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My wife and I have a great marriage. We can talk about anything and rarely have any secrets. When we first met I told her I had a panty fetish and like to wear women's panties. She was intrigued and turned on by this. We have a very good sex life, sometimes she makes me dress-up as a sissy in her clothes. My life in diapers was about to begin.

   One morning we woke up and realized I had wet the bed. She was rather amused by this and started talking to me in a rather motherly way. "Did my little boy have an accident and wet the bed?" I couldn't say anything, standing there with soaked panties and tee shirt. " I think we might have to take some precautions to prevent this from being a habit". I looked at her puzzlingly, but she just said " we'll just wait and see how things go today." I soon forgot about my bed wetting as it did happen occasionally and was no big deal. It was Saturday and that meant it was errand day. My wife told she was going out for a minute and when she got back we would go shopping.

     I busied myself with a few odd chores and another cup of coffee while I waited. I was out in the drive when she returned and told me "lets go, I want to get home to do some gardening before dinner." I wanted to go to the bathroom first but figured I would be ok. Off we went, first stopping at the home improvement store to get all kinds of gardening stuff.Then we stopped to look at towels for the bathroom. It seemed to take forever, shopping with a bunch of chatty women in a linen store! I was starting to feel a little anxious as I felt a more urgent need to pee. Finally we left and were headed home. My wife wanted to stop and get some fast food for lunch and I thought that's great I could use the restroom at the Burger King. As we pull in she goes to the drive through window telling me she was in a hurry to get home. I was starting to get desperate and had even spurted a little into my panties, hoping she wouldn't see me squirming with a wet spot on my jeans. Little did I realize she knew only too well how close I was to wetting my pants. It seemed that everybody was just moving at the slowest pace possible. I was about to lose control and flood my pants when we finally go moving. At least with the motion of the car she might not see how much I was struggling to stay dry. As we took our exit for home, we hit a good sized pothole in the road. That caused another good sized spurt of pee into my already wet panties, making the wet spot grow noticeably bigger. We pulled in the driveway and even before the car stopped I was out and running for the door. I fumbled in my pocket for my keys and realized I hadn't driven, I didn't have any keys with me! I turned to see what was taking my wife so long and lost control of my bladder. She was standing there with her purse and shopping bags just shaking her head saying "tsk, tsk, my little boy didn't make it to the potty again" I looked down and say a huge wet stain on my jeans all the way down both legs, into my shoes and starting to form a puddle at my feet.  "Lets get you inside and cleaned up before the neighbors see you." She unlocked the door and I followed her inside. " Well it looks like my little boy is having a difficult time staying dry these days. Maybe we need to find some way to help him." I was mentally and physically exhausted from trying to hold on to my pee. I just stripped off my wet clothes and went to wash up. I came out of the shower and went into the bedroom. There stood my wife with her hands on her hips pointing to my soggy pile of clothes. " I think we need to have a talk. Last night you wet the bed which is not all that uncommon for you, but today you wet your pants like a toddler when we were only gone for a couple of hours. I think we need to put you back into diapers for a while until you can get control of your wetting." I tried to explain that we had left before I had a chance to go to the bathroom but she wouldn't listen. "You are supposed to be a big boy, big boys don't wet their pants, only babies wet their pants, and they are put into diapers!" I looked past her to the bed and saw a stack of very thick looking disposable diapers and several pairs of plastic panties. "Come over here and lay on the bed" she ordered. "I am going to put you back in diapers until you can prove to me that you will be able to stay dry like a big boy!" I couldn't argue with her, I was just too overwhelmed by everything that had happened. I climbed on the bed and lay down as she ordered. She proceeded to rub baby oil on me and quickly taped one of the diapers on me. "Well little boy, stand up so I can put some waterproof diaper panties on so you won't leak." I did as told, wondering what she had in store for me next. She pulled a tee shirt over my head and exclaimed "Here you are, dressed for the day." I looked in the mirror next to the bed and could see that the shirt came only to the top of my butt, leaving my very bulky diaper sticking out behind me. It was just like it had been when I wet my bed as a young boy, made to wear diapers all day as punishment with my butt showing so everyone could see I was wearing a diaper. My wife hugged me, patted my padded bottom and said " You have had a busy morning, lets go eat lunch and we can take a nap this afternoon." With all that happened, I had forgotten about getting burgers and realized how hungry I was. While eating lunch my wife commented on how cute I looked with just a diaper and tee shirt on. I must admit it felt very comfortable and brought back memories of my youth. "Maybe we can get you some cuter panties to wear over them" she added.She seemed to be taking this all very casually like it was no surprise I had wet my pants. I thought to myself she must have gotten the diapers when she went out earlier today! She had planned this! I looked at her with a sudden look of realization and she just smiled. "You have been having more frequent bed wetting incidents and I have let them go without any changes. I felt it was time to start taking better care of you so I figured I would make you wet your pants to show that you really do need to be wearing diapers. It wasn't really that hard, you have been so close so many times and even wet your pants thinking I wouldn't find out." I had to admit she was right. I really had been close, sometimes wetting as I rushed into the bathroom. She of course, knew this from all the wet panties in the hamper. One time last week I had been so desperate that I didn't have time to pull down my pants and just sat on the toilet and peed in my pants. "Don't you feel better wearing a diaper?" she asked. I told her it really did feel comfortable with a snug diaper on me. "Why don't you take a nap while I do some yard work. I will check on you in a while." I had little choice but to agree. I went in the living room and curled up on the couch. I was soon asleep. The next thing I remember is my wife standing over me gently shaking me awake. "Baby, wake up, it's almost dinner time and your diaper is soaked. We need to get you changed into a dry diaper. My little boy was very tired!" I hadn't realized I was asleep the whole afternoon. Waking up wet wasn't going to get me out of diapers anytime soon. "Don't you worry, I have some extra absorbent night time diapers for bed time." My wife told me. There I was, wearing a soaking wet diaper with my wife telling me she had an even more absorbent diaper for bed time. I felt as if my life was changing and I was powerless to control it. "Oh, I also bought you some daytime training panties for you to wear to work, just in case." she added. Things were going to get interesting........



Most of this is true with a few added details. comments welcome

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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