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Asking For It

Week Two Part Two


By Diaper Spanks


                I was playing Nintendo in the living room when John arrived to babysit me. I wanted to hide, but what was the point?

My parents had told him that I was being kept in diapers and he would have to change me, so seeing me in my diaper and  onesie wasn't going to be much of a surprise for him... but it embarrassed the hell out of me when he hugged me and gave my padded butt a playful pat and squeeze.

                My parents kissed me and told me to behave, and made sure that John could hear their warning that any misbehavior would mean a spanking. Then they gave John some more instructions and left.

                I had planned to go back to my game when they were gone, but John had other ideas.

                "Lay down!" he said sternly before my parent's car was even out of the driveway.

"Why?" I asked, hitting pause on the game just a second after I had unpaused it.

                "Because I know I wet diaper when I feel one squishy butt! Now get over here."

                It was true, I knew, I had peed my diaper while gaming. In a way I was relieved. John was going to change me; we both knew that, so getting the first awkward change out of the way wasn't a bad thing.

                John had me lay down on the floor in the middle of the living room, then I spread my legs a bit so he could easily unsnap my onesie. He folded the onesie's flap over my belly fully exposing my diaper. Reaching under the coffee table he grabbed a wicker basket I hadn't noticed before. From it he removed a diaper and a pack of baby wipes. He paused a moment, looking surprised, then pulled another item from the basket. "Aww, adorable. I didn't know they made them this big" he said  and held a pacifier out in front of me. It was bigger than the ones I remember from being little. It was white with a amber nipple. But why was it there? I opened my mouth to express a lack of knowledge of it, but before I got a word out he popped the latex nipple into my mouth. "Shhhh, be a good little boy and let me get you cleaned up."         

                "I'm not a baby!" I protested, spitting out the pacifier.

                "I said little boy, not baby. But if your parents put a nubby in here for you, they must intend you to enjoy it."

As he spoke He picked the paci back up and put it back in my mouth. I reached for it to take it out again, but John grabbed my wrist. "No! Leave it in, or I'll spank!" I let my arm go limp, and he moved it away from my mouth and down at my side... then returned to his work. Untaping the diaper, he pulled it out from under me, then did the same roll and seal action my parents used. Did everyone know how to deal with these bigger diapers?

                Taking several wipes from the tub, he proceeded to wash me, front and back; then followed up with a fresh wipe to be sure I was clean.

                "Before I put a clean diaper on you..." he began, then grabbed both my ankles and raised my legs into the air.

"...we need to deal with you raising your voice to me!" Before I knew what he meant John slapped my bottom hard with his large hand. It actually hurt more than Dad's hand and I would have yelped if the paci hadn't absorbed the noise.


                "I was a little surprised by all your parents’ new rules. I've always known you to be a well behaved boy. But I can see that you really do NEED this."


                I began to cry as he scolded and spanked me. "You're such a smart young man, but clearly just a boy emotionally who NEEDS firm discipline and structure."


                "So that's what I'll give you too." He said with a reassuring smile as he set my legs back down. I sobbed into my pacifier as he unfolded the diaper and put it on me before re-snapping my onesie in place.

                "No more big boy video games for you today. Lay on the couch and take a little nap while I make dinner."

                I didn't want to nap... but I wasn’t about to disobey. I got up from the floor and moved to the couch and lay down.

"Good boy." John said with a pat to my padded crotch. "Try to stay dry for a while... if you can."


                Dinner was chicken nuggets and veggies. My favorite, but it was hard to deny my "little boy" status as I devoured the dinosaur shaped nuggets and peas & carrots. After dinner John let me watch TV with him, snuggled up against him as we enjoyed some cartoons and sit-coms.


                "I have to go to the bathroom." I said shyly at a commercial.

                "Number two?" John asked, clearly knowing I wouldn't bother to move just to wee. I nodded. "Okay, come on. It's bath-time anyway.

                "I can.... okay." I said, resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be using the bathroom alone like a big boy.

                In the bathroom I stood in front of the toilet as John unsnapped my onesie and took it off me, followed by my diaper. I sat to do my business and he turned to the tub and started the water flowing. I watched as he set a bathmat on the floor, and a towel on the sink, then loaded rubber duckies and toy boats into the tub. These were new toys he found in the bathroom closet and just assumed were mine. I knew better than to argue... after all recent events told me that these were in fact my toys, even if I just now learned of it.

                I wiped and flushed and blushed when John praised me for doing a good job. Then without warning he grabbed me and put me in the tub. I grabbed a boat and started swirling it around in the water as he took a washcloth and began to bathe me. "Be good and let me get you clean and ready for bed. I don't want to have to spank you again with your Dad says you're due for one tomorrow anyway!"

"Due for one? I just had one!" I complained, and John shrugged. "That's what he said."

I groaned, and then went back to playing as John began to wash my hair.

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