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Baby Krissy's Saturday Morning Part 1
By: BabyManTai

Baby Krissy sat in her crib, having just woken up from a long and fulfilling night's sleep. Blinking wearily and rubbing her eyes, she searched for her pacifier. It had a cute little pink shield and yellow bulb, but more than just cute it was comforting. Finding it, she grabbed it and began to suck before laying down to wait for Daddy to wake up in the next room.

A short time later, Daddy walked in wearing an old T-shirt and some flannel pj pants. He grinned down at her and she warmly returned his smile.

"Good morning, baby," Daddy greeted her, leaning over the rail and checking her diaper by sliding one finger into it, "a little wet but not too much," he deduced, sliding her warm blanket off of her and picking her up out of the crib.

He carried her to the changing table by the far wall and set her down gently, unsnapping her onesie before sliding it up above her waistline. She laid back and daddy undid the buttons on her plastic pants and the tapes of her diaper, pulling them back and lifting her legs so he could clean his baby up for breakfast.

Taking a baby wipe, Daddy cleaned Baby Krissy up thoroughly and completely, making sure to pay special attention to her most special place, she quickly began to feel grownup-happy. Finishing quickly, daddy had her lift her rump off of the changing table so he could slide the old diaper out and throw it away in her kitty-shaped diaper pail.

It being a Saturday, Big Krissy didn't have to go to work so Baby Krissy would be here all day long. Daddy pulled out another of the special diapers he ordered monthly online and tapped her bum as he unfolded it. Krissy lifted up and set back down on her nice, warm, soft diaper. Daddy made a show of powdering and oiling her all over her diaper area before fastening her new diaper and sitting her up once more.

Leaving her plastic panties behind, Daddy set her on her feet, insisting that she support herself by holding his shoulders while he re-fastened her thick, pink onesie and fetched some matching socks that were slippery on the bottom (and frilly around the ankles) so she'd have to crawl.

"There," announced Daddy, "now you look as cute as ever! I have your favorite cereal set out for you so let's go to the kitchen." Daddy grabbed her pacifier and she let it fall into his hand.

"Daddy, can you carry baby, pwease?" She asked, giving her daddy the best misty-wide-eyed expression she could.

Daddy melted and picked her up swiftly but comfortably, saying, "Now how could I refuse such a precious girl?" And walking towards the kitchen with her across his chest, legs on either side of Daddy's waist.

Krissy put her head on Daddy's shoulder, and grinned happily. Today would be a wonderful day!

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