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            I was standing at the bar in the loud club when you came walking in. I watched you move through the crowd, alone. Your natural red hair is beautiful, long straight, its length to your shoulders. Your porcelain skin matches it perfectly. By no means are you fat, but definitely not some skinny thing either. You are the epitome of a curvy woman. Smaller waist topped with double D breasts, and a round ass. Your age is slightly hidden by the cute librarian style glasses you wear. You might be 19, you might be 31, to difficult to tell in the lighting we are in. I was drawn to the cute round behind again as you came closer, as there was something familiar about the outlines I saw created by the tight jeans you were wearing. Something I recognized right away.

            You found an empty seat at the bar, your drink arrives, and that when he approaches you. A young 20 something, wearing a skin tight shirt revealing a young toned body. He strikes up a conversation with you, clearly pressing all the right buttons as he has you smiling, laughing and clearly relaxed in mere moments. I see you nod shyly to a question he has asked, he takes your hand and leads you out on onto the dance floor. The music is upbeat, you two begin to move together to the music. I move to the other end of the bar, continuing my voyeuristic watch of you.

            You two are getting closer and closer, his hands are now around your waist pulling you tight to him. I watch carefully, knowing something the young man does not. He makes his move, kissing your brightly painted red lips. You response is positive, quickly taking his face in both your hands and kissing him back. The passion grows, you two grind against each other, his hands are roaming your body. His hands begin to massage your breasts, you arch your back in approval, shoving your big full breasts into his hands. Your nipples are now extremely hard, clearly visible through the thing material of the tight tank top you are wearing. You take one of his hands, bring his finger to your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, sucking it as if a preview of what may come. He kisses you again, and that is when I see it. His hand is wrapping around your back, sliding lower, and lower. I wait for it, for his reaction to the discovery about to happen. What will he do I wonder…..his hand slides into the back of your tight jeans.

            His hand pauses, feels around some more, you break the kiss and look him in the eye. He looks puzzled, but continues to feel. Finally removing his hand he leans in, clearly asking you a question. You’re pale skin is now a shade of crimson, but I see you nod in acknowledgement. He again leans in, again you nod, this time you grab his hand and lead him away. I see you enter the men’s room together, so I casually make my way into there as well. I enter, and with little surprise I don’t see you two, but can clearly see two sets of feet in one stall. I hear whispers, but can’t make out the words. I step quietly to the stall door, peering through the crack. You two are kissing again, must be he hasn’t been scared off of what is to come, yet.

            You break the kiss again, stepping back from him, both of you lean against opposing walls in the stall. You begin to undo your tight jeans, and reveal to him what he discovered, and what I spotted when you walked in. Thick, white, covered in plastic….it is a diaper. His eyes grow large, not from the surprise of what it is, as he had known what was coming clearly having felt it. His surprise was just from seeing a diaper on an adult, a diaper on a beautiful sexy woman like you.

            You break his trance by letting your jeans go, grabbing his hand and bringing it to your diapered pussy, and pulling him into another hot make out session. His hand begins to work the front of your diaper. Your hips respond, and I can hear both of your moans muffled as you try to contain them and not get caught. People are coming and going, none seem to concerned that I am standing there staring into a stall. Others are even curious when they notice two sets of feet, but quickly move along. The music, even in the restroom is too loud to hear it, but I know that diaper is crinkling from his playing. He reaches around with both hands and grabs a hand full of that luscious round diapered ass. He pulls you to him, grind against the diaper, you wrap a single leg around him, loving the feeling. He lifts his shirt, revealing his rock hard abs, you lift yours revealing that you are wearing no bra. He leans down sucking your hard nipples, your head goes back in pleasure.

            You reach down, and undo the belt and button on his pants, they fall to his ankles. You reach in, and this time your eyes grow large. I assume he must be quite large, and you quickly smile confirming my assumptions. He leans in and whispers something, you shake your head no, he whispers again, you again shake your head no. You lean in and whisper something to him, and he smiles and leans back against the wall. You squat down so your red lips are even with his bulge in his underwear. You pull them down, confirming once again he was very hung. You smile, stroke him, all the while looking up at him. You slowly lick the tip, tasting the already oozing precum. His body tenses, he shoves his cock forward into your mouth, you quickly oblige. The long thick hard cock begins to slide between your lips, your head bobbing up and down, his hips slowly bucking against your face. You take his deeper, and deeper, I can see you begin to gag. You pull off, letting the spit and saliva drip onto his shaft. You repeat this over and over again. His hands running through your soft red hair, one of your hands strokes and covers his cock in spit, the other buried down the front of your diaper.

            I hear your muffled moans as you suck him and play with your diapered clit. I even think I can hear the crinkle for a few moments. For the first time I hear his voice, clearly asking “Please let me fuck you baby….”

            Still with a mouth full of cock you look up at him and mumble “No baby”. His cock is now dripping from your constant gagging and drooling, and of course his precum from the pleasures your hot mouth is providing. You stand up, whispering into his ear again, and he nods.

            You turn around, arching your back, sticking out your diapered ass at him. He approaches you, and I wonder for a moment if you are going to give in to the young stud. Are you going to let him take your diapered pussy? No, instead he presses his slippery cock against the plastic, grabs your hips, and begins a slow humping on your ass. His pace increases quickly, he is loving it, and with your hand still inside your diaper I can tell so are you. He reaches up and pulls your long hair, you moan loudly and begin to work your diapered ass into his big dick. His moans are getting louder, and yours are too. Both of you are close, and both of you let go, your hand going crazy inside the diaper, his humping almost a blur. The crinkle of the plastic is definitely now in the air, and both of you are moaning without abandon. For the second time I hear his voice, he is calling out that he is going to cum. For the first time I clearly hear you voice without a mouth full of cock screaming you are too, and begin to beg him to cum on your diapered ass.

            One last grunt from him, one more scream from you and I watch both of your bodies tense in near perfect unison as he sprays the back of the hot plastic covered ass, and as you clearly cum incredibly hard inside the diaper. Both of you catch your breath for a moment, and gather your senses. You reach for some toilet paper, you generously clean him off, he then returns the favor and cleans off his shots of sticky dripping cum from your diapered ass. You embrace and kiss, each thanking the other, I use this moment to make my exit.

            I sit in my car, replaying the images in my head. I can’t help myself, and quickly undo my pants. I begin rubbing myself through the front of my own diaper, slowly pulling my own rock hard cock out of the top of my diaper I begin to jack myself. I am lost in sensation and thought as the passenger door opens.

            You sit down next to me, I continue to stroke my diapered cock. We make eye contact and you say “He was a lot bigger, and made a much nicer load than the last one huh Daddy?”

            “He sure was Angel” You smile, retrieve your wedding ring from the glove box,  lean over, and wrap those red lips around my diapered cock………



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