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Sasha the baby Pokémon trainer part 5


The next morning Sasha walked out of the pokemon center her pokemon healed and freshly diapered she walked to the cerulean gym with renewed vigor. Sasha was lucky professor redwood came when she did. Otherwise she would still be in mt Moon, naked, messy and crying for her mommy. Nurse Joy was also kind enough to resupply her with another set of supplies, diaper bag, and a skirt of course. As well as a special gift Sasha wore around her neck. A pokeball themed adult pacifier necklace, Sasha instantly fell in love with it and vowed to never take it off.


Sasha approached the water gym the sound of the running water soon had Sasha unconsciously filling her diaper up while she suckled her pacifier. Sasha entered the gym, after her eyes adjusted she was speechless the gym was a giant swimming pool.


"Hey there! I'm Misty the gym leader here." Misty shouted swimming up to the pools edge she had a full upskirt view of Sasha's soaking wet diaper. misty stared up at the girl in front of her, she was a grown woman about misty's age, but she was wearing a wet diaper and suckling a pacifier. Sasha realized and blushing used one hand to try and pull down her skirt and hide her diaper while her knees bent inward and spit it out her paci. "Oh you must be lost little girl, this is a gym for big girls not babies." Misty laughed tauntingly.


Sasha blushed and began to tear up. "I'm not a baby! I'm a big girl!" Sasha squealed throwing a tantrum as her pacifier dangled carelessly around her neck.


"Could have fooled me," misty said yanking off Sasha's skirt leaving her in a half shirt and diaper. anyways if you want to battle me you are gonna have to ask for it in baby talk." misty said with an evil grin.


"Pwease misty can we bawttle pwease!" Sasha begged swallowing her pride.


"Fine, but If I win you have to do something for me before you can challenge me again. One on one battle ready?" misty asked.


"Born ready!" Sasha said as she sent out charmeleon to Misty's Staryu.


"You expect a fire type to beat me? You must have been born yesterday," Misty said taunting Sasha's infantile personality, Sasha was defeated in a few seconds, Charmeleon couldn't handle Misty's staryu.

Sasha lay there crying. Misty approached her and helped her out of the puddle her leaking diaper was making. Sasha was crying and messing her diaper by the time misty got on Sasha on her feet. To make matters worse Misty heard it happen and saw the back of her diapers fill up and sag. Misty calmed her down finally and finally got her talking.


"So what do I have to do before I can challenge you again?" Sasha asked scared as to what it would be.


misty paused and looked deep into Sasha's eyes. "Can you put a diaper on me, after I change your diaper first of course." Misty asked smiling and patting Sasha's messy diapered ass.


to be continued...

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