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Now I live with Jennifer  and Jennifers mom is my mom. I am laying in a crib next to my girlfriend getting hard on in my diaper. This is weird that I love wearing diapers now. I am 17 years old and I look like I am 3 or 4 years old now. I remove the snaps from Jennifers one piece. And start rubbing her diaper she moans I move her disposable diaper to the side and start sucking her pussy. I pull my cock out of my diaper ( my cock is now much smaller too about 3 inches hard) and put it in her wet pussy she wrapped her legs around me  after a few thrust I came hard inside of her then I snapped her up. The scary thing is I am starting to lose some of my interest in sex I started to fall asleep.

I woke up and laid there I pissed my diaper full and enjoying every moment. Jennifer finally started talking to me.
" how are you" Jennifer asked
" fine"  I said I was still weirded out about this whole situation.
Jennifers mom came in
" ok my babies I need to go back to work you are going To pre-school."
She put me on the changing table a removed the tabs from my disposable diaper and wiped me clean. She lifted up my legs and placed a clean diaper on me she did the same to Jennifer. She finished dressing us I wore a Barney shirt and pants with snaps on them.

She put us in car seats and drove us to pre-school. The school was next to the high school and on the other side was elementary school. I was scared what if someone from high school sees me or finds out.

My mom handed the teacher diapers and extra things to wear if something happened in class. She kissed me on on the fore head " have a great day sweetheart I love you." She left with Jennifer to take her to her class.
Pre-school was fun so far.
we went out to play in the yard and I saw the elementary schools kids out playing. There was one kid sitting by the fence by himself. I walked to the fence
"Hi" I said
" hi my name is Justin" he replied.
We talked for awhile about toys and video games he is 8 years old. He asked me if I wanted to come to his house for a overnight I told him I had to ask my mom. Then I farted and pooped filled my diaper real full and started peeing my diaper again it started to leak. It was strange because he said it must be cool to be able to pee your pants. It was a great day so far now I have a friend. Jennifer and I were growing apart.

In the classroom the teacher put me on a table and unsnaped my pants and removed my diaper in front of the other kids my face turned red with embarrassment. My dirty diaper smelled up the class and the other kids were remarking about it most of the kids in the class whore goodnight pants or regular underwear I was the only one who whore baby diapers in class. It was nap time all the kids changed into their sleep clothes. Most kids whore their underwear or goodnights for nap time I whore a footed sleeper and I loved wearing them.

It was the end of the mommy picked me up from school she put me in my car seat. Jennifer was already in hers and she was sleeping and her diaper was very wet.
"Mommy I met a friend his name is Justin and his is 8 years old can I stay overnight at his house tomorrow night"
" I am happy for you honey but let's talk about later."
We made it home and she took our diapers off and put us in the bath tub and clean us up. She carried me naked to the changing table snd lifted my legs and placed the diaper under me she added. Baby. Powder and taped the diaper on me and carried me to my own crib. This is great my own crib it was hot so I got sleep just wearing my disposable diaper on. I notice that Jennifer looked even younger and was acting it.he looked like she was now 2 years old.I hope this does not happen to me. When do these diapers stop working will this happen to me?  Mommy came in and said I can go Justin's house tomorrow. I am excited. The baby powder made my dick slip and slid
Around in my diaper and gave me a boner.I instinctively rolled over onto my stomach abd started rubbing my boner as I was fucking the diaper the baby powder made my dick slip around in my diaper. Before I knew it I was cumming. Vigorously and then I. Fell a sleep happy.

Coming soon part 4 my friend Justin.

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