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Two weeks after my 4th semester in College

When I woke up I was already alone, parents gone on vacation, and instead of changing out of my soaking ATN and into boxers I changed into another ATN.  I went down stairs in nothing but my diaper and got myself a pop-tart and some orange juice, and sat down to watch some TV. 

I than called up my friend Emily who has told me some of her secrets, like her lesbian experience in high school.  When she pick up I asked her if she wanted to hang out, she said “Sure, I will be over in 10 minutes.”  I figured it was time to tell someone about being a Diaper Lover.

I knew I would have at least 15 minutes because she is always late.  So I finished the show I was watching and I ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of basketball shorts. At that I moment I realized that the few glasses of water and the glass of OJ had filled my bladder.  I stood there for relaxed and unleashed a torrent of urine flooding my ATN.  Examining my diaper I decided not to change it and I put on my shorts and went back down stairs. 

When I heard the doorbell ring I stood up and walked over to the door before opening it I flexed my abs really defining my six pack.  She walked in her gorgeous 5 foot 6 inch 115 pound figure wearing a mini skirt that made her legs go on for miles, curves that you cannot resist, and a tank top show cleavage from her perky and beautiful B cup breasts, and an ass, this is the ass that I compare all others to.  She gave me a quick hug and continued towards the couch, after shutting the door I followed behind her.  I sat down and she said “What’s up?”

Replying with my usual answer “Nothing much, enjoying my summer.  I do have something I want to show you.  Please don’t think I am weird.”  I stood up and started to pull my shorts down an show her my Diaper.  Once my shorts hit the floor I was so nervous, and then you started to hear the faint hiss of pee hitting my diaper, it was not as big as the first one, I knew it could hold no more.  Then she stood up unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor I was not expecting her to do that, but when she did I was expecting a thong or some other sexy lingerie, but I was wrong she was wearing a goodnites pull-up.  I was so surprised and then I heard that hissing aging I looked over at her diaper I saw a wet spot appear.  I almost came right then and there.

            I was so turned on, diaper sagging at least 1.5 inches and Emily walked over to me, diaper sagging, but not as much, she took my hand and me walked upstairs, and into my bathroom took off her tank top and then turned around moving her hair out of the way for me to undo her bra.  I turned on some music while she got the shower going, because we both needed a good cleaning.  We hopped in the shower diapers and all.  I grabbed her diapered ass and pulled her right next to me started to make out.  I moved my hand up from her ass to her boob and started to kiss her neck and after about 15 minutes she ripped my diaper off and then tore hers off, I was surprised they were still on with all the water they absorbed.  And then said FUCK ME!! I pushed her against the wall in my shower and slid my hard dick into her wet vagina.  She screaming out in pleasure and we humped each other’s brains out after around 15 minutes I could tell she had an orgasm she and then we fucked for another hour, and I gave her a 7 total orgasms and in that time I had two and just kept going through the first.

            We stepped out of the shower being thoroughly clean we dried off and went to my room and I pulled out two ATN’s and looked at Emily and she smiled and laid down and I opened up the diaper and slid it under her before I put baby powder bent down and kissed her clit, and then finished diapering her, and then it was my turn to be diapered. 

            I asked her if she just wet or did you mess to? She replied I mostly just wet my pull-ups, but sometimes I mess, than she said What about you?  Same, I have wanted to try an enema though.  Before I even asked her she said sounds fun so we put our cloths back on and ran out to the nearest drug store.  Once there we found exactly what we were looking for, a two quart enema bag, I grabbed two of them one for me and one for Emily, after we paid for them and got back home we quickly connected the tubes and filled the bag and in went the nozzle, we both looked at each other and said “This feels weird!!”, but we started the flow and I was surprised that I was able to take it all.  After about 10 minutes of holding it we both released our mess there was so much farting and then the backs of our diapers changed form that lovely white to a brown and then the poop.  “Wow, that was strange but awesome” I said, she completely agreed. 

            After a while we deiced we should change so we don’t get a rash. We went and did the simple thing and jump back in the shower to rinse the poop off our asses.  Once we were clean again we went back to my room and made love again.  Emily took control this time and went for hours.  Once we finished she got up and she said she had to go, but we should do this again, she kissed me and walked out in just her bra tank top and went to get her skirt from downstairs, and I followed still naked and kissed her one more time.


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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