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The 2 Stacks


Hi my name is Aaron.  When I was 6 years old my parents went out of town for 3 weeks.  I was staying at a friends house across the street.  It was summer and his mom ran a daycare out of their house.  At the time I was a bed wetter and my mom just used a plastic sheet on my mattress.  I was worried about my bedwetting but my mom assured me it would be ok.  I did notice she had bought a pack of Huggies that week but did not think anything of it.  My parents were packed up and had already brought my stuff across the street for my stay.  They walked me over and we hugged and said our good byes.


It was Friday and I went and found my friend Eric.  We played outside on his swing set and fort.  At about 6 pm his mom called us in for dinner.  We had pizza and coke.  His mom told us only one glass of coke.  After dinner we watched TV until bath and bed time.  After my bath I then found out why my mom bought a large pack of diapers.


We both were called to the changing table in the bathroom in the daycare area.  I was told the rules for bedwetting and potty issues for her kids after age 4.  If you wet the bed you had to wear diapers at night.  After your bath you were diapered for bed.  You got 8 diapers for the week.  They were put in your night time stack each week.  The week starts on Monday.  You are to report to her before breakfast for a diaper check.  If you are dry you can go and take your diaper off and get dressed.  If you are wet you are to get your clothes for the day and report to the changing table.  You had to remove 1 diaper from your night stack and place it in your day stack which had diapers already there.  She would remove your diaper and clean you up and then you could get dressed.  If you did not have a diaper in your stack you wood be changed then dressed by her and would have to spend the rest of the week in the toddler room.  If you wet your pants you had to place 2 diapers in your day time stack.  If you messed your pants 3 diapers went to your day time stack.  I was told since it was Friday I would get 4 diapers.  I saw Eric only had 1 diaper left so he would be in the toddler room tomorrow.


Basically you could only have one night time accident or else you would have at least one day in diapers.  She then diapered us both we put on our pajamas and sent us to bed.  The next morning I woke up and my diaper was wet.  Eric said lets go to the kitchen a for our diaper check.  We reported to the kitchen and his mom pulled my pj bottoms down and felt the front of the diaper. Then she went over to Eric and did the same.  She told us to get our clothes and report to the changing table and Eric did not need any under wear.  We went and got our clothes and went to the changing table.  Eric told me to get a diaper from my stack and place it in the stack by the changing table with my name on it.  Then his mom told me to hop up and she removed my diaper and cleaned me up with a baby wipe.  She then told me to sit up and step down them get dressed.  She them picked Eric up and removed his diaper, cleaned him up, and reached in his daytime stack got a new diaper.  Eric started to whimper.  She powered him then put the new diaper on him.  She then put  his shorts and t-shirt on him.  Then put him down and said to go to the kitchen for breakfast.  We arrive in the kitchen she had waffles and bacon I was given mine at the table with a glass of milk.  Eric was placed in a high chair and his mom cut his up in small pieces and gave him a sippy cup with milk.  She then placed a bib around his neck and tied it.  She then informed me I would be right beside him tomorrow if I had a wet diaper the next morning.  Eric had to eat with his hands.  His mom said you could not use a fork or a spoon if you were in day time diapers.  Eric and I finished our breakfast I was told to take my dishes to the sink while she cleaned Eric up with a baby wipe.


After breakfast we went and played in the toddler room since Eric was only allowed toddler privileges.  As we played I asked how often does this happen?  He told me it is most Saturdays and every Sunday.  That is why he never invites me over and doesn't come over on the weekends.  Now that it is summer it means you could be spending some week days in the toddler room.  During school day time diapers were only on the weekend.  I asked if we could play outside he said yes but in the toddler yard if we were going to play together.  We went and played in the sand box.  We played for about an hour and then his mom came out to check his diaper.  He was dry so we continued to play.  Then his mom called us in she checked and changed his diaper.


She called me into the laundry room.  She had my scooby doo underwear in her hand.  She asked me about the skid marks and if I knew how to wipe.  I told her I knew how to wipe myself and she responded it did not look like it.  She then told me to stand still she pulled my shorts and underwear down and inspected them then she followed me to Eric's bedroom and inspected all the underwear I brought.  I was told that I would need to come to her for inspection after every time I pooped.  If I did not pass inspection I would not be allowed to wipe myself.  She would take care of that for the next day and I would be trained on proper wiping.


We ate lunch.  We had hot dogs Eric was again in the high chair and his food was cut up.  I finished my lunch and put my dishes in the sink.  Eric was cleaned up and I was told it was nap time for Eric.  While he took a nap I went to the restroom peed and pooped.  I went and laid on the floor with a blanket to watch some Nickelodeon. I feel asleep and my bladder failed me.  I was awaken by his mom who picked me up and brought me to the bathroom.  She stripped me and bath me.  She noticed my failure to wipe.  I was told I would be spanked for disobeying and would have to wear training pants on Monday and Tuesday.  After bathing and drying me off she told me to follow her.  She led me, in the nude, to the changing table I was told to take my remaining two diapers and put them in the other stack.  She placed me on the changing table and fastened the chest strapped around me.  She left and came back with a Ping pong paddle.  She grabbed both of my ankles with one hand and lifted them towards my head she then proceeded to paddling my very exposed behind.  She gave me ten licks then set the paddle down and got a fresh diaper.  She set my legs down unfolded the diaper and lifted my legs back up placing my behind on the seat of the diaper then she powdered my diaper area spread my legs and pulled the front of the diaper up and secured the tapes.  I was taken to Eric's room and dressed in a new pair of pull on shorts and t-shirt.  She then woke up Eric and we were told to play in the living room.


I now was well aware of my new underwear.  I could feel the bulk between my legs, the smell of the diaper and powder, and the crinkling every step I made.  Eric asked what happened and I told him what had happened.  He told me I would have to use the potty just like the kids being potty trained after I get out of diapers.  Eric and I played with some toy cars and blocks while his mom made dinner.  I saw Eric go over to the corner and squat I was wandering what he was doing then I smelled it.  He pooped.  About 10 minutes later his mom came in and checked my diaper then went over to Eric and pulled back his shorts and back of his diaper and said somebody made a stinky you need to be changed.  She changed him and led us both to the kitchen were there was now 2 high chairs.


We were placed in our high chairs with bibs around our necks.  We were given a sippy cup of juice and a plate of spaghetti with meat balls cut up into small pieces.  We had to eat with our hands.  By the time we were finished we were both a mess.  His mom cleaned us both up and removed our dishes and trays.  She checked us both and I was wet so she changed me.  I was put into some pjs and Eric was put into his both were footie pjs.  We watched a Disney movie and given a baby bottle of warm milk.  His mom checked and changed us both before bed. And then put us to bed in his room with another bed time bottle.


After she left I set my bottle to the side.  Eric told me you better finish it or you would have to finish it in the morning.  So I nursed it down and went to sleep.


His mom woke us up.  We went to the changing table.  She remove our pjs and changed our wet diapers.  She told us to go to the kitchen for breakfast.  I asked Eric if we needed clothes and he told me his Mom would dress us for church after we ate.  So we were put in our high chairs wearing nothing but diapers.  We were given a sippy cup of juice and pancakes and syrup cut into small pieces.  She didn't bother with bibs this morning.  She cleaned us up and let us down.


She got Eric dressed first.  He wore some dress shorts with an elastic waist band and a button up shirt socks and dress shoes.  You could see the bulge from his diaper.  I was then dressed the same.  I didn't think about going in public wearing diapers.  I was now aware of the bulge around me. 


Eric's mom packed a diaper bag and we loaded up in the car.  We arrived at church and she dropped us off at the nursery.  The nursery was ran by teenage girls.  We were told some bible stories and played.  One if the girls Amy checked us.  I was wet and she changed me.  She asked if I was a bedwetter and I told her yes.  She said Eric was here every Sunday so don't feel to bad.  Eric was changed a little while later.  His mom got is after church let out. 


We loaded up in her car and went to the grocery store.  We got the usual stuff and plus more diapers and wipes.  I now was wet and needed to poop.  I didn't think she would check so I stopped and emptied my bowels into my diaper.  She of course saw me and new what happened.  She pulled the back of my diaper and took us both to the ladies room.  There was a table in the corner were she changed me and Eric.  An older lady came in when I was being changed.  She made a comment about me being to old to still be in diapers.  Eric's mom said I was a bedwetter and had other potty training issues.  So she was treating me how I was acting.  The older lady said well she guessed that worked but looked like extra work for her.  She said she ran a daycare so diapers were no big deal.  After that we checked out and went home.


When we got home his mom took our clothes off and put us in just diapers and a t-shirt. We ate lunch in our high chairs and were put down for a nap.  After our nap we were changed and allowed to play in the toddler yard. We played in the sand box for about an hour and a half then his mom checked us and took our t-shirts and diapers off.  She put us in cloth training pants.  And filled up a baby pool and put a sprinkler out and let us play in the water.  We played for a while then his mom dried us off and rediapered us and put a t-shirt on each of us.  We were fed dinner.  After dinner we were released from our high chairs.  We were given bottles of Apple juice.  Eric then slipped off after he completed his bottle and I could hear he was messing his diaper.  His mom came and checked us and took Eric and changed him.  I now needed to both pee and poop so I stood up and let it flood and the squated a little a filled the back of my diaper.  His mom changed me and then let us watch some TV before being put to bed with bottles of warm milk.  We went to bed and I finished my bottle wandering what was in store for me this week.




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