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Dragonlance diaper tales part 1 


This is a work of fiction if you like this story please send an email to [email protected]


It was a beautiful sunny day on Krynn the birds were singing in the valenwood trees. Kitiara uth Matar had been awake since dawn, she was a beautiful young woman in her mid to late teens even she didnt know for sure all she knew is that she had become a woman a few years earlier. Her body was already maturing, her breasts were somewhat large and still growing, and her curves leading to her taught ass were tempting to anyone who looked at her. Especially since Kit never wore dresses, only happy wearing her skin tight leather armor and dagger strapped to her hip. Kit had been lonely recently with her brothers always being gone, Raistlin to his school to learn magic and Caramon had been bunking with Flint the dwarf for warrior training, Tasselhoff was there too, much to Flint's chagrin.

Before she left the house for the day she grabbed her dagger, coin purse and washed her face in the washing bowl that sat on the table. Walking out the door she pulled her black curly hair back under a string to make it into a messy ponytail. Stretching her arms she lazily walked to her part time job when she wasn't training to be a mercenary, oddly enough it was babysitting for a woman who lived a few homes down, Evelyn. It wasn't work she normally did but she needed the steel and it got her out of her empty home. She would be without the company of her brothers for at least a year. The time to herself gave her a lot of time to think and come to some realizations as well as discovering more questions. Kit had been babysitting for Evelyn for two months now and didn't mind the work it just brought up many feelings that confused Kit.

Before a few minutes had passed she had reached her employers door. She knocked and the door swung open. Kit was greeted by a beautiful woman who looked like she was in her early thirties but Kit knew better than to assume age based on appearance. Evelyn was an elf and so was her child. Evelyn was really closer to 290 years old than 30 and her baby though already a year old wouldn't reach even be a toddler for another 5 years. Evelyn's thin Lithe elf body and strikingly beautiful features haunted even Kit's deepest sexual fantasies. She had been with men sure but women were something special and they tended to understand and please Kit's sexual desires more often than men.

"Good to see you Kit, I'm just heading out to teach class." Evelyn said speaking about her job as the local school teacher. She taught local children basic education as well as magic since she was a fairly powerful white robe herself. " Lissa needs a diaper change and could you do me a favor and go to the market and buy some cloth and pins and make her some bigger diapers Lissa just hit a growth spurt and is outgrowing hers you can just throw the old diapers out I left 15 steel on the counter if you can make her twenty diapers and have some left over sell it back and keep the extra for yourself." 

"Of course, ill see you in a few hours." Kit said ushering her out the door. 


Without wasting time Kit changed Lissa's diapers and washed all her dirty diapers leaving them up to dry in the warm morning sun.  After hanging up the last of the clean diapers to dry Kit started day dreaming. She was imagining she was wearing one of Lissa's diapers and was being taken care of by Evelyn. After a few moments she snapped out of it and remembered her other chores. She cleaned the rest of the house and took Lissa with her to the market. She found the fabric and cloth vendor and began asking about purchasing fabric to make diapers for Lissa. 

"Your in luck Miss, I have just received some excellent fabric and it's very absorbent." The mustachioed merchant explained to her. Kit examined the fabric and noticed it was incredibly thick compared to Lissa's old diapers. This fabric could absorb probably five times as much liquid compared to the old linen she used. Kit purchased 15 steel worth, enough to make several dozen diapers for Lissa as well as some more pins to hold them on. 


Kit brought the material back to Evelyn's home and began cutting out diapers from the bolts of puffy cloth. Kit finished cutting out over twenty diapers for Lissa and still Kit had enough to make another thirty. She smiled thinking she would get a good tip for her efforts. Kit gathered up all the old diapers to throw out, she put them next to the pile of puffy cloth she was going to sell back to the merchant. Kit still had an hour to spend until Evelyn returned. Kit fussed about the house straightening things, putting Lissa down for a nap, until she came to the pile of clean diapers and the cloth material. Kithara's mind began to wander and she thought again of what it would be like to wear diapers and act like a baby. Her thoughts drifted further and the thought of wearing diapers was all she could think about she longed to wear warm,  dripping wet, thick padding between her thighs and act like an infant. The thought was all consuming and quickly an idea formed in her head. Quickly Kat gathered up all the clean diapers and padding she hadn't cut as well as some pins and talc. Putting in her pack she rushed out the door wanting to quickly drop off her cargo and get back before the Lissa woke up. 


Kit had almost made it to her door when she bumped into the one person she didn't want to talk to, Tika Waylan. She was a pretty girl, younger than Kit but only by maybe two or three years. Tika may have been young but her bust and curves didn't match her age. She had massive breasts a large shapely ass and fiery red curls that blazed orange in the morning sun against her fair skin. Kit would be lying if she said she wasn't jealous of the attention Tika's looks attracted. Which isn't to say Kit wasn't stunning but Tika had larger breasts and arguably the most shapely ass the gods ever created. Tika's electric green eyes fixated on Kit's pack.

"Hey Kit, where are you off to in such a hurry and what's in your pack it looks full." Tika asked much to Kit's frustration. 

"None of your business, I gotta go excuse me." Kit said pushing past Tika, not realizing she dropped one of the clean diapers she was carrying with her. 


Tika picked up the diaper and wondered why Kit would be taking home a bunch of diapers. She decided she better look into it later. Without thinking Tika placed the diaper in her bag and went home.


Kit was glad to be past Tika. She dropped off her bag and got back to Evelyn's house after being gone for only a few minutes. 

"Thanks for being here today Kit. Same time tomorrow?" Evelyn asked.

"Sure see yah then." Kit said rushing out the door and back to her home.


As soon as Kit walked in she started removing her tight leather armor. In a few moments she was completely naked.  Kit took out everything she brought from Evelyn's and decided instead of thirty baby sized diapers, which she would barely fit in wouldn't be as good an idea as a dozen diapers that would easily fit her adult body. 

Kit worked quickly and soon had all her diapers made. Shaking with excitement Kit laid down with her diaper under her butt and took several of the baby diapers she had and put them under her pussy. She used a dozen baby diapers to stuff the thick material and make it more absorbent. Satisfied Kit with nervous hands applied talc and pinned the diapers on. She never felt happier in her life. Kit had a hard life and didn't get much of a childhood so being back in diapers was a huge thrill for her. 

Trembling Kit walked up to her mirror and studied her reflection. She looked like a giant toddler. Kit giggled and got on all fours and began to crawl around and giggle like an infant. Kit was relieved to be able to drop her tough girl persona and act like a helpless baby. Kit looked at herself in the mirror and wished she had some other things to make herself look more babyish. She made a note to herself to try and get a pacifier or bib to wear too. Then an idea came to her. "Ill just piss myself!" She exclaimed, that would make her feel more like a baby. Then she remembered babies don't talk like that "I mean have an accident in my diapees." She said to herself giggling. Kit closed her eyes and thought hard and was soon flooding her cloth diaper. She watched with childlike glee as she saw her diaper slowly start to yellow and warm. Kit couldn't stop herself as soon as she saw the spread of her accident in her diapers she started rubbing the warm dripping wet diapers against her moist pussy. The warmth and stimulation brought Kit to a quick intense climax. Kit gasped and reveled in the feeling of acting like a spoiled baby and relished the thought of hiding her diapers in plain sight. The thought of getting caught in wet diapers nearly made her cum again. Kit sat in her extra thick cloth diaper soaking up the feeling of her diaper soaking up her urine. After some time enjoying her first time in diapers in at least ten years. By the time it was time to get to bed she decided to wear them to sleep too.


Kit found herself talking to Evelyn but something was different. Kit looked down and saw her clothes changing slowly. Kit saw her clothes fade and ripple like magic from her tight leather armor as it changed to what school girls wear. Stunned Kit could only watch in horror as Kit instantly felt pressure in her bladder and quickly feel the release of pressure as warm liquid gushed from her pussy.. Kit burned red hot from embarrassment in front of the ageless elf maid. Evelyn didn't hesitate to take Kit by the hand and lead her into her home to change her into a diaper. 

"It's alright sweetie compared to me you are just a baby, and little babies belong in diapers." Evelyn said making Kit smile and feel loved and warm. 


Kit blinked and no longer was she in the care of the beautiful Evelyn but now she stood over a map with several of her generals. Kit watched from Inside her own eyes as while she explained a wet spot appeared on her uniform and soon expanded out and made a puddle on the floor. Kit covered her face in embarrassment and when she looked again gone was her dripping wet once regal uniform. What replaced it was to her shock a short leather skirt that only eventuated her bulging yellow cloth diapers and no top. 


Kit bolted upright suddenly very awake in a cold sweat. Kit remembered the whole dream like she was really there and wondered if it was a sign. Kit lied back down but then realized to her shock she had an accident while she was asleep. Kit sat up all the rest of the night in her soaked diapers thinking about what to do. 

The next morning came around and Kit decided she wouldn't wear diapers anymore because she didn't want to get caught or have to wear diapers forever. What kind of great heroine has to get a diaper change every two hours. She asked herself. 


Wide awake Kit went to babysit again this time leaving her diapers at home.

To be continued...


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