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Sasha the baby Pokémon trainer part 8

            This is a work of fiction if you like this story please send an email to

            The next morning Sasha awoke with a new vigor. She sat up and stretched her diaper was soaking wet but not messy. To her surprise there was a note pinned to the front of her diaper it was from Letha.

            “Sasha, That was the closest battle I’ve had in a long time and it all came from a little girl in a big diaper. I was surprised and I also was astonished to hear you had caught a Clefairy. I have always looked for one but never caught one, I was wondering if you wanted to trade for my Raichu next time I see you. I’m headed to Celadon city too so maybe we’ll cross paths.

            -Love Letha”

Shocked from reading the notes contents Sasha didn’t even notice Misty was still asleep in the crib next to her. Nurse Joy walked in a few moments later.

            “Morning girls.” Nurse Joy said after picking up Misty and taking her to the changing table. Misty roused to wakefulness mid diaper change and thanked Nurse Joy and accepted her hand for help off the table. “You’re next Sasha,” Nurse Joy said laying Sasha on the table she put her pacifier in her mouth and began removing her onesie for a diaper change.

            “Nurse Joy can I call my Mommy after you finish changing me please?” Sasha asked muffled through her pacifier.

            “Sure sweetie, I actually just spoke with her, I see you didn’t mess your diaper last night. That’s a first for you in a while, Misty we will be right back.” Nurse Joy cleaned up Sasha’s pussy and removed her soaked diaper. Naked except for her pacifier Nurse Joy carried a confused diaper less Sasha to a small room with a small potty. She sat her on a chair near the entrance of the room.

            “Sasha, Misty told me you wanted to try to get potty trained and this is the first step. Your Mommy told me she had tried many times before but never had any help. The first step is making sure you don’t mess your diapers. So every time you think you need to go potty ask any Nurse Joy or try to use the potty yourself. Do you understand?” Nurse joy asked taking Sasha’s hand.

            “Yes, Nurse Joy I’m not sure if I can but I will try. But I don’t think I need to use the potty now.” Sasha said.

            “That’s acting like a big girl. Your Mommy would be so proud, now in the mean time let’s get you back into a diaper just in case.” Nurse Joy said helping Sasha stand. They hugged and Sasha smiled behind her pacifier. After a few steps though her stomach rumbled loudly as they walked out of the training potty room and Sasha messed herself. Without a diaper to protect her it made a mess everywhere. Sasha started bawling.

            “I’ll never get out of diapers!” Sasha wailed being carried by Nurse Joy back to the changing table.

            “Don’t worry about the mess, this is a hospital they are used to this the staff will take care of it. For now let me put a diaper on you.” Nurse Joy said cleaning up Sasha and putting a thick disposable diaper on and putting a skirt over her thick diapers. “Potty training is a long hard process you have to start somewhere and there are going to be set backs. You just can’t give up and be a big girl, do you understand?”

            Nurse Joy wiped away the tears and Sasha stopped crying. “Ok Nurse Joy now can I call my Mommy now?” Sasha asked excited.

            “Hey Mommy!” Sasha exclaimed seeing her mom through the monitor. “I’ve gotten 3 badges and made a bunch of friends this is my best friend Misty!”

            “Great job honey! I’m so proud of you!” Sasha’s mother said excitedly. “It’s nice to meet you Misty. I heard you are going to try to get Sasha potty trained Misty. I hope it works and you know you have my full support honey. I love you so much!”

            “I love you too Mommy. We are going to get started before it’s too late in the day to head to Celadon city.” Sasha said about to hang up.

            “Hang on honey I want to talk to Misty alone, I’m going to give her tips for helping you get potty trained.” Sasha’s mother said uncharacteristically sternly.

            “Umm ok mommy.” Sasha said totally oblivious like a toddler and walked outside diapers crinkling in the sunshine.

            “So Misty, I’m not sure if you know but you are Sasha’s older sister. You are actually the same age but you are only two minutes older. She is your twin sister. I’m sorry I never told you but I couldn’t take care of two children so my best friend, your mother adopted you.” The girls mother started tearing up.

            “Its ok mommy I understand.” Misty said starting to cry too, “I love you mommy.”

            “I’m sorry Misty and I’m so glad you forgive me I’ll be meeting you in Cerulean city so you can catch up with Sasha later. Tell her you have to go back and manage the gym, I want to see my oldest daughter.” Their mother said holding back tears.

            “Ok mommy I’ll see you soon.” Misty said then hung up and went to tell Sasha she would meet up with her after she got her rainbow badge. Sasha was upset but understood and began her solo journey to Celadon city.

            Sasha was optimistic but a little worried to be back on her own but Nurse Joy equipped her with a few days of supplies enough to get to Celadon for sure. Sasha walked her diaper was already damp and crinkled with every step but it didn’t stop her enjoying the sunshine. She took out a bottle and drank the breast milk absent mindedly as she strolled.

To be continued…

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