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" Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                             " CHAPTER VIIII "


                           By BooBooBritches


          As we pulled into the mall parking area I felt a little bit better about being there, my diaper, at best was just damp and I wasn't feeling anything going on with my tummy, and knowing I had just had a messy diaper I felt I could most likely make it through a short tour of the mall with little or no problems or embarrassments.  Kelly and Sarah were chatting about the different stores they wanted to go to and about various they had planned on buying.


           When Kelly parked the van, Sarah hopped out and laughingly said to Kelly, "Dang girl, sure wish we had a stroller for the baby, wouldn't want him wondering off and getting lost", both girls laughed and Kelly said, "OH, I wouldn't worry about that, I seriously doubt this baby is going to want to get lost and be found by anyone that might just notice he's wearing diapers and a cute babyish onesie", both girls laughed again, nodding their heads in agreement.  Once we got into the mall(Kelly holding tightly on to my hand), Sarah sort of led the way as we headed for the Victoria's Secret store.  This was probably the last store I needed to be in, but then again, even if I did get excited, no one but I would know due to the thickness of my diapers, so I thought, then again, it might not be too bad as I quietly smiled to myself.


            We walked around the store and I was actually enjoying myself watching Kelly and Sarah checking out the merchandise.  Sarah finally found some items she wanted to buy so Kelly once again took my hand and we waited for her near the door.  We ended up going to numerous other stores and the girls both did their fair share of shopping, buying an item here and an item there, but none of the stores were as fun for me to go to as was Victoria's Secret, that is, until we turned the corner in the mall and I noticed we were headed straight for a Baby's R Us store, for obvious reasons, going into this store always got me excited and I knew I would be daydreaming all the way through the store of how I wish I could wear this outfit, or that outfit, or fit into this swing or walker, or even play with the various toys that babies play with on a daily basis, and then I thought, WOW, you big dummy, you're  already being treated like a baby in every way physically possible, what more could you possibly want?


             However, irregardless of how I tried to rationalize it, I still felt a tinge of anxiety and excitement as we entered the store, and I knew, that if ever there was a time I wanted to use my diaper, it would definitely be now, in this store, being babysat by two gorgeous looking ladies.  We walked around for a bit, Kelly looked at the diaper pails, saw the tall extra large ones, and told Sarah, that they should probably get one of these for me since I went thru so many diapers, and Andrea could use it for Jessica and Kimmie after I left, Sarah agreed and volunteered to go back and get a shopping cart.  When Sarah got back, her and Kelly strolled through the clothing area, oohing and aahing over the cute baby boy outfits, saying they wish they could find cute outfits like this for me.


              As they were holding up different outfits and getting all giggly like girls usually do, I felt the urge to pee and just let if flow into my diaper, as slowly as I could, but it just kept coming out in a steady flow(due to the diuretics I had been fed).  As much as this was getting me slightly excited, I knew I didn't want to totally flood my diaper or even mess it, fearing the possibility of my pants drooping in the back or even someone detecting I had a dirty diaper because I stank, and without plastic pants, even with wearing a onesie, I knew both of these scenarios were a possibility.  Upon feeling the wetness absorbed by the thick cloth diapers, I felt the urge to poop, and thought, if I did poop my diaper, just a teeny bit, perhaps no one would know and I would still get to experience walking around in a wet, poopy diaper, in a Baby's R Us store, with two hot chicks.  The urge and temptation was too much and I soon found myself, standing with my legs spread slightly apart, hanging on to the shopping cart, trying to squeeze just a tiny mess into the back of my diaper.


                I knew that both Kelly and Sarah were busy looking at the baby outfits and neither would probably notice I was straining or grunting a little bit, however, little did I know, that due to the special baba's they had been feeding me, the baby laxatives they put in them were working as stool softeners and when I strained to poop, just a tiny bit, it was like opening the flood gates and the back of my diaper filled up with a soft, mushy mess that just seemed to spread throughout my diaper, non-stop, uncontrollably, everywhere.


                Kelly came back to me and started pushing the shopping cart with me hanging on and waddling as good as I could considering what was still happening in my diaper.  We went down the diaper aisle and Sarah stopped and was looking at the different style of cloth diapers, including the old school Birdseye cloth diapers that were sold in packages of a dozen and the pre-fold diapers also, these sure brought back memories, but, I had more dire problems right now, the flow of poop had stopped but my diapers were definitely filled to what felt like, their full capacity, mix that with being wet also, I had, mistakenly got my desire to be in the position I was in.  I felt a little cramp in my tummy and so I grunted and strained just a little bit more to ease the cramp, and I felt my diaper fill just a teeny bit more.  


                All I could do was just stand there and try not to move, I must have been a bit flushed from straining because Kelly looked at me and asked, " Are you o-k Robby, you don't look too good, you're face is looking a little bit red honey", Sarah looked at me also and then GASPED, and said, "OH MY GOD" Kelly, he has the exact same look I've seen on my little nephews face when he's pooping his diaper"




                 As both girls, simultaneously looked at my bottom, wrinkled their nose and smiled and Kelly said, "WELL, AT LEAST WE'RE IN THE RIGHT SECTION OF THE STORE"....................................... 




  " Two Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City "


                              " CHAPTER X "


                           By BooBooBritches


          I was absolutely mortified, here I stood, with two awesome looking girls, in the middle of the diaper aisle, at Baby's R Us, with what was soon to be, a very obvious wet and messy diaper, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it or anywhere I could run and hide. My fantasy and dream had just become what could end up being my worst and most embarrassing nightmare!




           Kelly looked at Sarah, then back at me and said, "You know Sarah, as much as I would love to take him to the ladies room and change his diaper there, we did promise Saundra that we wouldn't publicly change his diaper, and even though the ladies at Denny's watched us change him, we were still hid and concealed and it was them that approached us while we were changing him.  However, Saundra didn't say anything about us not being able to tease him a little bit", as a sly smile spread across Kelly's face.  Sarah looked confused and Kelly told her to just follow her lead.


            Kelly grabbed my hand and said, c'mon stinky, let's get going before everyone starts to smell your poopy diaper.  As I waddled next to Kelly, with Sarah following us pushing the shopping cart, we stopped long enough for Kelly to toss a container of baby powder, baby wipes, Butt Balm Diaper Rash Cream and a cute set of pink, bunny diaper pins in the cart, and then headed for the checkout counter.  When we got to the checkout, Kelly moved me between her and the counter, where I was face to face with a cute twenty-ish looking blonde, blue eyed cashier.


             I thought it strange that Kelly was buying all these baby supplies, we had everything in my diaper bag, well, everything but the Butt Balm Diaper Rash Cream (Saundra preferred the Desitin) and the pink diaper pins, and then, it donned on me, as I noticed the cashier wrinkle her nose just a tad.  Kelly was buying these items intentionally, just to make sure we had to stop at the checkout counter, hoping to expose my messy, embarrassing condition to someone, and this someone just happened to be a cute little blonde cashier.  As the cashier started scanning the items, I noticed her nose wrinklin again as she looked at my baby blue sweat pants.  I was somewhat thankful that my diapers hadn't been wet through enough to show on my onesie and sweat-pants yet, and the onesie seemed to be holding the diapers firmly in place the way it was supposed to do, well, at least for now it was. 


              Then out of the blue, just when I thought we were done checking out, as Kelly was signing the credit card receipt, Kelly looked at the cashier, patted my bottom, wrinkled her nose in an over exaggerated manner and said, "Even big babies, just like little babies, pick the most inopportune times to fill their diaper, and I'm so sorry you had to smell his poopy bottom, but I needed these diaper changing supplies so we could take him out to our van, which is unfortunately parked on the other side of the mall, and get him a fresh, dry diaper".


               The cashier said, "Oh, that's ok, I was just a little shocked when I realized the dirty diaper smell was coming from such a big boy, oh, and if you want, you really don't have to walk him all the way through the mall, back to your van, wearing such a messy, yucky diaper, I can let you use one of our private changing rooms to change his poopy lil diapey, he won't be the first baby to have their diapers changed in there", as she looked at me and smiled.  Kelly told her that would be great and at least that way, he wouldn't be waddling thru the mall, exposing everyone else to his stinky diaper, to which the cashier responded, "Oh, yea, that reminds me, we have a Baby Nursery air freshener from Baby Time Products that you can spray after you finish changing his diaper, and if you give me just a sec, I'll go ahead and close my register down and take you back to the changing room so I can grab a can of the air freshener on the way back there".  Kelly thanked her and told her she didn't have to go through all that trouble but the cashier told Kelly that it was ok, she was just getting ready to take her break and she wasn't going to miss this for the world, all three ladies laughed and Kelly patted my bottom again.


                 We waited and when the store manager arrived at the cashiers register, she closed the register and ok'ed her to go on her break, and the cashier explained to her what she was going to do, as a customer service, the manager agreed, looked at me, and as her nose twitched a little bit she smiled and said, "Well you had best get him back there and get him a clean diaper, he's starting to get a little ripe".  Kelly thanked her and took my hand as we followed the cashier back to the changing rooms, at the rear of the store, next to the restrooms.  When we walked in to the changing room I was surprised to see how big the room was and then it hit me, what with the big table with the plastic padding on it next to the wall, and what looked like a Diaper Genie next to it, this wasn't the kind of changing room I thought she was talking about, you know, for like trying on clothes and such, this was AN ACTUAL CHANGING ROOM for the sole purpose of changing diapers?


                Kelly patted the plastic padding on top of the changing table which looked more like an examination table in a doctors office, it was sturdy and big enough for me to actually lay down on, but before I could actually get up on it, the cashier said, hold up a sec, as she spread two Chux plastic back disposable pads on top of the table, SHE THEN PATTED THE TABLE, motioning for me to get up on the table.  I scooted up on the table, wondering what she was still doing in here, and as I was now sitting firmly on the disposable pad, the cashier actually swung my legs up on to the table and motioned for me to lie back as she gently pushed on my chest.


                 By this time, Kelly had taken all of my changing supplies out of my diaper bag and grabbed the Butt Balm Diaper Rash Cream, baby wipes and pink diaper pins she had just bought, out of the shopping bag, Sarah was unfolding and shaking out two of my extra thick diapers, and still, this cashier loomed over me as I lay on the changing table.  Kelly must have seen the concerned look on my face because she patted my bottom and said, "You know the rules Boo, there will be no attempt to hide your diapers or your diaper changes from anyone that wants to watch or help, you're just a baby and babies have no modesty and don't care who changes them or watches them get changed, and this is not a public diaper change, we're in a private changing room", and then she smiled.


                 This comment brought a bit of a smile to the cashiers face just as Kelly told her, "Just a bit of a warning, you may not want to see this, his diapers can get pretty yucky and they're not at all pleasant to change, or even see when they're this messy", the cashier smiled and told Kelly, "No biggie, I'm sure it can't be any worse then my three year old nephew, I've changed plenty of his messy diapers and he's the King of Poop when it comes to messing his lil diapeys", all three ladies busted up laughing and Kelly looked at me and said, "OK STINKY, LET'S GET YOUR YUCKY LIL DIAPEY CHANGED, YOU STINK"!


                  Kelly swatted my bottom and told me to lift up, when I did, she quickly and expertly pulled my sweats down to my ankles, but left them on as she felt the inside of them for any signs of a mess or wetness, she then un-snapped my onesie, lifting the front flap up over my tee-shirt, exposing my diaper to all.  Kelly asked Sarah to grab one of my baby-tee's and another onesie out of the diaper bag as she felt the onesie and the edge of the tee I was wearing and announced that it was a bit damp.  What I did not know, was, the baby tee's Kelly referred to for me were new to me, these actually were real baby tee's, complete with the snaps at the shoulder and neck area, but in adult size.


                  When Kelly turned around to grab the baby wipes, the cashier asked her if there was anything she could do to help, to which Kelly responded, "Well, if you're feeling really gutsy and froggy, you can go ahead and unpin his diaper so I can start wiping his yucky bottom.  The cashier smiled, almost gleefully, as she patted my bottom and started talking in exaggerated baby-talk, "Awwww, does him have a wet, little tush, well yes him does, now let's see what little surprize you have for me in your lil diapey(as she unpins my diaper and slowly starts to fold the front part of it back), EEEWWWW YUCKO, NOW I KNOW WHY THEY CALL YOU STINKY, I THINK WE FOUND THE NEW "KING OF POOP", PEEEEE-EEEEEW, YUCKY-YUCK, YOUUUUUUUUU STINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!          

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