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A diapered car trip.

It was a long car ride to the beach.  Almost an 8 hour car ride from Ohio to the jersey shore.  Amanda was taking her two daughters, Shea age 13 and Casey age 7, for a week long vacation to the beach at their aunts house.   They were getting ready to leave when Shea passed her mother walking up the stairs.  She stopped when she saw that her mother was carrying a package of pampers size 7 in her hand.
"Awe is Casey gonna get diapered for the trip?" Shea asked mockingly
"Yes she is but" her mother was cut off
"What a baby"
" Can I go tell her to come up to your room before we leave" Shea said.
"Yes u can bring her up in five minutes"
Shea smirked to herself as she walked upstairs. She enjoyed taunting her little sister for having a weak bladder and still needing to be diapered on long car trips.
"Casey mom needs you upstairs for a minute"
She followed her sister upstairs to enjoy the show of her mother putting a baby diaper on her.
When she and her sister got to their mothers room Casey began to whine as she saw the package of diapers on her mothers bed.
"Mom I don't wanna wear diapers I'm a big girl." Cried Casey
" oh baby" said her mother "its just for the car ride so you don't have to worry about having an accident on the way there."
"Now quit pouting and lay down so we can leave"
" If you have to use the potty go now before we get your diaper on"
Casey quickly went the bathroom and returned accepting her fate as she laid down on her mothers bed.
Her mother removed a pamper from the pack and proceeded to diaper her youngest daughter. She quickly wiped, powdered, and diapered her without much effort.
"There honey now that's not so bad is it." As her mother patted her diapered butt.
"What a baby" as Shea started to laugh at her sister when she pulled her shorts back up over her diaper and walked downstairs. "Go finish packing the car sweetie, your sister and I will be right down."
Amanda shot her oldest daughter a look.
" You shouldn't be laughing young lady" said her mom
Shea's mood changed abruptly.
"Don't think I forgot the last time we made this trip."
Shea's face went beat red. She had almost forgotten that last year she had wet herself on the way into a rest stop.
"After last year I've decided that you will be wearing a diaper as well"
" You can't be serious" Shea said irritated
"Do i look like I'm joking?" She said as she pulled a second pamper from the package
"Now go potty and come lay down so we can get this over with."
Shea couldn't believe her mother would tell her to " go potty" she was 13 for crying out loud.
"No way I'm too old to be wearing a diaper ."
Her mother began to grow impatient.
"Get over her right now or your going over my knee before you get your diaper on." Amanda said with a sternness.
"Mom this is so embarrassing you can't"
With this last remark Amanda grabbed her daughter and yanked her over her knee.
"I guess we're going to have do this the hard way." Amanda scolded as she began to spank her.
Shea tried to struggle but her mother was much stronger and bigger than she was.
Amanda held a firm grip of her daughter with one hand and with the other removed her shorts. She spanked her until Shea began bawling like a naughty toddler. Then she removed her big girl panties and gave her twenty more swats on her bare bottom for good measure.  Finally she let her daughter stand up.  " Now lay down or do I have to get the paddle and continue your attitude adjustment."
Shea wiped her tears as she knew she had no choice. She laid down on her mothers bed dreading what was going to happen next.
" Good girl" her mother said happily as she unfolded her diaper.
"Now lift your bottom sweetie" as she slid the pamper under Shea's red bottom.
Shea couldn't believe what was happening as she obeyed her mother allowing her to diaper her not wanting another spanking.
Amanda pulled a baby wipe out and began wiping Shea's sore bottom. Then she powdered her just as she had done to her little sister.  Finally she pulled the diaper over her crotch and tapped it nice and tight so it would not leak.
Amanda stood her daughter up making sure that the leak guards were in position by running her hands through her diaper.
" There now get ready to leave, the van is almost packed" Amanda told her daughters as she grabbed the pampers and other diapering essentials, along with both girls underwear.
Shea was standing there in disbelief as her mother walked out. She looked down at herself and saw Elmo starring back up at her.  She was so embarrassed at what had just taken place.  She knew if she took off her diaper then the whole process would be repeated as well as another spanking. Shea decided that she had no choice but to humour her mother. No way I need a diaper, last year was just an accident she told herself.
Shea pulled up her shorts on over her diaper. She quickly saw that her little shorts did not hide her diaper very well. There was an obvious bulge and the white top of her diaper poked out. She thought about changing real quick but her mother had finished packing and was ready to hit the road. 
"Let's go girls time to go" Shea heard her mother yell from downstairs.
She was out of time. She would just have to try and hide it the best she could.  As Shea began to walk downstairs she was mortified when she heard every step she took was accompanied by her diaper crinkling. That along with the bulkiness made it quite obvious she had a diaper on.
Shea made sure that she was the last one to the car still trying to hide her diapered state from her little sister.  Luckily Casey was preoccupied watching a movie on her iPad.
Shea slumped down into her seat and shortly after leaving dosed off.
She awoke a couple of hours later.  Her sister had fallen asleep as well.  Shea looked around realizing that they weren't even out of Ohio yet.  Then the van drove over a pothole that made her realize the pressure that had built in her bladder while she was asleep. 
"Mom can we stop at the next rest stop." She asked her mother trying her best to not sound desperate. 
"Sure honey I think there's one in a couple of miles".
Shea relaxed a bit with this knowledge. Maybe five minutes passed and Shea was becoming uncomfortable.  She pressed her crotch and pushed her diaper trying to hold it.
I shoulda went the bathroom earlier when I had the chance Shea thought to herself.  They passed a sign saying the next rest stop was five miles ahead. Almost there she thought. As they got closer though there was a sign saying that the stop was closed for repairs.  Shea almost cried when she saw this.  Her mother said how she would just have to hold it until they got to the next one.  Shea didn't think she could hold it much longer but she knew she had to try. She couldn't bare to think of wetting her diaper. She held out for as long as she could but when they drove over another pothole her bladder gave way.  She grabbed her diaper tighter but couldn't stop the flow.  Her mother had noticed her daughter in the back seat fighting to stay dry along with her losing the battle.  As her pee spread through her diaper Shea shifted around trying to get comfortable in her wet pamper. 
"Its OK baby, that why I wanted you to wear a diaper in the first place." This caught Shea off guard as she didn't think her mother knew that she had just flooded her diaper.
" I'll change you when we stop next." She said trying to comfort her but really all it did was embarrass Shea more.  She couldn't believe that this was happening or that now she was going to be changed like a two year old.  She sat in her wet diaper for what seemed like forever until they came upon the next rest stop.  As they pulled in Shea thought that her mother would just change her in the car.  To her dismay her mother grabbed two new diapers, told her to get out, and follow her and her little sister inside. After waking up Casey the sisters and their mother walked across the parking lot into the stop.  Shea found it even more awkward to walk now that her diaper had swelled up.  As they walked into the bathroom Amanda checked her youngest daughter's diaper. She was dry so she got to go into the stall with her mother and use the potty. Amanda told Shea to wait outside the stall until they had taken care of their business. After they were done Amanda turned her attention to Shea.
"OK Shea lets get that wet diaper off."
She went beat red as her mother had just announced to everyone in the bathroom along with her little sister that the young thirteen year old girl needed her diaper changed.
"Mom!" She said embarrassingly. Casey couldn't believe it. She had kept herself dry where as her older sister had been in a diaper this whole time and had wet.
Her mother could of cared less as she led Shea to the changing table getting everything ready to change her daughters diaper.
"Please mom don't change me here in public" she pleaded on the verge or tears. But her mother would hear none of it. 
"Young lady get your butt up here right now or do you need another spanking."
Now Shea busted out in tears as she realized she had no choice. Her mother helped her onto the table as onlookers tried not staring at the taboo scene.  Amanda then took her shorts down to her ankles and began to untape her soggy diaper.  Then she began wiping her privates in full view of everyone.  As she pulled the old diaper away she slid a fresh pamper underneath her little bottom.  Shea laid their still crying as her mom continued to diaper her as if she was a baby.  Amanda powdered her then finally pulled her diaper up and fastened the tapes.  As she lifted her off the changing table Shea pulled her shorts up over her diaper trying to cover her shame.  Shea wiped her tears and was thankful her ordeal was over.  As they got back to the car Shea sat in her seat defeated. She lifted to waistband of her shorts to see her babyish diaper.  It was still a long car trip in a diaper as she prayed the events that had just taken place would not repeat themselves. " Who's the baby now?" her sister just couldn't help herself.

To be continued...

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