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My girlfriend's house part 2

Jennifer's mom came into the secret room where Jenn and I are in a crib wet and messy. Jenn's mom grabed my hand and lead me to a changing table and help on the table. Here I am 17 years old wearing a diaper laying on a changing table. She ripped the taped sides open and removed the wet diaper and use baby wipes to clean me. I got real hard. She helped me off the table and did the same thing to jen.

Leading us down the hall way nude she took us into a bathroom and helped us get into a large bathtub. She left the room " be good babies I will be back."
Looking at Jenn's hairy pussy made me hard. I started to suck on her boobs it was to much for us. I put my 6 inch dick into her pussy. I shoved my boner in her pussy I pump in and out And she was moaning I went faster and harder she started to match my thrusts until I came in side her she was still shaking from her orgasm. Jenn mom came in and made me stand in the tub she scrub me clean hard and did the same to Jenn.

After towel drying off she lead us down the hall way. I was shocked to see our pubic hair was gone.
All I am thinking about is getting back home and seeing my mom and dad. So I am going to plan my excape I need to do it soon.
Her mom put me on the changing table and lifted my legs and put the disposable diaper under me. She added power and taped the sides. I jumped off and went in the living room to watch tv. I walked funny because of the bulky and noisy diaper. Jenn joined me with a pacifier in her mouth. We cuddled then I remembered that jenn told me that her mom takes a afternoon nap that is my chance to get home.

Jenn's mom bottle fed me the strange thing was I started to like this I really need to get out of hear real soon. Jenn's mom told me that these diapers are magic diapers and it will not be long I was scared. I did not know what she was talking about. There must have been something in that drink because it gave me a bellyache it was not long I filled the diaper full.
After changing my and Jenn's diaper she put us in the crib for an afternoon nap.

I waited for Jenn to fall asleep it did not take long. I kissed her and got out of the crib I knew I was running out of time this is my only chance to get home. I hated to Jenn hear but I did not have a choice.

I found my clothes in the closet. I ripped the diaper off again for some reason I started to like wearing diapers. I grabbed my fruit of the loom underwear and put them on but they fell off. For some reason they are to big. I held them in place and put my jeans on and they were to big I had to fold the legs of my jeans. I do not know why my clothes were to big but I did not have time. I put on my shirt it I was also to big. My shoes were too big I started to think if these were my clothes but I knew they were.

I opened the door holding my pants in place and walked three blocks yo my house it was hard because my clothes did not fit.

In front of me was my house I walked up and knocked because I did not have the key. My mom opened the door.

"How can I help you are you lost? "
"It's me mom"
Jenn's mom pulled up and grabbed my hand
Jenn's mom told my mom.
" sorry my son must have wandered off"
"Mom its me why can't you see it is me I asked.

I was dragged to the car and I notice that I pissed my pants but don't remember doing it. Jenn's mom put me in a car seat next to Jenn and put a pacifier in my mouth.I must have got smaller but how. That must be why my mom did not know it was me. But how, that's right

Jenn's mom took my clothes off and spanked my ass hard I was crying. She put my on the changing table and lifted my legs up and put the diaper under me. She put a suppository in my ass it hurt she taped the diaper on and she said
"Why can't you be like your sister"
I knew then I am new that is my home. As I walked down the hall I noticed that I have gotten smaller I must be 4 feet tall now. She was right about the diapers.

Coming soon part 3 back to pre school.

You can email me @
[email protected]

Little Tommy

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