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It was a monday morning and i was extremely late for school, like usual. I just had to get that extra 10 minutes of sleep, i mean, who wouldn't want more sleep? My father, a profound scientist within the community was able to drop me off at school once i got ready. On the way to school i asked my father what was new, of course, not really expecting anything past a 2 word response. Instead he starts talking to me about work, telling me how his team is working on developing everlasting life via stemcells, although very risky, could prove to be ground breaking. I hardly listened, i couldnt care for all that science hokus pokus. I said my goodbyes and walked into school.

"What's up James?", my friend called out. "Not much man, runnin a little late, but who cares, i do what i want.", i reply. "Fair enough bro, lets get going man, P.E. is the best!" "So glad we have it together to start our day off." Dan cheerfully said. "Yeah man, i can't wait, i hope we get to do something fun like dodgeball or basketball." I hoped. We both walked into the gym, sat down, as everyone stared at us for walking in 5 minutes late, as if we were the devil itself. "Glad you two could join us." Mrs. Christiansen says. I get along great with her, i'm kind of what you would call her prized gem of her classes. "Alright guys, today we are going to be playing some football!" Mrs. Christiansen told everyone. "Yeah!!!!" "Woooo!!" "Tight!!", the whole class cheered at the fact we get to play a fun sport all class long.

We all gathered outside, sorted teams and started playing, i was the running back, im relatively skinny, about 105lbs on the dot, but all my muscle was located in my calves and thighs, so not many people in our school could outrun me, especially in the 40 yard dash, which i crush by the way, 4 seconds flat. Class was going smooth until the last 10 minutes of class, I scored quite a few touchdowns and a guy on the opposing defence, John Roth, the school douchebag, was eyeing me down into the ground. I was practically sweating from that stare, but i thought nothing of it.

The ball is hiked, Dan is playing QB, we usually are perfecting in-sync. He finds me open, or so he thought, throws the ball to me, i make the catch, but John was eyeing me the whole time, he dead sprints straight at me. I just caught the ball so i'm not up to speed yet and John was just feet away, i could tell by his eyes he was going to make this hurt as much as he can. I close my eyes and braced for the worse, which i unfortunately got.


I awoke to my family and Dan looking at me, my vision was blurred, but i could make them out easily enough. "James! James! You're awake! How are you feeling?! Are you ok?!" I was barraged with question after question. "Wait slow down, what happened, where am I?" i said. "Honey, you're in the hospital, you got tackled and got a concussion, a broken arm and a possible broken back." My mom tried to say whilist crying. "oh my god..." i spoke in between deep breaths. "Tell me about it.." Dan says. "Excuse me, hartford's? Since James has woken up, i'd like to run those tests now to see if there is actually any permenant damage, if that's alright." The Doctor states. "Oh yea, sure go ahead." my parents reply.

I ly there trying to catch my breath and focus, which was extremely hard, my parents were trying to talk to me but i asked them to be quiet so i can rest a bit, they oblidged. About 30 minutes later the Doctor comes back and calls my parents out of the room, once again, i expected the worse, which i'm probably going to get, just my luck.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hartford, i'm sorry to say this, but the concussion is quite severe and causing slow internal bleeding in his brain, possible tumor formation, combined with some small spinal complications this could turn out to be James last couple days on earth, i'm so sorry." the doctor whispered. "Oh no… what can you do, Doctor, please tell me there are options." both parents said. "I'm sorry, if there was options, i would of told you, but the problems with the spine won't allow us to try and minimalize the swelling and internal bleeding he has in his brain, once again, i'm so sorry." the doctor urged out of him.

My parents started crying, hugging eachother and what not, Dan ran out of the building in tears, in fear of me seeing him cry. The doctor then came and told me everything. I was dazed, i couldn't believe what i was hearing, but it was true, i was dying slowly. "I recommend you take him home and just have some nice family time before his time is up, you are lucky you even get that, i don't even know how he came out of his coma." The doctor recommended.

We got home that night, it was extremely quiet, my parents were still stunned, losing their only child, since my father can't produce anymore due to a car accident, they had no hopes for any other kids beyond me. I went straight to bed, as i didn't want to face all of this, i faintly heard my dad talking to my mom in the hall way as i was falling asleep, it sort of seemed like they were…happy?

I woke up from a dream where my parents were experimenting on me, really creepy. My dad walked in with my mom, they both had smiles on their faces. "So, James, a while back i did some illegal experimentation with stem cells, for the sake of science, of course. Well i didn't think about it till now, but i can save you, son. Would you like that?" Mom was crying in happiness as my dad said this. "Well uh…will it actually work just fine?", I retorted. "There will be some.…side effects, but in a few years you will be as good as new, i suppose the choice is up to you." My dad said convincingly. "What kind of side effects....?" Still not believing in this myself. "Well, you see, as stem cells come from unborn babies and what not, i found out how to mix the soul of the unborn with another, the soul will carry the burden with you, and the fresh cells will replenish your spinal fluid that was damaged aswell as heal the internal bleeding would and any dead tissue in there, You would, essentially, be mixed with a newborn baby, and you would have to be treated as such, because you, yourself, would be half newborn, but i assure you, once this passes the 4 year mark or so, your intelligence will take over the toddlers intelligence and you will return to normal, so what do you say son?" My dad coughed out. "Uhhh will i be concsious for all of that stuff?" i said. "Yes, you'll have to be, if we want you to grow perfectly you will have to be nurtured again for the healing process to be completed, granted, it's sort of a bonus for your mom and i, since we have had a baby in 17 years." My dad replied cheerfully. "I love you guys, you're the best parents, and i want to live to be with you another day, so yes, i'll go through with this." I worked up the courage to say. "Alright good to hear, tonight we'll begin." My dad excitedly said.

at about 8pm my dad came in, "Time for bed, it's time to begin, i'm going to have to put you out for 2 days straight in order to do everything." my dad said. "Alright, sounds easy enough." I said while lying down in bed. My dad injected me with a variety of syringes full of unknown substance, i was soon out like a wet candle.

I awoke from my operation, first thing i noticed was i couldnt really see at all, more so i couldnt really open my eyes, and i felt very emotional, i was on the brink of crying. I tried to talk but all that came out was wierd screech type of sounds and jarble that sounded like splattering paint onto a wall. I was extremely scared and i started to cry. I bawled for what seemed like forever, until i heard someone walk in. "awhh hows my little snookums doing, you're a cute lil man aren't ya, aren't ya!?" my mom said to me as if she just had me the day before. I continued to cry, i didn't know why, i just did. "Peee yewww you smell like something died in that diaper, let's get you changed my little man, then i'll put you back down for a nap. The mention of diapers didn't phase me, i didn't really even know what it was, my consciousness felt like it was reduced to a mushy puddle. My mom got me all changed, wiped the seedy poop from my bottom, gave me a big ole' kiss and put me back down into what is now my large crib, keep in mind i'm still the same 105lb 17 year old. She put my pacifier in, started my mobile and i quickly fell asleep.

I woke up at about 7am, 7 hours after i was last awake. I immediately started crying, my mommy ran in and swooped me up into her arms. She carried me on her hip like how you see all moms doing with their young ones. She laid me back down onto what i figured was a changing mat. I could only focus on 1 word at a time and make out a sentence in my conscious slowly, it took alot of effort. Mom wiped the stale pee smell off my bottom and privates, took me to the sink and put in a baby bath, turned on the sink to luke warm water, and set me in the baby bath in the sink. I couldn't really move, all that was happening was my arms and legs twitching back and forth and me crying when she washed my face, very anticlimatic.

She picked me up out of the sink bath, dried me off and started getting me dressed, she diapered me in a large cloth diaper with a variety of diapered animals on the cover, then she pulled a onesieover my head and snapped it at the crotch, she continued by putting on some overall shorts and a pair of tennis shoes. She gave me a kiss, blew raspberries on my belly, which made me giggle a tiny bit, then set me on the living room floor and told me that she was going to go eat, i couldn't even move to begin with so i just sat there on my stomach with my legs arching outwards like an infant and sucked on my fingers. Speaking of food, i was getting quite hungry, i could feel my stomach aching for food. I started crying.

"Aww babycakes what's wrong???" my mom said to me as i cried on the floor. She picked me up and bounced me on her hip, i kept crying. "Oh little baby, i'm so sorry, it's your feeding time already!" my mom gasped as she remembered. She walked back into my nursery, sat down in the rocking chair, dimmed the lights down low, my eyes went black, i couldn't see as my vision was still coming to. Mommy undid her shirt to reveal a breastfeeding bra, she undid the hooks revealling both her breasts. I was getting quite hungry and started to cry again. Right when i started crying she cradled my head and put it against her nipple, i instinctively started sucking, i don't know why i just did. I continued to suckle as i felt the creamy delicious milk enter my throat and fill up my stomach. My stomach was getting pretty bloated but i was still super hungry. She switched me to her second breast, in the middle me suckling her delicious milk from her breast, i felt a pressure somewhere and then it was gone. My mother was humming a lullaby when all the sudden she hears me do a long gurgly and wet poo in my diaper along with wet farts as my diaper filled up with the cottage cheese dijon mustard colored seedy poop, it sounded like a 2 day old infant, which i pretty much was. My mommy just kept patting my back and little spurts of the infant poop came out until there was none.

She just finished breastfeeding me and i was quite full, i was still having some occassional farts and still filling my diaper with a mess typical of a infant, but i guess thats what happens when your diet is only breastmilk. My mommy reached for a burp cloth and threw it over her shoulder, she picked me up and put me over her shoulder and patted and rubbed my back for probably 5 to 10 minutes, i felt pressure the entire time until it happened. I spit up some of the breastmilk, it came out all curdled, some went on the burp cloth and the rest was running down my chin. My mommy wiped the spit up breastmilk off my chin and put me down for a nap after she undid my clothes and take off that messy diaper, the breastmilk made the poop exactly like a newborn, all curdled with a seedy texture, and sort of mucusy. I fell right to sleep while she was changing me.

To Be Continued

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