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The Japanese Bed Wetter

Akiza was a beautiful Japanese Girl with a petite frame and large D cup breasts. She had a slim body and an average ass which meant that she was very beautiful but she had one little problem. Akiza was a bedwetter and a heavy bedwetter at that. Every night since she was an infant she would wet the bed heavily and because of that she had to be put in diapers. Even to this day Akiza still wore diapers to bed since she never out grew her little problem so she decided that if she was gonna be in diapers for what seemed like her entire life she may as well make the most of it.

Akiza was getting ready for a slumber party that her mother decided to organize with two of her friends, Rose and Sara, to which Akiza was slightly worried due to her bedwetting issue and the fact that she was still in diapers but she had grown to like wearing diapers but knew that Rose and Sara were good friends.

“Akiza honey I know you’re feeling nervous but Rose and Sara are good people and they’ve been a positive influence on you,” Akiza’s mother Nadoka said as she was changing Akiza into a diaper.

“I understand mom but is this diaper necessary? Why couldn’t we use a daytime one?” Akiza said as she was on her back and getting cleaned and powdered before being changed into a diaper. This one was big and had the Japanese flag on the front which covered the entire diaper and it went slightly above her waist and came up to her navel.

“Because these were the only ones we could get that fit your big butt,” Nadoka replied as she got Akiza to her feet just as the doorbell rang, “Oh that must be Rose and Sara.”

Akiza put on a big t shirt to hide it not even bothering to put on a bra as she went to the door with her mother to greet them.

“Hello Rose, hello Sara,” Nadoka said as Rose and Sara walked in. Rose and Sara were twin sisters and they had curvy figures and large breasts but what stuck out the most was their big beautiful asses that could rival Akiza’s in size and were firm and curvy.

“Hello Nadoka,” Rose said calling Akiza’s mother by her first name since she and Sara were almost like nieces to her. “Did you get everything ready for the sleepover?”

“I did and you’ll have to share Akiza’s room since we don’t have any guest rooms ready yet,” Nadoka replied.

“That’s okay,” Sara said, “Rose and I sleep in the same room and our elder sisters Reina and Rita also share a room.”

“Excellent I’ll just leave you girls alone then,” Nadoka said going to watch a movie, “Call me if you need anything.”

Akiza, Rose and Sara then went up to Akiza’s room and had a bit of fun and played some video games and drank plenty of water. Akiza was a bit nervous at first about it but Rose and Sara reassured her that they’d be all right.

“It’s hot tonight so we should strip nearly naked,” Rose suggested an hour later as she stripped off her top revealing her large D cup breasts but kept her loose fitting shorts on

“I agree with that sis,” Sara said stripping till she too was topless with her equally large D cup breasts exposed but she kept her skirt on, “Go ahead Akiza.”

Akiza was a worried but she stripped off her T shirt revealing her large D cups and her diaper.

“Is that a Diaper?” Rose asked.

“Yes. I have a bedwetting problem. It’s so bad that I have to wear diapers every night,” Akiza said quietly.

“That’s Okay Akiza we understand where you’re coming from,” Sara said as she and Rose stood and undid their skirt and shorts respectively letting them fall to the floor.

Akiza was shocked to see that Rose and Sara also wore diapers that were the same kind she wore but the difference was that they had the American Flag covering the whole diaper.

“I didn’t know you two wore diapers,” Akiza said.

“Well the women in our family are all bedwetters and they’ve never gotten over it even with the potty training lessons,” Rose said, “That’s why we’re in diapers at night.”

“But does that mean you arrived wearing diapers?” Akiza asked.

“Yep,” Sara said, “Turns out some of the women in our family have weak bladder problems during the day as well. Our Great Great Great Great Grandmother was the first woman in our family to wear a diaper during the day and since then all the girls in the family have done it. We actually like the freedom we have since we don’t have to wait in line at the bathrooms.”

“So would you like to change us?” Rose asked.

“Sure,” Akiza said as she got the diapers and the supplies to change Rose and Sara.

Rose and Sara laid back as Akiza removed their diapers revealing their shaved pussies before applying powder and wrapping up their large asses in fresh dry diapers. Akiza then laid back as Rose and Sara did the same for her and taped her up into a fresh dry diaper as well before all three of them fell asleep.


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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