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Someone to Change Me

Part 1

Alex didn't take much seriously.  Charisma and natural intelligence allowed him goof around while maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle with ease.  He acted in the school plays and musicals, started on the Varsity basketball team, had a couple girlfriends here and there, and hung out with friends and family whenever he had free time.  The other students at Ridgeling High School knew this about Alex.  In fact, everyone knew this about Alex.  But his friends, family, even his closest female best friend Tera, knew his deepest secret.

Ever since kindergarten, Alex experienced profound emotions when coming in contact with anything having to do with diapers.  He glanced a moment longer at them when he saw them in nurseries, he looked back whenever he smelled it baby powder in a girl's hair.  He even re-read a passage in a novel five times when it mentioned a joke about diapers.  

This repressed interest had been ongoing for many years, but they resurfaced strongly when Alex's parents told him of their plans to go on a two week cruise.  And so, he now stood next to his locker, feeling more nervous than he ever had before an audition or basketball game, wondering how he was going to confront Tera about this.

His plan was simple.  He ordered a package of 40 diapers from an online site, 10 each of four different brands of powder-fresh teenage diapers.  However, he didn't want to embark on the endeavor alone.  His fingers drummed nervously on his leg, running through his speech in his head again and again, waiting until a sober feeling of readiness settled upon him.  But time was up.

With a nervous glance to his left, Alex spotted Tera walking cheerily over to his locker.  Brunette, with blue eyes, she stood a few inches shorter than Alex, her slim figure swaying slightly as she approached him.  Being his best friend for the past 13 years, Alex and Tera had never experienced any intense romantic feelings for one another.  Naturally, they'd had one or two sexual experiences involving kissing and touching, but nothing more.  Alex mentally prayed that he didn't decimate those past 13 years with the action he was about to perform.

"Hey Alex!" she called as the distance between them closed to a singular foot.  "How was that Calc test this morning?"

Alex smiled. "Quiet, I was in a good mood."  His heart fluttered a bit upon speaking the first word of that sentence.  

"I could tutor you if you want," replied Tera with a coy smile.  Alex laughed aloud.  Tera was still in Sophomore preCalculus.  She was a 4.0 student, but math was forever her downfall.

"Listen.." Alex began, "Can we talk about something kinda serious?"  Tera's bubbliness withdrew a bit. 

"Sure!" she answered, and they walked to the bench behind the gym that nobody ever seemed to walk by.

"I need you to let me talk for a little, but if at any point you want me to stop and we'll forget the conversation ever occurred, just get up and walk away.  Deal?"

Tera, looking a bit confused now, responded with a solemn, "Deal."

Alex took a deep breath.  "Tera, my parents are going out of town this for a couple weeks.  While they're gone, I'm going to try something that I've wanted to try for a really, really long time.  I'm asking you to either try it with me, or help me try it... but it's something really weird."

Tera considered a moment.  "How weird on a scale of 1 to 10?"

"11." Came the immediate reply.

"Wow, alright." she said wit ha light smile.  "Let me hear it."

Alex swallowed, and said with a slightly inquisitive tone, "Diapers." 

Tera raised an eyebrow.  "Like... baby diapers?"

"Well, no.  They're a little bigger... I mean... They're teenager diapers."

Tera looked half skeptical, and half insanely amused.  "Are you serious?" She said with a doubtful tone.

Feeling amazingly nervous and brave, he nodded.

Tera wrinkled her eyes in thought and said, "You want me to wear a diaper with you? And like... wait... do you want to like... use them? Like USE them use them?

He nodded again.  "You don't have to wear one if you don't want.  But I've had this fascination with them for so long, and I've been so nervous I could never tell anyone.  But I trust you more than I trust anyone, and if anyone is going to understand me, it's you.  If you feel weirded out, just walk away remember?

Tera didn't move.

Reluctantly, he continued, "I already bought a bunch of them, and the stuff i need.  I just want to try it, hell maybe I won't even like them after I put one on and I'll throw the rest out.  But I have to know.  What do you say?"

His best friend sat and thought for a long while.  She met his eyes.  "Alex, we've shared more with eachother than I can possibly imagine.  If this is something you really want to do, I'm there for ya.  I don't know if I'm going to try it with you, or go all the way with it, but I'll come over when they leave and we'll see where it goes.  Ok?

Alex felt the crushing pressure of anxiety evaporate and smiled bigger than he'd smiled when he took his final bow after the play that year.  Seeing that smile, Tera knew she had done the right thing.

"Ok." whispered Alex.  "They leave tomorrow.


Part 2

Alex heard a knock on the door.  He glanced back at his bed.  On it, lay a closed cardboard box, a bottle of baby powder, three tubs of baby wipes, and a mat.  He sighed, hoping he wasn't making a terrible mistake, and went downstairs to get the door.  He opened it to find Tera dressed extremely comfortably.

She wore flannel pajama bottoms, a matching blue, loose tank-top, and slippers.  

"I didn't know we were going so formal with this," observed Alex deviously.

She punched him in the arm.  "Shut up.  These pajamas are so soft it should be illegal.  She stepped into the house and looked around.  "Alright... where are they?"  In answer, Alex turned and climbed the stairs, hearing Tera behind him.  The nervousness returned in a flash, mingled with excitement at the prospect of acting on his 13 year old long dream. 

When Tera saw the supplies on his bed, she covered her mouth and giggled a little.  "I guess we're really doing this."  Alex and Tera had seen eachother naked something like 20 times since their childhood.  Alex was surprised to see her start taking off her pants.  

"Wait.." he said.  She looked up questioningly.  "I thought..."

"I'm gonna try it with you," she interrupted.  Alex grinned and started unbuttoning his jeans in answer.  Once both of them were down to underwear, he opened the cardboard box.  Warmth spread through his heart as he revealed the white, plastic covering of the cartoon decorated diapers underneath.  "I call first!" said Tera as she laid on the ground.

Alex tossed her the mat and took out one of the diapers.  He smelled the babyfresh powder that came with the teen-sized diapers and knew this was something he had to do.  He turned, and felt his heart drop when he saw Tera naked from the waist down, laying on the changing pad.

Tera seemed amused.  "Well c'mon! I'm cold!"  Alex gathered his wits and unfolded the diaper as he knelt in front of his friend.  "Lift up," he said laughing, and place the diaper beneath his childhood friend's butt.  He couldn't help but notice that it was one of the best looking ones he'd see as it landed on the soft cotton inside of the diaper. He then unscrewed the powder and sprinkled it all over her crotch and on her butt.  Hesitantly, he rubbed it in until Tera gave him a "you're being immature" look, and became more efficient. Tera smiled huge as he folded the diaper up over her and taped the sides up very tight.  He helped her to her feet and felt extreme arousal at seeing his attractive friend in a cute, teen-girl diaper.  

"How.. how is it," he asked somewhat weakly.

"Why don't you find out?" she said as she pushed him down.  He landed on his butt, wearing only boxers with an "oof."  Tera reached into the box and grabbed a matching diaper, and glanced at his boxers.  He took the hint, and shyly slid them off, revealing his slightly embarrassing natural response.  Tera didn't seem phased.

She slid the diaper beneath him and he lowered his butt onto the white material with a feeling of ecstasy.  She sprinkled the sweet-smelling powder on his crotch and erection, then on his butt before massaging it in.  She looked a little concerned, like she had difficulty saying what she wanted to say.

"What's wrong?" asked Alex nervously, thinking he had made her uncomfortable.  

"Um.. ok... I'm gonna say this in an adult way.  It's... difficult... to diaper you when you have a.." she glanced at his erection.

"Oh.." said Alex.  There was an awkward moment of silence.  "Do you want me to... uh.."

He was interrupted as Tera placing the diaper over it and began rubbing.  Alex showed surprise on his face, but the feeling of her hand on him over the soft, bulky diaper overrided his inhibitions.  She continued smiling a bit for about a minute until she felt him finish into the absorbent diaper with a shudder and a sigh through smiling lips.  She felt a softening and finished taping up the diaper.  He stood, feeling the bulky absorbent material between his legs, and hugged the best friend he'd ever known in the world.  She hugged him back, then the two pulled back and looked at one another.

"Now what, diaper boy?" she asked with a giggle.

"Now, diaper girl," he replied, "we watch a movie until nature takes its course."


Part 3

Tera still felt nervous at the prospect of "going" in a diaper.  However, this was something she felt was very important for Alex.  He clearly really, really wanted this, and as his lifelong friend, it was her obligation to understand if he felt nobody could.  Also, she really kind of liked the feeling of the comfortable, secure padding all over her middle.  It was a little bit of a turn on too.

Alex, similarly, was in heaven.  He couldn't wait to try using his diaper.  As they sat on the couch, drinking big glasses of water and watching The Wolf of Wall Street, he felt a familiar sensation that filled him with glee.  He finally had to pee.  He reclined a bit, and tried to relax.

Tera simultaneously noticed Alex's change in position.  She wasn't sure exactly what he was doing, but she could guess.

Alex applied a bit of pressure for a long while to his bladder, until he finally began to do what he'd wanted to do for years.  He felt a little squirt of pee hit the front of his diaper, splashing him a bit.  Then he was able to release, and felt pee began to flow into the absorbent, underwear-like material surrounding his crotch.  The front of his diaper became warm as he felt it begin to absorb the coming liquid.  The then felt some if it trickle between his legs and begin to get absorbed beneath his butt, making the back of his diaper equally warm.  He could hear a slight hissing noise as he wet his diaper to his fullest potential.  He smelled that perfect combination of baby powder and urine, and his diaper sagged as Alex finished peeing.  He then felt Tera's hand on his the front of his wet, warm diaper.

"Does somebody need a diaper change?" she asked, smiling.  Alex grinned and wiggled in his wet diaper.  "Maybe," he replied mischievously.

He got up from the couch, feeling the saturated diaper push his legs even further apart, and waddled a couple feet before turning to see if Tera was coming.  She remained sitting, with an absent look and a stupid grin on her face.  That's when he heard a muffled "sssss" sound coming from her waist.

Tera's diaper was slowly turning yellow and sagging down as she experienced her own thrill of diaper wetting.  Alex felt a familiar feeling of arousal as he watched Tera wet herself.  When she finished, she stood and took his hand.  "I'm gonna need you to change me too."

They went upstairs and untaped one another's diapers, before their butts and crotches off, applying fresh coats of powder, and changing into new diapers.  

"So Tera," began Alex when they were all finished.

"So Alex?" she replied.

"We both went.. uh.. number one in our diapers.  What are your thoughts on... you know..?" Tera had though about this before.  She had babysat her little cousins hundreds of times and changed both kinds  of used diapers, but she didn't relish the prospect of doing what Alex was suggesting.

"Feel free, diaper boy.  I'll clean you up and change you, but don't ask me to.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for that."  It was more than he'd dare to hope for.  

"Ok, no problem," he responded.

It wasn't until after they'd both had dinner and finished some homework they had that Alex felt the need to do what he'd been referring to.  Suddenly, he felt very nervous.

"Tera.." he started to say.  She looked at him and saw a straining expression on his face.  Suddenly, she understood what the problem was.  And she knew how to make him incredibly happy.

"Uh oh," she said in a playful tone.  "Is somebody making a stinky in his diapee?"  Alex almost exploded into his diaper with arousal.  He then knew he had to green light to go all out with his experience.  He squatted, like a toddler, and bunched his hands into fists.  He pushed like he was on a toilet, overcoming his potty training and feeling his poo enter his diaper and encounter the padding of the seat of his diaper.  His face turned slightly red with effort as he pushed against it, the back of his diaper expanding out as he went #2 right in his pants.  He felt the entirety of his bowel movement enter his diaper with a rush, pressing up against his backside and creating a massive bulge in the seat of his diaper.  

Tera, smelling the familiar scent of a dirty diaper, knew exactly what had just happened.  Alex even had the familiar naughty look of a toddler who'd just made a mess in his pants.  She walked behind him, pulled back the waistband of his diaper, and wrinkled her nose.

"I think someone just had an accident in his diapy.

Alex, meanwhile, was in heaven.  With a squishy, stinky lump protruding within his diaper, he felt like a naughty toddler.  He even squatted, then sat down on the floor, squishing his accident all over his backside and between his legs.  The aroma of his accident wafted up and reminded Alex of the familiar scent of a dirty diaper.

After finishing this little role play, Tera began to feel the desire to try it herself.  As Alex sat happily in his stinky diaper on the floor, she felt herself begin to squat too.  Alex escaped from his trance as he witnessed Tera begin to do what he thought was unthinkable.

Tera's face became red, and she stuck out her diapered behind and let out a muffled fart.  Then another.  Then a squelching fart coupled with the sound of poopy mess entering a diaper came from Tera's behind.  Alex saw the seat of her diaper droop downward as Tera messed her diapers.  With another fart, her diaper dropped another few inches and puffed out the entire back of Tera's diaper. 

Both teenagers, now wearing poopy diapers, waddled upstairs to change one another. Alex, satisfied and having the experience of a lifetime.  He turned to his smelly best friend, and said, "At first, I figured you'd just be ok with being someone to change me.  I never knew I could have a friend so close to me that she can make my dreams come true.

By: Obzedat

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