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Secrets 2

            It was a few weeks later Emily and I were able to get together.  Her parents were gone for a long weekend and we both had that time off.  Before I left, I told my mom that I was hanging out with Bill, one of my best friends, for that time.  She replied with, “ok.”  On my way over to Emily’s I called Bill to let him know what I was actually doing, but not about the diapers.  Bill said, “I don’t know why your mom would call me, but if she does I will lie for you.”  I replied with “Thanks, man.” 

            I had already bought my diapers I was going to wear I got 2 ATNs packages and 1 package of select disposable. Along with the diapers I brought the enema bags from last time, and a lack of cloths (3 shorts and 3 shirts).  All of this was packed and in my car the day before.

            Emily’s parent’s flight was at 7 am so they had to be there at 5:30 so she was back at her house at 6.  I got up at 6:30 and did not change out of the night time diaper I was in, and just got dressed and left  On my way to Emily’s I called her and told her I was 5 minutes out and in a soaked diaper!

Day 1

            Today I was wearing basketball shorts and tank top you could sort of see the bulk of the wet diaper. I rang the doorbell and when Emily answered my eyes started at her head and moved down she was a wearing a sexy leopard print bra and as my eyes slowly continued down and I saw a girls goodnite that was a bit wet.  I stepped in put my bag down and hugged and kissed her and I felt something strange in her diaper. I shut the door and then pulled on the front of the waist band of the goodnite and I saw the end of a vibrator sticking out! “Oh, get a start without me are we? Haha!”  She pulled down my shorts and said “Wow, you weren’t lying, you are soaked.  Let’s get you out of that and in the shower.”  We walked into her bath room Emily pulled on the tabs of my diaper and before she undid the last one it fell and hit the floor she started the shower and as I was not looking she striped out of her diaper and pulled out her vibrator when I turned around she was naked holding a ribbed pink 7 inches (about) vibrator.  She diapered for a minute I finished getting the shower ready when she returned she had a box of condoms. I snapped my fingers and said, “The one thing I forgot!”  She pulled one out and opened it up and set it back on the package.  We got in the shower the warm water hitting our naked bodies and we started to make out I was kissing her neck and slid my hands down and grabbed her ass and she wrapped her legs around my waist I went and leaned  up against one of the walls and kissed her breasts. She reached out of the shower and grabbed the condom and slid it onto my dick and she said “Fuck me!” and that is what I did!  I slid my dick into her vagina.  Our bodies were rubbing against each other and she was moaning louder and louder every second.  After about 10 minutes she had and orgasm followed shortly by me.

            We got out of the shower and dried off and diapered up again, and we went down stairs to watch movies till dinner time changing each other diapers every so often.  When dinner rolled around we got dressed still wearing diapers we went out to Olive Garden, after dinner we went back to her house and just talked until we cuddled together and went to sleep.

Day 2

            I woke up before Emily and after an hour of waiting I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed her vibrator and pulled down her diaper.  I first started by messaging her clit and then eating her out, after still being unsuccessful at wake her up I grabbed the vibrator and inserted it into Emily’s vagina and she still did not wake up. I thought to myself time for drastic measures I grabbed a condom and took my wet diaper off and plunged my dick into her pussy and I brought her to an orgasm before she even woke up about a 5 minutes after Emily’s orgasm I came and as I rolled off her she opened her eyes and I said, “Good morning, sleepy head.” She smiled back and I kissed her.

            I said, “Get up I am going to make breakfast.”  Still naked I walked over to her kitchen and pulled out eggs, toast, and bacon.  I started with the bacon and finished that up and set it on a plate right then is when Emily walked in the room, she went straight to the keurig coffee machine.  Emily then walked behind me at the stove and she rubbed her hands on my chest and abs. I finished up the eggs and then she got what she wanted, my dick.  She flipped me around and then she started giving me a blow job.  After a few she took her mouth off my dick and stood up she slid my dick into her vagina.  

            After we finished we had breakfast, and then shower.  No shower sex, but we showered at the same time.  After drying off and diapering up we decided to go to a mall and do some shopping.  When we arrived at the mall the first store we walked into was Tillys, there was not much there that either of us liked so we moved on to PacSun. At PacSun Emily tried on a sun dress, a few shirts, and a pair of tights.  I tried on a few shirts and a pair of pants.  I bought the pants and 2 of the shirts and Emily bought the tights, sun dress, and one shirt.  Our next stop was Victoria’s Secret that is wear Emily bought 2 thongs, a bra, and some other lingerie that I had no idea what they were.  We spent some time just wondering around the mall going in and out of some more stores, and not bringing any changes we had to head home after both of us wetting a few times.

Emily said “I have a surprise for you tomorrow, and I will not tell you what it is!” I just said “ok.” That was about it for that day.

Day 3

            I woke that day early and was ready for my surprise.  Emily was still asleep as she normal, so I took off my diaper and jumped in the shower. While I was in the shower a lot was happening.  Emily woke up and a friend of hers was over when I got out of the shower I dried off and wrapped a towel around and walked downstairs unaware there was someone else in the house. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed this other girl. Emily was just sitting there in her diaper and a t-shirt, her friend was 5’ 8” had B breasts and has curves that could kill a man.  Emily finally introduced her friend she said, “This is Jenny.” I went over and properly introduced myself.  Then Emily proceeds to tell me about their friend ship it started like any story how they met.  About half way through the story she mentioned that she is the girl that she had the lesbian experience with. My eyes instantly widened and I got a little hard.  At the end of the story she said, “Oh ya, I forgot to say Jenny is the girl that introduced me to diapers!”

            At that moment you could tell that I was as hard as a diamond! Then Jenny sexily said, “Are you ready for your surprise?” As she was she was striping down to reveal a diaper matching Emily’s.  They both walked over to me and led me back upstairs to Emily’s where they striped necked and they lay down on either side of me and we stared something that I thought I would never do.  A three way we started to make out while they were kissing I was grabbing Emily’s breast and sucking on Jennies. Then Emily moved down and started eating out Jenny and I slipped on a condom and started fucking Emily doggy style. By the time I had finished Emily had two orgasms and jenny had three.  For the rest of the day we just sat around and talked for the most part, we had sex two more times and that was it for my second adventure with Emily


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