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I lived in MA. Was in the first grade. I had a younger friend that squatted down one day and my brother and his friend said he was pooping his pants. At first I didn't believe them, but then I could smell it. I became very excited about my friend pooping his pants. I continued playing until my brother was gone and then I asked my friend if I could see the poop in his pants, he would not let me unless no one could see. I couldn't find a good place, but I still wanted to see, so I started threatening I found a small board with a nail in it. I wasn't really going to hurt him I just wanted to see. I found a spot and was about to look and I chickened out. We went to his aunts house and was playing on the swing set until dark when his aunt got home. I watch him mush the poop in and I ask if he liked the way it felt, he didn't answer. He told his aunt what he did and that I wanted to see it, I denied it and left. I lost a friend.

 Not long after this I started wanting to try pooping my pants. I was playing one day and I had to poop, so I did it in my pants, it felt really good, but I was afraid I would get caught by my Dad. I was heading for the house when the neighbor boy came up to me and said he knew I pooped my pants and that I should sit in it and mush it around. I was not friends with him and he hardly ever came outside, it was weird he came out that day. I think now that he saw me from inside and wanted to be my friend, because he saw me poop my pants. I was scared though, so I went in real quick and dumped the poop in the toilet it was a big lump. My mom kind of caught me I flushed as she came in and she knew I was up to something. I told her and she said it was ok go back out and play.

 I don't know where I got the diaper, I wore it to school instead of underwear. During the first part of the day I peed in it a couple times then I got scared I was going to get caught, so I hide behind a work table in the back of the room that had a trash can right beside it and pulled the diaper off up through the front of my pants and through it a way. Nothing was ever said about it, so I guess no one knew. Later that day I needed to poop I ask to go to the restroom. When I got there I wanted to try pooping my pants again, only I didn't have underwear on. I tried it anyway by sitting on the toilet with my pants on. I pooped, but when I stood up it rolled down my pants leg and into the floor. I was getting out of there and a kid from the special class came in, I think he had Down syndrome, anyway we both looked at the poop in the floor didn't say anything and he went up to the urinal and pulled his pants all the way to his ankles to pee. The principal stopped me in the hall and ask me about the poop in the floor, I said it was the other kid and he couldn't really prove anything, all though I could still feel the poop on my leg where it rolled down. I don't know if he could smell it, but I didn't get in trouble. This was my first diaper my next wasn't until the forth grade all though I did do some peeing when in the third and I will tell both stories later. I now 36 and still enjoy diapers peeing pooping. I am a DL.Adam AKA shadypools.

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