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Time Travel Trouble Chapter 1

This is purely a work of fiction. All names resembling persons living or dead are simply coincidence.

Any comments or if you want to see this story continued please email me at [email protected]



It was another late night for the young scientist. Being only 24 she had excelled in her field as a prodigy. The young woman was alone in the facility, still tampering with the project she had been meticulously slaving over for the past several months now. She brushed a strand of long auburn hair out of her face as she checked her notes for the twelfth time. Her blue eyes scanned over them with ease. She understood everything and according to her math it should work right.


The petite woman stood up and walked over to the machine. She stood only about 5’ 1” and was of a small build. Her white lab coat dwarfed her body as she leaned over to inspect the control panel of the machine. Her nametag hung carelessly from he right breast pocket. “Dr. Alina Kirkpatrick” it said in bright bold letters. She tapped a few buttons on the touch screen of the control panel of the gargantuan machine. “It’s ready.” She stated breathily, admiring her work, the time machine.

The year is 2125; time travel is not uncommon but highly regulated. As a young scientist she had the pleasure of working on a time machine for the company she worked for. The team she worked with was small, with only two other members. They were not as dedicated as she was. She poured everything she had into it, often sleeping in the office as she worked late into the night. She often didn’t have time for bathroom breaks either, that’s what the protective underwear was for that she wore under her business attire. It wasn't like she had any friends or family to miss her either. Her small one bedroom apartment often felt cold and lonely. At least here she could bask in the glow of the machine.

"Now to try it out." She smiled to herself. It was late and the laboratory closed hours ago. She wore a devious smile as she shed her lab coat and haphazardly threw it to the wayside. She'd go in and come back and no one would be the wiser. She tapped a few buttons on the machine as it whirred to life. She typed in a year, she always fascinated about 1950's United States. Since the Globalization Act of 2067 there were no more United States. No more any country for that matter.  


She stepped in the machine and the laboratory was instantly engulfed in a blue light. In an instant she, and the machine, were both gone.




It was a normal day for the 35-year-old Charlotte Rodgers in suburban Indiana. She was washing dishes waiting for her husband Steve to come home. She wore a light blue dress with small white polka dots on it and a flowered apron. Her brown hair was done up like every day. She sighed, her house was quiet while outside she could hear the neighborhood kids playing kick the can in the warm summer afternoon. It hurt her to hear them, as she could never have children of her own. As a housewife, it was her job to produce and raise children for her husband, just recently back from the war.


She opened her General Electric refrigerator to pull out her pitcher of lemonade, thinking that a nice cool drink will ease her stirring mind. Suddenly a blue flash of light caught her eye. Looking into her backyard from the kitchen window, Charlotte gasped and dropped the glass pitcher to the floor where it shattered. She didn’t care as her brown eyes beheld something truly miraculous.


Sitting, half buried in her yard was a giant machine unlike anything she had ever seen before. And bigger than anything she had seen in her life! And her husband drove a Buick Skylark! Charlotte, being as curious as she was, decided to investigate. She walked out her back door and to the machine. Its chrome glistened in the late afternoon sun. She hesitantly touched it with a lithe finger. The machine stood around seven feet tall (though part of it was in the ground) and was only about 3 feet wide. She looked at the door, its steamed glass was cracked and the more she looked, the more damaged it seemed to be. Wires sparked and it groaned miserably. Curiously, Charlotte opened the door, its hinges squeaked and tumbling out of the contraption was a young woman. Charlotte gasped and threw her hands to her mouth in surprise.


The woman was out cold. Charlotte placed a shaking hand on the girl’s face, brushing back a strand of her auburn hair. The girl looked like she had fought the Nazi’s herself! Charlotte looked over the bruised body of the girl; she had on a red low-cut blouse, simply obscene! And she wore a tight-fitting black skirt that had got jostled around in whatever machine she came in. Charlotte looked closer at the girl’s hips. Blushing a bit as she did so, she discovered that the girl was wearing what appeared to be a diaper. Puzzled, Charlotte carefully lifted the skirt a bit higher, the blush never faltering from her face as she did so.


It was confirmed that indeed it was a diaper on the young woman’s hips. She looked at it closely and didn’t recognize it as the disposable brand that Johnson and Johnson had released a few years ago. This was a bit larger than the standard baby diaper (Though, if Charlotte had to guess, the young woman could probably fit into one).


The young woman stirred a bit. Charlotte looked around her large yard. It seemed no one had noticed the strange machine yet. She wanted to keep it that way. Rushing to the garage Charlotte found the large tarp Steve had used as a painting tarp when they painted the house, and threw it over the machine. It looked odd, that was for sure, but hid the evidence.


Charlotte looked to the girl. Unsure what to do she picked her up (due to the girls small frame it was relatively easy) and carried her inside.




Alina hurt all over. Her head throbbed, her legs ached and her arms felt like pudding. Slowly she opened her eyes and was greeted with the harsh light of a nearby lamp. She groaned and moved a bit, but it only sent pain through her spine and she yelped.


Her ears caught the sound of faint footsteps approaching her. Panic rose in Alina’s gut. Wherever she was, she was found out. She had a small plasma shocker in her lab pocket she kept in case her coworker was being too handsy again. As she slowly moved her hand to her waist where she kept it she felt the lab coat wasn’t there.


Damn. She thought, remembering she had taken off her lab coat when she got in the machine. Everything was starting to come back to her. The time machine, the flash, alarm sirens, and then nothing. She tried to remember the date she set it for. 1954. She could only pray silently that she had somehow made it. Alina tried to open her eyes again, this time the light seemed less harsh.


There was a figure standing over her, it was blurry at first. All Alina could think of was that she was somehow transported to the planet Diablek. But as her focus started to increase she made out the figure to be human. Alina’s mouth was dry as she tried to ask who the creature was. The creature spoke first.


“My name is Charlotte.” The creature said in plain English. Alina could make out the voice to be feminine in nature.


“I…” Alina started to speak but her throat was too dry.


“Shhh.” The woman cut her off. “You went through quite a debacle there. But don’t worry, Mommy’s here.” Though her thought processes were slowed probably due to a concussion, Alina was still shocked.


“Wha?” She managed to croak out as her vision returned and she was met with the kind face of a brunette woman. Her hair was done up in a pristine fashion and she wore an outfit similar to those she has seen in the digital library in old history files.


“You need your rest.” The woman said in a kind voice, stroking a hand along Alina’s cheek. The touch was somehow comforting to the young woman who received it.


“Where am I?” Alina choked out, trying to sit up, but pain rocketed through her body. The woman identified as Charlotte gently pushed her shoulders back onto the couch.


“Oh dear, you must have hit your head pretty hard.” She commented. “You’re in Indianapolis, Indiana dear.” Alina looked at her with a confused expression and she licked her lips with her dry tongue.


“United States?” She asked. Charlotte peaked a curious eyebrow and nodded slowly. Alina smiled a bit. “What year is it?” She asked as her voice started to return.


“1954.” Charlotte answered, confused herself as to why the girl needed to know the year.


Alina closed her eyes and smiled victoriously. “It worked.” She whispered triumphantly.


“What did dear?” Charlotte asked, curiously. Alina bit her lip as her eyes popped open.


“My machine? Where is it?” She asked, trying to get up and grimacing through the pain. Charlotte tried to push Alina back onto the couch she had been laying on but Alina was too stubborn.


“The machine that crashed into my backyard?” Charlotte asked, getting Alina to sit down. “My husband is working on breaking it apart.”


“What!?” Alina yelled, standing up in a rush, she didn’t care about the pain anymore. “You stupid woman! You broke my machine!?” She snapped, looking at Charlotte with fire in her eyes.


“It was already broken when you got here.” Charlotte crossed her arms, being older and taller than the young woman gave her the advantage. “It looked like a hunk of junk from an old jalopy!” She scoffed. Alina ran a hand through her hair, as her eyes grow wide with disbelief.


“…Now I’m stuck here…” She muttered, sitting back on the couch. It was then that the pain registered and she yelled in agony.


“Calm down.” Charlotte helped her lay back down. “You should really rest for now.” She suggested. Alina groaned.


“Can I at least have something to drink?” She asked, her throat feeling like sandpaper that was on fire.


“I have milk!” Charlotte broke out into a smile. “The milkman came by this morning.” She explained as she walked into the kitchen and opened her refrigerator and pulled out a glass bottle of milk. She poured it into a glass and handed it to Alina, who painfully sat up. She grabbed the glass but nearly dropped it due to her injuries.


“Damn…” She cursed under her breath.


“Here, let me help.” Charlotte said kindly as she placed the glass to Alina’s lips to let the girl drink. The parched girl gulped down the milk quickly. “My, what a thirsty girl.” Charlotte smiled sweetly as milk dribbled down Alina’s chin. She quickly finished the milk and a yawn quickly overtook her. “You should get to bed, it’s getting late. Come along.” Charlotte helped Alina get to her feet, but once again, her body was rocketed with pain all over. She yelped and fell back to the couch.


Charlotte frowned. She gingerly picked up the petite girl and carried her to their spare room, just across the hall from her and her husband’s. It was a bland room, at some point there seemed to be plans for it, the walls were painted a light pink. There was a twin-sized bed in the room. To the side there were the wooden parts to what seemed to be a crib. Charlotte set Alina on the mattress. “I’ll go get a blanket for you.” She smiled and hurried out of the room.


Alina took this time to absorb her surroundings. It was just like her book files had said the 1950’s looked. She looked over to an unused changing table sitting by the window. The room seemed to be a never-finished nursery. Charlotte came back into the room with a blanket and a pillow. “This should do nicely.” She smiled, setting the pillow under Alina’s head and draping the blanket over her.


“Charlotte?” Alina asked, her cold blue eyes meeting the warm brown ones. “What was this room?” She asked and immediately saw the woman’s face grow somber and dark.


“I…” She started to say, breaking eye contact with Alina. “I was pregnant once. The baby she…didn’t make it.” She explained, her eyes starting to gloss over with tears. Alina, being the textbook socially awkward scientist without any friends or social skills to speak of pressed further.


“Didn’t make it to term? Stillbirth? Miscarriage?” Alina pried for information and Charlotte’s face grew distant.


“Still birth…” She whispered the words as if anyone hearing her would try and kill her for saying them. “The doctors don’t know what caused it…”


“Well it could have been a variety of things,” Alina pressed on, glad that at least she was making conversation with the woman. “Did you smoke cigarettes at all? Have any alcohol? Then there could be genetic factors, undiagnosed diseases…” Alina rattled off; while she never practiced medicine it still fascinated her.


“Enough.” Charlotte interrupted, her voice no longer carrying the sweet tone it had earlier. Alina bit her lip. “You should go to bed.” She stated, her voice firm and demanding. “Goodnight.” She spun around and turned off the light to the room and shut the door, engulfing the room in complete darkness.





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