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            Sam and Brittany were dating for a few months. When they met Sam was a virgin but by now they had an active sex life and they were both very open about their desires and fantasies. Sam was 19 but he still looked like a young boy in some aspects. He has a young face and an incredibly thin build. He only stood at 5 foot 7 inches and he had long brown hair that reached almost to his shoulders. All of this put together he looked like a 15 year old and people confused him for a girl on multiple occasions. Brittany was only 18 but she looked like she was around 21. She was about 5 foot 5 with curly dark brown hair and a beautiful tan. She had filled out nicely and had a 42 D cup size. She had such a pretty face that when she smiled everyone around her was left in awe.

            There was only one sexual secret between them. Sam had never told Brittany his deepest and most humiliating fantasy. Sam was an adult baby and he was desperate to be treated just like one. He would always go through scenarios in his head where he would end up being Brittany's baby boy. He would be tied to the bed and left there for hours until he pissed his pants. She would come back and spank him before putting him in diapers for punishment. Or she would be fucking him with a butt plug and when it got removed he would accidentally shit and that would lead to him being locked in the infantile garment. These were all just fantasies though until one day when Sam and Brittany took a trip to the pharmacy together.

            Brittany needed some things for the apartment and Sam had tagged along to carry things for her. As they were walking through the isles Sam spotted the diaper section. He begin to stare at them as he walked and ended up walking right into Brittany. She giggled and looked in the direction Sam was staring and saw the diapers. She joked with him “If you want diapers that bad you can tell me instead of running me over to get them.”

            Sam blushed a deep red and had trouble answering, “I was just... I spaced out. That's all”

            Brittany noticed his embarrassment and whispered into his ear. “I was joking. But if you really would like to get diapers tell me and maybe it can happen”

            Sam's blush got even darker as he whispered “I'd like to try it.”

            “I couldn't hear you honey I'm sorry can you please speak up.”

            “I'd like to try them.”

            “Try what honey?”

            “Diapers.” Sam whispered.

            “One more time honey, make it a full sentence. And make sure I can hear you.”

            “Can I please try wearing Diapers?” he said it much louder than he would've liked to and Sam was more embarrassed than he'd ever been before.

            “Sure honey, why don't we go pick you out some diapers!” Brittany yelled as she grabbed Sam's hand and dragged him to the adult diapers. She let go of his hand when they got to the diapers. “What do you want baby? I would have taken you to get baby diapers but you might be a little too big to fit into those. But they have Tenas, Depends, look they even have pink women's diapers if you want to wear those! What's the matter baby why aren't you answering me? Awe is my baby boy embarrassed that he can't use the potty yet? Okay baby why don't you go to the car and I'll be out in a few minutes.”

            Sam was mortified as he walked back to the car. His whole body had turned dark red from blushing so much. He still couldn't believe this was happening. His girlfriend was in the store right now buying him diapers. He had about 15 minutes thinking to himself in the car before Brittany came back. She quickly put the things she bought into the trunk before joining Sam in the car. “Sorry it took me so long baby but there were a few other things I thought of that I needed to pick up.” Sam was too lost in thought to respond. They spent the rest of the drive home in silence as Sam tried to figure out if he was awake or asleep. When they pulled into the driveway Brittany turned to him and said “Do you want to wear your new undies?” Sam shook his head yes. “Okay baby then I want you to go inside and wait naked on the bed for me. Can you do that for mommy?”

            Sam was shocked to hear Brittany call herself mommy. He had these fantasies for such a long time but never once thought they would become reality. He rushed into the bedroom and to get undressed. Within about a minute of him laying on the bed Brittany walked in carrying a bag from the pharmacy. She took the Diapers from the bag and said “Is mommy's little baby ready for his diaper?”

            Sam shook his head while saying “Yes mommy”

            She pushed him so he was laying on his back. She pulled a pacifier out of the bag and put it into his mouth before continuing. “You be a good baby and leave that in your mouth for mommy.” She opened the pack of diapers she bought and showed him a big pink adult diaper. Sam's eyes got wide when he saw it. “When you got too scared to pick I decided that you were going to be a big baby girl instead. If you have a problem with that we will stop and never visit this subject again. Understood baby?” Sam shook his head yes while sucking on the pacifier. “Good little girl!”

            Brittany unfolded the diaper and slid it under Sam's bottom. She took out a bottle of baby powder from the bag and covered Sam's privates in powder. She started gently rubbing it in while cooing to him about what a good baby girl he was being. Sam was already horny from the store and now with his girlfriend touching him so tenderly Sam's dick got rock hard. “Uh oh baby what is this?” Brittany said as she saw his hard on. “I can't put your diaper on you with this sticking up now can I?”

            Brittany started to slowly jerk Sam off. He started thrusting himself into her hand. He was so horny that his cock was throbbing in her hand. Brittany smacked Sam in the face and told him he was not to move while mommy was diapering him. She went back to slowly teasing his dick. Once he seemed desperate enough she stopped and ran her tongue from the end of his dick all the way to his head. She slowly took his whole cock into her mouth before she stood back up and closed the diaper on his rock hard dick. “There you go! Look how cute you are in your little diapers! Mommy needs to go get something from the kitchen so you just sit here and be a good girl. I'll be right back.”

            The day had already been too long for Sam. His mind was overwhelmed and the throbbing from the inside of his diaper was driving him crazy. He knew he should just lay still and wait for Brittany to get back but he couldn't ignore his aching dick. Sam started to rub the outside of his diaper against his dick. He went harder and faster until he was jerking off through his diaper. He was close to cumming when Brittany walked back in.

            “What the fuck are you doing you disgusting little slut!” Before Sam could answer Brittany was dragging him over her lap. She pulled down the back of Sam's diaper and started spanking him. “I'm gonna teach you a lessen now you little whore!”Brittany spanked him 15 times as hard as she could on each cheek. When she finished Sam's ass was red and blistered. He was sobbing just like an actual baby. “Are you gonna be a good baby from now on and do as mommy says?” Sam nodded his head through sobs. Brittany flipped him over and started comforting him. When he started to calm down she removed his pacifier and held a baby bottle to his mouth. “Calm down baby girl. Just relax and drink of all your milk.”

            Sam drank the whole bottle as he stopped crying. He was no longer hard and his ass hurt worse than he could have ever imagined. His stomach was completely full from the big bottle of milk and he was starting to need to pee. Brittany looked down and saw that he was staring at her tits. She smiled and said “Is my baby girl still thirsty?”

            Sam answered with his most babyish voice and said “Yes mommy”

            “Okay baby let mommy take care of you.' With that she took off her shirt and she wasn't wearing a bra so her tits were just out. She lifted same head to her nipple and Sam started sucking. He slowly worked his tongue around the nipple as he sucked and Brittany was moaning as her baby drank. After 10 minutes she switched him to the other nipple and he continued to tease and suck on his mommy's boobs. She pulled his head away and said “Now I want you to eat mommy until I cum! This is a very special treat for baby and I want you to remember that.”

            She stood and got naked before sitting back down and shoving Sam's face into her pussy. He found her clit and went to work eating her out like his life depended on it. Brittany held onto his hair and kept him buried in her pussy while she grinded against his face. She rode him to 2 orgasms before Sam looked up at her and said “Mommy I need to go potty”

            Brittany smiled and said “That's what your diapers are for baby.” Right after saying it she shoved his head back into her pussy. She pulled his hair and made him eat her out for What seemed like forever. Sam tried to keep control but he couldn't concentrate on pleasing his mommy and holding in his pee. He let loose and soaked his diaper while Brittany's cum soaked his face. He had never been this excited before. He was turned into a helpless baby just waiting to serve his mommy. Her pussy was already soaking wet when he started to eat her out. He tried to focus on her clit instead of his dick which was pleading for some attention from inside of his diaper. He'd lost count of how many times he made mommy cum but after what seemed like an incredibly long time she pulled his head up by his hair. She had ridden him to 5 orgasms before it was all over. “You are such a good little girl for making mommy so happy.” She stuck a finger into the front of his diaper. “Uh oh did mommy's little girl wet her diapers? Don't worry baby girl mommy will change you now.”

            Brittany laid Sam back down on the bed. She undid the tapes on his diaper and when she lowered the front his dick popped out once again hard as a rock. She decided the baby had done enough to earn a little reward. She climbed on top of him and began to straddle his dick. She started riding him like she never had before. The bed was slamming against the wall and her moans filled the entire apartment. While she was on top of him Sam started bucking in rhythm with her. He grabbed and played with her tits. Within a few minutes Sam couldn't control himself anymore and he came in her while reaching the best orgasm of his life. Once they finished Brittany went back to changing his diaper like nothing had happened. When she taped up his new diaper she said “Okay baby girl it's lunch time. But we have to go to the store and get you some baby food so you stay right here while I go get a pretty dress for you!”


To be continued...

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