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Becoming baby Charlotte part 1


It all started on a Thursday in the summer holidays a couple of years ago. It was in an empty street at quarter to seven in the evening. That's when I was taken. 

My real name is Emily. At this point in my life I lived only with my dad. Where my mum had gone, neither of us knew. She had disappeared six years ago along with all her stuff. By now we had gotten over it and were happy enough on our own. 

When all this began I was only 13. I was 5'1 with blonde hair that reached just past my shoulders and green eyes. On this particular August day I had been out shopping with my friends in London. Afterwards I had gotten the train most of the way home and was walking through these deserted streets. The reason they were so quiet was because the day was so warm and everyone would be out in their back gardens. This was the front of the street and was clear except for me with all my shopping and the three men who were watching me. 

They were hired kidnappers (something I didn't know excited). They weren't sent to find and catch me in particular. Just a girl of roughly my age and build. I must have seemed the perfect catch. 

The manoeuvre was very simple and was effective. Two behind me, one in front and a van beside. As they were professionals I didn't stand a chance. As I passed the van the man in front appeared round the side of it while the two behind got into position on either side behind me. As the side door of the van opened I didn't know what was going on. I barely had time to scream or at least call out before the three of them quickly and elegantly hauled me into the van with the assistance of another man inside. 

As soon as all five of us were inside and the door was being slid shut the van quickly slid away down the street with me inside in the hands of three men while the fourth pressed something to my mouth. Throughout the whole operation I had barley made a sound other than a yelp of shock. The cloth pressed to my face without me making a sound. I just stared ahead at the man pressing it to my face. He seemed unfazed by the whole situation. The cloth smelt and tasted horrible. It's strong stench filled my nostrils and chocked the back of my throat. In a matter of seconds I was out and in a matter of minutes we were out of town. 


When I woke up after the kidnapping I was disoriented. I was lying on a soft and comfortable mattress. My arms and legs were bare as I could feel the softness of the mattress beneath them. My torso was covered by what felt like a short, sleeveless dress as I could feel it on my thighs as well. I was wearing socks and there was something strange about my groin that I couldn't workout just by lying still. Something sat in my mouth, part plastic, part latex or soft rubber. The plastic part sat on my lips while the soft part sat between them, in my mouth. 

I opened my eyes. I could see a high, white ceiling above me. The room was in soft light, like the curtains were shut but it was a bright day. I continued to look upwards in the gloom. Pale yellow walls met the edge of the ceiling with a fancy white, layered rim which suggested to me that this place was an old house. An old but expensive house. I suddenly realised that there were bars rising up around me and forming some kind of topless cadge. A crib. 

It was giant. It stood up against and ran almost the length of the yellow wall with me inside it. I lay in the middle with the wall in my right. My attention was brought back to my situation. I started with the thing in my mouth. I touched it with my tongue, not daring to move any other part of my body. I gave it a single suck and spat it out. It fell down the right side of my face leaving my cheek wet from my own saliva. 

I moved my head slightly to allow myself to look down at my body. I couldn't see much. I saw was I was wearing a yellow frock or short dress without a bra. I squirmed to get the feel of my body. My groin and butt felt extremely odd, as if they were padded more than usual. At least I knew I had some kind of underwear on. I thought it could be huge frilly bloomers which would have been very weird. But as I squirmed some more I had a more accurate idea. 

The underwear was large and puffy but I could feel it sitting snugly around my groin. It was very cold and damp and bulged a lot so my thighs couldn't touch. I reached my hands over to my crotch to feel it and that was when I became certain of what it was. It felt like soft, smooth paper and crinkled when I touched it. I sat up slightly on my elbows and pulled up the yellow embroidered dress up to look at it. It was a huge, snugly fitting, white, babies nappy. No pattern or anything. Just a giant nappy. I was wearing a nappy. And not just any nappy. A wet nappy!

I was confused. What was going on? I looked at myself. I was wearing a light yellow embroidered dress, a similar colour to the walls of the room. The dress was short and ended half way down my thighs. From the waist down there were layers of frills and ruffles. This was a babies dress but a perfect size for me. Beneath the dress was the enormous but snugly fitting disposable nappy that was the main thing that was baffling me. My feet wore small whit, cotton socks that ended at my ankle with a frill. 

Still struggling to comprehend my clothing I looked to my right on the mattress. The object I had spat out was lying beside me. It was a dummy, matching my dress in colour. This just added to the confusion that was crowding my mind. 

I took in my surroundings to somehow help me get to grips with my predicament. The crib I lay in was massive. It almost ran the length of the wall which made it about ten feet long. It was rectangular and about four or five feet wide. The bars that surrounded were thick, white wood and reached over five feet high. They looked strong and too high to climb over. I was well and truly trapped. 

The room I was in was extraordinary. It was a nursery but built to adult size. The room was rectangular in shape, with the crib I found myself in sat against one of the shorter walls. On either side of my wall, walls twice it's length with the same pale yellow colouring ran along to the opposite wall. This wall was equal length to mine and was taken up mainly by large French windows that had red curtains drawn across them. This is what was causing the dimness of the room. There was nothing else on this wall. The wall to the right of that wall was more interesting as typical nursery items but in adult size were sat against it. About five feet along the wall from the window side of the room were two changing tables, side by side. On their right was a long and tall set of shelves housing typical baby things. Hundreds of the same disposable nappies I was wearing, baby powder, wipes, cream and oil sat on these shelves that took up most of the wall. After the shelves there was a massive wooden wardrobe. The doors were closed so I couldn't see what was inside. The thing could probably house hundreds of outfits as well as other items of clothing. After the wardrobe there was a large white door with a brass handle and a keyhole. On the closer side of the door started a white set of steps that ran the length of the wall I was lying against. These steps lead up to the level of my crib. On the left wall of the room there was an identical door directly opposite the one on the right. Beyond the door was another, twice as long shelving unit containing baby toys of all descriptions. The shelves took up most of the wall but beyond them in the corner of the room sat a collection of giant soft toys. There was a huge brown bear almost the size of me sitting there. In the centre of the room there was an oversized playpen, made from the same materials as the crib and Inside it were more baby toys. On the far side of the playpen were two armchairs and a coffee table that faced towards the curtained windows. 

None of this made any sense whatsoever. Last thing I knew I was almost home after a day of shopping. Now I found myself in a crib in a nursery, wearing very Girly cloths and a big, wet nappy. I was totally confused. Not scared or anxious, just confused. I lay in the crib, as still as possible for a few minutes more before I decided to sort things out. 

First of all I needed to get this nappy off. I sat up, feeling as well as hearing the nappy crinkle as I did so. I pulled open the straps on the front of the nappy on both sides and stood up, leaving the nappy lying on the mattress behind me. I bent down and picked it up. The best place for it I decided was out side the crib so I pushed it between the bars. It fell down a couple of steps and lay there. I decided that out side the crib was also the best place for me so I made attempts at escaping. I tried to open the front of it and climb over the bars. None were successful. In the end I just sat back down, defeated. 

At this point the door on the left hand side of the room opened and a young woman entered through it. She looked about twenty, with brown eyes and hair that ran down her back. She was skinny and very pretty. She walked in and towards me, smiling the whole time. She stopped when she reached the steps that lead to the crib. She stood there and grinned at me. I backed away to the back of the crib and sat there, covering myself with the dress and my legs. She continued to grin at me while I stared at her with a questioning look, showing my confusion. She stepped forward up the first few steps and leant against the bars, peeking through the gaps at me, still grinning. "Hello baby."she said to me. I kept the same look of confusion. 

"Can you say hello honey?"she cooed to me like one would to a baby or a toddler. 

"Hello" I said in a very small voice which made me feel like a baby. "Oh, your so cute!" she said in the same way as before but sounding happier and more excited. She stuck her hands through the gaps in the bars and gestured to me. "Come on baby. Come here. Come on, that's a good girl. Come to mummy." I stayed where I was looking even more confused. I also felt more confused. I was being treated like a baby and this woman was claiming to be my mummy. 

At this point a man walked in through the open door. He was a few years older than the woman with dark blonde hair and a thin face with green eyes. He was tall and skinny and wore a lose t-shirt and jeans. He was also smiling at me as he walked towards the woman who continued to try and coax me over. 

"Hiya baby girl."he said when he reached the woman's side. He slid his arm around her waist and she leant back on him. "Come to mummy and daddy Charlotte."the woman said. Who was Charlotte? Was I supposed to be Charlotte? Was I supposed to be their baby? They continued to look at me expectantly and I stayed where I was. They seemed to relax slightly when I remained where I was and the woman said in a tone that suggested she didn't really care "Okay then baby. You've already been naughty by taking off your nappy but if you insist on still being naughty then we'll just have to punish you more." This disturbed me as it seemed I was to be punished. Punishment wasn't something I wanted to experience so I tried to explain my point of view on the situation as nicely as I could. "I'm not a baby and my names not Charlotte." I said. "I'm not going along with any of this so you should just let me go. I don't want to..." Was all I managed before the woman cut in. "Well it looks like we're going to have to punish our darling little Charlotte for being very naughty." she said in a disappointed tone. "Yes." Agreed the man. " if she's going to be a bad baby then we will have to punish her. Won't we mummy?" 

"Yes we will daddy." They both looked at me sternly. "Last chance sweety." said the woman. "Come here now and we'll only punish you for taking your nappy off." the man added. I stayed where I was, determined that I wasn't going to go along with this act. 

"Very well then." Said the woman. She stepped back from her partner and the steps and walked back to the open door. She then shut the door slowly and proceeded to lock it with a key she revealed from her pocket. 

When she turned back round to face me, the man stepped forward and up the steps. When he was half way up he knelt down and undid something on the step third from the top. Immediately the bars on the front of the crib loosened and he proceeded to unlock them at either end of the crib. All this time the woman approached me as well. Once the crib was unlocked the bars slid down into the steps until only the rim was left protruding. I shrunk back into the right hand corner of the crib to stay away from them. Once they climbed the last fey steps and reached the crib level I curled up in a ball in the corner to... well I don't know what I hoped to do but it didn't work. 

As their hands grasped round my arms I whimpered "No" quietly. They took no notice of this and dragged me to my knees and towards the steps. When we descended the steps and reached the ground I started to struggle. I didn't know what they planned on doing to me but I didn't want to find out. I tried to break free of their grip but I was held too tightly. The man held me by the left wrist and right armpit while the woman held my right hand tightly and lead me. I sobbed and shook my head as I was dragged on my heels across the soft carpet, round the huge playpen and towards the armchairs. 

Once we reached the chairs the woman let go of me and the man, still gripping me tightly, sat down on the left most chair. I was then bent over and spread out across this knee and the woman knelt down on the floor with her face close to mine. 

"Now this is what happens if you are naughty." she said quietly to me. I felt my dress being lifted up to reveal my bare bottom. Suddenly I felt a sharp, burning pain as the mans hand came hurtling  into sudden contact with my right butt cheek. I let out a yelp but the woman put her finger to my lips and shooshed me. "Quiet now baby. Be a good girl and take your punishment. " For some reason I did exactly what she told me and stayed as quiet as I could through my spanking. I felt trust in her. I let out the occasional yelp and sob but apart from that I stayed quiet. The woman shooshed me and wiped away my tears and stroked my hair through the spanking. Afterwards she kissed me on the cheek and said "Mummy and daddy love you baby. Don't be naughty again." 

She helped me up and hugged me. The man joined in as well and we all embraced for a while. For some reason I felt more secure. They seemed to be sincere about this whole parenting me thing. I was to be their baby and they were treating me a one year old. 

My butt burned from the spanking. It seemed to have worked. I wasn't in a rush to be "naughty" again after that. I felt mummy pull away from the three way hug and daddy picked me up and held me on his hip. He proceeded to carry me towards the changing table and mummy followed. I buried my face in his shoulder as I was brought to the table. I was laid out on my back with my legs apart. Mummy placed the dummy she had brought from the crib into my mouth. I sucked on it for comfort. She then turned round to the shelves that ran along the wall and picked out two nappies and a collection of changing items. I was wiped down and cream was applied to my reddened cheeks. It was relieving to have the pain partly extinguished. I was then turned back over and a nappy was placed beneath me. I was then powdered and the thick nappy was pulled up over my crotch. I didn't fight throughout the whole process. A second nappy was placed over the first one and taped shut. The huge bulk felt so weird on me. It was so big I could barely  even touch my knees together. 

Daddy sat me up on the table and I was left face to face with them both. 

"Now, your going to be a good baby girl" mummy explained to me. 

"Your going to do everything you are told and not be naughty again" daddy added. I kept my eyes down through all of this and kept sucking the dummy. 

"As punishment for taking off your nappy you will stay in your new one of 48 hours, no matter what" mummy said sternly. "If you ever take your nappy off again it will be a week." This news alarmed me slightly but I tried not to show it. 

"You will also be a baby" daddy explained. "No more walking or big girl talk, okay?" He asked. I nodded with tears in my eyes, still looking at my legs that were dangling off the table. 

"Good" he replied. They both placed a hand on each of my thighs and squeezed and rubbed them reassuringly. "Your a very pretty baby girl" daddy said in the way grown ups talk to babies. It made me smile slightly under the dummy. 

"Come on, lets go show you off" mummy said and stepped back from the table. Daddy picked me up and held me on his hip again. Then he carried me round the play pen and towards the door that they entered through. This time I kept my head up and looked around. Mummy opened the door with the key she had and the three of us made our way through to another room. 

This room was slightly smaller than the nursery. This room lacked the space where the crib was in the nursery and instead there was just a wall on our immediate left. All the walls in this room were light blue. On the one to our left was another door that was exactly the same as all the other doors I had seen in this house. The opposite wall had the same French windows as the nursery and so did the wall directly ahead of us as we entered. In the corner where the two windowed walls met the corner had been cut off to make an entrance to a conservatory. That is where we headed. As I was carried towards the conservatory I realised there were two people inside it. One sat on a wicker chair, built to seat three with white cushions over it. She was in her mid twenties with dark blonde hair that ran down behind her and wore glasses. She was undoubtably daddy's sister, possibly even twin. The other person sat on the floor in front of her. It was a girl who looked a few years older than me with her back to me. She had light brown hair that reached halfway down her back and wore similar cloths to me but in dark ocean blue. 

The woman on the chair was talking to the girl on the floor. I couldn't make out what she was saying but she was saying it in the manor one would speak to a toddler. When she saw us she stopped what ever she was saying and pointed at us saying "Huugh, look who's here!" The girl on the floor turned round to look at us as we entered the conservatory. She was defiantly a couple of years older than me, about 15 and very pretty I thought. She too was sucking on a dummy. She stared at me as I was carried towards her, with an inquisitive look on her face as if she didn't quite know what to make of me. Daddy carried me right over to her and placed me down beside her on the pink blanket she sat on. "Look who's come to see you Maia" mummy said while smiling widely at the girl. We locked eyes and stared at each other. She continued to look inquisitive while I... well I don't know how I looked. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was undoubtably 15 or something like that but she didn't look it. There was something about her face that just looked innocent, like a baby and it wasn't the dummy. It wasn't the nappy, exactly the same as mine that showed beneath her short blue dress either. It was in the expression she held and in her deep blue eyes. They seemed clear. Like there was nothing hidden in there. Everything was on display. I could read her thoughts by simply looking at her face. She was trying to make sense of me. 

"Hewo" she said to me. She sounded exactly like a baby, especially with the dummy hanging out her mouth. I didn't react. I just continued to stare at her.  

"This is your new baby sister, Charlotte." Mummy explained to the girl who seemed to be called Maia. She smiled and continued to look at me when she heard this. "You like her darling?" Mummy asked her. She smiled wider. "I Wove her!" She exclaimed in her babyish voice as she lunged towards me and hugged me tightly. I stayed where I was and let her hug me. The adults all sat on the chair in front of me, smiling. I stared at them questioningly. This girl was older than me but 100% a baby and I was in the same situation. What the hell was going on?!

To be continued 

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