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Diaper Girl and the Stomach Flu

Caroline was not happy. She had come down with a nasty case of the stomach flu, essentially confining her to her house. Caroline had been plagued by bouts of diarrhea for two days now. Her mother had decided to keep her in cloth diapers 24/7, as they had much more capacity than the disposables Caroline normally wore during the day. Had she been wearing her disposables, Caroline would be making hourly trips to the changing table. Right now she was wearing two heavily soiled cloth diapers with a pair of plastic pants over top. Along with a tank top this was all that Caroline was wearing. She sucked absent mindedly on a bottle of cold water. Her mother wanted to keep her well hydrated, but the constant bottles ensured Caroline’s diapers were just as heavily soaked as they were messed.

Finishing her bottle, Caroline sat up. She had been lying on her couch, watching TV. There wasn’t much else to do, but at least her mother had turned the air conditioning on. Without it the house would be filled with the unbearable stench of Caroline’s dirty diapers.

Caroline was bored with the TV, so she decided to go find her mother. Rolling off the couch, Caroline started to crawl out of the living room. She had trouble walking in just one cloth diaper, let alone two messy ones. Her big messy bottom squished as she moved across the carpeted floor towards the kitchen. Arriving at the kitchen, Caroline looked up and saw her mother washing fruit.

“Mommy, my bottle is empty. Could you make me another?” Caroline asked. In her sick state Caroline was acting even more like a baby than she normally did. Her mother did almost everything for her.

“Of course, honey. How are you feeling?” Caroline could swear that her mother asked her that same question once every ten minutes.

“The same as before. My stomach will hurt and then I’ll use my diapers and I’ll feel better for a while. Then it starts over again.” Caroline answered, mildly annoyed. She knew her mother just wanted her to feel better, but did she have to be so nagging about it?

“I’ll make you another bottle. It’s important to keep hydrated; you’ll get better more quickly that way. Do you want anything to eat?”

“Maybe some toast. I don’t have much of an appetite.” Caroline hadn’t been eating much for the past few days. After all, whatever she ate just caused her to make extra messy diapers. Her mother made the toast, filled the bottle with water, and even carried it back into the den for Caroline, who crawled behind her. Setting up a folding table, Caroline’s mother placed the bare bones meal down and helped Caroline back up onto the couch.

“Do you need to be changed, honey?” her mother asked. Normally a diaper this messy would have been changed hours ago, but if Caroline went by her normal changes she would be on the table all day. Her mother had resorted to using extra baby oil and powder to prevent rashes.

“In a little bit. I think these can hold some more.” Caroline responded. While she normally enjoyed being messy, this flu was pushing her tolerance of loaded diapers. Caroline lay down to watch TV and eat her toast. She flipped through countless channels; nothing was really on that interested her. In the end she decided to alternate between a scuba diving special, an old action movie, and a cooking show. Caroline grunted as more mess squirted into her diapers. Reaching a hand to feel her bulging bottom, Caroline could tell she would need to be changed soon. But not quite yet. She refocused on the scuba divers on the screen exploring a coral reef. Caroline was absent mindedly sucking her bottle when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” her mother yelled, followed shortly by, “Caroline, it’s for you!”

Caroline dragged herself off the couch and crawled to the front door. Turning a corner, she could see that it was her friend Anne, dressed as usual in her muted clothes. Anne’s nose wrinkled when Caroline got near; although her friends were used to diaper smells, this was a special occasion. Caroline’s mother helped her up so she could stand and talk to Anne. Caroline braced herself against the door frame in order to counteract the effect of her thick diapers.

“Hey DG” said Anne, still wrinkling her nose and trying to be polite about it.

“It’s okay, you can tell me I stink” said Caroline. She had always been fine with her friends teasing about her diapers.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything, but boy do you stink! This is worse than that one time in math class” Anne hand had shot up to pinch her nostrils closed, all pretenses of politeness forgotten.

“Ha ha, thanks for reminding me. I feel bad for the janitor who had to clean that up” replied Caroline, reminiscing about the incident from last year.

“So what’s up? None of us has seen you in a few days, we were wondering if you were still alive” Anne had a genuine look of concern on her face. Despite their jokes, Caroline knew her friends truly cared about her.

“I’m fine, just a bad case of stomach flu. I should be back to normal in a few days. Until then its thick diapers and rest” Caroline emphasized ‘thick diapers’ with a pat on her bottom.

“That’s too bad, we all wanted to hang out today. Robbie is having everyone over” Anne said apologetically.

“Believe me, there’s nothing I’d like to do more than to come with you, but I think I would just stink the place up. I’ll be back to normal in a few days” Caroline said.

“Feel better soon” Anne wished her earnestly.

“I’ll try my hardest. Say hi to everyone for me.”

“I will. See you later” Anne said before turning and leaving.

“Bye bye” Caroline called after her. As she watched Anne walk down the street, enjoying the freedom denied to her, Caroline felt a sharp cramp in her stomach. She braced herself against the doorframe with both hands and hunched over as a warm, mushy load fell into her diaper. Caroline’s nose was assaulted with a new wave of stinky aromas wafting from her rear. She turned away from the doorway and took a few ungainly steps before the bulging diaper forced her off her feet. Losing her balance, Caroline fell on her massive bum with a squished, forcing her new mess all over her skin inside the diaper. Instead of crawling away, Caroline sat in her mess for a moment before yelling.

“Mom! I think I need to be changed!” Her mother entered the foyer after a moment and surveyed Caroline’s state. She reached behind and felt the seat of the diaper, confirming Caroline’s earlier assertion. Helping her daughter to her feet, she led Caroline to the changing table. Peeling away the thick diapers, even Caroline’s mother, with her years of experience changing diapers, had to hold her nose.

“Pee-you, you are one stinky girl. I’m going to have to use an entire box of wipes to clean this mess up” Caroline’s mother said only half-jokingly. She got to work cleaning Caroline’s dirty posterior. After what seemed like an eternity of wiping and powdering, Caroline was finally pinned into a fresh set of cloth diapers.

“Lift your legs honey” Caroline’s mother commanded. As Caroline lifted her legs, her mother slid the translucent pink plastic panties up around the diaper. 

“All safe and secure. Those diapers will stand up to another few hours of your BMs” Caroline’s mother helped her off the changing table and gave her a soft pat on her big diapered bottom, causing the plastic panties to crinkle.

“Are you hungry at all?” her mother asked.

“I suppose. I’m kinda tired. You could almost say I’m pooped” Caroline and her mother exchanged a smile at the joke.

“Not quite yet” said her mother, feeling Caroline’s diapered bum. “What would you like to eat? Do you think your stomach can handle much?”

“No, I think I’ll stick to the bland food for now” Caroline responded. She crawled after her mother into the kitchen. Her mother handed her a bottle, which she greedily sucked on, dehydrated from her sickness. Soon Caroline’s mother had some toast for her, and Caroline was helped up into her high chair. Feeling tired, Caroline allowed her mother to steer the toast into her mouth. Finishing the meal, Caroline got down from the high chair and was handed another bottle.

“Mommy, I’m sleepy” Caroline yawned.

“Okay sweetie, let’s put you down for a nap. But before we do that, you have to take some medicine to help your tummy” her mother said.

“Yuck, I don’t like medicine” Caroline was cranky from her fatigue and illness, and was acting more along the lines of how she dressed.

“I got the cherry flavored medicine. It’ll taste yummy and make you feel all better.” Adjusting her speech, Caroline’s mother was now addressing her daughter like a toddler.

“Okay Mommy. I’ll take some of that and then I’ll take my nap.” Caroline crawled after her mother, who fetched the cherry flavored medicine from the cupboard. Measuring out the right amount, her mother placed it upon her lips while Caroline swallowed it down.

“I bet you feel better already. Why don’t you go into your nursery while I make you a bottle to nurse on while you fall asleep” Caroline crawled obediently into her room while her mother filled a bottle with cold water. The medicine would help, but it was hydration that would cure Caroline. Sighing at the thought of the extra drenched diapers in their near future, Caroline’s mother walked into the room and lowered the side of the crib. Caroline struggled to get in, handicapped as she was with the thick bulk around her waist. Her mother helped her in and handed the bottle to her. Caroline started sucking happily while her mother tucked her in.

“Okay sweetheart, have a good nap. Sweet dreams, and don’t let the bed bugs bite” Caroline’s mother said, leaving the room and turning off the lights.

“Tank you” Caroline replied, her mouth partially filled with the nipple of the bottle. She continued to suckle on the bottle, enjoying the cold stream of water flowing down her throat as a simultaneous stream made its way into her diapers. Her diapers warm and wet, Caroline could already feel the medicine begin to work. She wasn’t through with her extra messy diapers, not yet at least, but the worst was over. Caroline smiled contentedly as she slipped into blissful slumber.

Caroline and her friends will return in ‘Diaper Girl and the Rainy Day’





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