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My Diapered Life Begins



          My diaper wearing started late in life long after I was daytime potty trained at the age of three and a half. Diapers came back into my life six years after loosing my right to wear diapers during the day because of being potty trained. My brother Timmy was bourn and I wanted to wear them badly but mom was always there watching. I knew they were too small for me anyway so I did not try. Then when Timmy was bourn two years later Billy was still wearing them at night and he was big for a three year old. But I still was afraid to try them.

          Now I had just had my twelfth birthday a few weeks ago I was finely old enough to stay at home alone when mom was out doing things or going to work for the day.

While mom was out of the house going to work or other places my two brothers Billy and Timmy had to go to daycare. Billy age five and Timmy will be three soon had to go to daycare when mom was at work. She didn’t want me to be responsible for them it was hard enough for her she didn’t think I could handle them.

          I was good at changing Timmy’s diapers and caring for him and Billy. Billy needs diapers only when he sleeps at naptime and at night. Mom just did not want to leave me home alone with my brothers all day long. She knew I was good at caring for them but not that good.

          Even though Timmy was almost three he was still using diapers fulltime Billy wore night diapers, I still wore a nighttime Pull-ups not the expensive Good-Nites. Diapers were a normal thing in our house and due to mom’s rules every bed wetter had to wear protection. Both my brothers still slept in their own crib because mom said cribs were easier to keep clean. She would tell me every morning when she woke me up I should be sleeping in a crib too. She told me I still wet my bed more times than both my brothers put together.

Mom would allow me to wear Pull-ups to help me keep my big boy bed dry. Wearing Pull-ups did help keep the smell in one place in the diaper pail in my brother’s room. For the most part the Pull-ups worked for me until last month when my Pull-ups started leaking onto my sheets about half the time. If they leaked I had to wash my own sheets, blanket, and pajamas.

          I did like wearing the Pull-ups because when they worked I did not have to wash everything, every morning. I did not want mom to find out how much I liked wearing my glorified diaper wishing they were more like real baby diapers. That was my secret I have really wanted to wear real baby diapers again sense Billy was born. I was seven then and afraid to try wearing them. I was always afraid that mom would get mad if she caught me trying one on. Then Billy started wearing size five and size six diapers they were more my size. I knew that they would fit me because my Pull-ups I wore at night were for the same weight kid.

A year after Timmy was bourn I learned how to change both of my brother’s diapers. I could barely contain myself. The fear of getting caught by mom stopped me for even thinking about trying one on. I never wanted to chance getting caught by mom.

Wearing my Pull-ups would have to do. I knew mom thought it was good that I wanted to keep wearing my little boy underwear to sleep in. If I wore Good-Nites I wore size small and they cost more than toddler Pull-ups and they fit about the same way just looked more like big boy underwear than toddler Pull-ups did.

          Now that I was going to be home alone, things were going to be different. I was going to have the whole house to my self now. No going to school because it is out for the summer. I was excited about what I could do when mom and my brother were gone. I did not sleep very much that first night. Morning came and my alarm woke me up the same time as usual. I did not have to get dressed right away so I pulled down my pajamas and tore my wet Pull-up off. Then I just pulled my pajamas back up and went to my brother’s room. I tossed my used Pull-up in my brother’s diaper pail next to his crib.

          Mom was coming in their room when I started waking up Timmy. I knew he had a diaper full of poop and pee I could smell it. This is his first messy night diaper in many months but I was still used to messes in diapers. Four years of changing both my brother’s diapers had me immune to the smell.

I was not big enough to pick my brothers up and put them on the changing table. I was twelve but the size of a seven or eight year old. I wore size 6 small underwear and pants and size 8 tee shirts. I was 46” tall and weighed almost 45 pounds. Timmy weighed 40 pounds and far too heavy for me to carry.

          I asked mom to put him on the changing table so I could change his poopy diaper. Mom strapped Timmy on the changing table and I went to work on changing Timmy while mom went back to helping Billy change out of his dry night diaper. Mom only needed to supervise him while he did most of the job sense he was dry again this morning. She watched him pull the tapes off his dry diaper and pull on his own big boy underwear. Mom told him this makes nineteen dry nights for you Billy soon you will be a big boy and not need those diapers. She told him to put a star on his chart.

          It was no big deal for me to me changing Timmy’s messy diaper I have doing it all of Timmy’s life. I found that Timmy had just messed a little this time no pee. By the time I had Timmy wearing a clean dry diaper Billy was finished dressing him self. Mom told me to take Billy to eat breakfast while she helps Timmy. She started removing his diaper for some reason as I left the room.

          Billy and I were eating our cereal when mom and Timmy came in the kitchen. Mom sat Timmy in his highchair and put the tray in front of him. Mom told me Timmy did a pee pee in the potty. We all ate our breakfast and when everyone was finished mom told me my chores I needed to do today. She told me to do the dishes and dump the diaper pail that was my daily jobs every day.

She told me to be good and not go anywhere stay in the yard. We lived out in the country far away from other houses so there was no place for me to go anyway. I watched them drive away down the dusty country road.

          I went back to the house and did then dishes and went to my room to take a shower and get some clothes on. After my shower dried off and started for my room. Then I looked into my brother’s room. I saw the inviting changing table calling me. I walked in their room naked with all their diapers calling my name. My heart started pounding as I picked up one of my brothers thirsty looking diapers. Both my brothers wore size 6 diapers and there were plenty of them all around the room.

          I rubbed my hand over the thick diaper looking at it thinking would it really fit me or not. Then my hands started shaking. I did not know if I wanted to do this or not. I have been dreaming about wearing them for years. Now is my chance it was either I do it now or never. I stepped up on the stool I use to stand on to do Timmy’s diaper changes and put the diaper back on the shelf over the changing table. Then I climbed all the way onto the soft padded table. The plastic mat was cool at first on my naked body but it quickly warmed up. I thought I can still stop and not do it I lay there on the changing table thinking.

Then I took a deep breath and I grabbed the baby powder and powdered my crotch. Then I quickly grabbed for the diaper from the shelf above me. When I pulled on it and a pacifier fell into my face and landed next to my shoulder.

Without thinking I picked it up and placed the pacifier into my mouth Timmy has not used a pacifier in months. Only if he or Billy cries does mom make him take a pacifier. My hands were shaking my heart was pounding. I was getting scared I almost got off the table to forget about doing this. But sucking the pacifier calmed me down enough to go through with this. I had a diaper in my hand now so lifted my bottom off the changing mat and slid the diaper in place under my bottom.

          My heart was still almost ready to jump out of my chest as let my bottom all the way on the soft padding of the thick diaper. My whole body was shaking as I pulled the diaper snuggly up between my legs. I was instantly calm and stopped shaking first thing I realized was these diapers were about two or three times thicker than the Pull-ups I have been wearing at night.

          I was no longer nervous I had a diaper all the way tapped on, I was happy now. I just lay there on the changing table smiling and sucking the pacifier feeling the thickness between my legs. I was in heaven finely my dream has came true I was wearing my first diaper that I could remember. I slowly got off the table and walked around the house proud of myself for what I have finely done.

I went to the playroom feeling like I was walking on air. I wanted to get started playing. I did not know what to do first there were so many things I wanted to play with. Things I always wanted to do but was not aloud to even try with someone around that would tease me or yell at me.

I was playing with some of Timmy’s plastic trucks and cars when my morning need to poop came. I was not sure I want to do this in my diaper wetting was one thing pooping was a big thing. Timmy has started using the potty for his poop most of the time and pee some of the time. He would soon be potty trained and Billy was getting his bedwetting under control so the diapers would be gone in a few weeks or months.

          Wearing a diaper is one thing but using it for poop was quite another. I decided to hold it until I could not hold it longer. Then I could go use the toilet like a big boy, Timmy has started to come to someone and said go poop. We would take him to his potty he would say hurry me got to go. We would remove his diaper so he could go poop in the potty sometime he did not make, that’s why he needs diapers still. I think I will try it to do it Timmy’s way and make it a last minute need.

I kept play thinking of what it would feel like wetting in my diaper for the first time. I have always been asleep when I wet and never felt it getting wet. I felt wetting in the diaper was different I did that thing nightly anyway it was no big deal. It did not take long before my need to pee came to me.

          I noticed the diaper first got warm giving me a wonderful feeling I have never felt before. I had always been asleep when this happened. This feels was a good to me it was a pleasant surprise to me. A few minutes after my initial wetting my diaper did not even feel damp. I thought I had wet a very large amount of pee but when I stuck my finger in my diaper to feel how wet I was my diaper only felt damp. I was surprised that my diaper did not even feel wet at all.

I was so excited I did not know what to do next. I looked over at the playpen thinking I could start playing in there. Before I did that I went to the kitchen and fix a baby bottle for me to drink because I was thirsty. When I returned to the playroom I climbed into Timmy’s playpen. I wanted to start sucking the bottle but I still had the pacifier in my mouth so I removed it and started sucking the bottle. When I finished I was still thirsty so I put my pacifier back into my mouth and climbed out of the playpen to get another bottle.

I ran to the kitchen and filled the bottle with milk. I took it to my brother’s room and climbed into Billy’s crib and lay down for a quick nap.

          I wanted to start sucking the bottle again but and found my mouth was still occupied with the pacifier. I had to fix this so I reached over to the dresser and grabbed a pacifier keeper and snapped it to my tee shirt and put the pacifier on the keeper. Now when I change to sucking a bottle I would not loose track of my pacifier. I lay down in the crib and replaced the pacifier with the bottle and started sucking the bottle. I was asleep within minutes because I had not gotten very little sleep last night and I was tired.

I was awakened two hours later with the very bad need and urgent need to poop. I jumped up and started to get out of the crib. I was so much in a hurry to get to the potty I was not concentrating on my need to hold my poop. All I knew was I needed to get to the toilet. When I raised my leg to climb out of the crib poop came out of my butt quickly. I could not stop it, it just jumped out.

          I stood in the crib feeling poop sag into my wet diaper as it fill my wet diaper. I could not stop my poop from coming out. Now I know what Timmy was going through when he needs to poop and why he sometimes don’t make it to the potty and does it in his diaper. I really did not want to do it but it happened anyway I was almost ready to cry. I know now what Timmy goes through when he has an accident. I will have to be more thoughtful to him when he says he needs to go poop.

Now I had to climb over the top rail and have poop smashed all over my butt big time. I know from cleaning my brothers messy butts up I was going to have a big job the way it feels moving around in my diaper.

          I stood for a few minutes with tears rolling down my face. I wanted to tell mommy I didn’t mean to do it. But mommy was not here. I grabbed the pacifier hanging on its keeper and started sucking it hard. I was trying to think of a way to get out of the crib without smashing my poop all over my butt. I got tired of standing and sat down smashing the poop between my legs and up my back. It felt like I had ten pounds of poop in my wet diaper.

          I knew I had to do the climb or stay here in Billy’s crib until mom came home. She would help me get out and change my wet and messy diaper. I carefully climbed over the top of the crib rail smashing the poop big time. I carefully waddled to my bathroom trying not the smash the poop any more than I already have.

I stepped into the bathtub and removed the messy diaper to find it far less messy than Timmy’s small messes were. I thought I would need a shower again to get the big mess cleaned up. To my surprise it took just a couple of baby wipes and I was all clean.

I happily rolled up the wet and messy diaper with the wipes and took them proudly back to my brother’s room and dropped them into the pail. I climbed onto the changing table and quickly put a clean dry diaper on lying on the changing table.

          When I finished taping my diaper on I lay there on the table thinking to myself that messing in a diaper was not half as bad as I thought it would be. Messy diapers would be fun to do if I needed to do them. I climbed off the table and grabbed the bottle from the crib and waddled to the kitchen where washed it out. I refilled it and got a hotdog and put it in the microwave. I fixed some soup. Then I pulled the highchair next to the counter where my food was sitting. I cup climbed into the highchair fastened the seat belt pulled the tray in front of me. I put my food on the tray and began to eat my lunch sitting in the highchair. This was cool I did not need to get up and get anything because everything was in front of me.

          I was halfway finished eating when I needed to pee again without thinking I let it out into my diaper. Wearing a diaper has its advantages I thought no more running to the potty every time in need to go. My diaper got a nice warm feeling again as I smiled. My first day home alone I used two diapers wetting in both and pooping in one. I know that I could have fun the rest of the summer playing like a baby.

          I cleaned up my lunch dishes including my bottle. Then I played for another three hours wetting two more times in the same diaper before I changed into my big boy underwear. After I was dressed in big boy clothes I emptied the diaper pail like mom told me to do. I went around the house making sure everything was back in its proper place.

          When mom and my brothers came home they did not know what I did all day. Mom asked me what I did all day I told her I played outside a little and some with the Lego’s just what ever I could find. Mom told me the house looks good and I did everything she told me to do. She told me tomorrow I would have to cut the grass and keep the house clean like it is now.

          The next morning when I woke up I left my wet Pull-up on while I did my morning chores changing Timmy and cleaning the kitchen. When mom and my brothers left the house I ran to their room and changed my wet Pull-up for my dry diaper. I put on a tee shirt that hid half of my diaper. I put on my shoes then went outside and started cutting the grass wearing a tee shirt, diaper and shoes. I live at the end of a dead end dirt road so no could get here without me hearing them first. That way I could run to the house and no one would be seeing me wearing my diapers.

          While I cut the grass I wet and messed my diaper. By the time I was finished cutting all the grass I was thirsty. It took me less than an hour to do the grass. I walked into the house to get a bottle to drink then I realize I was still sucking the pacifier. I had to be careful sucking the pacifier so much has become a habit. I did not want to get caught doing a baby thing like that but it was relaxing. I removed my shoes and was dressed in my diaper ready for playtime. I got my bottle ready and I was off to the playroom.

          First thing I saw was the spring horse and decided to ride him for the first time in years. Mom always said that it was for babies not big boys. I sat down sucking my bottle then realized I had forgotten to change my messy diaper. Poop smashed all over the place in my diaper. The poop felt real good as I continued to ride him sucking my bottle feeling the poop smash with every bounce. It felt real good not what I had thought it would be like. About a half hour of bouncing I was sucking a dry bottle and smelling the poop badly.

I looked down to check my diaper to find poop leaking all over the place. So I climbed off the horse and waddled to the bathroom to remove my leaking diaper. I was standing in the tub as I untapped the mess. I rolled the mess up like mom would do and put it in one of the little bags mom kept in the bathroom for this reason. Timmy used to have lots of very messy diapers. Mom had things set up for his messes she would always change his leaking diapers while he stood in the tub. She could use the shower wand to clean his bottom and dry him. Then she would take him to the changing table for a new diaper on him.

I took a quick shower dried my self off and went to the changing table. I powdered my crotch and grabbed a diaper I had it in place in seconds. I was getting good at changing my own diaper. I was now wearing a clean dry diaper again ready to play in less than ten minutes.

I stared to play but I still smelled poop in the playroom. I had to find out where it was coming from. I looked at the horse there was poop on the seat and on the floor I had to go clean up the horse and floor where my diaper leaked.

I had to clean up the horse and floor even a trail of poop drops from the horse to the bathroom needed cleaned up before I could go back to playing. When I finished that clean up I washed my hands and was feeling hungry I had to eat lunch first. I went to the kitchen and fixed my lunch and ate in the highchair like I did yesterday except this time I was wearing a bib that was on the tray left from Timmy’s breakfast.

I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chicken noodle soup. I thought I was eating neatly until I got out of the highchair. I started to leave the kitchen and realize I was still wearing the bib. I removed the bib to see jelly and a noodle on it. I looked at the tray it to had jelly and soup on it. I must be a messy eater with this much mess. I cleaned up the mess grabbed my pacifier and went to play. I put the bib in the washer along with my bed sheets and stared it.

As I walked down the hallway I felt my diaper sagging but I don’t remember wetting in it. I checked my diaper to see if I really did wet my diaper. I was surprised when I found it was really wet. I really didn’t care it was just one of those things that happens I must have just forgotten that I did wet it anyway. There was nothing to it I thought.

I started play with the toddler toys having more fun than I can remember. I was playing with my brothers Thomas train set for what I thought was a short time. I looked up to see I had less than an hour to get cleaned up because mom would be home. I ran to the changing table and removed a bloated diaper and put it in the diaper pail ran to take a quick shower and got dressed in record time. I ran around the house checking the house make sure there was nothing out of place. I emptied the diaper pail so mom would not see the extra diapers that I used.

When I finished my mom and brothers walked in the house. I was lucky everything was in its proper place. I was getting a drink of water and mom smiled and asked me how my day was. She asked me what I did all day long. I told her just played with the Lego’s and Knex. I played some Xbox games just hung around.

By the third day I was wetting the diapers I was wearing even more without realizing I was wetting it happened every hour. I was not too worried because I have not wet my pants by accident in front of mom in years. I knew I could control myself well enough to prevent a baby thing like that from happening in front of my family. Timmy was starting to use only one or two diapers a day. He has not poop in his daytime diaper in over a month mom told me she was proud of her big boy Timmy.

Friday came and I had the best time so far I wet five diapers and messed in one. I used four daytime diapers. I did not care because mom had just bought two more large bags of size 6 diapers Huggies. There were more than 150 diapers in the house. I could not figure out why she has bought so many diapers because Timmy was almost potty trained and Billy has almost stopped wetting his bed.

I never gave it another though as I changed out of my diapers into my big boy underwear and emptied the diaper pail, just in time. Mom and my brothers walk in the house and I was playing Call of Duty.

That was a close call I almost got caught. Mom had started a new rule last week about pants wetting accidents. If you wet your pants you will wear a diaper for the rest of the day and the following day too. That was because Billy had a lot of pants wetting accidents last week and Timmy was starting to get potty trained. Billy stopped wetting his pants from that point on so she did not have to put him back in diapers yet. She kept saying pants wetter’s need to be diapered no matter what. That help Timmy try even harder to get big boy underwear.

Mom had dinner ready about a half hour later while my brothers and I played. I was showing my brothers how to do things something I had never done before. They were learning and I was teaching we were having fun. Mom was pleasantly surprised when she walked in to tell us it was time to eat. She noticed right away that Billy had wet his pants. She grabbed his hand and led him to the changing table. I could see from the playroom the changing table she gave Billy three hard spanks. She told him he knows the rule and he still wet his pants. She started to get him cleaned up.

First she removed his wet clothes wiped him off with a baby wipe and powdered him before she diapered him. When she was finished she carried him to the kitchen and sat him in Timmy’s highchair. She sat Timmy in Billy’s booster seat. Mom told Billy this is what happens to pants wetting babies.

We ate our dinner Billy had to eat baby food wearing a bib. I sort of wanted to trade places with him but was afraid to say so. Billy was too slow eating so mom started feeding him. Billy was whimpering constantly getting fed by mom.

When dinner was finished mom told Billy and Timmy it was potty time and took them to the potty. Timmy used the potty and returned to the playroom wearing Pull-ups. Billy returned wearing his diapers crying sucking a pacifier.

Billy and I were playing for an hour when mom had entered the room she wanted to check my brothers pants. She was still mad at Billy she had him stand up and gave him three spanks and told him HE KNOWS THE RULES. She removed his wet diaper and cleaned him up she placed him on the changing table and slowly diapered him snuggly.

When she came leading Billy back in where we were playing to tell us Billy is a diaper real baby now. She checked walked over to Timmy’s and checked his Pull-up to find it dry and asked him if he needed the potty, he said. NO! But when she looked over at me she got a puzzled look on her face.

Then she smiled and ordered me to stand up. I then realized I had a damp place on my pants. Mom led me to the changing table just like she did Billy. She removed my wet pants and then sniffed them. She yelled this is pee then she spanked my bare bottom three times hard. Billy had his clothes on the first time and a thick diaper on the last time when he got his spanks. I complained Billy was dressed when he got spanked as tears rolled down my face. She told me I knew better than to do such a baby thing. She yelled that I was twelve NOT TWO. She told me Timmy is going to be wearing underwear before I would be if I keep this up.

She told me the new rules about wetting my pants and they apply to me too. She thought I was far too old for the need to be in potty trained. She asked me why did I wet my pants it looks like I did need to be potty trained anyway. She said I was the only one that has not had a dry night in more than five years. She said my bed wetting has not been improving. While she worked at getting me ready for diapering. She told me no matter how old I was diapers would be my punishment.

Mom quickly lifted me onto changing table where she said she hopes that these baby diapers will fit such a big boy like me. I knew that they would because I have been wearing them for a week and I started to cry. I did not want my brothers to see me wearing diapers. Mom told me Billy and Timmy doesn’t cry like a baby so she put a pacifier into my mouth.

I wanted to explain to mom it was an accident I did not mean to do it. But she held the pacifier to my mouth until I accepted it into my mouth and started sucking. She told me I better keep it there until she tells me I can remove it. Mom continued talking saying she just diapered Billy for this very reason you are no different just a little older.

I was sucking the pacifier while mom was diapering me telling me my punishment. Having mom diaper me was not like me diapering myself. When I diapered myself I had total control of it, it was my choice. But having mom diaper me is her choice I had no control. I could not say no stop I don’t want the diaper mom was in control as she snuggly diapered me. When mom released the chest strap she lifted me off the changing table and stood me on the floor she told me to go play with my brothers like a good baby.

I waddled to where Billy and I were playing wearing a diaper sucking a pacifier. I looked just like Billy did when he walked in a few minutes ago in size and now dressed the same way. Billy gave me a big smile but not much else. There were no giggles or talking. He knew why I was wearing a diaper like he was so he did not say a word. We played silently with me the only one in the room sucking a pacifier now because mom had removed Billy’s pacifier.

We played for two more hours then mom came in the room to take my brothers to give them their baths. Forty minutes later mom had finished bathing my brother and was coming for me it was just 8:00. I told mom it was too early for my bedtime bath. Mom gave me that look and said. “NOW.” I got up and felt my diaper sag and I knew I was in trouble. Mom had the bath water ready for me and started removing my wet diaper without saying a work about its condition.

Mom treated us all the same we were taken to the potty every hour and making us pee in the potty. Billy got his big boy pants Saturday night and was a big boy for the rest of the weekend. I was aloud too played with my brothers getting taken to the potty every hour to pee with Timmy.

Sunday night mom started explaining the rules I would be following tomorrow while here at home alone. She told me I was not aloud out of the house unless I want to go out wearing just diapers. She told me she has removed all my clothes and all my brother’s clothes from the house that I could wear. She had 7 diapers with numbers on them. She explained that I will start with wearing number 1 tonight in the morning she will changed me into number 2 when I wake up.

She told me she has a wetting sensor in the diapers numbered two through seven. The buzzer will record the time of my wetting to the computer locked in her room. She told me I would have to go to the changing table and deactivate the buzzing diaper by pulling off the taps on it. Then I had to activate the next one within fifteen minutes by taping the next numbered one on. She showed me the web cams all over the house and explained she has been watching me sense school let out. There are cameras all around the house so you can not hide they will stay on all day long. That way I can keep an eye on you.

I was in big trouble now mom knows everything I have been doing all day long. Mom led me to the changing table and quickly changed my diapered. My brothers were sound asleep and did not see me getting a diaper change. With my diaper snuggly in place mom led me to my room and tucked me in for the night.

I woke up the next morning feeling dry thinking I had not wet I got out of bed with a big smile on my face. Only to realize I was wearing a wet diaper not a dry Pull-up.

Mom came into my room as I realize what I was wearing she quickly led me to the changing table. I now remember what mom had told me I had to do. Billy and Timmy were already eating breakfast in the kitchen and they did not see me getting another diaper change, I was happy about that.

Mom lifted me off the changing table and told me to go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. I asked for some clothes but mom just gave me that stare. I waddled down the hall into the kitchen. My brothers did not say a word about me wearing diapers like they were wearing. Diaper wearing was normal in my house but not for me.

Now I have my own trouble at home with mom keeping an eye on me with this web cam thing. When they left I went to look to see if mom really has taken all the clothes that I could wear. An hour of looking and not finding anything to wear my diaper started to buzz loudly. I was in trouble had wet my diaper so soon. Now I would have to go change my diaper right away or mom would be mad. I hoped she was not watching wile I changed my diaper on the changing table. It took me just three minutes to change my wet diaper because I did not want to be in front of the camera for very long.

When I finished my change I went to play with the toys in the playroom because there was nothing else for me to do. I tried to play but being in diapers with mom knowing everything that I was doing in them was shameful for me. I went and lay down in the playpen because it was the only padded thing away from where the camera could see me it was a good blind spot.

I fell asleep but was awakened by buzzing I jumped up to the noise. Then I realized I had an urgent need to poop very badly. I quickly climbed over the playpen rail. On the way over the rail I filled my wet diaper with a load of poop that I could not stop. Now what am I going to do mom will know I wet my diaper during a nap and pooped in my diaper too. I know the punishment for pooping in your pants was a full week in diapers with no bathroom privileges. Mom always said babies that poop in their diaper don’t need the potty anyway so the potty was off limits to all babies. She told Billy the same thing six months ago when he pooped his underpants by accident. She told him real big boys use the potty not their pants.

She punished him with a week in diapers saying it was OK for babies to poop in diapers. After going to daycare for a week wearing and using diapers. He told me he would die before he put poop in his pants again.

When mom came home she was very mad at me. She told me it was bad when Billy did that. Remember what he had to do for doing it very thing. She yelled at me saying I was supposed to be a big boy not a little baby that needs potty training. Billy knows better sense he went through his punishment. It looks like it is your turn now. She said. Billy passed his potty test today so he has his big boy pants back.

She told me I will have to go to daycare and be in Timmy’s baby toddler class for a week of my diaper punishment. She told me I would stay there until I could prove to them I was a big boy not a diaper boy. She told me all my big boy clothes are gone she dropped them in the Goodwill box on the way home. She told me that Timmy is going to start fulltime potty training tomorrow. He will be using my old bedwetting Pull-ups. She told me potty training usually takes about four days for slow learners or one day for quick learners. So Timmy will be out of diapers before you Donny. Billy will wear the Pull-ups at night until he is dry for three weeks just like Billy did when he got out of his night protection last night.

I asked what about me when can I get out of my diaper punishment. Mom said I had to finish my week of punishment before I start potty training from the beginning.

Mom told me to climb in the highchair so I could eat my diner while she cleans up the nursery and get tit ready for me. I ate the baby food she had warmed up for me.

I heard a lot of banging and clanging while I ate my meal of nasty baby food. When I finished mom let me out of the highchair and led me to the nursery and said this is you new room Donny it is all yours. There was a crib, changing table and the playpen from the playroom. She told me sense I did the ultimate baby thing a real baby can do today I should be treated just like a real baby. I asked mom. What does she mean? She told when she saw me changing my poopy wet diaper like I have done it before that sealed my punishment.

She told me that Timmy has only pooped in one diaper in the last month. That was the one that I changed a few days ago. She told me he always asked to use the potty to poop. Timmy is even starting to stay dry at most of the day and nighttime. She asked me how many times Timmy has he been dry in the morning this month.

It looks like in few days even Timmy will be a big boy during the day not a diaper boy like you are Donny. The daycare has requested that he start wear cloth training pants tomorrow.

I tried to tell her I was only playing around I did not need diapers. She asked me if I knew when the last time Billy wet his bed more than twice in the same week. I said. No. Mom said it has been at least six months. She told me she asked Timmy why he pooped in his diapers at night he said he could not get out of the crib. That he had too to do it in his diaper. He said that he always wakes up and pees in his diaper because he can not get out of his crib.

Now that he has a big boy bed he can get up and pee in the potty like a big boy he will no longer have to use a diaper. Even Billy said he would not pee his night diaper if he gets a big boy bed. He said if he could get up and go to the bathroom it would be easier that diapers. I asked mom what about making me sleeping in a crib. That would make it hard for me to get up and go o the bathroom too. Mom asked when was the last time I woke up to go pee in the potty. I answered I did not know. She said maybe wearing my Pull-ups made it easier to just pee in them and not bother to getting up like a big boy should.

I had to think if she was right. Mom said. If I did it on purpose I will need to learn a lesson and wear diapers. She told me if I peed in my sleep without knowing I was doing it I still need diapers. No matter witch way I need diapers right. I hung my head knowing the answer was diapers for me. I said but the crib is for babies and what about school? Mom said. Until I could prove to her I really want out of diapers I would be wearing some sort of diapers fulltime. At school I could wear Pull-ups until I had six weeks of staying dry at school. The school told me you would no longer have special potty times.

It was up to me to try harder to keep my diapers clean and dry so I could get my underwear back. It was my choice now. She said.

Mom dressed me in one of Billy’s old playsuits that was too big for him. We went to our medical supply store that we owned. My dad got killed in a robbery three years ago and mom runs the store now. She knows all about diapers for babies to adults. When we got in the store I found out what mom had in mind.

She stacked three dozen triple thick cloth toddler diapers on the counter. Then she went back to toddler area sense I was small enough below the waist to wear toddler size. Mom bought a dozen pairs of plastic pants. My eyes were starting to tear was she bought big diaper pins too. I knew what was going to happen when I got home.

The minute we got home mom started the washer with half the thick diapers in it.

When we got back home my checked my diaper while I sucked on a bottle she had given me. She announced Donny’s got another wet diaper. She asked Timmy if he wanted to go pee in the potty like a big boy. Timmy smiled and said OK. When Timmy returned he was wearing a pair of big boy underwear saying me a big boy now.

By the time I had finished my bottle mom had put the cloth diapers in the drier. She released me and led me to get a diaper change. I wanted to fight her but what would I wear were would I run. I let her change my bloated heavy diaper. When she finished I did not want to do very much so I waddled to the playroom and sat down thinking of something I could do to get out of my predicament.

By bedtime mom had my cloth diapers folded on the changing table ready for me. Mom came to the playroom grabbed my hand and led me forcibly to a waiting bath. I was withdrawn to what she was doing to me I just let it happen. I don’t remember my bath that night. Then she led me to my first cloth diaper in my life it was folded and waiting on the changing table. Mom quickly lifted me onto the soft cloth diaper and with speed had it pinned out in seconds. Things were happening too fast as the plastic pants were pulled over the bulk of the thickest diaper I had ever felt.

The diaper felt a foot thick but weight almost nothing. The plastic pants were smooth and neat feeling. I did not get a chance to see my new style underwear when mom had a new style tee shirt over my head and snapped closed in my crotch. I was in the crib and the lights were now off. I was worn out by everything mom had just done to me. I wanted to get up and climb out of this crib and run away but where could a very small twelve year old run to.

I closed my eyes and wanted to just go to sleep and forget about things. I felt the nipple of a bottle pressing into my mouth. I slowly open my mouth and started sucking. I opened my eyes slightly to see it was Timmy giving me my bottle. I was too late to refuse it now so I continued to suck. I didn’t remember anything until the next morning when mom had me on the changing table changing a very wet cloth diaper. I was on my back mom was pulling off my plastic pants then I felt I cool air hit my wet skin. Mom said. DONNY you must have wet all not long to get this diaper as wet as it is.

She removed the pins and pulled the wet diaper from under me. I heard it hit the bottom of the empty diaper pail with a loud thud. I heard Timmy giggle he was watching mom do my diaper change. Mom had me in a dry cloth diaper and plastic pants in seconds. I was carried to the highchair and fed more baby food my third baby food meal. Before I knew it we were on our way out the front door to daycare.

Mom unstrapped me from Timmy’s car seat and grabbed the big diaper bag from behind my seat. I wanted to hide from my old friends that I saw walking down the sidewalks in town. Even though I was walking in the open they must not have recognized me. On the walk to the front door of daycare I walked by me best friend and he did not even know it was me. He was eleven and still went to daycare in the older kids’ class. I was led to the front door wearing a snap crotched tee shirt with plastic pants showing at the leg holes. I felt the need to fart so I let a big one out to find it was not a fart it was a sticky load of poop. I tried to not let anyone know and ran to start playing with Timmy while Billy went to his class.

Nobody knew that I had just messed my diaper I wanted to keep it that way. I was playing with another diapered boy when one of the caretakers walked over sniffing the air. She looked at me and asked if I have poopy in my diaper. I tried to play like I did not. She grabbed my hand and had me standing she turned me around and pulled the back of my plastic pants and looked down. She announced she found the poopy one its little Donny here.

I was ashamed of what I had done but it was a true accident I thought it was a fart but how could I tell the caretaker it was an accident. I was wearing a diaper for a reason. I found myself on my back sucking a pacifier getting my first diaper changed at daycare sense I was here eight years ago.

Things were coming back to me now I do remember doing this. I was laying there thinking of what I could play with when I got off the table then I felt the cool air again meaning I must have wet my diaper too. I just sucked my pacifier while my diaper was changed. I heard that thud again and the dry cloth being pinned in place followed by my new plastic pants. I was back on the play mat where the other little boy never moved. Bottles and sippy cups were passed out I received a bottle most kids got a sippy cup.

By lunchtime I had wet again but I don’t remember the wetting. My diaper was changed before I was seated in a highchair for lunchtime where I ate more baby food. I had another bottle before it was naptime. My lunch was quickly followed by my naptime in a crib with only three boys in their own crib the rest of the boys had a sleeping mat to sleep on.

I sucked a bottle feeling another fart knowing it was more likely poop not a fart. I still let it out. Soon I was asleep wearing a wet messy diaper. I quickly found out that I was the only poopy boy in this class.



TO Be Continued.


By the end of my first day back in daycare wearing cloth diapers was not at all like I thought it would be. Wetting cloth diapers was a lot different then wetting in disposable diapers. When I wet in my cloth diaper I felt it immediately but the second wetting I never felt. Messing in my diaper was too quick because of the thickness I could not hold my butt closed enough to stop it.

When mom came to take us home they told her I use as many diapers as a one year old does. I was not even close to being ready to be potty trained. They gave mom Timmy’s potty report card and my potty report card. Timmy’s card had all stars mine had diaper change count of eight. They told mom they passed Billy an hour after he got here so he went back in his old class.

They said if Timmy is as good tomorrow as he was today he will be passed to big boy underwear. After a week in big boy underwear he will go to preschool class.

They told mom that I was too immature at using the potty that I need to work on holding my potty needs. They told my mom the doctor is right my problem is my bladder size. They told her I don’t try to hold it very long that I just pee whenever I need to. I heard them talking like I was not there I want to add my feelings but I was too ashamed of my soaking wet diaper.

Mom looked down on me saying looks like he needs changed right now. She led me waddling to the changing station and quickly changed my diaper before she got Billy to go home.

Mom asked Timmy if he liked being a big boy. Timmy said big boy pants are better than baby pants like Donny’s. I wanted to yell at Timmy but I was sucking my pacifier and it would have fallen out of my mouth and Billy would just put it back in my mouth.

At home I wanted to go look for my big boy clothes again but mom told me to stay in the playpen or get a big bare bottom spanking. I stayed in the playpen like mom told me thinking I have my dream of wearing diapers coming true. The problem was I did not want everyone to know I was diapered like a baby.

I suddenly felt the need to pee so I wet my diaper feeling it get wet and warm that made it feel good but the feeling did not last that long before Billy called out to mom that Donny just wet his diaper. Mom came in the room picked me up and took me for a diaper change on the changing table. When she finished she carried me to the highchair and started to feed me MORE baby food. Before I finished my meal I had to fart again meaning more poop in my diaper.

I needed another diaper change after I ate my meal. That makes four times I have pooped my new cloth diapers. Mom cleaned me up and started a washer load of my new diapers. I was playing in the playpen wearing clean dry diapers while my brothers ate their dinner. I wanted to sneak out of the playpen but mom would get very mad so I started to play with Timmy’s baby toys.

When my brothers were finished eating mom changed my diaper to find that I had already wet it so again I was changed making it three diaper changes sense we got home from daycare. Mom told me daycare is right you are like a one year old when it comes to potting in your diaper.

I told her it was her fault I am not aloud to go potty so I use my diaper. Mom told me most babies over a year old can hold their pee more than an hour. She said they only poop one or two time a day too. Not every time they eat. I felt belittled as she started telling me what I need to be doing. I told her just let me have my big boy stuff back and I could show her I could do it.

Mom told me I could wear a pair of Billy’s training pants until bedtime. But if I wet them I will go back to diapers and finish my diaper punishment. I was playing with Timmy and Billy when all the sudden my pants started getting warm. Then it was too late I had fully wet my pants and Timmy and Billy were telling mom.

I started crying while mom diapered me and had me in my crib for the night. Mom shoved a bottle nipple into my mouth and held it there until I stared sucking. I sucked the good tasting bottle trying to think of a way out of my dream come true. But sense I was not getting teased or tortured and I was having fun play with the toys I always wanted to play with. I decided to keep going on with what me mom wanted me to do.

Then next morning I was awakened by mom changing my wet and messy diaper. I had pooped in my sleep maybe I was going to far doing this. Mom saw me whimpering feeling upset about it and told me it was OK accidents happen.

I was feeling good by the time I was being fed breakfast. Then we were on our way to daycare and poop came out filling the car with the smell of a poopy baby. Timmy said. DONNY POOPED AGAIN. Billy and mom giggled saying we know we can smell. But I could not smell what they smelled.

By the end of the week one of the caretakers started changing my diaper and told me to just look at my nice white plastic pants they have poop stains on them. That tells the world this baby still poops in his diapers. Those stains will never wash out you will be labeled a poopy baby for a very long time now.

I wanted to tell her I could not stop it, it happens before I can stop it. I guess that is why I am wearing diapers again. Mom must be right putting me back in diapers.

At the end of summer Billy was off the kindergarten I was going to go to ninth grade except I was expelled for needing diapers. So I was home schooled wearing diapers and changing my own diapers when told to. The tutor was there only two hours a day I did my home work and played the rest of the time.

I have the better of two worlds now a baby’s world and a preteen’s world. Except now I am a teenager needing to get socialized with kids my own age. I wanted to be accepted by kids my age but I like being a baby too. How can I tell mom that I don’t need diapers when I have too many accidents in my diapers?

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