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The Wet Nurse And The Troll



Once upon a time , in a land far away , lived a hideous troll in a mysterious cottage..


This troll was very lonely, but since he was a troll was very ugly. His feet were shaped like hockey clubs.


His eyes were very close together and brown.


He was a hairy beast and had a very strong odor that issued from his mouth that smelled like rotting flesh.


He had warts, moles and growths. all over his body. He also had a nasty fungus on his nails.


The hair on his head was unwashed and greasy.


He heard from a wicked witch that if he had a mother and she give him milk from her breast and had sex with her .


That he would have a euphoric life and happiness.


so the troll went among the the women in the village. Invisible of course and used a doll of a man and injected the poison


that came from the bacteria in his mouth to bring life into this man-size doll.


He made the doll attractive , and used it to talk with the women , and find the perfect one that he wanted to be his mommy.


The doll used the name Gren.


He had the look of a nice attractive man . He was pleasing to the eyes and delightful to the smell. He had a honest look


about him



On his second day talking by the well where the women did their washing, he spied upon a mother that was nursing and infant.


As he hide invisible. his penis became erect and he started to mastubate.


He exhaled heavily , but even though he was invisble he couldn't hide the stench from his rotting teeth as his breathing


got more intense.


The women eyes began to water as the smell that came surrounded them. Did something die one of them said,


but the troll heard nothing at all . His mind was on the mother and he seen drops of milk leaving her breast and then went


pur wild.


The mother and the other women decided to leave because they couldn't see where this poisonous odor was coming .


He was use the doll to entice the mother to his lair, without the infant of course.


The troll had a one track mind and could only see what he wanted to see and only wanted what he wanted .


He couldn't see his ugliness in the mirror. He couldn't smell himself , but he knew something was deadly about him


because he once bit a woman's breast


accidently and she died of serious infection a weeks later.


He didn't know why the woman cried and begged for her life as he suckled the milk that came from her breast.


He didn't know why she vomited when he stuck his tongue in her mouth to kiss his captive mommy.


He didn't know why she would get sick as he stuck his penis in her from behind and cried that he liked sticking his dick in


his mommy.


He didn't even know why the milk turned to pus after the tiny bite.


He was in much distress as to why she lay dying and as she die he still try to get the last bit of milk from her breast.


After she died he took her out door and devoured her and you could hear him crunching bones and sucking


the marrow from her bones.


The cottage was surrounded by various fruit trees and also a flower garden . There were no graves because he would eat all.


The perimeters of the grounds were surrounded by dragons , that bites were as deadly as the troll. One bite


lead to a 3 day long agonizing death , and his victims were just as scared to leave .



The troll had in his  magical mirror .


When he looked at his reflection . He couldn't see an ugly troll with warts and dirty hair nor the nail fungus.


He saw a baby of a few months old.


so he wondered why his mommies that he would take would be repulsed by him and vomit when he would kiss and suckle


their breast.


He was also near sighted to the point of blindness.


He would chain his mommies as he would be in fear that they may escape.


Chains low on the wall aand kept their breast bare. So he could suck freely .


He tried to please them by sucking their pussy too and would hand manipulate them to orgasm if done enough.


He feed them well so the milk would be plenty.


He would stick his tongue in their mouths and they would back away and say that is what he likes.


Even though his breath was of bodies that been around for weeks.


Now he wanted this new mom who had big large pink nipples , and he dream that night .of the infant that suckled her and played with as he still seen the whiteness of the milk that he seen drop from her breast


played in his diaper and as he climaxed , the smell was ten times strong.


When he demanded changing he would howl with the sound similar to a large wolf and was chilling down to your very soul.






He came to the woman and used the man size doll with the looks of a man.


 . He told her. " Dear lady. I have an infant at home whose mother died


during childbirth and she needs a wet nurse. I will pay you plenty if you come to my home and nurse my son.


He is getting sickly and I don't quite know what to do.


I  felt his pain and she also knew about herbs and thing that would make her son better so she agreed to come.


I also needed the money to help with her own infant son.


He used the doll, and got a wagon with 2 horses to take her to his lair


During the ride he could smell the milk coming and almost wanted to attack her when he seen the top of her bodice get wet


because it was feeding time for he own child.


He asked her many questions during the journey .


What kind of mother was I?  How long was I going to nurse my child?  Was I a loving mom?


I saw nothing odd of him asking because I thought he wanted to know as to how long I was going to be a


wet nurse for him.   That I understood or at least thought.


He knew he couldn't do it at that time of have me alert others if I would cry out or try to escape.


I  wasn't beautiful but she had a kind face and a matron look that attracted the troll deeply.


The was small clearing in the woods and their stood a small cottage. Near a brook.


Still using the man size doll he helped her out the wagon and placed a silver coin in my hand.


I seen many herbs near the brook that I could use as medicine and she picked all kinds of herbs and mosses to make


a potion.


There were also some sheep and other farm animals farther behind the cottage.


Once inside he showed her a cradle that appeared to have a sleeping infant inside.


THE Cradle was lovely with hand carving in the wood with hearts on the headboard.


He offered her a tea which he put in something that put her to sleep.


A few hours later she awakened and she felt a tongue lapping at her nipple and her, The nipples were straight


and stiff because they had filled up with milk.


I at first thought it was the nursing infant that Gren took her to feed and take care of.


until see smelled a foul smell that she seen as detestable..


Hers were a bit blurred from the affects of the drug.


I felt tugging at on breast and sucking slurping and burping .


Reaching down I felt something lumpy and hairy . I used her other hand to rub her eye.


Startled she looked toward what was sucking at her breast .


Ohhh My God. Its a beast , a troll . A dirty nasty troll.


He was fondling her breast with one hand and his hairy penis with the other


Her body couldn't move . Only her hand as he cooed and called her Mommy


He squeezed her breast as he was on her left one and it was almost empty


He was wearing a pinkish nappy with the penis hanging out.


He tried to silence me as he then put his hand over her mouth and told me that she was to be his mommy and if I didn't


comply with his wishes .... He would kill my real infant.


He said he would feed me , dress me , and keep me fed .


He said that a baby submits, but how was he submissive when he threatened to kill my son.


I was afraid and the odor came from every part of his body especially his mouth.


His teeth were rotten and that is why the stench from the decay .


He wanted fed as if my son and he said that I would obey him using a childlike voice.


He tried to play with her pussy as he sucked but she was on her menses.


That didn't deter him as he licked the blood from his crippled like fingers .


Finger that hand fungus under the nais and she prayed she wouldn't get the infection from his mouth and his fingers in her


vagina and her breast.


I cried Beast , Troll what are you going to do with me


He asked he what beast ? What troll?


As he pulled out his magic mirror and seen only a pnk infant their.


I am not a troll


He showed his reflection to her from his mirror.


He nasal passages were dead from the odor he emitted. He smelled no stench.


I am your son now. I am your baby boy. You will treat me as such.


I also like to fuck my mommy and can't wait to stick my diapered dick in you.


That he gave her a special tea that he had a womanlike servant doll. He gave her food.


The tea was similar to the drug that put her to sleep but not totally.


It made he strong enough to mother but too weak to make an escape.


I asked to go ,but he said " I will never".


He snuck out the lair late and night and left a bag of gold at the doorstep of his new mommy house.


because he had sympathy for her real son and wanted him to be taken care of. He did it as she slept.


To keeping me  from crying over my son he used his mirror to reflect on the baby and it mirrored his young reflection


so when I was blue , It showed my son and that he was alive and well.


He did this once a fortnight.


I  am an very intelligent woman and could read and write quite well.


I read old dusty books that he had stored in a large chest about herbs  and cures.


In another chest , there were diapers of different color , that fit the beast.


Also diaper pins , plastic panties and various bottles and a hand made breast pump of his design.


His favorite colored diapers were the light pink ones and had more of those then any other color.


When I would rock the beast to sleep I read them.


He was comforted by the motion that she rocked him. I was slow and gentle not to wake him in order


to plan my escape when the coast was clear.


He had some lamb that he had slaughtered for food for her.


 I took the skin from the intestines and made make shift condoms as she was afraid if the beast would get me sick or get


me pregnant from his nightly fuck sessions. I made it a game with him while I put on his diapers and place the skin


over his penis.


He wasn't to bright so he allowed her to as he didn't know what it was for.


I seen that a certain tree in by the brook she could make a tea with the leaves and drink it and when the beast would


drink he would sleep and it would slightly counteract the smell from his deadly mouth.


I would put the sheep  intestine on his penis and told him that the knot on the end will make her orgasmic.


He liked the sound of something that made his mommy cum. After he came he would remove the skin and drink the cum from it


as he believed  it would make him stronger.


I tried to close my eyes and imagine a baby .... but with all my imagination I couldn't. See a child.


all I could see was this smelly beast.


Within a few months I somewhat adjusted to the smell and she calmed it down with the leaves


The leaves contained large amounts of chlorophyll. I also added some cinnamon.


Which cut the odor.


I still missed my real son who would now be almost 2 years old.


I had to plan my escape or never see my family again.


I found the sedative that the beast used on me, and I needed to get a large dose in the creatures system.


The baby like beast like to have his tongue inside me. When he thought I WAS sad enough to try to make a break.


So I ground up some and placed in in and around my vagina.


I mixed it with sugar and honey along with my milk and he thought that was a special treat


He trusted me ,and I let him lap my pussy longer than she usually would.


He love the sounds  of her mommy like moans and was driving him crazy .


His tongue was as long as his penis and it went deep inside.


That I  almost couldn't contain myself either and had my first true orgasm with the beast. He sounds caused him to climax


inside his diaper with was a large amount and made it droop.


The troll got groggy and wanted to nurse before sleeping.


but before it fell asleep , grunted burped a slobbered down my breast. The saliva was very think and gooey and I was bout to


gag. He snorted like a pig as he nursed at her breast..


I am now thinking this is the worst night I have spent with this monster.


I was also ashamed that I actually climaxed as he suckled my pussy .


I found some essence of hemlock , which I was going to use on herself instead of servicing this horror.


but she knew that if she used it she would never see her own family again.


'Ohhh my God" . I exclaimed and now this monster is  passing gases that can choke a full grown quarter horse


I held my breath as I had to change it because I was afraid the mess would not only get on me


but that it might make it wake up.


Putting his thumb in his mouth it went to sleep. I  then went to the hearth and grabbed a log .


I was hoping none of the other servants would see.


I got the largest one I could left and I bashed that troll , the thing that kept me captive for a year and a half.


I killed the monster.


My heart was almost in my throat with fright.


It was dark but I had to find my way out of here.


I looked at it one last time.


The smell filled the room like never before.


Green gases were escaping from his nose and mouth and started to turn red .


The walls heaved in and out as tears filled my eyes and I almost couldn't see.


I know the cottage was about to explode.


I had to make a fast break for the door.


I made it outside and Red smoke was escaping from the chimney and blow out the window .


I ran behind a boulder , I covered my head.


Wood and plaster went everywhere .


Magically the ruins disappeared.Including the dragons the guarded the place.


I was in my own home in my bed, with my son beside me as though I never have left.





Did this  troll made me believe that I was miles away from my home?.


At night I still wake up in a cold sweat.


Was this real, or was it just a horrible nightmare?


Moral of this story is .......


For Mommy's and Daddy's Don't accept from your baby anything you can't stomach .


For Babies . Don't play baby if your actual game is dirty pirate.







Submitted By MommyDearest40






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