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My Girlfriends House

I am 17 years old skinny guy and today after school I am going to spend the weekend at my girlfriend house.  I never had sex so you can say that I am excited and nervous.  Now I just need to get though the day.

The first half of school went by slow now it was gym class I hated gym the bullies all ways picked on me and today was no different.  We played basketball and ken the leader of the bullies pushed me off the gym floor we both got  punished and had to spend the rest of the class in the locker room. I took a shower and put my clothes on Ken looked at me weird. He came up to me and rubbed the front of my pants I was too scared to do anything. It began to feel good so I layed on the bench he took my pants down and sucked my penis it felt good then I came. Gym was over Ken left and did not say a word.

Finally the day was over I ran home and packed a bag. I have not seen my girlfriend all day we are in separate classes. I kissed my mom on the cheek and ran out the door it was about 3 blocks.

I rang the bell her mom answers the door "come in" she says
I. Was nervous " Jennifer is up in her room there is a spare bed I. Her room you can use. " thank you" I replied. I ran up stairs. In the hallway I noticed a door at the end of the hallway locked with a big lock on on the door.
I went into her room she was laying on her belly reading wow she is beautiful think to myself I put my bag on my bed. "Hi" she says. We talked about our day. Then she sat on my bed and kissed me. She rubbed my crotch. And just then her mom called us for dinner.

We ate our dinner and talked. As we were talking Jen rubbed her foot up my leg and rubbed my crotch for about a minute. After dinner was finished it was getting late so her mom told us to get ready for bed and come down to watch tv. Jen came down wearing just a t- shirt. So went up stairs snd striped down I put on a clean white T-shirt and put on white Fruit of the Loom briefs. I went down stairs and watched tv about an hour later her mom csme I. And said bed time. We went to bed her mom came I. And said goodnight to us.

Jen fell asleep I got out of my bed and went into her bed. I put my hand on her leg and rubbed her leg she started moaning and opened her legs wide I put my hand into her panties and I was hard then the door open and her mom came in and grabed me. Nice boys don't do this she yelled. She took off my shirt I am now just in my Fruit of the looms and she grabbed Jen and did the same Jen wes crying and I was scared. She took us to her room and put a weird smelling rag to my face and everything went black.

I woke up my head hurt when I moved I heard a crinkling sound I notice that I am in a crib and wearing a wet disposable diaper I looked a see a shelf with boxes of Pampers from the 1970's and laying next to me is Jen also wearing a wet disposable diaper. What is going on here I think to myself where are my pants. I hear the lock on the door and Jennifers mom comes in I yell "I want to go home"
"You are home" she says with a devilish smile. And she gives me a bottle and I suck on the nipple and drink I was too scared to say anything the milk tasted funny. She wakes up Jen and she also drinks from the bottle. And she leaves and locks the doir.

What is going on Jen? I ask she replies in a baby voice mommy does not like me doing adult things. Now we are going to have stay like this forever. She csn do this I say I have to go home. My belly starts to hurt then I poop my diaper full. I start to cry this can not be happing to me.

Part 2 the excape coming soon.

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