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Sasha the baby Pokemon trainer part 7


Sasha and her new best friend Misty walked slowly out of Cerulean city. "It's been a long time since I wore a real diaper and not just training diapers." Misty said tugging at the seat of her double thick disposable diapers until the fit comfortably again. Misty wasn't bragging but that's how it came off to Sasha who had always envied people who were potty trained.  Misty practically had to waddle more than walk to deal with the bulky double diaper between her thighs, it wasn't even wet yet and she had problems walking.

Sasha walked behind her diapered best friend envious of her. Sasha was nearly the opposite of her friend in front: while Misty wore warm thick double disposable diapers that hung out the back her short skirt, Sasha didn't even have panties on all that hung out the back of her skirt was her shapely ass (Misty pointed out getting her panties would be a waste since she probably would ruin every pair), Misty waddled from the bulk between her legs that would be constantly expanding as they went from her accidents, Sasha walked tight legged like she was on a cat walk to keep from having more accidents. Since Misty removed Sasha's diaper Sasha had already wet herself twice the seat of her skirt was still damp from her last. The only thing that gave her comfort now was the poke ball pacifier she hadn't stopped suckling since she had her diapers taken away. Sasha felt naked in more than one way without her diaper for protection. "It's been a long time since I was out of diaper...actually I've never been out of diapers for more than a day..." Sasha said through her pacifier, blushing at how naive and infantile it sounded for an eighteen year old woman. 

"I guess it's really hard to act your age when you’re wearing a soaked messy diaper." Misty said jokingly poking fun at both their situations. Misty stopped suddenly realizing Sasha had fallen behind. "What's wrong?" Misty asked walking up to Sasha who groaned and held her stomach half bent over. Sasha tears running down her face, urine began streaming out of her pussy and down her long legs pooling in her shoes and under her feet. Sasha couldn't stop herself and immediately after she messed herself. Misty consoled Sasha who was bawling from the ordeal. Misty took her by the hand and led her to a clearing off the road. Obscured by the trees Misty took off and tossed Sasha's dirty skirt. Using her baby wipes Misty expertly cleaned Sasha's mess from her and stood her back up completely naked from the waist down only wearing a tight t shirt and suckling her pacifier. "You should just go without bottoms for a while it'll be easier until we reach vermillion city." Misty stated. Sasha nodded silently and followed Misty's crinkling lead back to the road.


A week later after many accidents by Sasha and diaper changes for Misty the girls arrived at the edge of vermillion city. Ecstatic the girls rushed to the Pokémon center to get ready for Sasha's battle with the gym leader. After another much needed diaper change for Misty and some rest the girls took their leave and headed for the gym. Sasha had been coached by Misty on what to expect and which Pokémon to use. The girls entered the gym and were greeted by a distant hello from the other side of the gym. "Well this looks like is where I stop. I’ll be waiting outside for you." Misty said leaving the building before a stunned Sasha could respond. Walking up Sasha saw a woman in her late thirties training a Pikachu. The woman returned the Pikachu to its poke ball and turned to face her challenger. Misty had told Sasha the gym leader was a man named Lt Surge. She was caught off guard by many things. The first was the unexpected twist the gym leader had been replaced. Second she didn't expect the woman to be so attractive, the woman had electric blonde hair to her shoulders that framed a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes. Her black dress hugged her curvaceous body tightly showing off her ass and leaving her cleavage showing from her Double D breasts. 

"May I help you?" The woman queried in a motherly tone literally talking down to Sasha who was at least six inches shorter.

"Uhh I want challenge you to a match." Sasha said nervously suddenly feeling much younger and smaller as the beautiful mature woman towered over her small frame. The woman eyes Sasha up and down, taking stock of her challenger. She noticed she had a pacifier as a necklace and she wore a tight shirt with children's characters on it. The woman guessed Sasha to be about eighteen but she dressed like five year old. 

"My name is Sasha." She said meekly. The pressure of the woman's scrutiny and her nerves got the better of her Sasha could feel herself about to pee. Desperately she crossed her legs and hoped it would be enough. Sasha's pussy lips began to moisten and drip slightly with the pressure building in her bladder increasing. 

"Fine , I'm Letha the new vermillion gym leader we will do a one on one match...." Letha trailed off and soon stopped talking she was speechless as she watched her challenger moan and cross and then recross her legs. Uncrossing her legs was her downfall. Before she could cross them again in a torrent like the breaking of a dam Sasha pissed herself in front of Letha completely soaking herself and her clothes.



“Well,” Letha commented, “you would be surprised how many baby trainers come through here, so we are quite used to this. Before you battle how about we clean up this mess, get you cleaned and then how about we battle?”

       Sasha was shocked at what Letha Had just said, and true to the reactions of a toddler, Sasha was just standing there silently sobbing, both embarrassed and confused. Letha put her arm around Sasha to comfort her. All of a sudden Sasha felt a second arm around her, it was her big sister Misty, Who had run into the gym after seeing what had happened to Sasha. At the same time Letha and Misty said “don’t worry Sasha we are here for you.”

Sasha looked at Misty and gave both of them a hug.

Misty then replied “I saw the way you looked at me while you were diaper less and I still had one on, how would you feel if I potty-trained you, we will take our time and get it done slowly but surely?.”

Sasha looked at Misty in disbelief, “would you do that for me big sister? And would you and I still get to wear diapers?!”

Misty just laughed “of course! And of course you can still wear diapers, that’s a given.”

Sasha then looked at Letha, who was smiling, “what is so funny?” Sasha asked. 

Letha then said “well, out of all the baby trainers that have come through here, none of them, not a single one have the relationship that you two do. Anyways, Sasha do you still want to battle?”

Sasha blushed, “of course I do! I got to prove myself to my big sis and mommy!”  

“This is the gym that will test your mettle and turn you into and adult” Letha continued, “here are the rules if you win the thunder badge is yours, however if you lose you and Misty will have to stay here with me for a week while I teach you to become an adult, which means no diapers, no breast milk, and no pacifier. And you will do everything I say or else. You will find out how mean I can be.”

Sasha looked at misty. Misty said to Sasha “I have confidence in your skill Sasha.” 

Sasha returned, “thank you big sis.” Sasha looked at Letha with a fire burning in her eyes, the fire of determination, wanting to win and confidence shouted. “I ACCEPT!” 


After Misty cleaned up her baby sister and sent her to her position true to her word that she had to earn this badge to earn back the privilege to wear diapers. Letha and Sasha took their places on opposite sides of the battle field while Misty acted as referee and cheerleader for her baby sister. 

Sasha was first to choose, "Go Charmeleon!" Sasha exclaimed throwing the pokeball and releasing her Pokemon. 

"A little girls Pokemon, figures its not fully evolved, don't worry you'll get to wear your diapers again. After you learn to be an adult for a week that is." Letha said taunting her infantile opponent. Without hesitation Letha chose Raichu. 

"Wow what's that Pokemon I've never seen it before." Sasha stared with child like curiosity at the electric mouse. 

"Raichu use thunder shock." Letha demanded. Instantly Raichu reacted and attacked injuring Charmeleon.

"Hey we weren't ready that was mean!" Sasha whined." Charmeleon use flamethrower!" Charmeleon countered and grazed Raichu with the attack.

"Real life doesn't wait until your ready little baby." Letha taunted again as Raichu attacked again. 

The battle raged on for minutes until Sasha began to focus so much on the battle she didn't feel the warmth sliding down her legs. Sasha was having a rather large accident unconsciously battling through it. Her soaked skirt clung to her shapely thighs. 

"Wow you really should be wearing diapers." Letha commented. "You by far have the biggest accidents I've ever seen for any baby." 

Sasha taking Letha's advice ignored Letha's jeering and focused on the battle. She waited until the opportunity presented itself. Raichu disengaged charmeleon and moved away to use double team. This was Sasha's last chance, charmeleon was nearly exhausted. "Charmeleon use fire spin!" Sasha called out.

Reacting immediately charmeleon launched the fiery attack enveloping Raichu in flames as he body slammed charmeleon. Both Pokemon reeled back with Raichu fainting seconds later. Charmeleon stood exhausted for a moment then collapsed in victory. 

"I won?"  Sasha's self doubt was momentarily interrupted by the glow erupting from charmeleon's collapsed form. Before everyone's eyes the unconscious Pokemon evolved into its final form. The powerful fire dragon, Charizard. "I won!" Her face lit up with realization and she jumped for joy splashing the puddle from her accident a little. "Oh no I'm soaked." She groaned but couldn't stop smiling. "I earned my thunder badge, my diapers and I got Charizard this might be the best day ever." Sasha claimed sinking down her knees in the puddle, completely exhausted. 


Sasha awoke what seemed like only moments later in the Pokemon center nursery. She bolted upright and looked around, Misty and Letha were there with Sasha's fully healed Charizard who was excited to see her up. Sasha looked down, she was lying in a crib wearing a onesie, over what she could tell from experience were double thick disposable diapers, she smiled through her pacifier. Letha leaned over the crib and pinned the thunder badge to the front of her onesie. "Congratulations Sasha, you may still wear diapers but you'll always be a big girl in my book." Letha said smiling.

"Thanks ms Letha," Sasha said yawning and being nuzzled by her new Charizard. 

"Well I have to get back to the gym, good luck in Celadon with your rainbow badge." Letha said exiting the nursery. Sasha smiled clasping in one hand her thunder badge and petting Charizard with the other she was soon sucking her pacifier fast asleep. 

To be continued…

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