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this is my story, it is all true. My name is Joe I'm 26 and live in Massachusetts.

I have wet the bed my entire life, and wore diapers off and on throught my teens. my junior year I started dating a very pretty and mature underclassmen. I decided to be brave and tell her the secret of my bedwetting and my love of diapers. She was very understanding and Told me she was ok with it. We grew very close and I started to wear diapers under my clothes around her. After about a month of dating, we went to see a movie and I joked that I wouldn't have to miss any of the movie for the bathroom because of my diaper. During the movie we had our first passionate kiss, my penis was straining inside my wet diaper. After the movie we drove to an empty parking lot, I removed my diaper and we both lost our virginity that night. She cleaned the cum from her pubic hair while I put a dry diaper on. This was the first of many encounters in my car like this over two years. I convinced her to where pullups on a few occasions, the one time she used them it leaked all over her skirt and my car seat. She did not enjoy it at all but wanted to make me happy and I wore a diaper almost evertime we were together. By the time I was 18 my bedwetting was very infrequent and I prepared to go to college. I arrived at college and had three roommates. I was very worried about wetting the bed, but more worried about being caught with diapers do I just prayed that I would stay dry at night. In my fist few days at school my girlfriend and I broke up because of the distance. I felt free in a college city full of bars and girls. Shortly after that I met Kelly we began spending More and more time together, until we started dating. She started spending the night in my room, and I had stayed dry so she had no idea about my secret. After about a week of staying in my room she woke me up in the middle of the night because my bed was soaked. I was mortified and thought she would leave me and tell everyone I wet the bed. She assured me that she was not mad, and helped me clean up. Fortunately my roommates did not wake up. In the morning we took a walk and talked about my problem. I also told her that I enjoyed diapers. She told me to buy some and she would keep them hidden with her belongings. After about a month we decided to get an apartment of campus. Once in our apartment I wore diapers a lot more. We would cuddle up for bed with me wearing nothing but a diaper. She didn't seem interested, but also didn't mind. Over time I convinced her to wear a diaper. Sometimes we would take walks both wearing a diaper. The two hottest sexual experiences I had were with her. The first I diapered her and she started giving me head, I said I wanted to 69. She put her diapered pussy on my face and continued sucking my dick. I buried my face in her diaper and she began moaning, much to my surprise the diaper began to swell and get warm against my face as she peed. I have never been so turned on, but it got even better as I was enjoying her warm wet diaper on my face she slid a finger into my asshole. I blew the biggest load in her mouth and slid her diaper to the side licking her pussy till she came as well. The second, we went to the sex shop near our apartment. We were both diapered and looking for something fun. She picked out a strapon, and I could not wait to get home. She put the strapon over her diaper and fucked me while I jerked off. After four years we broke up, and I kept my love for diapers a secret, but always wore at home. I still wear diapers to bed every night, but my new girlfriend has no interest in using them sexually. I am a normal 26 year old who just loves diapers.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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