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Not Quite Big - By KT

Kitty had stacked all the big blocks. She dumped out the small blocked and began stacking. She was going to build the biggest tower ever! She pushed her dress down and began stacking.

The blocks rocked as they reached the height of her head. Mommy was in the other room, music playing and the keyboard clicking.

Kitty set the next block on the tower. She squirmed and pressed the front of her diaper as she lifted the next one. She bit her lip as she reached up again. Another spasm of need jerked her off balance and the tower came crashing down with a clatter. Sitting on the blocks hurt, but her tower was destroyed. Tears welled in Kitty’s eyes and she fussed, then began crying.

The music in the other room stopped and Mommy rushed to Kitty’s side, blocks scattered as she kicked them. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Kitty pointed at the blocks. “My tower broke.”

Mommy turned to look over the scattered blocks. Then kissed Kitty on the head. “Did you make it bigger this time?”

Kitty grinned and nodded vigorously. She jumped to her feet and put her hands up. “It was like this!”

Mommy smiled. “Wonderful.” She looked at her wrist. “Oh, damn. Kitty, it’s time to clean up. We have someplace to be today.”

Kitty stopped. “No.” She crossed her arms and stamped a foot.

Mommy stood up and kissed Kitty on the chin. “Not right now, babe. It’s time to get big.”

Kitty picked at the hem of her dress. “But I don’t want to, Mommy.” She squirmed a little more.

Mommy sighed. “Okay, if your diaper is dry, we’ll play for five more minutes.”

Kitty bit her lip again. “What if I’m not?”

Mommy stepped closer and grinned. “Well then we should go get you changed and then go to our meeting.” She kissed Kitty again and reached one hand down to test Kitty’s diaper. “Well, I guess we know the answer to that one. Let’s go.” She took Kitty by the hand.

Kitty followed sniffling softly. Why was Mommy so mean? She didn’t have any stupid appointments.

They went through the small computer room, more of an alcove off the hallway to the bedroom. Light purple walls that Kitty suggested, and the dark red sheets that Mommy picked out. They didn’t go well together, but they were for different things.

Mommy let go of Kitty’s hand and went to the second dresser, where she pulled off the changing pad and opened the top drawer for a diaper.

Kitty pouted. “I don’t want to be big.” She frowned, tears still falling.

Mommy smiled. “Okay, then we’re going to pretend.” She pushed the top drawer closed and opened the second one, pulling out a diaper with stars and fairies on the front. After laying out the changing pad she pushed Kitty on to it. “Remember how we pretend we’re big?”

Kitty smiled. “Yes!”

Mommy smiled as she lifted Kitty’s dress off. “So what’s the first rule?”

“I’m David.” She giggled.

“That’s right. Your David when you’re big. Who am I?”

“You’re Jessica.” Kitty laid back.

Mommy began pulling the tapes loose on Kitty’s diaper. “Now, remember, no one can know you’re a little girl, right?”


Mommy continued the diaper change. Wiping and taping up the new diaper. After checking the gatherers, she went to the big dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. “Alright, Dave, let’s get you dressed, or we’re going to be late.”

Kitty giggled and pulled the pants, then the shirt. “Done, Mommy!”

Mommy was packing the grown-up diaper bag, slipping two of Kitty’s diapers along with a pack of wipes. She looked over. “Not quite, baby.” She set the bag down and buttoned and zipped the pants, before pulling down a belt and looping it through the belt loops. “Sandals?”


“Good. Go get them.” Mommy went back to getting ready.

Kitty ran to the closet and picked out the black sandals, because she knew Mommy would get angry if she picked the pink ones. She slipped them on her feet. “Now we’re ready?”

“Yup, let’s go.” Mommy grabbed the keys and they headed for the door.

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