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Over Powered

*this is not a true story. This is just what I wish could happen to me.*


                My name is Mark and I am just your average 23 year old, blond hair, blue eyed guy. I am in nice shape and pretty muscular and never thought I would be able to get over powered by a small girl but that’s what happened.

                I woke up one morning and I went to the mall to go shopping and pick up some new clothing and maybe a girl ;). Well I got to the mall and I finished my shopping and I was walking around looking for a girl when all of a sudden a girl came and talked to me. Well she was cute small blond hair blue eyes nice boobs and a huge butt. She said her name was Lilly. Well we decided to meet on Saturday at the coffee shop in our town for a date.

                When Saturday came I was so excited. We would meet up at noon and have a drink together and then see where we got from there. When I got there Lilly was waiting but not for too long. She was wearing a crop top and some nice leggings that made her look great. We talked and had some coffee and then we walked around town. Well she got me to come back to her house that night and how could I turn her down. We got there and right when we got in she got me against the wall and started making out with me. She got me to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed. Well that was a bad idea because she tied me down with hidden straps and I would usually be ok with that but then she cut my clothes off and then left the room.

                I lay on the bed and I was scared out of my mind. She came back and I looked up and thought no way! In her hands were an adult diaper and a vibrating butt plug. She got right to work and the plug hurt going in so bad because she just put it in no gradual push just in. then she put the diaper on me and turned on the plug. Well then she got naked and she noticed the bulge growing in my diaper and smiled. Then she sat on my face and told me to make her cum so I did. She then left the room and I was alone again. I was left there all night and the plug’s batteries finally ran out and I peed twice so when I fell asleep I was very soggy and to my surprise it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would when I was desperately holding back my pee.

In the morning I woke up to the door opening. Lilly walked in and she said time for a change? I said yes and asked her if this game was over yet. She said that it wasn’t a game at all and I would be in diapers for quite a while. I just dropped my jaw and couldn’t believe what she said I started to protest but she put a gag shaped like a huge dick in my mouth. Then she changed my diaper and took out the butt plug and that’s when I realized how bad I needed to fill that diaper with poop. There was no way I could do that but Lilly said she would wait to untie me until I pooped my diaper. Well after about 10 minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and let my messy load into my diaper. I couldn’t tell her that I pooped because that is so embarrassing. Well the smell took over and she noticed. Then she called out of the room saying, Chris!!!

                Well Chris came and he was a huge man. Not fat but buff. He had dark hair and a huge dick. I could tell because he was wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs. This actually made me jealous because it was much bigger than mine. Well he got on me and unstrapped me but handcuffed me right away and brought me over to a chair in the corner. He sat down and put me on my knee and started moving his knee up and down so I was bouncing and the load in my diaper was squishing all over my butt and dick. Well it actually felt good and I was getting turned on from looking at Lilly. Well with my luck I got an erection and it was embarrassing because I was in a poopy diaper and Lilly laughed at me then Chris uncuffed me and told me go ahead, rub it out. Well I had to, I was so turned on but then I found out I was being videotaped and then they had blackmail. They let me finish masturbating but then they said I now must listen to whatever they say or they would put the video on line and make me do very embarrassing things in public with my diapers. I couldn't listen to everything they tell me to do what if it gets really bad so i said no. Bad idea because Lilly then said that I needed to be punished. She left me with Chris and said she would be back.

When she came back Lilly had a ton of bondage items, diapers, and sex toys. she then told Chris that i was all his for now to do what ever he wants with me then she left. He hand cuffed my feet together and then chained my already cuffed hands to my now cuffed feet and left me on the floor for a while facing away from him. He finished what he was doing behind me and unchained my feet from hands but still leaving my feet and hands cuffed to them selves. Then i saw what he had in store. There was a stand that would strap me in and keep me in a kneeling position but could also adjust to keep me on my hands and knees, a big paddle and a box full of supplies that he said were for after we're done at the stand.

Well now i was strapped in still wearing nothing but my soiled diaper which was now also filled with pee from my fear but the worst of my fear was still yet to come. Chris then said oh yeah I forgot, we need to get this on tape for the world to see if you're naughty. He took the camera from the box and set it up then turned it on and stood in front of me. While pulling off the briefs that he had on he said suck my dick and be good no biting or you know what Lilly will have to do. I couldn't let anyone on the internet see me like this so i had to suck his huge dick. It was bad at first but i got use to it and didn't mind it about have way through and by the time he was cumming in my mouth i actually started to enjoy it and my dick wasn't so soft anymore.

Chris noticed my dick was hard and said that it was time for some fore play. He went behind me and put his hand on the front of my diaper which was warm because of the pee and then he started to stroke my dick. I was moaning so loud that the neighbors probably heard. During this whole thing he was rubbing the back of my soiled diaper too and that was mushing the poop all over my butt and it felt so good. Right before i was about to cum he stopped and said now for the real fun and started to adjust the stand I was on to the hands and knees position. 

I was now strapped in on my hands and knees and i felt a poke at the back of my diaper. When the back of my diaper started to tear open i realized what was about to happen and i begged Chris to stop but it helped none. Then it happened, he just slid  his dick all the way inside my ass and it hurt so bad. Then the trusting came and he started slow and i actually calmed down but it was impossible to forget the huge dick in my ass. His trusting got faster and faster until he exploded inside of me. When i felt the first wave of cum I instantly got hard because his cum in my ass felt better than anything i have ever felt in my life. After he finished he pulled out and came around front of me and said now do you want to listen? I said yes because all I wanted was more of his cum in my ass. He then unstrapped me and told me to lay on the bed where the changing mat was and then called in Lilly.

Lilly came in and saw me laying on the bed and said aww do we have a cute little butt sex loving whore on our hands and then came over to me took off my diaper and wiped me clean. Next Lilly told me to stand up on the ground so i did so and then she got on her knees in front of me and told me that i needed a reward and then she sucked my dick until i came in her mouth. I was then told i would be staying in a different room for the night and needed to follow her.

We walked out into the hallway and Chris followed us to the last door. Lilly opened the door and what i saw was an over sized baby nursery. I said this is where i'm staying? Well yeah that was where i would be staying. Chris picked me up and put me on the changing table and Lilly then put a new diaper on me and put me in a little dress that didn't even go to the bottom of my diaper and i asked why i was wearing a dress and i was told because i was a sissy baby. Then after I was dressed i was put in a play pen a forced to stay there until my "surprise" was ready. Not to much later my "surprise" came and boy it really was a surprise. The door opened and i saw the cutest girl i have ever seen in my entire life and she was wearing a diaper and a dress just like me. Lilly said that this was Shelby and that she was my age. She also said that we better get to know each other well because we would be sleeping together in the crib for a long time.

Me and Shelby talked about how we both came to wearing diapers and how we both like it now. That night we fell asleep cuddling in the crib and over time we fell in love and Lilly let us get married and we moved out but to this day Shelby and I still wear and use diapers 24/7 and also live as babies at home.  

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