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John was just turned 20 and had arrived at his first residential training course for work. The boss's secretary had displayed a list of rooms and John noticed he was paired up with a guy called Tony who he didn't know because he came from a different branch of the enterprise.


John was worried about his diaper and how he would handle things like disposal and any leakage over the three days of the conference. He was already aware of the swelling between his legs as his "protection" did it's job ,and reckoned that his nervousness had already made him pee more than usual.


One of the hotel staff called out his and five other names and asked the group to follow her as she would show them to their rooms. One by one the group were allocated their bedrooms and then there was only himself and Tony left. The hotel housekeeper showed them to a room that was fitted out with all the usual things and twin beds.


Dropping his bag John was about to agree with Tony which bed they would have when the Housekeeper said "We have taken the precautions you suggested in your email and there is a waterproof cover on the mattress - and a disposal bin in the bathroom - if the bed needs changing just leave the cover folded back and the maid will attend to it".


John turned bright red with acute embarrassment - he didn't know Tony and all his carefully thought out plans to keep his diaper usage secret were blown away. He looked round and saw that Tony was equally red faced and disconcerted. The Housekeeper noticed as well and apologised saying "We thought you knew - we put the two of you together because you had similar needs and we thought it would be easier for you". 


Once they were alone Tony broke the ice by saying "It looks like they thought of everything".   They agreed to explore the room and bathroom - and were disappointed to find that the very small adjoining room had a bath and washbasin, but no toilet.  Tony said "It looks like we'll be peeing in the sink -and there's no time like the present".  He dropped his jeans and pushed down the disposable incontinence pants he was wearing before peeing for about 30 seconds at full throttle.  "I needed that " he said before tearing the sides of his pee-pants and dropping them in the bin.


Tony sat on the rim of the bath with his pants still down and said "could you do me a favour - there are some wipes in the side pocket of my bag - can you fetch them for me?"  John agreed  and when her came back took his pants off and removed the very full diaper he had worn sine leaving home that morning. He stood over the sink for a wee, but very little came out. He had worn boxers over his diaper and noticed that the overfull nappy had leaked a little onto them.
Now it was his turn to use wipes and when he felt clean he went back to the bedroom for a clean pair of underwear.


Tony was lying on top of his bed wearing a tee shirt and a pair of  white briefs  that John saw bore the signs of yellowing discolouration that repeated laundering couldn't quiteremove.  John reached into his bag and pulled out a Tena Slip Maxi and standing legs apart and leaning on the wall expertly taped it up with an ease that indicated he had done the same thing hundreds of times.  Tony said "do you wear a nappy all the time?  John didn't mind admitting that he did and Tony told him his mum wanted him to,but he was trying to manage by making regular toilet trips and "holding it" whenever he could.


John told Tony he had tried that, but had had so much anxiety about accidents and close calls that he had opted for protection that let him feel confident.  Tony told him he always wore the pull-ups when on a journey or away from home because he never knew when he would be "caught short" and need to find a toilet - or a tree - very quickly.


They discussed various brands of "pull-up" and agreed that they were not very effective, but better than nothing especially if you had some control and could let your pee out slowly.  John asked what Tony wore at night and was surprised when he said "mostly just briefs- but sometimes a pull up".  He told Tony that he wore a nappy every night because it kept the bed dry at least 80% of the time. Tony said he still lived with his parents and they didn't want him to rely on diapers - and anyway he could sometimes go half a week without flooding the sheets.


Their conversation was interrupted by Dinner and the evening keynote talk which went on longer than expected. On the way back to their room Tony made a dive for the toilets and so John was back first.  When he came in Tony said" that was a near thing" and picked up another pair of briefs before heading for the bathroom.


They talked about work and other things until it was time to go to bed.  John changed into a fresh diaper, and wondered what Tony would do. He got his answer when the other man dropped his underwear and stepped into a adult pull-up.  Tony saw John looking and said "this won't do much good, but I'd better try to keep the bed dry". Tony agreed and said that his brother rarely wet at night, but always seemed to when away from home -especially for the first few nights. Tony said "go on - encourage me, won't you". John replied that he hadn't wanted to mention it, but he had spare diapers ,and if Tony wanted to use one he would be welcome.


Tony eagerly agreed and John showed him how to make sure the padding was in the right place and his "tube" pointing in the right direction. He helped Tony adjust and fasten the tapes and while doing so felt a kind of excitement that might indicate that a casual encounter on a work conference might develop into a rather special kind of friendship.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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