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"My Girlfriends' Sisters' Baby"


             Chapter 23........


        By BooBooBritches


             I wasn't too sure of exactly what was happening, Beth had actually talked to me and treated me as if I was a 2 year old, then it hit me, I was like, WOW, what am I thinking, that's exactly what I wanted, to be talked to and treated as a 2 year old, it was just a part of the treatment I hadn't expected.  Needless to say, I was still somewhat iffy about what had just happened and I doubt I got a whole lot of sleep the rest of the night, altho I was sound asleep when Beth had come in to go to bed, and I don't even remember her or Kim changing me into my night diapers, maybe it was all just a dream?


              When I awoke Monday morning, it was no surprise to me that my diapers were wet and yucky.  I laid there for awhile listening to the chatter and laughter coming from the living room and the kitchen, trying to make out what they were talking about, until I realized, I was in truth listening to 3 or 4 different conversations at the same time coming from various parts of the house and the backyard and it dawned on me that their were already numerous people here for the 4th of July bar-b-que.


              As I laid there, trying to be quiet....AND INVISIBLE...., I thought about hollering for Beth so she could come in and get me changed so I would at least be presentable when she took me out to the backyard or the living room, whatever her and Kims' plans were.  Just before I got up the nerve to holler for Beth, I was shocked to see Kim and her mother, Elly walk into the room.


               Kim walked straight over to me bed and started to pull down the covers as Elly said, "Well, look who's finally wakey-wakey, did Nanas' big baby have a good nitey nite"    Both Kim and Elly laughed and then Kim said, "UT OH, it looks and smells like someone is in bad need of a diaper change", as she patted my bottom and peeked into my diaper at the inner thighs.


                "What do you think mom, should we change him here or make him waddle out to the living room in his yucky diaper and see if Beth wants to change his lil diapey"  I must have started turning red because Kim sat down on the bed beside me and said, "Now Robby Baby, we have no plans of running you back into the bedroom here every time you need your diaper changed today, Cassidy will be getting her diaper changed, regardless of where she is, the living room or the backyard, and I have no idea who's going to be changing her at any given time, or even checking her diapers to see if she needs changed, I do know that you wanted to and agreed to be treated exactly like Cassidy, and that's how you're going to be treated today, and Robby, a lot of these people here today think you're just slow and need diapers, I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want to be sitting out there in the middle of the lawn in a wet, poopy diaper and everyone finds out, you're doing that because you like it and you want to, not because you need too, you're in to deep to back out now Baby Boy so I suggest you enjoy your fantasy and go with the flow".


                  "For now Baby Boy, let's get you changed, because honey, you really are ripe, WHEW, YOU STINK.  Mom, can you grab me a wet wash cloth and the baby wipes and we'll get this lil stinker here smelling all baby fresh so hims can come out and meet everyone"


                   Kim carefully unsnapped my onesie, then unsnapped my plastic pants, bringing both down towards by bottom, as she bent over me to unpin my diaper I couldn't help but notice how sensual and arousing she smelled, this aromatic scent was soon replaced by a not so aromatic odor as she finished unpinning my diaper and pulled the front down, very slowly, as if to examine the damage and surprise my diaper held in store for her.  Needless to say, judging from the way she wrinkled her nose and her expression, she was not too surprised, as she nodded her head towards her mom as if to say, "YUPPERS, JUST AS I SUSPECTED, HE'S YUCKY-MESSY AND HE STINKS"


                    To my surprise and shock, Elly started wiping me down, with the wash cloth, front to back, as Kim wiped off the majority of the mess with my diaper in the same fashion, having both of them wiping and cleaning me simultaneously was absolutely insane, I was experiencing feelings I had not felt before, I was paralyzed with feelings of ecstacy and arousal, I had not even noticed that I had automatically lifted my bottom so they could slide the dirty diaper out and slip a clean one back under me, it just came natural. 


                     Once I was changed and more presentable, Kim left the room and Elly stayed to finish dressing me, of course she included the baby-talk as she had me hold on to her shoulders while she guided my feet into the shorts she had picked out, then had me lift my arms so she could pull my t-shirt over my head, and just when I thought she was done, she told me to hold still while she snapped the bottom of my t-shirt to the top of my shorts and explained to me that since she hadn't put me in a onesie, this would help keep my diapers from drooping and sagging very much, not if I wet or messed them, but WHEN I WET AND MESSED THEM, I also hadn't noticed that the shorts not only had snaps at the top, but they also had snaps up and down the inner thighs through the crotch, I would discover this a short time later in the backyard. 


                      Once Elly finished putting my socks and sneakers on me, she took me by the hand and walked me out into the living room where Beth was sitting and talking with Miss Dani from the nursing home and Becky, Ambers' mom.  As soon as Beth saw me, she said, "AWWWW, THERE'S MY LITTLE STINKER, come here baby boy and sit by mommy", Miss Dani and Becky both smiled, Kim walked in with Cassidy on her hip and I couldn't help but notice how similar our outfits were, almost identical.  Kim handed Beth a bay bottle and told her it was apple juice, as Beth handed it to me and I started sucking it, I was happy it wasn't that formula but knew the apple juice would virtually have the same effect on me and it wouldn't be long before i would be in need of another diaper change.


                       I must have caught the back end of the conversation because Beth was telling Miss Dani and Becky that she was pretty sure that they had a deal, especially if the nursing home would toss in the home diaper delivery service as part of the pay, I wasn't sure exactly what was happening but got a sick feeling in my gut, and this time it wasn't because I was getting ready to fill my diapers.  Becky was pretty happy about the entire deal, it seems Miss Dani was naming her Head of the training project for the nursing home and she would not only be training the new nursing aides, 2 at a time, at this nursing home, but they would also be bringing other new aides from their 5 other nursing homes to train under the new project titled "Residential Incontinence Care", each aide would have to undergo 2 weeks of training or 80 hours to complete the course.


                       When Beth questioned Miss Dani about the length of the course, Miss Dani explained that in the 80 hours of the course, the aides would get to experience any and every detail of diapering that would or could possibly come up and that her and Becky would get a better ideal and have a lot more insight as to which aide was sincere, caring and more attentive of the residents care and condition and that this course would eliminate a lot of potentially bad nursing aides, both Beth and Kim nodded their heads in agreement along with Becky.


                       Beth then stood up, took my hand while my other hand held the baby bottle securely in my mouth and said, "Well, since we're all in agreement, that's enough business for the day, let's go out back and join everyone else and have fun", everyone agreed and proceeded to walk into the back yard.  When we got into the backyard, I was shocked to see so many people there already, as I was equally shocked to see that there were no other men present, everyone there were female.


                       I noticed Amber and Ashley from the daycare, along with the nurses aides from the nursing home, Sharon, Teri, Samantha and Sarah and Candy, the girl from the nursing home kitchen, they were all lounging around the pool.  I sort of blushed when I saw Stacey, the female police officer, wink at me, as she was standing next to Elly and Lori, all 3 turned towards me and giggled.


                        It seemed every female I had met or run into this weekend had made it to this bar-b-que, and here I stood, sucking on a baby bottle, wearing a shorts outfit that definitely enhanced the fact that I was wearing diapers, and I knew, that sooner or later, most likely sooner, I'd be either wet, or messy, or both and I had no doubts in my mind that at least one, if not more, would discover or sense I needed a diaper change and would check me, no doubt, right there, in front of everyone else, and I also knew that all of them would loudly and clearly announce if I was wet or poopy in front of everyone there.


                       Beth walked me over to a blanket where Cassidy was playing and had me sit down next to Cassidy, then gave me a plastic train and some blocks to play with, I reluctantly grabbed the toy train with one hand, holding my bottle in my mouth with the other, and started to pretend to play with it, all the while, keeping my ears open to any conversations that were near me. 


                       After about 30 minutes, I felt that familiar rumbling in my tummy and almost as soon as I felt it, I felt the yucky mess smearing and squish on my bottom, sitting perfectly still, I attempted to cross my legs and sit Indian style, hoping to not only conceal the apparent fullness of the bottom of my diaper, but to also try and cover up the smell as best as I could.  As I sat there, I couldn't help but notice Cassidy, staring blankly at nothing, then her little face turning red as she quietly grunted, after a couple minutes, she went back to playing with her toys, I knew that she had just messed her diaper also, and that maybe, this would be the break I was looking for.


                        I would wait until Kim came over to check Cassidy and if she did find she had a messy diaper, I would wait to see if she took Cassidy inside to change her, and if so, ask if I could come with her, I figured getting changed in the living room, there would be far less people and it would be a lot less embarrassing then getting changed on this blanket, here in the middle of the yard, with everyone watching.


                        Cassidy and I sat and played for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden, Cassidy got up and walked over towards the tables and chairs where everyone was sitting and chatting, I knew there was no way I could attempt to walk anywhere, after watching Cassidy waddle away, with a very obvious messy diaper, I would just have to sit patiently and keep my fingers, and my legs crossed, and hope for a chance to get Beth alone so I could tell her I needed changed.


                         As soon as Cassidy got near Kim, I heard Kim loudly say, "Ut Oh, smells like someone did poopies in her lil diapers", everyone looked at Cassidy, smiled and giggled as Kim lifted her on to her hip, walked inside, then quickly came back out, still carrying Cassidy on her hip, but holding Cassidy's diaper bag, and walked directly over to where I was sitting, on the blanket.  Kim laid Cassidy down next to me, then gave me a peculiar look, and I could have swore I saw her nose twitch a little, she then went about changing Cassidy's messy diaper, all the while talking baby-talk to her and looking at me and smiling as she did.  As she played peek-a-boo with Cassidy by covering her face with the clean diaper, then taking if off and saying, "PEEK-A-BOO BABY GIRL", she quickly had her changed and dressed her in just a cute little onesie outfit that let her diaper and her plastic pants peek out on each side, just a teensy bit, Cassidy looked absolutely adorable as she got up and toddled away to find her Nana.


                       While Kim was cleaning up the area from changing Cassidy, she looked at me again, wrinkled her nose, and said, "Yuck, why does it still smell like a poopy diaper here, Robbiiiiiiie, is there something you want to tell me, do you need your diaper changed Baby Boy", without thinking, I quickly shook my head no, not realizing that a diaper check, followed by a diaper change, would be a lot more embarrassing and humiliating then if I had just said yes, got my diaper changed and been done with it, Kim just said, "Are you sure you don't want me to change your diaper", I again shook my head no without thinking of the consequences it would bring.


                       Kim got up, smiled at me, wrinkled her nose once again, then took Cassidy's diaper bag over to the patio and set it down, she then went over to Beth and told her something, both girls looked at me and laughed, then called Stacey, the police officer, over.  After talking with Stacey for a couple minutes, all 3 started laughing and I saw Stacey walking over to where I was sitting, Stacey sat down next to me and started stacking the blocks and playing with me as if I were a 2 year old, then Stacey stopped, wrinkled her nose, then scooted closer to me and gently uncrossed my legs, spreading my legs wide open, she carefully unsnapped my shorts as I sat there, stunned, she then stuck 2 fingers into my plastic pants, and slowly peeled back part of the diaper, I was so mesmerized by what she was doing I didn't notice almost everyone else in the yard watching her.


                       Imagine my shock and surprise when she gently pushed be down onto my back so I was laying in front of her, with my legs spread wide open, and she lifted the front of my unsnapped shorts up to my belly, leaving me exposed in just my diaper, and saying loud enough for everyone to hear, CAN SOMEONE GRAB HIS DIAPER BAG, THIS BABY BOY HAS GOT A VERY POOPY DIAPER, AND, (Dramatically waves her hand in front of her face and wrinkles her nose), SHOO-EEEY, HE STIIIIIIIIINKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"My Girlfriends Sisters Baby"

              (Chapter 24)


         By BooBooBritches



              I was stunned and must have been turning a dozen shades of red as I listened to Stacey going on about how messy and stinky I was as she kept patting my bottom and waving her hand in front of her nose, enough to get every ones attention,  Then, loudly, she asked Beth if she could bring my diaper bag over to her, along with a wet wash cloth.  Elly immediately came over and knelt down with Stacey and just had to explain how she had just changed my poopy diapers, all the while laughing and calling me "Tinky Bottom".


                Stacey then told Elly, it seemed that every time she seen me, I always had a dirty diaper, both Stacey and Elly laughed and agreed, then jokingly asked Beth when she came over with the diaper bag and the wet wash cloth, Damn, what have you girls been feeding this little stinker, he's constantly and almost always in a dirty diaper.  Beth just laughed and told them that I was a growing boy and had a big appetite and since I ate non-stop, it was only obvious that I would poop non-stop, all 3 laughed as Stacey looked at me, wrinkled her nose and said to me in baby-talk, "O-K Mister Tinky Bottom, let's get your lil diapey changed and get all your big yucky-yucks all cleaned up and get your lil bottom smelling a little better".


                   Beth stayed and watched as Stacey started to change my diaper explaining to both Stacey and her mom how I had a doctor appointment with Jessica's pediatrician tomorrow morning,  when Stacey asked if everything was o-k, Beth told her that yes, it was, and that the dr. appointment was just basically for a general check-up, a follow up on my nutritional needs and diet, and also to check on the diaper rash I was starting to develop, to which Stacey immediately announced, "Yea, His bottom is a little red, as she was carefully washing me off with the wet wash cloth.  Elly then said, "Beth, maybe we should leave his plastic pants off this afternoon and let him run around in just a diaper, it'll be easier to tell when he needs changed and he won't be confined to sitting in a wet or messy diaper like he would be if he had plastic pants on".


                   As Stacey finished cleaning me up, she told Beth that since I was going to be running around without plastic pants, maybe she should double diaper me and just go ahead and leave my shorts off for the rest of the day, Beth quickly agreed, then turned to me, smiled,  winked, and said, "Yes, that would definitely help him from getting everything wet and should help his diaper rash, plus, no matter who he walks past, they can just pat his bottom to see if he's wet or take a quick peek down the back of his diaper to see if he's yucky", Elly quickly agreed with both Stacey and Beth and added, true, plus, he'll look so cute toddling around in just a thick, padded diaper for all to see, all 3 laughed as Stacey finished pinning my diaper on, then with a pat to my bottom she said, "There ya go Tinky Bottom, fresh as a daisy and ready to play (as she handed me the little plastic train I had earlier).


                    The rest of the day I would soon discover, would be filled with one surprise after the other, with everyone seemingly wanting to pat my bottom every time I toddled past them, including when I was toddling past Amber and Ashely from "The Tops for Bottoms Nursery" that Kim owns, Ashely reached out and gave my bottom a pat, then announced, "UT-OH, someone has a wet tooshy, c'mere baby boy, let's make sure you're just wet and not poopy (as she quickly spins me around and expertly pulls the back of my diaper open and peeks in, then with another pat to my bottom she says), c'mon little one, let's find you some dry diapeys" as she takes my hand and goes looking for Beth or Kim.


                    We find Beth and Kim inside chatting with Elly, Stacey, Miss Dani and Becky and as we walk in, they all stop talking and look our way as Ashley tells them that I have a very wet tooshy and asks Beth where my diapers are, Beth points towards a stack of MY DIAPERS sitting on the coffee table and asks Ashely if she was going to change me, Ashley quickly replied yes, she was going to get in a quick diaper change while I was only wet, leaving a dirty diaper for Amber to change later, both Beth and Kim laughed and asked, what are you talking about?  Ashely told them that all the girls outside were taking turns changing Jessica and my diapers and that they all drew cards, and she was first, Kim quickly said, Cool, we won't have to change a diaper all day and Ashley told her that was why they did it, to give Beth and Kim a break from diaper changing.


                    With that said, Ashley patted the floor, right next to the coffee table and said, "Plant it Baby Boy, let's get your wet tooshy changed and into a dry diaper", as I sat down, Ashley gently pushed me

 back and started unpinning my diapers, she carefully wiped me off with a baby wipe, then told me to lift my bottom as she pulled the wet diaper out from under me and slid another clean double diaper in it's place, slowly pinning up each side, then with a quick pat to my bottom she said, "There ya go Baby Boy, a fresh dry bottom".  Kim told Ashley to hold up a minute before taking me back outside, went in the kitchen and returned with a baby bottle of my special formula, handing it to Ashley and asking her if she could feed me and to make sure I drank it all.  As Ashley walked out, holding my hand, I heard Kim telling Beth and the rest that were sitting there, "That should make their diapering contest a little bit more interesting, I'm not sure if Jessica's going to have another dirty diaper this afternoon, but I can pretty well guarantee you, Robby's going to have quite a few of them", then went on and explained to Miss Dani exactly how the formula affected my digestive system.


                     Miss Dani looked puzzled and then asked, "What you're saying is, that with this special formula, you can predict, and even cause Robby to make a messy diaper, almost immediately after drinking it, hmmmm, this could be invaluable with the training classes and in light of this new information, I'm quite sure we can not only guarantee you what you have asked for, but we can also sweeten the pot for you by offering you more money and heck, not only will we supply the weekly diaper delivery service for Robby, we'll even include Jessica's diapers in our weekly diaper delivery service, for as long as she's still in diapers and I am willing to sign a 3 year, long term contract immediately.




                               Miss Dani and Beth smiled, and shook hands.............

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