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Dragonlance diaper tales part 2


This is a work of fiction if you like this story please send an email to


It was much hotter today and it would be for a while as summer had just begun, so Kit's attire for the next few months would go from tight black leather to more breezy airy plain clothing. Today Kit was dressed in plain brown shorts and a low cut white shirt. Kit put Lissa down for a nap and walked into the living room. She had time to kill and her mind began to wander. She tried to occupy her mind by thinking about how to become a great adventurer and make a name for herself. Tried being the most important word because every time she saw herself in her minds eye she saw herself conquering in tight armor and a padded ass. She tried to shake it off by reading one of Evelyn's books. This didnt work either.


Frustrated Kit looked at the pile of clean diapers she made yesterday and longed to have the soft material against her wet lips. She knew the smaller diapers might fit her slender hips. Her mind drifted thinking of what it would be like to wear a baby diaper and the thought made her giggle. She pictured herself talking to her friends wearing a thick soaked cloth diaper none of them knowing what was underneath her skirt. What was surprised Kit was the idea of getting caught turned her on even more. Kit's thoughts made her lips dripping wet and soon a stain was left in the groin of her shorts. Kit was embarrassed and hoped to hide it.  


By the time Evelyn had come home Kit's mind had wandered a few more times making the stain larger much to her frustration. Kit made her way home quickly but again ran into Tika Waylan again. Tika frustrated Kit for various reasons, Kit was older but thinner and not as curvy as the younger Tika, finding her childish as well as other things she didnt enjoy her company.

"Hey there Kit." Tika said smiling at the black haired goddess. 

"Hey Tika, good to see you, gotta get get going excuse me." Kit said pushing past Tika. 

"I'm gonna find out what she's in such a hurry for."Tika said to herself following Kit back to her home.


The sun was setting and Tika positioned her self outside Kit's candle lit room. Tika was shocked to see Kit wearing what looked to be like giant cloth diapers for babies! She sat on the floor and crawled around until Tika heard her stop and talk to herself.

"Uh oh wet diapees" Kit said giggling at her baby talk.

Tika was unable to break her gaze from the infantile young woman and the more she watched the more she intrigued her. Tika felt something she had never felt before a tingling in her pants. Tika was a virgin and knew about sex but led a very hard life of an orphan and just having had her 16th celebration of life day she was totally inexperienced to what Kit was doing to herself. Tika watched as Kit pressed the warm soaking with pee diaper into her hot pussy. Tika for some reason wished Kit would diaper her and take control she wanted to feel safe in a warm soft diaper. Tika was enthralled by Kit's Stimulation of herself and drew closer. Tika watched fascinated so much so her panties began to moisten and she didn't hear the soft crack causing the branch gave way causing her to tumble into Kit's room. Kit froze in fear seeing Tika come crashing unannounced into her home. 


Tika blushed bright red looking at Kit in her oversized baby diapers. 

"Why are you in my house!?" Kit finally managed to ask.

"I didn't mean to I was looking inside because I wanted to know why you have been acting so weird and I can see why now." Tika said embarrassed. 

"Well now you know will you please not tell anyone." Kit stated saying it more than asking her to. Tika looked up to Kit like a big sister and Kit knew she wouldn't say anything. Kit knew Tika was a meek girl and easy to away. Kit looked at Tika and eyed her up and down. Tika had filled out nicely she thought undressing the girl with her eyes. Kit's perverse thoughts shifted to Tika and she began to formulate a plan. She would have to strike while the iron was hot. 

" Hey Tika, would you do me a favor and change my diaper since you're here." Kit asked trying to sound innocent. 

"Sure." Tika said eager for approval from Kit even if it meant changing her diapers.

Kit laid back and let Tika start changing her diapers. Kit had to instruct her and in the mean time Tika asked Kit questions about why she wore diapers. 

"I don't know honestly. They just seemed to feel right." Kit said standing up before Tika could put another diaper on her. 

"I thought you wanted me to put another diaper on you?" Tika asked confused.

"Well there's only one baby girl here and it's you." Kit said with an evil smile. Kit put Tika on the floor and stripped her of her low cut shirt and knee skirt. Tika started to protest but Kit shushed her and began diapering her. Once her diaper was pinned on Kit helped Tika stand on wobbly legs. She wasn't used to the thickness of diapers between her thighs. With Tika standing Kit walked her over to her mirror and put her on her knees. Tika observed the image in the mirror. Kit stood naked next to Tika looking down at her smiling. Tika looked at herself on all fours and a giant diaper extenuated  her round perfect ass. Tika smiled to herself if it weren't for her massive breasts Tika could have fooled herself into thinking she was a two year old. 

"Looks like someone likes being the baby." Kit said. Tika blushed and looked away. 

"What now Kit?" Tika said starting to stand up but Kit stopped her halfway off the ground and pushed her back to all fours. 

"We feed you before you have to go to work in an hour." Kit said motioning for Tika to crawl over to her. Tika obeyed not wanting to upset Kit.

"But I can't go to work wearing th-." Tika complained knowing her job as a bar maid relied on her looks but it was cut short by Kit forcing her to breast feed. 


After almost an hour of breast feeding Tika had milk running down her chin to her naked body. She had never been so full and so content. Kit still naked helped Tika put her clothes over her diapers then Kit put on her clothes. Kit gathered some supplies to bring with them in a bag.

"Ok you're ready for work let's go. I'm coming to babysit you at work someone has to make sure you wear those diapers and don't get into trouble." Kit said smiling pushing Tika out the door. Kit walked with her to The Inn of the Last Home where Tika worked. Kit casually walked over to the bar and sat down. She ordered a drink and watched Tika work. Kit was elated to see Tika try desperately to hide her thick diapers. Every time Tika bent over more than a few inches her diapers poked out of her skirt. After a few hours Tika began to fidget and wiggle while taking orders. She bounced a little, crossed her legs, anything to take the need to go to the bathroom out of her mind. Not minutes later did she come to Kit. 

"Can you please take my diaper off Kit. I gotta go to the bathroom." Tika begged squirming in front of Kit.

"Hmm no I think that's what the diapers are for sweetie." Kit said already beginning to feel the affects of the alcohol. Tika moaned and stormed off. Kit sat still watching and smiled when she saw Tika freeze mid stride for several seconds. Kit knew what happened and had her suspicion confirmed when Tika next bent over her diaper was saturated and yellow. It sagged more than ever out of her skirt. Tika desperately tried to pull down her skirt to cover it but to no avail. 

Customers had begun to notice Tika's very thickly diapered state and giggle. Tika blushed fire red and hurried away to the kitchen. She emerged minutes later but Kit noticed the distinct bulge of her diapers were gone. Kit was furious, she walked over to Tika who leaned on a table, bent at the waist all the way over at a table,she was taking an order and interrupted her.

"Oh don't mind me, I'm her baby sitter I have to make sure she doesn't need a diaper change." Kit said while Tika was still bent over the table. She lifted Tika's skirt and commented loudly. "Well you are certainly wet down here but what did you do with your diaper?" 

" I took it off because it was wet and I don't need to wear diapers." Tika said ashamed and talking softly.

"If you took them off because you wet them that means you do need to wear diapers." Kit said stating the obvious.  Without saying anything else she took a chair from the nearest table. Kit sat down and pulled down Tika's damn skirt and spanked her naked ass hard in front of the patrons of the inn. Kit didnt stop until Tika was crying and her ass was bring red.

"Now if you had worn your diapers that wouldn't have happened." Kit said leading Tika by the hand. Tika was so wrapped up from the stinging on her butt she didnt feel herself have an accident while walking with Kit. Pee streamed down Tika's long legs leaving a dribbling trail as they walked. 


Tika's shift was over and Kit was already drunk. Tika walked up to Kit and helped her out the door. Tika's diaper was wet and cold since Kit put her back in the same diapers as a punishment. She didnt want to pee in them in front of Kit for fear of dripping. 

"You would make a good mommy." Kit blurted out drunkenly as they walked to Kit's house. 

"Yah I would." Tika said to herself thinking of what the possibilities of her being Kit's mommy could be. 


When they arrived at Kit's home Tika immediately put Kit in her bed. Tika glad to be done fell fast asleep in one of the other beds without even taking off her cold diapers. 


Tika was first to wake and shivered from the coldness of her damp diapers. Quietly Tika took off her diapers and put them away. Leaving her diapers on all night had a price though. Tika had a terrible diaper rash. Ignoring the pain she went to check on Kit who was still fast asleep. Tika cleaned herself with a washcloth from a bowl on the table. Dry and clean Tika decided to stay naked. She looked over at Kit's sleeping form on her bed and noticed her bed was darker under her hips. Kit had wet the bed! Tika giggled to herself, the great tough Kitiara uth Matar wets the bed! Tika decided to get everything ready she needed for today. First though she would have to go Evelyn's house and ask for a few things.


Kit awoke in a still somewhat drunken haze. She blinked a few times and realized what was happening. She was on her back on the floor and Tika was leaning over her changing her into a diaper.

"Well good morning little Kit." Tika said smiling wickedly. 

Kit wanted to ask what she was doing but it came out. "Why Mommy put in diapees?" Kit said shocked she clapped her hand over her mouth. 

"You're probably wondering why you can't like an adult. Well I woke up this morning and saw you wet the bed and since you treated me so badly at work I figured it was time to switch it up." Tika said smiling. "So I went to Evelyn and told her everything this morning. As you know she is a skilled Mage. She decided to help and make me this." Tika said showing Kit the necklace that dangled delicately over her cleavage. "It allows me to control you completely. I wanted you to only speak baby talk and it worked." 

Kit wanted to scream at Tika and say she would sooner stab her than be her baby slave. "Noooo nooo me no want be mommys baby. Me no want diapees, want big girl cwothes." Kit squealed trying to say a coherent sentence to no avail. 

"Now now, we don't want any of that." Tika said finishing Kit's diaper change. "Now lets get ready I have to go work and your going to Ms Evelyn she's going to take care of you and Lissa while I'm away." Tika then spoke directly to the pendant. "You will listen to Ms Evelyn and do everything that is expected of a baby girl." 

Kit gasped and felt a strange sensation in her diaper area. She didn't have to wonder what Tika did for very long. A few seconds after the command was given, Kit still looking down at her diapers, saw but didn't feel her diapers start to fill with her wet accident. She didn't stop

Until her diaper was full to the brim and was on the verge of dripping. Tika grabbed Kit by the hand and they exited walking to Ms Evelyn's house. Kit gasped realizing Tika had taken away her bladder control. She really was stuck in diapers. 


To be continued...

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