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Sasha The Baby Pokemon Trainer part 6

This is a work of fiction, I do not own any rights to pokemon and don’t profit from this, if you would like to see more of my work please send an email to


Sasha was so shocked by Misty’s offer to change her diaper but also diaper her as well, she was speechless. Misty took her Sasha’s slack jawed silence for a yes and put the pokeball pacifier that hung around her neck into her mouth. Sasha suckled in silence as Misty, who was only about two or three years older than her, laid her down on the floor. Misty unpacked all the supplies she would need to change them and go to work cleaning Sasha’s messy diapers. Misty made quick work of it and soon Sasha was freshly diapered, now it was Misty’s turn. Sasha traded places with her but Sasha was not as quick and confident as Misty was. With shaking hands Sasha pulled off Misty’s shorts. Sasha was surprised to find Misty had a thin training diaper on under her shorts. Misty blushed and neither of them said anything. Sasha threw away Misty’s damp training diaper and put a thick disposable diaper on her.

After both of the girls were in clean diapers they sat around and talked for a few hours after healing up their pokemon. Both were surprised to hear each other’s story. Misty shocked Sasha by telling her about her trouble with potty training. By the end of the day they felt like sisters. Soon the day was at an end and after many diaper changes and a lot of bonding Sasha got up the courage to ask Misty.

“So big sis, do you think we can battle again?” Sasha asked eagerly.

“No little sis, I think were done battling. You have been the first true friend I’ve had and could tell anything to. I’d say you earned this water badge.” Misty said, “Judging by how many times I’ve changed your soaking diaper I think you earned this water badge.” Misty said making fun of her new friend.

“Really! I can have it?” Sasha squealed. Taking it from Misty she couldn’t help but hug her new best friend. “Thanks sis!”

“No problem.” Misty said smiling and returning Sasha’s embrace. “Now what do you say you and I go and try to get your next badge?” Misty asked.

“You’re going to come with me! No way!” Sasha said squeezing misty tighter. “Will you wear diapers with me?” Sasha asked almost bouncing up and down with joy.

“Sure, on one condition.” Misty said in a serious tone.

“What?” Sasha asked hoping it wouldn’t dampen their fun.

“You have to go without diapers, until you earn your next badge.” Misty said grinning.

To be continued…

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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