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Amy and the Firefighter

I'm 24 and married. I'm probably who you'd least expect to be into this. I am "normal looking" -- whatever that is -- 5ft 7, longish brown hair, 127lbs. I am pretty shy and somewhat socially inept sometimes. I was in a little bit of a bad place with my husband and was chatting on IRC. I didn't know what I was looking for really. I met this guy and we chatted a few times, sometimes steamy. I don't even really remember how it came up or what exactly he said, but one weekend he convinced me to buy some disposable diapers for our chat. I was hooked in a way I have never been hooked into anything. Sometimes it is still something I obsess about. We sort of lost touch over time. I guess I am writing this hoping he reads it... sort of a thank you of sorts. I am going to try to post it to a few story places he sent me, hoping he will see it.
And I shouldn't have to say this, but I will. This is fantasy. This doesn't mean I want this to happen to me. It does mean I think about exactly this sort of thing -- a lot.

It had been months since I had chatted with firemanMike on irc. And then he popped up. We had a nice chat catching up... nothing steamy. I know I mentioned my hubby had a business trip coming up. I didn't think much about it. Until...


It was late afternoon when I got a knock on the door to my apartment. I answered it to find an older guy... maybe mid 60s... maybe late 50s... neatly dressed in blue jeans and a button down shirt. He had an odd polka dotted bag over his shoulder.
"Hello Amy."
"um. Hi. Do I... know you?" I am terrible with names and my mind was racing through faces I knew. He was... familiar... but... yet... not.
"Yes. Or sort of, I guess. I'm firemanMike from IRC."
My mouth went dry. My pulse was suddenly pounding. I was both scared and nervous and... and not really sure what to think.
"Oh. Um... how did you know where I lived?"
"I'm just as good a detective as I am a firefighter," he said with a little laugh. "Can I come in? Just for a moment?"
Unsure what to do, my mind defaulted back to "be polite," which is what my mother taught me. I let him in.
He proceeded to the center of my living room and opened the bag. He took out a thickly padded, pink polka dot blanket that matched the bag and spread it out on the floor. He also took out a bottle of powder, a tube and what appeared to be an adult sized diaper.
"I'm going to make you a one time offer. Come with me for a few days and enjoy yourself. Take some days off for you. The only thing I ask is: my rules. I'll bring you back safe, I promise. But this offer is only for about the next 30 seconds. If you want to go, come lay down here on this blanket. Otherwise I will get out of your hair and leave you alone."
"Mike... this is... sudden. And sort of weird. I don't..."
He cut me off. "Your time is running out, Amy."
He started putting the powder and the diaper back neatly in the bag. My inner voice was telling me this was crazy, but as he reached for the tube, I caved... walked over and sat on the blanket.
"Lay back."
I did as he requested. With no warning or fanfare, he slowly unbuttoned my jeans... unzipped them... and tugged at them. I lifted my hips and they slid slowly down, revealing a pair of pale blue boyshort style panties.
"You won't need these either," he said, tugging at the hips of the panties.
As the panties slid down, he watched as a neatly trimmed dark brown triangle of pubic hair appeared. He sat the panties aside, took the diaper and opened it. The diaper was unlike the drug store kind I had seen. It looked much thicker and the outside looked shiny with pictures of little teddy bears on it.
"Lift up, little one."
I lifted my butt and he slid it under me. It felt noticeably soft as I lowered back onto it. He took a little dab of ointment from the tube and gently rubbed it around the insides of my thighs and around my pussy. While he seemed to not be trying to be sexual, it was hard not to feel somewhat aroused. But he stopped as quickly as he started and sprinkled a generous amount of cool powder on me. With that, he closed the diaper and taped it in place. It was seriously thicker than anything I had ever used -- a little wider than I was between the legs.
"Now, do you have some baggy pants? Like some sweatpants or something?"
"In the dresser... bottom left."
Without trying, I noticed my voice... had become more child like. Not like an adult talking baby talk... just softer, with slightly different enunciation.
He retrieved the sweatpants and put them on my legs. He helped me up. I could hear the diaper make loud crinkly, swishy noises every time I moved. He packed his things back in the diaper bag.
"One last thing: the bra has to go."
Now, I should mention: I'm not a big girl. I am a 34A or 34B. But I was brought up to always wear a bra and... well, it feels funny not wearing one in public. That said, I pulled my arms in through the sleeves, unclasped my bra and shrugged out of it. I handed him the bra. I could already feel my nipples hardening. I knew they'd be visible.
"Let's go."
My heart was pounding as we left. I was sure we would see someone I knew and they would know what was happening by the sound and bulky pants. We got to his car and he opened the rear door. In the back seat he had fashioned some sort of home made child seat out of wood. It was very padded with colorful fabric and lifted me just a few inches up and tipped me back a little so that my feet did not touch the floor. He carefully strapped me in the seat.
We drove about an hour to another small town nearby. A CD of children's songs played as we drove. He drove straight to a small brick house on a quiet street. We walked to the door. He rang the bell and it was answered by an attractive woman in her mid 30s. She seemed very happy to see him and hugged him, full of smiles.
"That must be Amy. She is a cutie! I'm glad she was able to come."
They talk lots of pleasantries... and a whole lot about me, but never talk to me. From the bits of conversation I hear, I am able to discern her name is Missy and that she is married to Bob, who is out of town working but will be back in a few days. Missy, Bob and Mike all appear to have been friends for some time. She shows us to a back bedroom. It is smallish with two twin beds. Mike puts down his suitcase and the diaper bag.
"I have supper almost ready for you guys. I hope you like steak and potatoes."
The sound of that sort of brings my swimmy head back to consciousness a little. Maybe a good meal will settle my butterflies. As we walk back to the open kitchen/living/dining area, I smell the steak and it smells delicious. Mike ushers me to the table and I am surprised to see another home made creation. There is a high chair there... not so tall as to be in scale for an adult, but just tall enough to keep my feet off the floor and with a sliding tray. He sits me in the chair and slides the tray in place. Across the table is another gentleman I later find out is a neighbor named Lemmie. He is sort of leering at me and smiling in a way that seems very unsettling.
Missy serves both the men their steaks and returns from the kitchen with a bowl of SpagettiOs and a plastic spoon for me.
"Here you go, Punkin."
My stomach knots up again... as I dig into my SpagettiOs.
When dinner ends, Mike stands and says "I probably need to get give her her bottle."
He retrieves the diaper bag, warms up a bottle in the microwave and comes to me. He pulls out the tray and ushers me to the adjoining living room rug. He spreads out the blanket and I lay down on it. He hands me the bottle, smiling. I take it, still a little hungry and begin to suck on it.
Now, I should probably mention, bottles seem to have a very relaxing, calming effect on me. It always takes me 10-15 minutes to finish one and I tend to really relax... sometimes falling in and out of sleep. When I drink, I always relax fully... and even if I don't need to pee... I usually wet some. This time my bladder was fairly full... and by the time the bottle was empty, I was reasonably wet.
"I'm just going to get her changed and into bed... then we can talk a bit," Mike said.
The words woke me up very fast and struck terror in me. It was humiliating enough with semi-friend Mike seeing me. But now there was also Missy and leering Lemmie. I could feel my face get hot and hear Missy tell Lemmie "Oh look, she's blushing."
Mike tapped my hip... and I knew what he wanted... I raised my hips... and he pulled down the sweatpants.
"Yeah, I suspected... this one's really wet."
Mike opened the tapes with a little bit of a ripping sound as Lemmie actually got up from the table and stood over him to watch. I had to close my eyes. As he opened me up, I felt the cold air on my pee-wet pussy. He tapped my hip again... and I lifted... allowing him to pull out the old diaper and slide in another. I opened my eyes and Lemmie is just staring. And smiling. Mike dusted me with a generous amount of powder and closed the diaper, taping it securely.
"Off to bed with you little one."
He took me to the room and put me in one of the double beds. He removed the shirt I was wearing and put on a pink nightshirt that just said "Princess" on it. He left, turning out the light. My heart continued to race... I was not going to sleep anytime soon. I try to decipher the noises of the house... but all I can hear is indistinct talking and laughing for quite some time. Eventually the house gets quiet and I hear Missy going into the master bedroom just up the hall from me. I can hear talking in there... and some giggling. I can only assume Mike is there with her. Before long I hear the unmistakable sounds of them having sex: bed springs squeaking... and eventually Missy's cries of passion. As the house finally gets quiet, I drift off to sleep.
I woke a few times during the night. Each time I wet myself just a little, making a nice warm, wet place next to my pussy.

I woke up in the empty room. My bladder was, of course, full and I let it go... all of it... flooding myself and feeling the luxury of it as the diaper swells. I drift off a little and wake a few minutes later. By then the diaper had started to get cold and was wet enough as to be uncomfortable. I got out of bed and started walking through the quiet house, looking for Mike.
The diaper was soaked. It was heavy and sagging. I sort of liked the feeling as it hung away from me... almost swinging with the weight.
As I got to the kitchen/living area, Missy spotted me and said "Hi Punkin! Are you looking for your Daddy?"
Unsure what to say... I nodded.
"He's not here now. He and Lemmie had to go help a friend."
Panic again... looking around... not sure what to do.
"Awww. You're really wet. Come here Sweetie."
She walked to meet me half way and sat on the floor next to the changing blanket. She patted it indicating I should sit. I sat... blushing again... and she opened up the diaper. All the while she made sweet small talk and smiled. She was easy to like. My heart slowed from hummingbird speed to merely rabbit speed. She took out some wipes and gently wiped my pubic area clean.... down the left side of my pussy... up the right side. She tapped my hip as Mike... no, Daddy... did. I lifted. She ran the wipe across my butt and surprised me by folding it around her finger and running it once gently through my butt crack and across my asshole. I got a nice dusting of powder and she closed me up.
"I can make you some waffles if you like."
I nodded.
"You want a bottle first while I make them?"
I nodded again.
She smiled that contagious smile again and things were fine. I was handed a bottle and started suckling. When I was done... I was again nodding in and out of sleep... and ever so slightly wet. She took my hand and led me to the table. I was put in my chair and the tray slid in. On it was a waffle, cut into easily handled strips and dripping with maple syrup.
I didn't see any utensils, so I picked them up and began eating. They were delicious. She sat and watched and smiled and when I was done said "Oh my. Now you're a sticky gooey mess. Let's get you cleaned up, shall we?"
She led me to the bathroom and removed my shirt, exposing my small breasts. My nipples began to draw up... partly from the cool air... partly from the idea of what was happening. She filled the tub with warm water and untaped my diaper.
"Well, I see that didn't take long. You're already wet again."
She sat me in the tub and started washing me with a soft cotton wash cloth. She gently washed the syrup off of my hands and face, then went over my entire body. Her demeanor and the warm water made it relaxing.
When she finished washing me, she said, "Sit here little one." She patted the edge of the tub.
I sat, as requested.
"Let's get rid of that old nasty hair, shall we?"
She opened my legs with her hands and knelt between them, razor in hand. She gently rotated between scissors, soapy foam and razor to trim short and eventually shave me bare. Her touch was not clinical, yet not really sexual either. But it was arousing, nonetheless.
"Now bend over the edge," she said with a wave of her hand to indicate I should turn around and bend over.
Not knowing what was coming, I was absolutely startled as she parted my cheeks and one-by-one tweezed the few small stray hairs in my ass crack and around my asshole.
"Now lets get you dressed."
She led me to my bedroom and laid me down on the bed. I raised up my hips as she came towards me with a diaper. As she rubbed a little cream around my pussy to prevent a rash she said, "Oh you poor thing. Look at you! So wet and puffy. Oh.... just don't tell your Daddy."
Her fingers slid up the cleft of my pussy, sliding through my own slippery gel and one finger landed softly on my clitoris. My arousal was already pretty high and it wasn't very long before I couldn't keep my hips still... moving...searching for her finger... In a matter of a few minutes I made one big moan and she stopped as quickly as she started. She sprinkled some powder and closed me up tightly.
"Let's see what we can find for you to wear."
Missy brought out a horrid combo: An aqua marine shirt with the Little Mermaid on it and a very short bright orange skirt. It looked just like what a 3 year old would pick out if you sent her to get an outfit together. She put the shirt on me... and pulled up the skirt. It barely covered the diaper in front... and likely did not provide full coverage from behind.
"Ready to go shopping?"
My face clearly showed the terror I felt. I tried to shake my head no.
"Don't be silly. Let's go."
She put me back in the car seat and we left. We arrived at the grocery store in a few minutes. She opened the door and took me by the hand. I am sure I looked like a non cooperative child as she led me in... me dragging my feet. They had carts with a large bolt-on plastic child seats, made for older children. She grabbed one and ushered me into the seat. It was sittable by an adult, but tight. I had to spread open my legs to keep my knees from hitting the cart. This, of course, gave everyone in the store a full view of my large, bulky diaper.
She seemed to be taking *forever*. Picking over things... putting things back... and really buying quite a lot. It was about half way through the store that I felt my intestines grumble.
"Grumblegrumblegrumble," Missy said back to me, smiling and acknowledging she knew exactly what was going on.
The pressure became painful. I was starting to sweat a little. We had rounded the last aisle and were headed for the checkout. But the lines were packed. Missy walked to a line and got in.
"How's my Amy?" she said a little loudly, drawing a little attention from the shoppers.
"Missy. I can't. I mean..." I said in a whisper. My child voice had vanished in the desperation.
"Now hush Amy! Do I need to get out of line and have a talk?" she said, louder than before. She pushed us out of line, but still at the front amongst customers. She sternly looked into my eyes and took my chin in her hand. "Do I need to take you outside?"
"No, Ma'am," I whispered back -- this time back in my child voice.
Tears began to well up in my eyes. It was the end. I couldn't hold it any longer. My sphincter let go and I felt a loud gush of air and a mound of soft poo come out. I strained... getting another hold on it. People were looking. They knew. The smell started to waft through the air.
Missy got back in line. As the flustered check out girl rang up our order, another wave hit. A massive amount of soft poo came out -- bulging and discoloring my diaper noticably. Everyone heard. Everyone was looking. I felt it fully beneath my butt... moving into every crack. Squishing. Missy, totally unflustered, paid the girl and pushed our groceries to the car.
She first loaded the groceries into the back seat next to my child seat, then she opened the hatchback. She took out the diaper bag and spread out the blankie on the deck. She took my hand and had me sit inside the hatchback. Poo squished and spread to new places. She laid me back and I felt it push up the small of my back. I started to cry. Not just tears, but with a little shaking and a little noise.
"There, there, Sweetie. It's okay."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"That's okay," she said, pushing my skirt up, untaping my diaper, opening it. Exposing me ... in the parking lot... covered in poo. "You couldn't help it. There was enough fiber in those waffles and enough mineral oil in your baba to do that to anyone." She said it so softly, so nicely.
My tears turned to anger. I stammered, again slipping out of my child voice, "You wha-wha-what?"
She opened my legs wide and started to wipe off the poo with wipes. "Oh who is a stinky baby?" she said loudly, again drawing attention. "You are a stinky, stinky baby!"
I realized quickly I would not win this. She could take as long as she wanted and make as big a scene as she wanted. People had already passed and stared uncomfortably as they walked into the store.
"I sorry Missy," I said in my littlest voice.
She smiled warmly. I don't think I could hold my anger long looking at that face. It took her a good amount of time and many, many wipes to wash me clean. She ran one last wipe along my ass crack... back and forth... Her finger, wrapped in the wipe wriggled on my asshole, cleaning it. When I was fully clean, she pushed a new clean diaper under me. It felt nice and soft and clean to be again in the confines of a fresh diaper. Missy pulled my skirt down and helped me sit. She took a soft cloth, spit on it a little to wet it and gently wiped my tears.
"You okay, Punkin?"
Her voice was so sweet.... and that smile... I nodded.
"Go get in your seat."
I felt better and half-ran/half-skipped to the back door and crawled in my seat. She buckled me in tight and gave me a little kiss on the head.
Missy drove the car to another neighborhood and we drove up the driveway and around to the back of another house. She got out of the car and walked to my door, opening it, and helped me out. She pointed to the back yard and said "There's your Daddy!"
He stood up, looked our way and started walking towards us. For some reason, and I really can't tell you why, I was just absolutely filled with childish joy. I ran to him as fast as that oversized diaper would let me. I am sure it gave me a bit of an odd and slow gait, but ... I was *really* glad to see him. I met him there at the back of the house where he and two other men (one of them Lemmie) were building a deck. Lemmie went to his creepy smiling stare and whispered something to the new guy. The new guy (whom I later figured out was named Stan) gave Lemmie that "you're kidding" look and said "What?".
About that time, Missy caught up to me and loudly annouced to Daddy "Today was your lucky day, Mike."
"Oh? How's that?"
"You just missed the biggest messy diaper change ever."
I saw Stan look back at Lemmie. Lemmie just nodded to him.
Missy turned to me and said "We just came by to say hi to Daddy. We need to let him finish his work."
I turned to her, feeling crushed. "I don't wanna go. I just got here."
"Come on Darlin. We need to go," Missy said. She turned to Daddy and said "I think she's already had a long day. She may need a nap."
"Well, let me just give her a bottle. It won't take 15 minutes. That will make her feel better." He turned to me and said, "Let's go get you something to eat Puddin'."
Daddy took me by the hand and we went in the house. He fiddled around in the kitchen and came back with a bottle. Daddy sat on the sofa and I laid back on him, taking the bottle and suckling.... relaxing... I am not sure how long I was there, but Daddy gently was shaking me awake. The bottle was empty.
"Are you full? Or do you want a little dessert?"
My eyes lit up. "I like dessert."
"Okay, but you need to be quick, dear. I have to get back to work."
I wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but he stood up, pushing me to a sitting position on the sofa. He unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and took my head in his hands. He pulled my head in to his crotch. I could smell sweat and a lovely musky odor as he opened my mouth with his finger and pushed his still-soft cock inside.
As his cock hit the warmth of my tongue it immediately started to swell. He held my head in his hands -- not really letting me do anything at all. I just relaxed my muscles and let him move me over his cock. Just as he promised, he didn't last long. He pulled me in close one last time and I felt his cock expand bigger... and then explode inside me. I closed my eyes and slowly suckled his load like a bottle.
"Sorry, I can give you a longer dessert some other time. Daddy needs to get back to work, okay?"
I nodded and he took me by the hand back to Missy and the two men. Missy smiled and rolled her eyes. She playfully punched Daddy in the bicep.
"What was that for?"
Missy took a little tissue out of her purse, took my chin in her left hand and wiped a glob of cum off my lower lip and chin. She winked at Daddy, took my hand and took me back to the car.
She drove me back to her house and ushered me inside. "It has been a long day for you, young lady. It may be your bed time."
I wanted to protest, but... I was kind of sleepy. She took me back to the bedroom and helped me out of my clothes. She pulled my "Princess" sleeping shirt over my head and did a quick diaper change as I faded off to sleep.

I woke up late that night when I heard Daddy come home. It seemed pretty late and he was clearly tipsy. He came into our room and sat on the bed. I felt a finger slide inside my diaper along my inner thigh. It felt electric. I was beginning to crave his touch. He uncovered me and untaped the diaper. I opened my eyes and smiled at him as he looked at my naked, hairless pussy. He tapped my hip.
"Lift up."
I raised my hips and he slid the diaper out. He took a wipe and gently rubbed around my bare pussy. I was so wet. I moved... trying to move my pussy to his touch... But he finished, slid another diaper beneath me and taped it closed. He stumbled off to Missy's room and in a matter of minutes he seemed to have her awake and squealing. I faded off to sleep.

Day 3:
When I woke up, Daddy was in his bed in my room. He saw me looking at him and smiled. He got up and walked to my bed, uncovered me and began to do the morning diaper change.
"Are you ready for breakfast?"
I smiled and nodded. The smell of bacon, hashbrowns and eggs had permeated the house back to our room. He held my hand and led me to the breakfast table. Lemmie was there again and a man I had not yet met. I had begun to expect that as my little self I was not going to get an introduction. It turned out that this was Bob, Missy's husband. Daddy and Bob shook hands and seemed generally happy to see each other. As the delicious smelling breakfast was served, Missy brought me a bowl of very plain oatmeal.
The buzz at the breakfast table was the talk of a big party. Apparently it was at Stan's house where they were building the deck. I had mostly tuned them out (since I was really not part of the conversation) until I realized they were talking about me and all looking at me.
"...oh we have a really fancy party dress for her," said Missy.
I blushed dark red. Any new people sent me over the edge. It was bad enoughjust sitting here diapered in front of Bob and Lemmie. The idea of a big party was over the top.
"How many?" I asked.
"How many what, dear?"
"People. At the party."
"Oh, I bet there will be a hundred or more," Missy said.
My heart sank.
"Do I have to go?"
"Yes, don't be silly. Everyone wants to meet you."
"I don't feel good."
Missy, just trying to humor me walked over and felt my forehead.
"Mike, she does feel a little warm."
Oh, joy. I have a sudden feeling I might have an out for the party.
Missy removed the tray from my high chair and took my hand. She took me to the couch.
"Sit there, Hon. I'll be right back."
Missy returned and set me on all fours on the couch. She pulled down my diaper, exposing my bottom. Right on queue, Lemmie walked over from the table to watch. Missy spread my cheeks and I felt something cold and hard pushing up against my asshole. She pushed on it and I felt a cold, thin glass thermometer in my ass.
"Just hold still like that for 5 minutes, Sweety."
So I sit, ass high in the air -- for 5 minutes... while Lemmie just watches and smiles. Missy returned and pulled the thermometer out of my rectum.
"It's normal honey! You're fine." When my face obviously doesn't react with happiness, Missy says "What's wrong Honey? You nervous about the party?"
I felt myself starting to tear up... and just nod.
"Aww... Come here."
Missy sat on the couch with me and rested my head on her shoulder. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and I hear a velcro strap open as she pulled out her left breast. She drew me in close and put the nipple at my mouth. I opened and took it, sucking slowly. I sucked and felt it stretch against the roof of my mouth. I was shocked after a minute or so as I started getting a slight flow of milk. I closed my eyes and suckle for ... I don't know how long. I was only interrupted when Missy pulled her breast back, opened the right side of her bra and placed it back to my lips. I was feeling really close and connected to her as I suckled and drank and slowly wet myself while she stroked my hair.
When I woke, I notice quite some time has gone by. Missy is no longer there and I was in a very wet diaper on the couch. As I walked through the house, I stumbled on Missy in the hallway.
"There you are sleepy head. It is time to get ready."
Missy took me into the bath and washed me clean from head to toe. Every time she washed in and around my pussy, I moan a little.
"Not today, Punkin'. Sorry. Your daddy was upset about last time."
She toweled me dry and I got a powdering and diapering. She sats me in front of the mirror, wearing just the diaper and started combing and brushing my hair. Missy dried my hair and mades two braided pigtails on each side. She left briefly and returned with my party dress.
I was mortified when she enters. It was ridiculous in it's eggagerated babiness. It was a super short yellow satin dress with lots of frills around the edges. The waist was tied with a wide green ribbon belt and a green bow at least 10 inches across.
"Do you like it?"
I know better than to answer and just give her a sickened smile.
Missy pulled the dress over my head and buttoned it up the back. She pulled out a ruffled underpant and hoisted it up my legs and over the diaper. If I thought my diaper was showing in the orange skirt.... I was wrong. This was much shorter.
When we arrived at the party, it is underway. Everyone was drinking and eating lots of delicious smelling barbecue. I had almost hoped there would be ... I don't know... someone like me or ... something that didn't make me stand out so much. But everyone seemed "normal."
I followed Daddy, Missy and Bob around as they got drinks and food. Eventually Daddy handed me a sippy cup with something that tasted like juice in it and a paper plate with some plain cut up hot dogs. The smell of the beef and pork was driving me crazy. I was famished... as I ate the cut up hot dogs with my fingers.
As we walked around... the adults were making conversation with the other guests, my eyes suddenly locked on someone I knew. John and Linsay Parsons were there. They were regulars that ate at least once a week at the restaurant where I worked. John saw me and smiled, a little confused.
"Amy! Hi... What are... you doing?"
"Mr. Parsons. I can explai-" I started in my big girl voice.
"Amy!" Daddy cut me off sharply. His voice lowered a little but was still stern. "Amy. Be quiet. Let the big people talk."
"But, Mike. I-". I didn't get another word out.
The Parsons eyes were wide as Daddy drug me away by the hand. I saw them watch every step as he pulled me to the edge of the party. Without hesitation he sat and pulled me over his lap. What little cover the dress provided was removed as he pulled it up. He pulled the frilly cover and diaper down in one pull and I felt 5 HARD smacks on my ass. They hurt. And burned. And I felt my little self tumbling back to me as I started to cry loudly. Guests were staring as Daddy stood me back to my feet and pulled my diaper and panties back up.
Daddy held my hand and walked me back to Bob, Missy and the Parsons.
"Amy, tell the Parsons you're sorry."
"I'm sorry," I said in a tiny voice.
Mr. Parson, still very confused, asked "How do you know Bob and Missy, Amy?"
I look at Daddy and he nods that I can answer.
"They are friends of my Daddy."
Daddy runs his fingers through my hair, playfully. He hands me my sippy cup.

The party lasted quite a while. As it progressed, I realized the sippy cup must be spiked with something. I felt more relaxed. The first time I peed myself was a big one and I sprang a noticable leak down my leg. Daddy, probably aware of how much I was already embarrased was kind enough to take me back to the car to change me. However, the frilly cover was clearly soaked in pee and he had to leave it behind. It was now more painfully clear than ever: I was definitely wearing a large thick diaper and it showed.

It was another hour (and I don't know how many sippy cups) later that I felt it again: that gurgle from the supermarket. There was clearly more than one thing spiking my cup.
...but I was feeling very tipsy. Very. Very tipsy. I sat down near Daddy in a reclining deck chair.
"I love you Daddy," I said, a little too loud. "You're a good Daddy."
People were noticing. It wasn't that I hadn't gotten some odd stares before. Now I was really getting them. I leaned back in my chair, diaper clear for anyone to see.
"I go peepee," I announced to the room.
People were now not just staring, they were starting to gather around. I smiled and let myself totally relax. A darker spot began to spread across my diaper. Blue lines, once invisible, began to show. Daddy wasn't sure how to deal with me. I was clearly happy. But I was making a bit of a scene.
"I gotta go poop." And with that announcement, it was clear that a bulging of poo was starting in my diaper. I just giggled, squirming in it.
"Settle down, kiddo," Daddy said as he hauled out the diaper bag.
The crowd was silent. Watching. Some had their cameras out, recording.
Daddy opened my messy diaper and a rush of cool evening air hit my shaved pussy. He used wipe after wipe to clean me, in front of everyone. He took one wipe and wrapped it around his finger and it easily slid inside my pussy as he cleaned me off. To my dismay, the finger slid out and disappeared just as quickly. Without warning, he slid a second wipe-wrapped finger inside my asshole up as far as it would go. I felt the muscles in my ass and pussy throb and spasm a few times without my control. He slid a nice clean diaper underneath me.
"Daddy fuck me."
"AMY! Calm down!"
But I was a happy baby. He couldn't get overly mad at me. My legs were up in the air... apart... kicking happily as I giggled. With the diaper still open, I pushed a couple of streams of pee out as the crowd watched.
"Daddy, fuck my babycunt."
"Amy! Not here! Not now! Shhh."
My hands didn't wait for him. I was mad with several days of pent up excitement (and not a little bit of alcohol). My hands found my pussy and vigorously rubbed my clitoris. Daddy tried to calm me, but I just giggled, kicked my feet and rubbed. Every few seconds I would squirt a little pee... and giggle... and rub some more. In a matter of a few seconds, my hips were moving quickly... and I started moaning... and squealing... and then it was over.
The crowd didn't know what to think. Some smiled. Some were offended. All of them saw. A couple of them clapped. Daddy taped up my diaper, though by this time it wasn't quite a fresh one.
"I think it's time we get you home and in bed."

Daddy, Bob and Missy managed to get me to the car... and finally into bed. I saw Missy and Bob disappear into the master bedroom. It was a matter of seconds before I heard them having sex... and Missy moaning. A few minutes after their session ended, I saw the shadow of Missy entering the dark room.
"Is she asleep?" she whispered to Daddy.
"I think so," he whispered back.
"That was... some show."
"Bob and I were both ... really turned on."
"Me, too."
"Bob fell right to sleep. If we're quiet... I mean... I could use some more."
And then I heard the muffled sounds of them fucking in the bed right next to me as I finally drifted off to sleep. I so wanted that to be me as I heard her moan ever so queitly.

Day 4:

When I woke up, Daddy was packing his suitcase.
"Well good morning LittleOne. Ready to go home?"
My eyes started to well up with tears.
"No Daddy. I don't wanna go home. Not yet."
I began to cry louder. And louder. Missy heard me from somewhere else in the house and came in.
"What's wrong?" she asked Daddy.
"She's not ready to go home."
Missy turned to me. "Awww, you are so sweet. Come here. Give me a hug."
I ran, diaper full and swollen and hugged Missy with all my might, as if she could anchor me here.
"I have a going away present for you."
And like a light switch, my crying stopped.
"A present?"
"Can I see?"
Missy smiled that smile. She left the room and returned.
"Well, first, for big girls that don't cry... I got you this."
Missy pulled an oversized pacifier from behind her back. My eyes lit up. She held it out and I took it in my mouth, sucking.
"Then, for REALLY good girls... I have this."
Missy stepped out of the room and back with a laundry basket piled high with white cotton.
"What's THAT?" I said, a little garbled by the pacifier.
"Punkin', that is a whole bunch of brand new cloth diapers."
My eyes were wide as saucers. I think I may have squealed a little.
"And this," she said, pulling out a clear pair of plastic pants. "This will go over them to keep your bed dry."
She handed me the plastic pants. It had little cartoon ducks wearing diapers on it. I smiled at her.
"Can I put them on now?"
"Of course, Punkin."
I laid back and Missy walked over and sat next to me on the bed. She opened my diaper for the last time. I lifted and she retrieved it and slid in a new fluffy cotton diaper. I nestled into it.
"It's warm."
"They just came out of the dryer."
She pulled the corners together and pinned them in place. It was puffy and soft. And it was even bulkier between my legs than the new disposables.
"Feet up, Little Bit."
I lifted my feet in the air and she threaded my legs through the holes in the plastic pants, pulling them down. I lifted my hips and she snugged them into place.
"I love them Aunt Missy. Thanks."
She hugged me, as Daddy was gathering the last of our things. We walked to the car. I waved madly from my child seat as we pulled away.
The return trip was quiet. I sucked my pacifier and sort of stewed -- knowing I was about to have to say goodbye. I knew it wasn't his fault, but it seemed easier to be pouty and blame him. When we arrived at my apartment, Daddy got out, took my hand and we walked up the stairs to my door. What a difference a few days had made. When I had left I was tortured thinking someone would magically know I had a diaper on under my sweat pants. When I returned I was walking up the stairs, pacifier in mouth, wearing only a pink "Princess" shirt and cloth diapers.
Daddy let me in to my apartment. He sat down my diaper bag on a table.
"I am going to have to get on the road. I really enjoyed our time," he said in a normal voice -- the kind of voice you use when talking to an adult friend.
"Wait, Daddy. Change me one last time?"
His voice softened. "But you're not even wet, Sweetie."
I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I tugged at his shirt, pulling ineffectively every direction but up like a child trying to remove it. He got the message and took it off.
"Lay down, Daddy."
Daddy laid down. I crawled across the bed with a smirk and crawled on top of him. I kept crawling until I was straddling his chest, nipple high. I sat on his chest. I removed my shirt and sat there on him, wearing only the diaper. I closed my eyes and relaxed. First there was a trickle. I could feel it wicking away into the cotton. A little dripped across my pussy lips and vanished. A little more. I could feel a little cotton, hot with my pee, start to stick to my privates. Daddy's eyes stared intently as he started seeing a dark, yellowish spot start to appear. And then it really started. The wetness spread: 3 inches across; 4 inches; 5 inches. He began to feel the warm flush of it on his chest as the wet got bigger and bigger. And then it was just mostly wet from mid diaper down. Drips started dripping off the diaper and onto the plastic pants, and puddles formed inside them at each leg. It was a big one, lasting well over a minute.
I gave him a sinister smile and wiggled left to right, breaking the seal between my leg and the plastic pants. Two little rivers of pee came out -- one on heach side. They streamed down the sides of his chest and some flowed across his chest to his shoulders.
My pussy was on fire. It had been itching and acheing since the day he first diapered me. I was dying for him.
"Fuck me. Pwease," I said in a tiny voice.
"I don't know Babydoll, are you sure?" he teased back.
"Please what?"
"Pwease fuck me, Daddy."
I held my hand on the outside of my hot wet diaper.
"Here, Daddy."
"Not here?" he asked, playfully grabbing the flesh of my ass.
"No, here." I said, moving his hand to the front.
"What is that?"
"My hooha."
"What do you want me to do with your hooha?"
"I want you to put your peenie in it. Please. PLEASE."
Daddy gently pushed me off his chest and onto my back. He lifted the plastic panties away and unpinned the diaper. He opened the soggy diaper and left me sitting in it. He quickly discarded his own pants and underwear and his cock was at full attention.
"Now show me. What goes where?"
"I want you to put this," I said, playfully pulling on his cock. "In my hooha." I opened my legs and then spread my lips slightly with my fingers, showing him my opened pussy. His teasing made me ache more. I was clearly wet.
"Here?" he said, running a single finger along the glistening entrance of my vagina.
"Yes. Please."
"Not here?" he said, sliding his now wet finger in my mouth.
"Not here?" he said, running the finger along my ass crack and gently touching my asshole.
"No... fuck me. Fuck my babycunt."
Daddy knelt above me and slowly (painfully slowly if you ask me) lowered himself. I felt the tip of his cock touch me, just barely right at the opening of my pussy. I wiggled and moved my hips, trying to get at him, but he stayed right there, just out of reach....
Until he didn't. He suddenly pushed his entire cock fully inside me, filling me. My pussy had felt more empty than it ever had felt. And now I felt him open me and fill me. I moaned loudly. I wasn't going to last long. I had had days of teasing and foreplay.
He lay still there and I enjoyed the feeling. My babycunt pulsed around him.. waiting... ready to cum at almost any time. He slowly started to move and I moaned a low moan. He moved more... in and out and my moans rose. I wasn't going to make a minute. He started fucking me.... HARD. Slapping into me... I could feel his balls hitting me. My entire body went rigid and I squealed. The waves of cum kept hitting me... over and over.
"Did you like that Little One?"
I nodded. I wasn't sure I could talk yet.
"Daddy's not quite done yet."
I hate to tinerrupt my own story, but I feel like I need to describe the mental gymnastics that were going on in my brain. We had had several chats in the past... and he had cleaned me up countless times over the past few days... and then there was the method of his foreplay. I was near 100% sure what Daddy wanted most of all had to do with anal. It isn;'t something I have ever done and ... I was more than a little nervous about it. But I also knew that my time here was very limited. And I was pretty sure it was not something he would ask for.
I put on my best coy face and said in a tiny voice, "Daddy..."
He stopped thrusting and said "Yes, LittleBit?"
I looked away... bit my lip a little...
"What is it."
"It's just..."
"Tell me."
"Can you put it... my bottom?"
The look on his face was very surprised. He raised up off of me and said "Show me what you mean."
I turned over onto all fours and showed him my ass.
"No. Show me."
I rested the front of my body on my shoulders and reached back with my hands, spreading my cheeks. My asshole was staring right at him, pink and puckered.
"What do you want?"
"Can you put your peepee in my poopoo?"
"Do you want it here?"
With that, Daddy roughly plunged a finger deep inside my pussy. moving it around.
"Noooo. In my poopoo."
"Here?" And as he said that he pushed that finger in my ass, spreading my own juices around to lubricate me. My muscles clenched involuntarily on him.
"Yes, Daddy. Please."
I felt him move close behind me. I felt the tip of his cock hold steady against my ass.
"How much do you want, Sweetie? A little bit? Half?"
"Please, Daddy. I want it. Give it to me"
And without further warning, he pushed his cock inside my asshole and buried it to the hilt inside me. For the record, I am not one of those that has fantasies about huge cocks. I have only been with a few guys and they have all been of average size. Daddy is also of average length... but he may be of slightly arger girth. This is really nice when he was fucking me. But when he entered me... it was a bit of a shock. I sort of lost my breath and made a loud grunting noise.
"Are you okay, Sweetie?"
The feelings I was sensing are hard to describe. It hurt a little. It hurt maybe more than a little. But ... it was more than that. While he may have been "average length", it felt like he was three feet long and the girth of a soda can inside me. I had a feeling of "being filled" more than I think I have ever felt. And there was an immense pleasure aspect in play, too.... one I had NEVER felt before. I knew I didn't want him to stop.
My muscles down there were spasming. I wasn't cumming... just uncontrollable spasms. My ass would grab his cock hard and let go. Each time I hit the relaxation phase, I could feel a tiny trickle down my left inner thigh as I repeatedly and accidentally wet myself.
My breath was still a little taken from me... all I could say was "mmhmm"
"Are you sure?"
In an attempt to get him to understand... and to believe me, I pushed my ass back hard into him. , making a gutteral sound in my throat. He slowly started to move, pulling a little back... pushing a little forward. With each movement I made a little rusty squeal -- like an old broken accorian. He slowly made his way to full thrusts and quickened the pace. When he finally made it up to full speed, my pussy was on fire. I squealed with each pump. I moved my right had down there and gently stroked my clit. It felt like a jolt of electricity and I had a little mini orgasm. The feeling was intense and I had to remove my hand... but as it passed I did it again -- having a second mini orgasm. I kept this up, having 4 or 5 of them. My hips must have been moving all over the place. Daddy's hands grasped my hips firmly and held me as he continued his pace.
I could feel him quickening and could hear him breathing faster. I knew he was close. I wanted to cum once more.. a big one. I rubbed my clit again, hitting the mini orgasm... but kept rubbing. Suddenly I felt like I was exploding inside. My whole body shuddered and shook and I know I was screaming really loud. That's when Daddy lost it. He pushed deep inside and held it there: twitching.
I was worn out. Daddy eased out of me and laid me down. He cleaned me up with a wipe, put me in a soft cotton diaper and pulled my plastic pants in place. He left momentarily and returned with a warm bottle. He kissed me on the forehead as I began to suckle.
I obviously drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I was wet and alone. The diaper bag was on the dresser, packed to the brim with fresh supplies. An over flow of supplies was stacked neatly beside it. Even the cloth diapers were freshly laundered. There was a note from Daddy beside it.
"Keep this bag stocked and ready to go. You never know when you will need it."

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