone had finished their drinks, Miss Dani stood up and said, "OK Girls, I think this little stinker has finished filling his britches for now, let's all head back to room 4 and see how Sarah and Sam do with their first diaper change".

As Becky started to grab my wheelchair, Sarah took her place and told her, she's got it, and just smiled.  Sarah and Sam walked side by side pushing the wheelchair as Becky and Miss Dani followed closely behind.


                                 Once we got back in the room, Sarah and Sam took over immediately while Becky and Miss Dani stood by and observed.  Sarah pulled my blanket off and both her and Sam got a whiff of a very stinky diaper, Sarah helped me to my feet while Sam got the crib ready for my inevitable change, but Sam did something different, before helping me up into the crib she got out a changing pad that covered half of the mattress, once the changing pad was properly in place, and before I sat down on the crib, Sam knelt down and un-snapped my onesie, then carefully pulled it over my head and took it off, it was then that I noticed that my diaper had leaked at the back of my onesie and near the thighs.  Both girls helped me sit on the edge of the crib, then gently lifted my legs and swung them over onto the mattress, this caused the mess in my diaper to smear even more and it started seeping out the top of my diaper in the back.


                                 Once I was laying down, Sam unpinned my diaper, noting how cute the diaper pins looked, as she pulled the front of my diaper down, ever so slowly, Sarah went into the washroom and got a couple of wet wash cloths, then rummaged thru my diaper bag and found a plastic bag labled "Dirty Didees", when I saw this, I chuckled a little thinking, yuppers, just what I thought.


                                 My chuckle must have been noticed by Sarah, she looked down at me and said, "OH YEA, You better laugh you little stinker, you have got one messy diaper and you think it's funny", everyone laughed and then Sam said, "Well I'm sure he thinks it's funny, it's the only thing this big baby can do right, Hims just a little stink-pot and hims thinks it's oh so funny for us to have to wipe his lil yucky bottom and change his stinky lil diapee, yes he does, hims just a lil stinker" everyone laughed!


                                 Sarah and Sam, after getting me cleaned up, asked Becky if they still wanted to keep me in just a diaper with no plastic pants, Becky told them it would be ok to go ahead and put plastic pants on me as we was getting ready to leave shortly,  Sam found a pair of nursery decorated plastic pants and brought them over with a clean onesie and after Sarah had pinned my diaper on, helped put the plastic pants and the onesie on me, once they were done, both girls patted my bottom, then turned to Miss Dani and asked, "Well, How did we do", Miss Dani smiled at them both and told them they both did a great job and passed their diapering test, but cautioned both of them to not use baby talk with the clients when they were changing their diapers and to respect them and their privacy as much as possible.  Both girls agreed and left the room joyously and smiling, they were now full fledged nurses aides.


                                As Becky was packing my diaper bag and making sure we didn't leave anything behind, she asked Miss Dani what she wanted to do with the soiled crib sheets, Miss Dani told her to just leave them and they would get them to the laundry, then said, "You know, I just might hang on to them, do you think you could bring Baby Robbie back next week, I have 6 more student nurses aides to qualify and I think that them changing Robbie, being able to use babytalk and not having to be so uptight about it just might help them get thru the diaper changing testing easier".


                                Becky assured her that she would ask if I would be available and would get back to her as quick as possible.


                                Even if I could have talked openly without exposing myself, I doubt I would have told them that there would be no way since I was headed home on Tuesday, little did I know, The special formula was going to have some long term affects none of us had counted on, and that Beth would be making a very serious, life changing decision for me, with the help of Kim, her sister and Elly, her mother.........


I WOULD SOON DISCOVER THAT MY FEELINGS OR INPUT WOULD NOT BE A FACTOR, AT ALL.............................................................................     



 My Girlfriends Sisters Baby


              < Chapter 22 >


          By BooBooBritches


          The ride back to Kims house was more of a blur as I pondered over the conversation Becky had with Miss Dani, I thought it would be interesting to actually be changed by so many young girls but then again, knew there was no way Beth would commit me, or her to a situation such as that since we were heading back home in 2 days or so, but still, it kind of excited me just thinking about the humiliation factor of having so many girls fussing over me, seeing me in diapers and actually changing my diapers without being repulsed or harboring any negative feelings, basically feeling the same way they would if changing a babys soiled diaper ( I had no idea Kim, Beth and their mom had invited so many people to the bar-b-que on Monday, plus the fact that every single one of them was female ).


              As we pulled into the driveway, both Beth and Kim were outside waiting for us with Cassidy, Beth came over to the Beckys car and proceeded to get me out while Becky grabbed my diaper bag explaining to Kim and Beth that they had put my dirty diapers in the "Dirty Didees" bag she had found in my diaper bag.  Beth gave me a big hug while patting my bottom, checking for a wet or bad diaper no doubt ( I was starting to know when anyone was sneaking a diaper check on me ), Becky saw Beth and told her that I had just been changed about 30 minutes ago by 2 of the staffs nurses aides, Beth smiled, looked at me and said "AWWWWWWWW THAT'S SOOOOOO CUTE"


               We wasn't inside the house more then 5 minutes when  Kim brought 2 baby bottles over, one for me and one for Cassidy, being extremely careful not to mix the bottles up, once we had our bottles and sat on a blanket in the middle of the floor, Beth, Kim and Becky sat on the couch and living room chairs and started chatting.


               Becky explained to Beth and Kim what her and Miss Dani had talked about and mentioned that she was sure that the nursing home would be prepared to pay for the rare services which Beth could offer by allowing me to become their testing grounds for diapering care and needs, sort of like a "Diapering 101 Course" I thought to myself, as I amused myself with my thoughts I was suddenly given an eyeopener when I heard Beth say, " I would like to talk to Miss Dani, I'm sure we can come to some type of monetary agreement, it would definitely help with the bills and the additional cost to Kim of having 2 more mouths to feed, plus it would help with the cost of the diaper service we're going to have to get for Robbie".


                If Becky hadn't been sitting there I would have said something to Kim and Beth, but I didn't want her to find out that I wasn't really slow, little did I know, she already knew everything about me and what Beth and Kim were doing, Amber from Kims daycare and nursery had already told her everything.  What did bother me was that Beth was actually entertaining the proposition and seriously thinking about having me become the nursing home baby, I had a gut wrenching feeling that there was something I wasn't being told, not to mention that gut wrenching feeling that I was about to make another messy diaper as my tummy started to rumble from the bottle I was STILL nursing on, it seemed I couldn't even finish a bottle anymore without making a wet or messy diaper, that special formula was really working well, I had no idea just how well.


                Just before Becky left, she sweetened the pot, so to speak, by telling Beth and Kim that she was almost positive that the nursing home, along with whatever money we agreed upon, would also include adding me, per se, Kims home, to the nursing homes weekly diaper delivery service, since she noticed I was in cloth diapers.  Beth and Kim high-fived each other and told Becky, if the nursing home agreed to that, it would be awesome and they were almost positive that they could reach some form of agreement, I was totally confused?


                 As soon as Becky left, I questioned Kim and Beth as to what were they thinking?  Beth put her fingers on my lips and told me to hush, this was a big persons decision and they would tell me what their plans were, when, and where they thought it to be appropriate, I was stunned, and I told Beth that she was treating me as if I was a 2 year old?


                 The response I got was definitely not the one I expected, while Kim sat on the couch, Beth wrinkled her nose, turned me around, yanked my sweats down, then carefully stuck 2 fingers into my onesie at my inner thigh, peeked in and said, " Yes Robbie, I AM TREATING YOU LIKE A 2 YEAR OLD, like a 2 year old with a messy diaper, who is dire need of a diaper change, and right after your diaper is changed and your yucky bottom is wiped and clean, you're going to get another baby bottle of your special formula, and YOU, LITTLE ONE, ARE GOING NIGHT-NIGHT, you're going to have a very busy 2 days in front of you, the bar-b-que tomorrow and a very big, BIG appointment with your pediatrician on Tuesday.........




                  I just sat there, in a daze, wondering, what could possibly have went wrong, the formula did exactly what they wanted it to do, I was wetting and messing my diapers without even realizing it, until after I did it, most of the time, as I felt the front of my diaper warming up and starting to get damp.................................


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