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Tammy Returns to Her Daddy


            Tammy was going into work to tell them of her decision to resign from he position and live out her life with Daddy Tom.  But when she arrived at the store, her manager had a few things to tell her that would change her life.

            “Tammy, I have great news for you should you accept it.  There is a manager’s position available for you.  It is a major increase in pay!”  Her manger said with a big mile on her face.

            This throws Tammy into a confusion of totally mixed emotions.  With the pay increase she can ahieve her dream of Sex Reassignment surgery.  But she has promised her Daddy to be his.  But she cant ask him to pay the large bill for such a procedure.

            So She decides to take the position.

            It is only then her manager tells her, “This store is in another town.  You ill have to move to be closer to that store.”

            “Okay, I will work something out.”

            Now how will she break I to Daddy Tom?  It is going to hurt him beyond belief.  She never really wanted to hurt him but she just cant pass this opportunity up.  She can see one of her dream coming true.

            It was a long drive back to Daddy’s house, on one hand it seemed to pass forever but on the other it goes too fast.  Her mind races with how to tell Daddy.  What will she say?  Will he turn from her?  Will she be off on her own again?  Will they stay in contact over the miles?  Will this strengthen our relationship or destroy it?

            She walks slowly to the door.  She turns the door handle with a very shaky hands.  Her mind races with all these questions and fear seeps into her heart.  Daddy seems different than any other man she has been with but this might make him fall into actions like she has experienced before.

            “Daddy?”  She calls into the house as the door slowly opens.  “Daddy aree you home?”

            “Yes, little girl.  I am in the kitchen.”  Comes the reply.

            She walks slowly, sheepishly into the kitchen.  She sees Daddy standing at the sink, washing dishes and can smell the dinner cooking on the stove.  She has to fight back tears even though she does not know where these tears are coming from.

            “Daddy I need to talk with you as grown-ups, can you come to the table?”

            Daddy finished the plate he was washing and set it in the drying rack.  He walked to the table wringing his hands in a dish towel. “what is going on, little one?  What is so important?”

            “Tom, I was offered a promotion at work before I could resign.  It means a real big raise and will allow me to save up the money for my SRS in just a few years.”  She is telling him this as a lump comes to her throat.  “I have told you before that I do not expect you to pay the thousands of dollars that the surgery would cost.  So thi will let me get it as fast as possible.”

            “But Baby I told you that it is fine, I would do what I must to be with you and have you as my little girl!”

            With those words the tears she was fighting back came welling up to the surface and poured down her cheeks.

            “Daddy I truly love you but this is something I just have to do.  I don’t want to loose you.  I want to still be your little baby girl!”  She struggles to get those words out but they do come.

            “Daddy,  the other thing is, it is in a town about 50 miles south of us.  It means I have to move there.  I hope we can spend as much time together on my off time.  And we can talk every night on the phone. And you can visit me there.”

            “You are really going to do this?” He asks

            “Yes, Daddy I am.  I move later this week, and start my new position on Monday”

            “There is nothing I can do to change your mind?”  He says with a look of despair that tears at her heart and the tears flow again.

            She wrestles herself from the table and moves into his arms.  He holds her but the feel is different somehow.  The emotions are drained.

            “Can I stay with you till I have to move?”

            “Yes, you may but as an adult, NOT as my baby.”

            Those word crush her.  She now knows just how back she has hurt him.

            “Then Tom, I will cook you dinner tonight.  I want to too just be with your thoughts, but most of all, I want you to understand just how much I love you and how much you mean to me.”




Part Two


            Tammy is packing all of her boxes into the U-haul van she has rented.  Each box seems heavier than the last.  She sees her life will fit into this 8x15 van.  She is feeling alone again.  There is very little excitement for the change in scenery.  No joy in knowing she will be a manager, something she has wanted to accomplish ever since she hired into her company.  It all seems hallow now.  An empty achievement.

            In the back of her mind she had really wanted Tom to come and symbolically help her.  To show he is still committed to her as she is still committed to him.  No one will ever replace him in her heart.  He is the only one who really understands her and had accepted her for who she is.

            But the time has come.  The van is packed.  The car is attached to the tow hitch and she must make the hour drive to her new company furnished aparrtment in the new town.

            Even though the sun is shining, the weather is crisp and clear, she can not see the beauty in the passing scenery.

            It is a good thing she is diapered.  About halfway through the trip her bladder emptied into it.  It swells the diaper to the piont that a bit seeps into her slacks.

            But she finishes the trip.  She pulls the van into the parking lot of her new apartment.  Her mind is so clouded with depressive thoughts.  Daddy Tom did not come to see her off.  What does it mean?  Is he through with her?  Has he rejected her?  Is he looking for a new little to fill his world?

            A small tear falls n each and every box as she carries them into her new place.  Carrying her dresser into the new apartment is not something that is easily accomplished when you are totally by yourself.  But she does manage to dollie it into the bedroom.

She will call Daddy Tom when she has everything inside and the van returned to the local U-haul dealer.

            The dealer gave her a courtesy ride back to her new residence.  She steps inside, amongst the boxes and finds her phone and dials that fimilar number.  One ring.  Two rings, so on till the answering machine picks up the line.  “Daddy just wanted to you know I made it safely.  I have everything in the apartment but it will take me all weekend to get this place in shape.  If you would like, you could coome help, giggle.  I guess I will talk to you later, Love you.”  She ends the call with the hpe that Daddy will call her.

            She set about opening boxes and putting everything into it place.  All is well till she gets to the box that has all of her stuffies.  She has to stop and run to the corner and just let all the pent up emotions overwhelm her and she cries and sobs.  A small prayer excapes her lips that she has not ruined her relationship with Daddy.  She can really feel just how important he is to her.

            After what seemed like hours she wipes her face and reeturns to her chore.  The time is growing late so she assembles the bed and puts it into order wiwth sheets and blankets.

            She takes out a Tranquility andd a doubler and lays them out on the bed.  She positions herself on top of them and pulls the sides up and tapes them tight.  She recalls how it was to have Daddy kiss her forehead after the diaper is on and to pat her diapered butt as he places a paci to her lips.

            With her diaper on and her paci in her mouth, she fades off to sleep.



Part 3


            It has been months since she left her Daddy to take this position.  There have been only a few times she has lost herself in her work and forgot just for a few hours about her Daddy and the love he offered.

            She has only made a little headway on her savings for her surgery, it seems to have lost its importance to her.  Her heart longs for Daddy’s touch.  Her nights at home are filled with memories of the time with Daddy.  She laughs about the funny things that happened, like when she first played on her swing set jungle gym and was hit with a crushing cramp.  How she waddled towards the house holding her tummy and Daddy came running out to comfort her.  She giggles madly when she recalls Daddy’s face as the odor of her diaper filled is nostiles.  Then she pauses as she recalls how gentle and tender Daddy was as he cleaned her up and put her into another diaper.  Her heart longs for those days again.

            She is determined to resign the next day and return to Daddy. He has not contacted her or returned her calls.  But that ha not stopped her from missing him.  Nor does it change her plans.

            She writes her resignation letter, and happily repacks all the boxes (She is gald she did not throw them away after her move here) and loads them into the Van she rented earlier in the day.

            She intends oon just showing up on Daddy’s door step and beg him to take her back.  If he does not she has not a clue what she will do.  Her heart and her future lays in Daddy’s hands.

            She has trained her replacement. All is ready.  For the first time in a very long time she sees the brightness of the day and the beauty of her surroundings as she drives with hope and anticipation.

            She rounds the turn to Daddy’s house and sees his car in the drive.  Good he is home.  She pulls the van up in front of the house and runs to the door and rings the bell.

            The door opens and Daddy is there.  A great big smile comes across his face.  He looks at her, then his eyes dart to the curb and he lets out a full belly laugh.  “So my baby is ready to move in for the final time?”

            “Oh God yes Daddy,  Baby I finally home!”  She says with a tear of joy trickling down her cheek.

            “Very good,  There will be a few changes but Daddy has got to tell you, I knew you would come back to me.  That is why I did not talk to you all these months.  I wanted you to come to that conclusion on your own.”  All emotion gone from his face as he told her this in a matter of fact tone.  There is a renewed sense of power in his voice.  It sends a chill down her spine, but she knows he loves her and now she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she loves him too.

            Now lets get that van unpacked and returned to U-haul he says in his usual commanding voice.




More to come.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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