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                                                God’s Timing

                                            Written by DL4Life

Ever since I can remember I have always held a fascination for wearing diapers; wanting to just snag one from the grocery store or even a set of pampers from my younger sister’s drawer when she was just a baby. I have never been able to understand why, but there was something about them that absolutely caused the utmost obsession. Being twenty-four years old, I thought I was doomed to live with my strange addiction myself, but apparently God had other plans.

            I was in line at a convenient store to pick up a monster energy drink while my truck was being fuelled up outside when I saw her walk in. She was absolutely stunning, maybe 5’6 with dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. My eyes wandered across her body, noting her Avenged Sevenfold tee shirt and cute black skirt that stopped just a little above her knees. She had quite a figure, no more than 145lbs at most, and most of the weight most have came from her breasts. They were perky, possibly a 38C size. I was so awestruck that I never even noticed her grinning at me.

“Hey.” She said. I shook my head, awakening from the trance she had me in. “You gonna buy that drink or what? I’m kinda in a hurry here.” I tilted my head quizzically wondering if she was toying with me, or if she’s actually in a rush. I smiled back.

“Oh, sorry,” I muttered, pulling out a ten dollar bill from my pocket to pay the cashier. I gave a shy smile back. “Is that better?”

“Well, it would be if you’d move.” If I wasn’t a sucker, I would have just thought of her to be obscenely rude, but I caught the smirk and grinned a bit wider.

“Oh?” I asked. “And what if I don’t?” She stepped closer, her green eyes scanning my average male body. I could see her eyes going down to my legs and up to meet my brown eyes. She gave a shrug and continued to smile at me.

“Well, I didn’t quite figure out a response for that one.” I chuckled and stepped aside, dropping my change back down on the counter to pay for her Brisk Iced Tea that she was in line to buy. She looked up at me with her large green eyes as if she couldn’t find the words to say to me.

“Since you’re in such a hurry.” I responded without her comment, “I figure I might as well pay for you.” Her smile widened as she unscrewed the cap of her drink and took a sip before turning out the door, but I stopped her. “Wait!” I exclaimed. “Think I could get your number?” She sent me a coy smile and walked over to me, placing her hand on the counter of the cashier’s stand.

“Oh?” She asked. “So you think that all you have to do is buy me an Iced Tea and you’ll get my digits?” I stammered, unable to find my wording to respond to her question.

“Ummm...” I trailed off. “Yes? After all, I did pay you in minutes since you’re in such a ‘hurry’ right?” She chuckled and pulled out a pen from her Nightmare before Christmas purse, taking my right arm and pulling it close to her. I watched as she wrote a set of numbers on the top of my hand.

“Yeah,” she said, still writing, “but your also slowing me down by having to do this. I’m Katlynn by the way, but you can call me Kat.” She finished writing and placed her pen back in her purse. “Call me tomorrow. I owe you about two dollars for that drink.” I smiled wider than the Grand Canyon as I watched her walk out the door. My eyes wandered, catching the frills of her skirt until I saw the familiar color of what looked to be a child’s sized pull up diaper. I shook my head violently. No way would a girl as sassy as her be into such a strange fetish...could she? I shook my head once more and headed to my truck, pulling out the gas nozzle and closing my fuel cap before starting up my vehicle and heading back home.

                                                            -Part 2-

            I sat down in my apartment and wrote down the number Kat had given me onto a piece of paper by my computer, all the while trying to comprehend what I swore I saw. Maybe it was just some panties and my mind got too carried away? Yeah right, I swear that was a ballerina on her butt; no adult panties have that as a design. I sighed and stood up, going into my closet to pull out a molicare and booster pad to place on me for the night. I’ve never been into the Adult Baby thing, but I loved being taped inside of a comfortable thick diaper that could hold my wettings while I continued certain duties around my house either by way of cleaning or recreation. If you’ve ever been in a video game competition and had to take a leak, you’d understand how convenient diapers actually could be.

            After I administered the baby powder and taped the molicare into place, I relaxed and sat on my sofa just before turning on my xbox360 console. I had twelve hours until my next shift at work and I was ready to just let go and have some fun. Within a few presses of the ‘A’ Button, I was at the starting screen of my favorite shooter game Call of Duty. I plugged up my headset and started a match while I remained sitting on my sofa in nothing more than a black tank-top and my light purple fresh molicare diaper. Right as the match begun, I heard a very familiar voice on the other end of my headset.

“Whose ready to get owned?” the voice asked. I chuckled; I had to speak up.

“That voice sounds extremely familiar,” I commented as the game began. As luck would have it, she was on my team. “You didn’t happen to have a guy buy you something at an AMPM store today, did you?” There was a pause for what felt like an eternity until she finally spoke up.

“Oh my gawd...” I heard her mutter. I chuckled as the match started.

“So much for in a hurry, huh?” I asked still chuckling. At that moment, I felt a need to urinate, but decided to hold it. After all, a molicare can hold multiple wettings on its own, but added with a booster pad practically makes it leak-proof. “So, I’m safe to say this is Kat, huh?”

“Yup,” she replied back. I wasn’t even focusing on the game due to how extremely slim the chances are of me playing a video game on the same team of the girl I had just met only an hour or so ago. “So....this is awkward.”

“What was such the hurry?” I asked. There was a pause and suddenly, she disappeared from the team and quit, leaving me in the match without her. I sighed, wondering if I just may have pissed her off until I heard the familiar notification on the bottom of my screen that she wanted to join a private chat. Of course I accepted it.

“Hey,” she said. “You really want to know why I was in a hurry?”

“Well, yeah...” I responded.

“I really had to use the restroom.” I chuckled and answered without even thinking.

“Why didn’t you just use your diaper?” There was an extremely long pause where each moment felt like a knife into my chest.

“ saw?” She asked, embarrassment obvious in her voice. “I...I gotta go..”

“Wait,” I said, hoping to keep her in the chat. “Its no big deal.”

“W...what?” she stammered. I sighed and looked at the clock in my living room.

“Look, it’s 7:30 in the afternoon, why don’t you meet me over at the Starbucks across from that AMPM we met at and I’ll treat you for coffee?”

“I’m totally confused,” she replied, worry and shame in her voice. “You saw me in a diaper...”

“So?” I replied, cutting her of. “Trust me. And you never even got my name. I’m Jason.” There was another long pause.

“Jason?” She asked back. “Okay...I was in a hurry because I already have used diaper. I didn’t want it to leak.” My eyes shot wide as the realization sank in. A beautiful girl that wears diapers...and I happen to run into her! I had to ask though.

“Is it by choice?”

“Is what by choice?” She replied.

“Wearing diapers? Do you choose to, or is it a medical thing?” I heard her sigh before she gave me the answer.

“Just meet me at the Starbucks okay?” She asked. ‘And I think it’s obvious that I will be wearing pants this time.” I stood up after turning off my Xbox and looked at my diapered crotch. The tapes were on quite securely, and if I removed them then they’d possibly lose their adhesive and I’d be left with one giant unusable pad. I sighed and went into my room frantically searching for something baggy enough to hide the bulk of my padded britches. As luck would have it, I found a pair of loose fit blue jeans that went up to my waist with ease. Aside from the slight crinkle, it was nowhere close to obvious that a twenty-four year old man was wearing his own toilet. With a smile, I grabbed the keys to my truck and rushed out of the apartment to meet Kat.


                                                -Part 3-

            The drive to the Starbucks was a short one, but my mind was racing with so many possible scenarios that it felt like an eternity before I reached my destination. Finally, I arrived and stepped out of my Ford pickup only to lock my brown eyes with the now timid green hues of Kat. She was outside of the coffee shop, wrapped up in a gray UCR jacket and black slacks. I sized her up and sighed; unlike last time, there was no evidence of her wearing a diaper.

“Hey.” I said, approaching her. She remained motionless, still keeping her eyes on me. “ alright?”

“I...” she trailed off, her green eyes darting away. “I thought I was careful...I thought no one would notice...” I walked closer to her and took her hand, slowly sitting her down on the patio chair outside the building while I pulled up another one to sit beside her. “But...after seeing that, why do you want to see me? I’m a...freak...” she muttered the last word under her breath, but I felt her pain when she said it. My mind suddenly was taken aback by the strong urge to urinate. I grunted, realizing I had decided to hold it in almost thirty minutes ago. She looked at me quizzically with a raised eyebrow.

“You okay?” She asked. I crossed my legs and sighed.

“Ummm...I guess its confession time for me too,” I sighed out as my bladder cried for release. “But I will in a second, I have to pee horribly!” Her look of confusion expanded as she noticed that I didn’t stand up to go to the bathroom as I said.

“You gonna piss your pants?” She asked, her eyes skimming down to my crotch. “If you gotta go, go inside.”

“I’m already going...” I said, exhaling a sigh as I emptied my urine into my diaper. I felt the stream splash against the front of it before dripping down the back and settling near my rear end. I pushed out, emptying my entire bladder while I kept my eyes shut to avoid her glare. Finally, I finished. Once I opened my eyes, I saw hers staring directly at me.

“You...peed?” She asked, her head tilted. “ Your not wet.”

“Oh I am,” I nervously chuckled. Slowly, I unzipped my fly and pulled the crease back on my jeans to reveal my purple molicare. The booster took care of all the wetness, so it didn’t look fully used, but I didn’t need to prove that. Her eyes lit up in shock as she covered her mouth with her right hand.

“Oh my gawd...” she muttered. “You...your diapered?” I shrugged and nodded.

“I been wearing them since I got my first job at eighteen,” I replied, zipping back up. “Since I live on my own, I can afford the finer ones. So...I guess by process of elimination, this makes me a freak too?” She shook her head for no and stood up, adjusting her slacks before offering me her hand.

“Come on, Jason,” she said. “I need some coffee, and this time, it’s my treat.”


                                    -Part 4-

            We finally bought our coffee and by this time it was nine at night. I sighed as she walked me to my truck, but she caught it and gave me a concerned look.

“Jason?” she asked. “Something on your mind?”

“I guess...” I replied, looking at my truck. “It’s just...for years I’ve prayed for a girl who understands what I go through, and now this has happened. I guess I kind of am having that ‘I don’t want the night to end’ type moment, you know?” She chuckled and brushed her dirty blonde hair back behind her shoulders.

“Who says it has to?” She asked, stepping closer to me. I gulped as I found my backside against the door of my truck. She advanced closer until her breasts were against my chest and her arms on my waist. She smirked and slowly used her right hand to bring my ear to her lips. “I need my diaper changed,” she whispered, somehow making it sound so seductive. My penis came alive, bucking and growing inside my wet diaper as she pulled away. I was left speechless as she pulled down her slacks just enough for me to see a yellowish frilly top of a pull up diaper. “I’ve peed twice so far and a third won’t hold, I can assure you of that. If you change me....I’ll change you.” My body shuddered at the though. For almost six years I’ve been changing myself and have only changed my younger sister maybe two times total. She must have sensed my concern because she took my hand in hers and gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “You’ll be fine,” she whispered, tapping my right pocket to indicate me to get my keys out. “Take me home...well...your home.” I smiled and unlocked my truck, sitting inside before reaching over to open her door. It was a thing of beauty watching her get into my truck; she was so beautiful. Our eyes connected and she gave me a soft smile while placing her left hand on my knee. I placed the truck in drive and took off back home.

“Nice set of wheels,” she commented, looking around my cab of the truck. Her eyes stopped when it came upon the Avenged Sevenfold CD case just to the right of my center console. “You like them too?”

“Of course,” I chuckled. “I saw them in concert for the first time back in 2007. That was also the first show where I decided to never go to without a diaper again. The lines for the toilet were out the door.” She giggled and tapped her crotch lightly with her right hand.

“Why do you think I like wearing them?” she asked. “Boys are lucky because they come equipped with fire hoses. Us girls, though, have to sit down to do all of our business. The lines take longer and, lets face it, not every girl is as clean as you men think.” She shuddered and looked back at me. ‘I’ve seen some bathrooms that would make you never want to use a restroom again, Jason. Believe me. So, I wear diapers when I go out so I don’t have to worry about placing my butt somewhere it doesn’t deserve to sit on.” I couldn’t help but laugh at her statement, but the girl had an amazing point. I snickered and turned to face her while at the final stop light before my apartment.

“Yeah,” I replied back, gaining more confidence with each moment talking to her. “From what I see, that butt of yours is far too pretty to have to sit on nasty toilets.” She blushed a bit from the compliment and sat her left hand on my knee once more as we pulled into my parking space. “Home sweet home,” I exclaimed, turning off my truck. She sighed and stretched her arms.

“Good, I peed again. I don’t think I leaked though....did I?” She lifted her butt up and I looked to see, but there was no damage.

“Nope,” I said. “It looks like you must have a premium brand pull up to handle wettings like that.” She giggled and stood up, waddling a bit as she adjusted herself.

“Nah,” she stated, walking over to my side of the truck. She took my hand and clasped it in her own as we walked through the courtyard towards my apartment number. “Sometimes it’s just hit and miss. If I drink a lot of water or alcohol, I can get by with one wetting before needing to change. But I been kind of dehydrated today so they haven’t been too bad.” I smiled, looking down at her before unlocking my door and ushering her inside.

“Well, princess, this is my home.” I watched as she stepped inside, admiring everything my place had to offer. I had a fifty-inch flat screen mounted on the wall above my TV stand, which had my basic video games and DVDs stacked on it. There were also multiple band posters and pictures hanging on my wall, along with my prized Fender American Telecaster electric guitar that was hung between two pictures of Synister Gates and Zacky Vengance from A7x. She turned and looked at me with wide eyes as she walked closer to me.

“Your place is heaven,” she whispered in adoration. “If this is your living room...what does your actual room look like?” I chuckled and offered her my hand to show her. She willingly accepted it as I escorted her through my hallway and into my master bedroom. Once my door was opened, her eyes met the red comforter atop my queen size mattress that was on an oak bed frame in the center of the room. To our left was a four-drawer dresser with a mirror on the top of it, and to the right was another six-drawer dresser that was shaped more for horizontal length than vertical. She walked over to the bed and sat down, patting it with her hand. “Comfy,” she stated, now lying back on my bed.

“You better not leak on my bed,” I teased, walking over to the taller dresser that had the mirror on it. She stuck her tongue out at me childishly before unbuckling the belt on her slacks.

“Well, you better change me then, shouldn’t you?” I shook my head, pulling out the top left drawer. This was my diaper stockpile; Molicares, Tena Slips, X pluses and even store bought cheap brands were all inside of this dresser, I turned back and looked at her just in time to see her remove her pants, laying on my bed in her sweatshirt and her sodden diaper.

“I have Molicare, Tenas, and X plus diapers,” I told her. “Do you have a preference?”

“We should match,” she replied with a coy grin. “Give me what you like to wear.” My penis began to twitch again as I reached for a purple molicare. Once I got it, I pulled out some baby powder and some moist flushable wipes. With a smile, I turned and walked towards the bed, finding Kat with her right hand pressed against the front of her wet pull up. Her eyes were closed and her body was relaxed. Subtle moans escaped her lips and then I realized she was playing with herself. I sat next to her, placing my hand on top of hers that rested on her crotch.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be changed just yet,” I whispered into her ear before tenderly giving it a nibble. Slowly, I traced my tongue down the side of her face and neck, crossing to her breasts that remained hidden underneath her sweatshirt. With a bit of dominance, I grabbed her left hand to hoist her up just enough to pull her shirts off. Once I did, I was met with shear-breasted beauty. She grinned at me, still keeping her right hand on her wet diaper. With her left, she motioned for me to get on top of her, which I gladly obliged. Her hand came off of her diaper and I found my shirt being pulled off of me to where we were both with our chests against each other. Her hands worked their way down my body, touching everywhere while she leaned upwards to plant her succulent lips on mine. My mind was spinning, trapped in immense bliss as her hands crept lower until they reached my belt buckle. With one fluid motion, my belt was off and my fly was undone. She sat up, pushing me back.

“Lets see the damage your diaper took,” she said seductively, pulling down my pants. I assisted her by lifting my legs up so they could come off easier. “Oh you naughty boy,” she chuckled, looking down at the bulge in my diaper. “Someone’s happy isn’t he?”

“Can you blame him?” I asked, pushing her back down. Our wet diapers connected, rubbing against each other as I plunged my tongue into my new lover’s throat. She pulled back and smiled.

“I need you,” she whispered, reaching to the side of her pull up and undoing the tear off section. I folded it to the side and looked down to see her trimmed moist pussy begging for me to enter it. I looked back, making eye contact with her while she reached into my diaper and pulled my dick out to where none of my tabs even were removed. “Your diaper can still hold much more,” she explained. “Mine’s done, but I’m not. I’m so wet for you, Jason.” I leaned in, kissing her as my dick inched closer to her awaiting pussy. I could feel my diaper rubbing against hers and then I felt the amazing warmth of her wet vagina opening. I reached down, still keeping eye contact as I found her hole and slid inside. She let out a stifled moan and arched her back while I pushed in deeper, slowly giving her all the eight inches I had. If my balls were not in my diaper, they would have been hitting her ass. Her arms reached up, clasping onto my shoulders as I reached the hilt of my cock and couldn’t go deeper. Her eyes pleaded with me to fuck her, and I couldn’t disappoint. Slowly, I withdrew my member until about halfway out, and then I rammed it back inside, forcing a loud moan from Kat’s lips. I continued, keeping a steady rhythm as her cries of pleasure increased. She reached down, rubbing her clit with her right hand while my dick continued to pound her. Moans turned into screams, and screams turned into the dirtiest talk I have ever heard a girl say.

“Oh yeah, you like my wet pussy?” she moaned. “Your diaper girl’s pussy is all yours, Jason, fuck me harder...harder...” She begged and pleaded for me to pound her into submission, so I grabbed her side and forced her to roll over onto her knees. This left her pull up to dangle from her waist, but I didn’t care. I came up from behind and unclasped her bra before sticking my penis inside of her once more. She howled like a wolf when I gave her breast a snug squeeze while I penetrated her, and she bucked like a wild bronco against me to further her pleasure. Her juices were leaking all over the front of my diaper, but I didn’t care, I was lost in the moment until she turned to give me the look in her green eyes.

“Come inside of me,” she moaned loudly. “Fill me, Jason, I want your cum...”  I hesitated, thinking that I barely even know this woman, but she suddenly withdrew from me, forcing me on my back before I had anything to say about. “I’m getting your cum, Jason,” she panted, grabbing my dick with her right hand and placing it inside of her pussy. She ripped of her diaper and tossed it to the floor with a thick ‘plop’ before riding me into town like a two-dollar donkey. I was the one moaning and clinching the sheets as she rocked my stick hard, bouncing, bucking, twisting and turning. I felt the pressure rising inside my ballsack and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be spraying her insides with my hot white load.  But it was when we locked eyes yet again that I saw something I had never seen with any woman before...a family. Her holding my child and smiling up at me saying “someone needs a change, and not the baby.” I looked up at her and smiled.

“You want my cum?” I asked. She simply nodded, fucking me harder to get my seed out. “You can have it, sweetheart.” I began bucking too, pulling out shortly after she dove in to give deeper more passionate thrusts. My time was coming, I could feel it. My hands came to her hips, thrusting her against my hard twitching cock as my ejaculation neared. “Oh god, Kat, I’m going to come.”

“Give it to me, Jason,” she moaned, now rubbing herself yet again. “Give me your cum. I’ve been...such a good girl.” Harder I pumped, my body tensing as my sperm grew closer to its release. This was going to be my most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. Her moaning increased, as did mine until finally...

“OH MY GOD!” I exploded, sending wave after wave of healthy sperm deep inside of Katlynn’s thirsty pussy. I felt her hole tighten, sucking up every ounce of my load while I continued to shoot more and more inside of her. My body twitched as she lay against me, kissing my neck.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I still feel you finishing. You came a lot, babe.”

“Can you blame me?” I asked, breathlessly. “That...was the most amazing sex I have ever had. Ummm...your on the pill right?” She chuckled and stood up, removing my cock from her. I watched as my spunk poured out like a waterfall.

“How’s about that fresh diaper?”


                                                -part 4-


“You aren’t on the pill?” I asked, anger deep in my voice. “What the heck are you thinking? What if you get pregnant?” Her eyes grew downcast as I wrapped her up in a molicare diaper for the night. I sighed as I looked down at her. Honestly, what was I thinking? Here is a girl who shares the same desires and fantasies that I do who actually wants to take a risk with me.

“I...I dunno,” she muttered, tears forming in her eyes. “I’ve never felt like that before with any man, I’ve never even said something like that. I...please don’t be mad, Jason. I’m sorry.” I sighed and placed my hand on her cheek to soothe her.

“It’s okay Kat,” I said, standing her up. “I wouldn’t mind a life with you, but we still got a lot more of each other that we must figure out. So why don’t you go to the living room and select a movie to watch? We’ll stay here tonight and get to really know each other.” She smiled and hopped up to her feet with a crinkle from her diaper before walking to the living room, but she came back.

“Hey babe?” she asked. I looked up at her. “ keep cumming inside of me? It really makes me feel...loved.” I smiled as I stood up, adjusting my own diaper. The sex had made me need to urinate, so I just let go. This time the booster didn’t hold, so my diaper began to change color to prove it was wet. She looked down and noticed it before looking back up at me.

“Of course,” I replied with a smile. “Keep giving me sex like that, I may just always stay inside you.” She grinned and blushed slightly at the compliment before she turned and walked away. I noticed she had also wet herself and I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful my life was going to be.


                                    End of Book One


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