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Diaper Girl and the First Day of Summer

Late morning sunlight streamed through the windows, illuminating every surface in the bedroom. Caroline’s eyes slowly opened in response to the light. She was immediately greeted with the sight of the bars of her crib. She smiled around her pacifier and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling a sleeping in. After all, it was the first day of summer. One of her hands snaked its way under her sheets and past her plastic pants to the thick cloth overnight diaper. It was soaked, just as she suspected. Caroline could not remember a morning when she had woken up dry. Her smile grew just a little bit bigger as she reveled in her wet diaper. A grumble from her stomach stopped her from falling back asleep. Caroline supposed she would get up and start the day. She sat up groggily and popped the pacifier out of her mouth.      

“Mommy!” Caroline screamed at the tops of her lungs, knowing her mother loved when she acted babyish.           

“Coming honey!” came the response through the door to Caroline’s bedroom. While she waited for her mother, Caroline stood up and looked around at her room. It was a combination of a teenage girl’s room and a nursery. The most prominent piece of furniture, other than the crib she currently was in, was the changing table. Underneath were cabinets fully stocked with diapers, baby powder, and any other diapering supplies she would ever need. A vanity stood against one wall, framed by pictures of Caroline and her friends. Next to that was her closet filled with her everyday clothes. Pink was everywhere, as it had always been Caroline’s favorite color. Her eyes turned down to the crib she was standing in. Though she could have easily gotten out, as she did most school mornings when time was a factor, during weekends and the summer Caroline liked to wait for her mother to let her out of the crib, just like a real baby would. She sat down abruptly with a wet squish just as her mother entered the room.  

“My my, what a good little girl you are. Does baby need a change?” her mother asked with affection.     

“I wet, Mommy!” Caroline said babyishly, playing her part. In truth she didn’t need to be changed, her nighttime diaper could hold a lot more than it currently was, and Caroline could feel a bowel movement building in her stomach. She knew she’d be in messy diapers in a few hours.    

“Well, little girl, you must hungry. Let’s get you out of that crib and see about getting you out of those diapers” her mother said while lowering the side of the crib. She helped Caroline step out of the crib and onto the floor. Caroline wobbled due to her thick diapers and had to hold onto the crib for support as her mother checked her diapers.           

“Hm, somebody’s wet. Do you want to be changed?” her mother asked after sliding two fingers into the waistband of the diapers.       

“Um, no, I think I’m fine for now. I’m not that wet, but I am starving!” Caroline replied. 

“I think I know just the cure for that. How does oatmeal with bananas on top sound?” asked her mother.

“That sounds delicious. Since its summer can I eat in my high chair?” Caroline said pleadingly.    

“Of course, honey. We can change you after we get you fed.” Her mother walked out of the room to prepare the oatmeal. Caroline waddled for a few steps, her diapered butt swinging widely from side to side. Then she thought better and dropped to the ground, content to crawl to the kitchen. Their house had soft carpets in every room to make crawling around much easier for the ‘baby’. When Caroline got to the kitchen she saw her mother had already moved her high chair out of the closet. Normally the chair was put away but since it was summer Caroline would play the part of baby and let her mother feed her. As she arrived in the kitchen, Caroline stood up and waddled the last few feet to her high chair, which she got into awkwardly due to the wet bulk between her legs. She could see her mother already had the oatmeal ready along with a bottle of milk to wash it down. Her mother fastened a bib around her neck so the oatmeal wouldn’t drip onto her nightie; Caroline liked to eat just as messily as any real baby would when she was in her high chair.            

“Here comes the airplane!” exclaimed her mother, guiding the first spoonful of warm oatmeal into Caroline’s mouth. Only about half the spoonful made it in, the other half being caught by the bib. Eventually all the oatmeal ended up in Caroline’s mouth, and her mother gave her the bottle to suck on. Caroline took it with both hand and began gulping down the milk. Pretty soon that was all gone too. Her mother took a wash cloth and cleaned up the mess around Caroline’s mouth before letting her out of the high chair.        

“Now, who wants to get changed into a nice dry diaper?” her mother asked          

“Me, me, me!” replied Caroline. As much as she liked being wet she was ready to be changed. Crawling back to her room she heard a quiet hissing sound. Experience told her that she was wetting herself and she smiled at this last addition to the nighttime diaper.

Once she reached her room Caroline got up onto the changing table. Her mother expertly removed the plastic pants and cloth diaper. Taking a thick disposable from the stack of diapers nearby, Caroline’s mother slid it underneath her before wiping and powdering Caroline. The disposable was pulled up tight against Caroline and taped in place. Caroline got up from the changing table and moved around. Although it was still thick, the disposable allowed her much more movement than the gargantuan cloth night diaper. Caroline also loved the feeling of the dry diaper hugging her, although she suspected it wouldn’t stay dry for very long. She walked over to her closet, crinkling the whole way. Caroline picked out a light blue t-shirt, pulling it over her head after taking off her nightie and putting on a bra. Her diaper would suffice to cover her bottom half, given the hot temperatures of summer. Caroline quickly brushed her teeth, put on a bit of makeup, and pulled her long blonde hair back into a pony tail.

“Mom, I’m going over to Robbie’s house.” Caroline said to her mother. For now she was done with the baby act.

“OK honey. Dinner is at seven, call if you’re going to be late.” Her mother replied.

“That sounds good”. With that, Caroline put on a pair of socks and sneakers and walked out to the garage. She grabbed her bike, not only because Robbie’s house was a few blocks away, but because she and her friends were planning on spending the day out and about in Woodvale, their town. Caroline got onto her bike with an audible crinkle and biked out of their driveway.

Biking down her street, Caroline waved to a few of her neighbors, who were out in their yards doing work. They all smiled and waved back. The teenage girl who still wore diapers was a regular sight around Woodvale, and people hardly gave her unusual attire a second thought. Caroline biked through the leafy, shaded streets of Woodvale, a typical small suburban town. She had lived here all her life, as had her friends and almost everyone she knew. They all went to the same high school, and had all attended the same junior high and elementary schools prior to that. Before long Caroline had arrived at Robbie Mason’s house.

The house was a run of the mill suburban home, made of stone and framed by green foliage. A well-kept lawn stretched out in front of the house, and the Masons’ station wagon sat in their driveway. Caroline navigated around to the back of the house with familiarity. Parking her bike there, she entered the back door.

“Hello! Robbie?” Caroline yelled as she entered.

“Down here!” came a voice from the basement. Caroline should’ve guessed. The Mason’s basement, aside from being their usual hangout, was the perfect place in the house to escape the summer heat. Walking down the stairs Caroline saw three of her best friends already sitting there watching TV.

Anne was sitting closest to the stairs. Her hair was dark brown, back to its natural color after she had gone through a Goth phase in junior high. She still preferred to wear muted colors and heavier makeup than most girls. Tall and thin, she was dressed in a faded red shirt and jean shorts. Next to her was Mark, who moved his shoulder length brown hair out of his eyes with a flip as he looked at Caroline entering the basement. Mark wasn’t fat, but there were definitely a few extra pounds clinging to his somewhat larger than average frame. He was wearing one of his trademark band t-shirts and a pair of shorts, the heat having prevented him from wearing his customary jeans. Finally there was Robbie, their host. Scrawny would be a good word to describe Robbie. Another would be pale. Despite his hours of yard work on the Masons’ lawn, Robbie was still as pale as a ghost. He had scruffy blond hair and was wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts.

“Look who decided to finally show up. Did your diaper change take too long?” Robbie teased.

“As a matter of fact, yes, it did. My mommy took forever changing my diaper this morning.” replied Caroline in a babyish tone. She was shameless about her diapers and her lifestyle, especially around her friends, who liked to affectionately joke about both.

“Hey DG” said Anne. DG, short for Diaper Girl, was the nickname by which most people called Caroline in school. It had originated sometime in elementary school and rather than be ashamed of it, Caroline wore the name like a badge of honor.

“Hey yourself. What’s going on, Mark?” Caroline asked.

“Nothing much. Got a new shirt yesterday. I want to go see these guys but they’re not touring this summer.” replied Mark. In addition to his love of band t-shirts, Mark loved going to concerts. The group had gone to a few together over the past year.

“Where’s Rachael? I thought she would be here” asked Caroline to no one in particular.

“She’s on vacation this week with her family. It was a surprise from her parents to her and her brother, that’s why she thought she’d be here in town.” answered Robbie. Rachael was the other member of their group.

“Now that DG’s here let’s get going to the park” said Anne. They had all made the plan to meet up at Robbie’s house that day and go to the park for the afternoon. It was their first day of freedom from classes and they wanted to spend it outside, despite the heat.

“Let me go to the bathroom first then we can bike over.” Mark said, getting up from the couch and walking over to the bathroom.

“Wait, I have to go to the bathroom too” said Caroline “OK, I’m ready to go.”

They all got a good laugh out of Caroline poking fun at her own incontinence. She hadn’t really used her diaper, not yet anyway, but she felt totally natural using around her friends. After all, they had seen her wet and mess herself countless times before. A rumble in her stomach reminded Caroline that a messy diaper would be in her near future.

After Mark got out of the bathroom and Caroline endured a few more diaper jokes the group went upstairs. Robbie grabbed a baseball hat before they all went out back to grab their bikes. Just as she was getting her bike Caroline felt the floodgates let loose as her diaper grew warm, wet and heavy between her legs. Her diaper could take a lot more but it was clear to anyone who looked at it that it was wet. Caroline smiled as she sat down on her bike seat, sinking into the squishy wet diaper.

The four of them started on their journey to the park. It was located on the other side of Woodvale from the neighborhood where Robbie’s house was, so they had to bike down Main street. They passed the movie theater and a few restaurants, and then the convenience store where Caroline’s mother bought her diapers. They kept going, leaving Main Street and cutting through another neighborhood until they reached their school.

Woodvale Senior High School was vacant due to it being summer, but the shortest way to get to the park was to pass through the fields. It felt weird biking through the empty parking lot that just yesterday had been full of students and parents. At the field they all dismounted their bikes and walked them through the grass, winding their way around the back of the bleachers and into the woods that separated the athletic fields from the park. These woods were a favorite hangout spot, and there were many trails that led through them.

Eventually they made their way through the woods and arrived at the park. Propping their bikes up against the trees, the kids sat down in the grass at the edge of the woods. Lounging in the shade of the trees, they looked out across the park. Groups of other kids played soccer or Frisbee in little pockets across the grassy expanse. Small children swarmed over a jungle gym while their parents gossiped and watched over them. Couples fed bread crumbs to ducks in a small quiet pond in one corner of the park.

“I wish I brought a drink or something, it’s so hot out” exclaimed Mark. All four of them had shiny foreheads from the cross-town bike ride, and welcomed the shade and cool breeze of the park.

“There are some water fountains over by the bathrooms. I don’t know about you guys but I could definitely use a drink” said Anne. She got up and started over to the water fountain, with Caroline, Mark and Robbie close behind her. All four of them drank deeply from the fountains. Anne, Mark and Robbie would soon have to use the public restrooms, but Caroline didn’t have to worry about that.

The group walked around the park for a while, talking with classmates who were similarly enjoying their summer freedom. Caroline wet herself again, but she didn’t worry, knowing her diaper could take more. Someone brought a soccer ball and a big game started in the middle of the park. Caroline, Mark, Robbie, and Anne started playing, although none of them were very good. Anne did have one good drive up the field, but the goalie caught the ball at the last minute. After playing for some time Caroline felt a sharp pang in her stomach. She knew what that meant.

Her bowel movement, which had been building all day, had finally decided to come out, and there was nothing Caroline could do about it. She stopped running and stood in the middle of the field. Bending her knees slightly, Caroline waited for the inevitable. After a moment it began. Her diaper, by this point verging on soaked, ballooned out in the seat from the poo. Even as it started coming out Caroline could smell it. The extreme heat didn’t help. More and more kept coming, falling into the waiting diaper now sagging around Caroline’s hips. A few of the other kids playing soccer had stopped running and were now watching her do her business. Caroline was not in the least embarrassed, having messed herself many times in school and public before.

Finishing up her messing, Caroline straightened up, which caused some of her mess to be pushed up against her. She wouldn’t lie; she did like having a full diaper. Caroline reached one hand down to the seat of her bulging diaper, gently prodding it with a finger. It was very full, and would probably start leaking if she added much more to it.

“Hey guys” Caroline shouted, calling her friends over, “I’m gonna go home.”

“Aw, does the baby need a diaper change?” asked Robbie jokingly, eliciting giggles from the other two.

“As a matter of fact, yes, this baby does need a diaper change. Maybe you can smell me.” Caroline turned around and shook her large, messy, diapered rear in the direction of her friends. They weren’t as used to the smell as Caroline was, and had to hold their noses.

“You guys should come over to my house tonight. We can get a movie and make popcorn” said Mark. Knowing him the movie would be some low budget horror movie, sure to make Caroline soak herself.

“That sounds good. I’ll be over after dinner. And a diaper change” said Caroline. As she turned and walked away from her friends she gave them one last wiggle of her padded bottom. Unlocking her bike, Caroline swung her leg over and sat down on the bike seat with deliberate force. She smiled as the mess in her diaper spread everywhere, coating her in gooey poo. Biking in a messy diaper was one of Caroline’s favorite activities. She thoroughly enjoyed her bike ride home, though the same could not be said of the people she passed who caught a whiff of the stinking diaper. Arriving at her house, Caroline didn’t even get a chance to say she was home before her mother yelled out from the kitchen.      

“Get your diapered butt to the changing table, young lady. Whew, you stink!” her mother said. Caroline waddled through the house to her bedroom and hopped up onto her changing table with a wet squish. Her mother came in and untapped the diaper. Immediately she made a gagging face and pinched her nose. Caroline laughed, knowing her mother was impervious to the stench of a dirty diaper after years of changing her.

“How about a bath before dinner? We can even make it a bubble bath if you want” Caroline’s mother said to her. Baths were special occasions, and happened infrequently throughout the school year. However, now that it was summer, Caroline was looking forward to more numerous baths.

“That sounds good. I’m going over to Mark’s after dinner to watch a movie” Caroline said.

“Oh, how fun. We’re just having salad tonight, so you’ll be able to get over there early” her mother replied. She cleaned up Caroline with wipes as well as she could then helped her daughter get up off the changing table. Going into the bathroom, Caroline’s mother started running the water to fill up the large marble tub once the water was up to the right level she added the bubbles and Caroline got in. Her mother left her to go prepare dinner and Caroline started scrubbing herself clean. It took some time but eventually she felt as clean as she did before her big afternoon poop. Finishing her bath, Caroline got out and dried off.

“Mom, I’m finished!” yelled Caroline.

“OK honey, I’ll be in to change you in a minute” came her mother’s response. Caroline went into her bedroom and got up on the changing table. Grabbing a diaper, she unfolded it underneath her. This was a stroke of luck because a moment after she unfolded the diaper a trickle of pee escaped from her, quickly being absorbed by the thick diaper. Her mother walked in and noticed the already wet diaper.

“My, my, wet already. Maybe you should wear a cloth diaper to your friend’s house” her mother teased.

“I’d like to, but I wouldn’t be able to bike over there. We can save the cloth diaper for when I get home.” Caroline’s mother proceeded with her usual diapering of Caroline. Finishing up, Caroline hopped off the changing table and crinkled her way to the dining room. Her mother followed, making a quick stop in the kitchen to grab their food. As she was in somewhat of a hurry, Caroline did not act like a baby during this meal. They ate while Caroline’s mother asked her about her day at the park. Soon they were both finished and Caroline left for Mark’s house.

After a short bike ride over, Caroline propped her bike against a tree in Mark’s backyard and went inside. She was the first to arrive, so she and Mark set about deciding the movie they would all watch. Just like she expected, Mark proposed a number of horror movies.

“How about Revenge of the Swamp Zombies?” Mark suggested.

“What else do you have?” Caroline asked. She didn’t want to be impolite but she didn’t really like horror movies. As they were deciding Anne walked in. Caroline was relieved, hoping Anne would vote against a horror film, until Anne opened her mouth.

“Do you have Ghost Pirates of the Haunted Seas? My brother watched it recently and said it was really good” said Anne, much to Caroline’s dismay. They went back and forth, discussing this movie and that, until Robbie got there.

“We should watch ‘House of Corpses. It’s supposed to be the scariest movie ever” said Robbie. That superlative sealed the deal, and the four of them sat down to watch the film. All four of them had large glasses of soda and there was a big bowl of popcorn in the middle.

As they watched the movie Caroline noticed her diaper was getting wetter faster than normal. She attributed this to the movie, which lived up to its reputation as the scariest of all time, and to all the soda she was drinking. After two hours the credits rolled and Caroline was practically leaking. Not wanting to ruin any of Mark’s furniture, Caroline said her goodbyes. The sodden state of her diaper, hanging down low between her thighs, gave her friends one last reason to laugh as she walked out the door.

When she got home Caroline’s mother was reading a book in the living room. One look at her daughter and her diaper was all that was necessary. Caroline followed her mother into her bedroom and laid down to get changed into her cloth nighttime diapers. After getting changed Caroline put on her nightie.

“Honey, I think I’m going to bed. Do you need anything else tonight?” her mother asked.

“No, I don’t think so. I was actually gonna go to bed soon too” replied Caroline.

“It’s been a long day. Have a good night. I love you” her mother said as she walked off to bed.

“Love you too” Caroline replied. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a thing of yogurt out of the fridge for a quick before bed snack. Finishing that, she brushed her teeth and washed her face. Caroline climbed into her crib and raised the side. Snuggling up with her favorite blanket, and already feeling a little dampness in her thick overnight diapers, Caroline smiled. She closed her eyes contentedly, knowing it would be a good summer.   

Caroline and her friends will return in ‘Diaper Girl and the Stomach Flu’    

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