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Warning: This surreal Adult baby diaper story I wrote early in the morning it contains scenes of Adult Diaper wetting, pooping, open peeing bedwetting and sexual intercourse.




Matthew Lane was a normal 20 year old but he still lives with his mother in Rhode island USA and his life was about to take a surreal turn


It was a normal Friday and Matthew was lying on his king size bed when his mother came in to his room bringing with her the dog and told him to get on Matthews bed. Matthew stirred to see the dog had curled up at his legs Matthew then rolled over and went back to sleep. his mum by now had left for her cleaning job in the next town he thought. As Matthew slept he relaxed  his bladder and he deliberatly soaked his bed sheets.


He jumped up out of bed scaring his dog and looked at his pants and his bed and he knew instantly when his mum got home he would be in trouble but he had forgotten his mum was on holiday from work that day and when he got downstairs his mum nearly saw everything his wet PJ pants disguised behind the sopping wet sheets and quilt he tried to blame it on the dog but his mum was to Sharp for him she told him to turn around and he knew if he did she would see what he had done.


in an infantile compliance he turned and showed his mother what he had done he always had a thing when his mother tells him to do something he does it with out question his mum hit the roof she took him by the hand and took him in to the bathroom and pulled down his wet pants and underwear and she took them off then took a wedge of tissue and wiped him as if he was a little boy and she then told him to stay there she knew where he puts his keys she picked up his keys he knew at this moment he couldn't get out of the house Matthew wasn't a big person size wise and his mother could over power him easily she locked him in the bathroom before she left him she went up stairs to the old creaky wardrobe in her bedroom picked up a blanket and a bath sheet and she then picked two large kilt pins from her bedroom dresser saying to herself if he wets his bed and himself like a little baby im going to treat him like one.


she came back downstairs and laid out the blanket on the floor she folded the towel in the kite fold method and then she went to collect Matthew from the bathroom at this point he was sitting on the toilet taking a poop his mum opened the door and saw him doing his business he finished got up and touched the toilet roll his mother slapped his hand she pulled him in to the hall went back in to the bathroom and flushed the toilet and then took him to the living room she brought him in his bum un-wiped and she also brought the toilet roll and she made him lay on the old blanket and she wiped him telling him "if you act like a baby you will be treated like one" his mum meant business she told him to raise his bum and she slid the makeshift Diaper under him and pinned it in to position. she told him "you wear diapers now baby boy as you are not old enough to use the toilet anymore or control your bladder anymore and as you are acting like a baby wetting your bed one more thing and be sure about this if you take your diaper off you'll get a spanking".


Matthew knew she meant business so he nodded in an infatile compliance she then told him you will be diapered at all times from now on at home in public at college no arguments and after breakfast we are going to the mall to get supplies but first we have to sort out your temporary bed get ready to say good bye to it as I will order a crib for you later im going to ask Mr Douglas at number 423 maple to build you one as he is good with wood Oh and a rocking horse you know what we are going to use part of your college fund to get you a whole nursery and we are going to invite all your friends to the grand opening Matthew looked at his mother in horror and all he could manage to whimper "yes mum" his mum said "what was that my little one "yes mum" she said grabbing his arm "no its yes mummy get it" he nodded in compliance.


She knew she was going to get her own way she took him down stairs and said its breakfast time she sat him on the sofa and went in the kitchen she came out two minutes later with a t shirt socks and his trainers she put his t shirt and socks on he asked her "what's for breakfast mum" she coughed to correct him "sorry mummy what's for breakfast mummy" she replied "simply baby breakfast" he asked "what's that mummy" she swiftly moved to sit next to him on the sofa and she took her t-shirt off.


She was the kind of woman who doesn't wear a bra and Matthew realised what was coming he knew besides her job as a cleaner she used to wet nurse a child of a single father a certain Mr Douglas down on maple street for extra cash Matthew leapt to the opposite end of the sofa his mum grabbed his wrist pulled him over her lap pulled his makeshift Diaper down and gave him 3 sharp Slaps across his ass he instantly tried to fight but his mum just carried on spanking him.


He gave up as his mum was just too powerful for him to fight her as he was quite weedy in size she flipped him over and pulled his head towards her left nipple and she told him "take it in your mouth and have your breakfast little one no arguments." once she had managed to get him to take her nipple in his mouth he stopped struggling and started to suckle and she started rubbing his back. after an hour or so he fell limp his mum pulled his head back to her breast and cuddled him saying "there it wasn't so bad was it." she stood him up and told him "try not to do wee wees and poopies in that diapee as you have no plastic pants on and we have no spare diapees yet" she sat him on the sofa and left the children’s TV channel on she took the remote with her and she put the parental control on it so he couldn't change the channel she put her t shirt back on went to the phone and called the friend who owns a wood working business Mr Douglas she explained she had her baby boy back and she needed a nursery for him he said that’s OK he could supply what she needed as he had an ebay order for a bespoke bedroom set cancelled so he had all the wood he needed he already built a four poster single bed so it wouldn't take long to convert it in to a crib and he had already built a large chest of draws it was just about the right length for a changing table he just had to remove the draws and fit shelves and put a soft pad on the top he could have both of them at their house by tuesday but the highchair for the kitchen, matthews rocking horse & playpen would take sometime possibly arriving friday.


Matthews mother hung up with Mr Douglas and she went in to the front room taking his coat to him and said "your nursery is ordered and now we are off to the mall" he said "where are my trousers mummy" she replied "your not going to be wearing any but you can wear your shorts" the shorts she gave him clearly showed his makeshift diaper off.  she took him out of the front door to the car their next door neighbour his college tutor Mrs white saw his diaper and came over and asked his mother "whats up" she explained what he did in the morning.


She looked in the window of the car and said "your 20 years old and behaving like a baby no wonder your in diapers when you come to college I will be changing your diaper. understand me young man make no mistake if you do wee wees and poopies I will change you in front of the entire class on my desk" Matthew nodded his head in compliance Mrs white wasn't joking she was a mother of 4 her youngest a diaper girl aged 24 years who she treated like a baby espically after she came back from a pampers princess convetion adult section 2010 bringing with her two years supply of pampers princess diapers she which she wears at home and in college. Mrs White asked his mum to hang on for 2 mins she went back to her house and brought out a box of pacifiers and his mum chose one and got in the car and stuck it in his mouth Mrs white said to his mum "don't worry about a babysitter after college he can come and play with pippa" Matthews mum agreed it would be good for him to play with other big bABies.


the ride to the mall felt like it took for ever they got there and in to the mall and Matthews bladder needed to be relived he took his pacifier out in an infantile tone he said "mummy I need to do wee wees" half of the people around them looked at him and his mum said "OK sweetie the toilets are over here as we haven't got any spare diapees yet" he nodded she said "mummy will take you to the toilet" she took him in to the ladies room Matthew gasped in horror at the fact he was taken in to the ladies room one 50 ish woman laughed and said "hey everyone we've got a diaper boy here look at him" another woman cooed at him he felt so embarresed and the lady cleaning the floor saw his diapered figure and "said he is a cutie" his mum said "yes but I have to take his diaper off so he can do wee wees because he has to be supervised when he does because he is still just a baby" Matthews heart sank and wished he was somewhere else his mum pulled of his shorts and he stepped out of them .


before his mum could take of his diaper he soaked it his mum pulled it down and spanked him and then put him on the toilet to poop


The cleaner told his mum when she gets his diapers and changing equipment the baby changing room is the next room along from this one in the same corridor after Matthew had did what he needed his mum wiped him and then laid him on the floor pinned his wet makeshift diaper back on and didn't put his shorts back on due to it being wet they left the ladies passing another woman who give him a funny look and went along to the Drug store his mum asked the assistant "where are the adult diapers" the assistant said "isle 6 wipes & powder are in the same isle but he's quite small I think he could use size 7 pampers cruisers"  Matthews mum questioned her she said "pampers make a diaper that will fit up to a small teen" his mum also asked where are the potties" the assistant said "they are on the end of the isle but he is a bit to big for one of them" his mother replied he just a Diaper messing, breastfed, bedwetting mummy's boy who needs a potty look at him he is standing there in a peed diaper matthew got so embarressed he peed again leaving a puddle where he was standing his mum continued so when he gets bathed if he needs to wee he can use his potty while he doesn't have his diaper on" the Assitant "replied your a really weird woman" she looked at matthew and said "good luck little pissy pants moma's boy"


they went in to the isle there was packages of diapers stretching up the isle she got to half way up she saw the pampers princess range and thought about it matthew cleared his throat and said "mummy i have a winky not a mini his mum threatend to spank him in the isle he shut up very quickly.

There was a sign saying coming soon pampers little prince range and there to the left was a picture of jessica Anderson the original pampers princess and a story about how she came to be the pampers princess and how her life is now and how she made the decision to stay in diapers and that she works for proctor and gamble to this day. There was a stand & entry forms for the pampers little prince national convention matthews mother put his name down and the woman on the stall kristen told her how she was jessica's babysitter at the very first pampers princess convetion and what the boys convetion will involve and that all Drawn particpants get 6 months supply of pampers little prince diapers semi finalists 1 year supply if they make it to the final 2 years supply and if they are crowned the pampers little prince 2 in teen catergory 1 in the adult catergory they will recieve a life time supply of pampers little prince diapers and a 10 year contract to work at P&G with the other pampers little princes and 6 pampers princesses under the original pampers princess Jessica Anderson. After 6 years of coventions for pampers princesses they need to level the field bringing out a range of diapers for Teen Baby & Adult Baby boys to find what Guys want from their diapers and with lot of boys taking up wearing diapers it was the perfect time make this product.


she advised his mother that till the little prince diapers come out the draw wont take place and if he is chosen he must arrive at the convention centre in Pampers little princediapers till then to use pampers and they still make the size 7 criusers diaper which she had a ready been advised to buy by the rude assistant and she pointed her in their direction and she gave his mum a pampers trainers branded blue saddle potty and a tshirt with im a mummy's little pampers boy which underneath in smailler writing at the bottom of the tshirt inspired by boys created by pampers and an information pack on the convention and pamphlets on looking after her bABies toileting needs, skin care and bottlefeeding advice last pamphlet on breastfeeding which is only ment for mothers of children under 3 but kristen thought it was appropriate as she saw matthew's mothers left nipple had leaked and soaked a line in to her tshirt and asked her if she was breastfeeding him kristen gave her a nipple pad as well and while she slipped it in her tshirt and put a bit of micropore tape on it to hold it in position matthews mother told her that she thought by breastfeeding him she could rebuild the bond they had all those years ago kristen advised his mother she might benifit from a nursing bra and told her about a lovey store her mum got one when she had kristens half brother, poor matthew stood there and went bright red kristen gave him a pampers balloon and said i hope to see you at the convention sweetie pie.


when his mum got to the register she complained about the rude store assistant and she must of brought at least 4 packs of pampers size 7 diapers 5 packs of wipes & 3 bottles of jhonsons baby powder and jhonsons baby bath and baby shampoo you name it she brought it they carried it all to the car and his mum broke open one of the packages of size 7 diapers took a few out put them in her handbag out picked out a pack of wipes and a bottle of talcum powder and took Matthews hand and they went back in to the mall she went to marcels bra fitters and asked in front of matthew i need a nursing bra so i can feed my baby here the assistant said to matthews mum you look like you need it do you want me to change him wile you try on the bras his mum said no thanks i want him to suffer the embaresssment of being seen by his friends in a diaper like a little baby. with the womans help matthews mum chose a few more bras and she put on the new white flower motif nusing bra and the assistant said try it out matthews mum replied we will after i have changed his diaper the assistant smiled they left and went to join the queue for the baby change they got some funny looks but Matthews mum held his hand and stood firm when they finally got in to the baby changing room Matthew took a deep breath the room was magnolia with a blue and pink teddy bears border around the middle & top and bottom borders there was nursey ryhmes on the wall & the changing tables were white and the changing mats were yellow and had blue and pink letters on them and hanging above the mats were mobiles of teddy bears cars and flowers and a big smiling teddy bear painted on the ceiling and a sign pointing to the nursing room His mum said "we will be using that in a minute."


Matthews mum helped him up to the changing mat she put his pacifier in his mouth and he laid patiently and contently at this stage. Matthew had forgotten he was an adult and settled in to his role as baby his mother unpinned his pee wet makeshift diaper and she saw that he had pooped it in the queue she removed the diaper from underneath him and wiped his bum clean the door opened it was the lady cleaner she said to his mum "if you need extra wipes or powder they are in the cupboard to the left" she said "that’s OK" the lady reaffirmed "he's so cute look at his little winky".


Half asleep he didn't care what she said he was too sleepy his mum lifted his bum slipped the dry size 7 disposable diaper under him then she powdered him taped up his diaper it fitted perfectly not too stretched she put the wipes and powder in her handbag binned the makeshift diaper picked him up from the changing side and walked out of the baby change in to the nursing room another mother had just finished nursing her 22 ish year old daughter "she said its all yours he a cutie is he hungry" "yes" she said the woman said "breast is best and the bonding it brings is tops even when your baby is over 18 her daughter said to matthew's mum "my mummy and i have such a special bond" matthews mum said "your mum knows how to look afer her little girl" the womans daugher giggled like a little girl, matthews mum smiled and offered her number to her mum.

Matthews mum lifted her t shirt opened her new nursing bra and manovered him to her exposed right nipple the lady "said i'll leave you to it" and matthews mum said "no thats ok feed her again if you want to it will be nice to have some one to talk to while i feed him" the woman sat back down and her daughter snuggled up to her Right breast latched on to her mothers nipple and started suckling.

Matthew laid across his mums lap he latched on but before he started suckling he fell asleep and dropped off his mums breast she pulled her nusing bra up and pulled her tshirt down and snuggled matthew to her breast and sat there for about 30 minutes talking about how she got her baby back due to the pampers princess diapers covention while the woman fed her daughter after a while matthews mum took the lady's phone number and said goodbye to the lady and her daughter and walked out in to the mall. while carrying him through the mall to the car his mother felt that sense she had her baby back and she was needed to care for him.


Matthews friends from college saw him in only a t shirt and a pampers no 7 diaper and took photo's on their phones and they took the mickey but he was comfortably laying on his mummy’s shoulder pacifier in his mouth half asleep but content with his mummy cooing softly in his ear rubbing his head saying "its OK mummy will look after her baby boy".


they got back to the car and his mum put him in the car she got in she started the car and when they got to the exit barrier the woman in the booth noticed Matthew was in just his t-shirt & Diaper with his pacifier in his mouth and she said to his mother "he must be a handful" his mum simply "replied not at all he's my baby boy and he still needs his mummy to look after him"


At that moment Matthew let out a very wet fart the attendant & his mum heard it she said "see what I mean" she pulled out of the mall car park and went down the road to a little café she knew she got Matthew out of the car as she did she noticed he had peed and pooped his diaper she carried him in to the disabled toilet changing bag in tow passing people giving funny looks a twenty year old being carried by his mum like a baby its not a normal everyday occourance

One guy looked twice and sniffed the air noticing the smell coming from the back of Matthews diaper his mum noticed the smell but all she could see was her baby boy is in a mess his diaper was low hanging and it needed changing.


his mum laid him on floor on the new mat she had brought in the pharmacy Matthew woke up and started to whimper from being uncomfortable his mummy reassured him and with precision and loving efficiency removed his poopy diaper cleaned him up and put his new diaper on she got him up packed up and walked him out of the bathroom in to full view of the café customers one guy didn't like the sight of matthews diaper and said "whats up with you" to his mother "he's an adult" matthew replied to the man "I'm Incontinent and i have other special needs and i need extra help as i cant walk too well" the guy apologised matthews mum looked at matthew and praised his quick thinking matthew looked up to his mother and said "mummy i'm hungy".


The owner of the café knew his mum and she told her it's OK to come upstairs to the flat to feed him the owners husband looked at Matthew and his mum explained partly lieing what was going on with his diaper there and then in front of everybody Matthew went beetroot red but café owners husband understood what Matthews mother is doing for him. they went upstairs and Matthews mother undid her nursing bra manoeuvred him on to her right breast which she tried to feed him from in the mall's nursing room her friend brought his mum a cup of tea and the two ladies sat there chatting about what Matthews mother will be implementing Matthew hearing all of it but it didn't bother him he just suckled after a while he fell asleep and his mum pulled him up to cuddle she kissed him on the forehead both Matthew and his mum knowing their lives were set to change forever she knew she had her baby back and she didn't want do anything to change that.


It came to 7pm Matthew and his mum were still at his mums friends café which is where he would come to on weekends and on week days after college he would go to Mrs whites house to be babysat alongside her 24 year old daughter pippa who was still in diapers while his mum worked.

His mum noticed that Matthew although asleep had wet his diaper and her friend said "get another cup of tea and I will change him" she laid him on his back he drowsed and didn't notice it wasn't his mummy  wiping him and she finshed changing him on the sofa without any resistance.


when they finally got home Matthews mum took him upstairs to bed and she tucked him in and told him a story from a nursery book plugged in a fisher price musical night light and she said before kissing him on the head "after college tommorrow we will be shopping for wallpaper for your nursery night night my little prince".


The next morning Matthew woke up to a very wet and messy diaper his diaper had leaked but his mum had already put a waterproof sheet on his bed so when she saw his diaper had leaked she didn’t snap at Matthew she instead told him "oopsy your diapee leaked my fault mummy didn't put on your plastic pants" she took Matthew out of bed laid him on his mat and took off his dirty diaper wiped him and powdered his diaper area and encased his penis and butt in a clean diaper.


it was time for breakfast but the phone rang Mr Douglas had had a friend over Matthews cot and changing table were ready so his mum said bring them over Matthews mum didn’t know Mr Douglas had already painted his name on his cot. Mr Douglas arrived he brang in the cot and the changing side and placed them in Matthews room then he removed Matthews pine king-size bed and Matthews mum said "say good bye to your big boy bed and hello to your new baby bed" Matthew swallowed hard and Mr Douglas then said "Mrs lane your sons nursery is ready so far".

Matthews mum put him on his new changing table perfect fit it was white with a blue changing pad Matthews mum was impressed Mr Douglas explained his son Steven is still a bABy like matthew but was good with wood and that he was making the highchair right now supervised by his dad's friend


Mr Douglas asked Matthews mum if she would go to dinner with him another evening she accepted being widowed for 5 years she took the chance this meant after college he would have to go to Mrs whites house that day and spend the night with pippa till his mum came home.


Matthews mum thanked Mr Douglas waved him off and looked at the clock she had 6 hours to get Matthew to college so she shut the door went up stairs and took him to her bed took off her night shirt  he had peed his diaper & he said "mummy what are we doing she kissed him on the forehead and said "come on then lets wash you" she wasn’t due at work till the afternoon but he was due at college in about 4 hours she picked him up and carried him to the shower took off his very wet sagging diaper on the way and got in the shower with him and washed him from his head to his toes paying close attention to his diaper area


she took him out of the shower sweeping him up in her arms wrapping him in a bath sheet she took him to his changing table dried him powdered his diaper area and put him in a fresh diaper she sat down on his bed matthew on her lap she breastfed him and then she dressed him and by now 2 hours had passed and they would soon have to leave to get Matthew to college. it came to departure time Matthews mum had finished her breakfast and she put his coat on and put him in the car.


they arrived at the local college where Matthew is studying business management they were met by Mrs white who at the gate took his changing bag off his mother took his coat off & deliberately checked his diaper by pulling his trousers down exposing it to everyone Mrs white said "there every body knows now" and then she took his trousers off fully so he knew he would have to walk to class in an exposed diaper his mum blew him a kiss from her car and she also winked at mrs white who smiled at matthews mother and she blew matthews mother a kiss in return making the call me sign with her left hand.


Matthew and Mrs white headed to her business managment class room and she announced to the class "Matthew lane is a baby boy who needs his mummy or a responsible adult to change his diaper because he cant do it himself" the class unmercyfully laughed at him except Pippa White who knew how he felt because her mother does the same to her laying her on the desk in front of everybody in the class talking like a baby to her turning her on the table head towards the door so the class would see her Diaper being pulled up between her legs and now she would be doing it to Matthew too Mrs white announced Matthews nursery warming party the class roared with laughter but the fliers for it just flew of the her desk.


Pippa crept up to the front of the class and whispered in Matthews ear "go in your diaper right now do both" and together Matthew and Pippa both relaxed their bladders and both of their bowels at the same time and filled they diapers both of their diapers containing the floods and loads they had just released.


Mrs white who had not seen what her daughter and Matthew had done smelled the air, she walked over to both of them where they stood and she checked Matthew first as his diaper was still exposed and visibly tenting at the back she then checked her 24 year old baby girl she saw they both had dirtied diapers and she asked for one of the class to help her by changing Pippa Mrs white took Matthew and carried out her threat she put him on her desk and opened his diaper as Kerry the nerdy student who  nprmally spends time in class with wet and poop filled knickers normally which kerrys mum has her in diapers at home for but only pippa and mrs white know this kerry volunteered to change Pippa which she had done this many times kerry opened pippa's diaper and the smell of poop filled the room 3 students opened the windows.

Mrs white spoke to Matthew as if he was 2 years old she said "the dirty baby has done a messy poop in his diapee and needs changing because he cant do it himself".

Mrs white took ages with Matthew and Kerry had Pippa changed fast but her mother called over "leave her pants off" whilst finishing with Matthew she said "they both have behaved like toddlers filling their diapers so leave them in their exposed diapers like toddlers"at this moment kerry understood she relaxed her baldder and bowels and a wet patch appeared on the leg and a big brown stain on the back kerrys tights and knickers mrs white saw the poop pushing kerrys panties out and she smiled at kerry and patted her desk which she had just took matthew off of and kerry smiled mrs white smiled back finally she had built up the courage to admit to her class she was a bABy too mrs white stripped kerry down cleaned her up with baby wipes powered her and she took one of pippa's diapers and she diapered kerry picked her up and gave her a pacifier like pippa and matthew .


kerry, Pippa and Matthew sat together for the rest of the day pippa and matthew holding hands all 3 in nursery corner as mrs white calls it filling their diapers sometimes separately sometimes together Mrs white had her work cut out for her changing them and kerry and running the class she decided both of them will have a nap at hometime.


Having a nap was something pippa was used to but before this could happen Mrs white had to discipline her bABy daughter. 10 minutes before home time she had called Pippa to the front of the class she pulled her chair out from her desk and took pippa over her knee and pulled her diaper down and spanked her in front of everyone one guy wolf whistled at the sight of her pert bottom but pippa wasn't happy she was embarrassed she started to cry and her mum took her to the carpet then Mrs white called "hometime" whilst the other students went home finally kerrys mum miss dawson came in to class to pick up her bABy girl she was so happy she finally got to bring in kerrys diaper bag and she notice kerry needed her poop filled pee sodden diaper changed. mrs white allowed Miss dawson to change her Daughter on the desk and it was agreed that kerry will be in diapers 24 hours a day at home and at college mrs white so happy she got the girl that was a closet adult baby girl that needed to comeout to comeout. Miss Dawson picked kerry up and told her when we get to the car its mummy milk time mrs white said before before you go come over to the carpet so she can listen to a story and breastfeed her kerry said "pwease mummy" her mum smiled sat down opened her blouse pulled down the left side of her nursing bra and kerry latched on


Mrs white  made matthew sit on the carpet next to pippa and took out a really childish story book and gave them both a pillow and a blanket each and put bottles of formula in both their mouths kerrys mum nursed kerry and mrs white read the story it took 20 minutes and she then put pacifers in their mouths and told them to get some sleep as after college they had a full afternoon of play which to them sounded great. miss Dawson talking with mrs white about how kerry started wearing diapers and finally went to the pampers pricess covention 2 years ago came back a baby still afraid to be diapered in public and has constant accidents till now. Mrs dawson Picked her daughter up and carried her out of the room Mrs white rubbed kerry nose with her finger as if she was a new born then saw bABy kerry and her mum off.


When Mrs white had left the room Pippa and Matthew pulled out their pacifiers and Pippa started to kiss and straddle Matthew his cock growing harder yes she was older by 4 years but they both felt it was right and they were in a classroom on a rug in the corner on their own.


Mrs white had turned out the lights and left a night light on Matthew asked Pippa "can i make love to you i know we only truly found each other today but you make me so hard and you have since i moved in next door" and Pippa replied you got me so exited today im going start by sucking you off but wait a minute" Pippa pulled the tapes on Matthews pampers size 7 diaper open he returned the favor and he started licking her clitoris Pippa said wait and she ran to her mum's desk she looked in the draw and found the condoms her mum used for demonstrations in Sex Ed she returned to the rug and she started hungrily sucking on Matthews cock he rolled her on to her back she rolled the condom on his cock and he entered her there and then he thrusted hard in to her pussy it throbbed and she exploded with an large orgasm he came he pulled the condom off and she put he head of his cock in her mouth & wanked him off till he came in her mouth she swallowed and then while sucking his cock and with out thinking about it she peed on the floor matthew said "how did you do that she took his cock out of her mouth" she said "i dont have to think i just pee due to the fact i wear diapers and my brain is conditioned to just go with out thinking my brain just sees the diaper so protection is there" matthew said "thats happens to me sometimes i don't even think about it and my bladder just relaxes"


She replied thats what being an adult baby is all about acting like your not being grown up enough to look after yourself and being comfortable within yourself not to care what others think and continued sucking his cock after 5 mins matthew peed in her mouth and it streamed on to the floor too he went to get the changing bags he wiped Pippa powdered her diaper area and diapered her with one of his pampers no 7 diapers and then she pushed him on his back sucked his cock again then she took his cock out of her mouth wanked him off then he exploded for a third time on her face she wiped her face then she wiped him and diapered him they put on their t - shirts and laid there talking about sharing the desk and changing mat with each other and kerry


the light came on Mrs white walked in to the room and came over to check them she hit the roof she saw the bid puddle of pee discarded diapers and the used condom on the floor and saw matthews diaper tenting from the visible erection he had and she stood both of them up made them clean up their pee puddle and the rest of their mess she took them both to her car she called Matthews mum on the mobile and told them how she found them his mother gave her permission to give him a spanking. when they got to Mrs whites house she took pippa and put her on the sofa and she pulled out Pippa's punishment paddle she undid Matthews diaper put him over her knee and she paddled his backside untill it stung so bad he couldn't sit on it she did the same to Pippa and together they took the punishment but their new found love wouldn't be short lived later Matthews mum came home picked him up and took him home as he said goodbye to Pippa she whispered i love you.


later Mrs White and Pippa came round at the request of Matthews mother and they discussed the relationship between Pippa and Matthew and mrs white told matthews mum about the third baby she has to look after in class to and matthews mum gave mrs white and pippa a preview of Matthews nursery their mothers agreed they were both still their bABies but they were still adults so pippa and Matthew started dating supervised dates in restaurants with their mums periodically checking their diapers in front of the other diners.also some times diapered bowling parties would be arranged and kerry would come along and all 3 bABies would get to spend time playing together their diapers normally being changed in the alleys baby changing room which is done up as a jungle.


it got to Friday and Mr Douglas had dropped off the rocking horse, playpen and highchair Mrs Lane was supervising the catering for the unveiling of Matthews nursery by now it had been redecorated when she heard the words O yes O yes coming from Matthews Baby monitor and she as she climed the stairs she heard the cot creaking she walked in to the nursery and Matthew and Pippa were having sex  in his cot they hadn't finished but still she walked in the room she didn't even knock and said OK you two they both jumped out of their skins it's time for Matthews nursery party come here Pippa she got off of Matthew climed out of the cot and walked over to Mrs Lane


Mrs Lane wiped the ejaculate from Pippa's pussy turned her over spanked her she turned her back over and she wiped in a circle around her clitoris slightly stimulating her she powdered her pussy and butt and encased her in a diaper and she then called Matthew to her she pulled the condom off her sons erect penis and put it in the used diaper pale she turned him over spanked him she let him go flaccid and cleaned and diapered him she took her t - shirt off and beaconed both of them to her and she slipped a nipple in each of their mouths they both suckled hungrily.


Mrs white let herself in saying "Carol it's me Emma" she called back "I’m upstairs feeding them" she said "how" she replied "the way a mother should breast is best" Mrs white came upstairs and looked in Matthews nursery she saw her bABy girl content and she asked pippa "would you like mummy to feed you this way" Pippa nodded in excited agreement it will mean you will be fed like this at college too you too Matthew Mrs lane agreed to Mrs White Breastfeeding him Matthew contemplated being breastfed by his teacher but then realised he is already breastfed by his mum so sucking another woman tits were not a bad thing especially as Pippa agreed with his mother and her mother.


Matthews mum told her how to get the milk flowing but Mrs white had a question for Mrs lane a fellow widow "do you think we could unite our little family?" Mrs lane said "I thought you'd never ask" the bABies stopped suckling and Mrs white took Mrs lanes hand "carol" "yes Emma" where is your bedroom "enjoy you 2" they both said their mothers both replied any more cheek and you will both be spanked she took carol to the bedroom and told her "you make me so wet and i've wanted to have you since i met you" they stripped climed on the bed and Emma's tongue found Carols clitoris she licked hungrily as carols body went in to spasm.


Emma found carols milky breasts and she found Carols nipples and she squeezed milk on to her pussy carol licked it off she flipped Emma on to her back and started running her fingers inside her she rubbed her G spot and with an arch of feminine ejaculate Emma had an orgasm with she would remember for a long time.

carol offered Emma to Breastfeed she said "I will try it" Emma Took Carols Left Breast in her mouth and sucked Emma rinsed Carols breast milk around her mouth and swallowed it she looked at Carol and said "this is why our bABies enjoy it its so comforting Carol Repiled "when you start lactating we can nurse each other and both of our babies for now do you want to be my secret 3rd bABy?" Emma said "no i only wanted to try it once" carol smiled and said

"I suppose your right but still we both have two bABies to Breastfeed" Emma Agreed and replied "well breast is best and where will are bABies feel safest Carol Replied "at their mummies breasts."


Matthews mum had to call Mr Douglas and blow the date off because she found someone else to spend her life with he didn't mind and said "if you need any more bABy furniture Just call" Carol Remebered matthew old kingsize bed and thought those to loved up bABies will need a cot to enjoy together She told him about it he told her "dont worry i can turn that it to a cot for them".


matthew & Pippa cuddled & snogged in the playpen and it was soon time for the party.

Matthew's & Pippa's fellow students turned up in droves to see Matthews nursery cleaned up of course soon to be Pippa's too their friends changed their diapers and some came out about their own diapers and baby lives and Pippa Arranged for the bABies that wern't breastfed by their mums to get to try it from Matthews Mum.

Some of their parents got some funny phonecalls & Requests that night asking them to put their teenage and adult children back diapers & have their own nurserys and asking their mum's to breastfeed them again.


Mrs Whites & Mrs Lanes phones were busy that night with parents asking advice while Matthew & Pippa Established a bABy Club that and night after the party their mums broke the news they were going to be couple and both bABies could still be too & will be fed by both of their mummies' both Pippa and Matthew agreed with that but there was a bigger problem how was Mrs White going to Explain To the Dean of the College that she would have to look in the budget and have to supply adult diapers, wipes, baby powder, adult size changing tables & paid care givers to change diapers at the college for the new bABy club and the fact she would need a sofa in her classroom to acommodate her breastfeeding both Matthew & Pippa during the day


Matthew & pippa now have their new king-size crib and a now have lot of fun at college as alot of their friends now live a similar lifestyle even more students now wear diapers at college and kerry is the way her mum wants her and her mum comes in to college to breastfeed her at bABy Club sessions and is now changed along side matthew and pippa on mrs whites desk during class  also the dean is a willing participant changing diapers and breastfeeding an adult baby boy Student who lives with his single parent Father who's mum abanodoned him when he was 2 and his dad condoned his son living a babies lifestyle in secret ever since but his son never had the chance to publicly be a baby. Funnily enough his name was Steven Douglas.


So there it is the story of a 20 year boy who wet his bed became his mummy’s baby again, he ended up in love with his new second mummy's Adult Baby daughter and runs his own bABy Club at college and oh yes his second mummy is his teacher so next time you in Providence Rhode Island and you pass a little green house there's a family there that came to be from the love of two young people still in diapers and their mummies who found each other just hold your nose though because their bin is chocked full of used diapers because Matthew and pippa are fed regularly and healthily and bABy club meets there at the weekend and as for the pampers little prince diaper coming on to the market and matthew going to the convention well thats a story for another time.



hope you enjoyed my story and hope it inspires you to write one of your own or to just take pleasure from it it was a lot of fun to write and I might do it again sometime.


love n hugs Baby Matt Dunstable

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